Angelina Jolie Reportedly Expecting Fraternal Twin Girls!

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are reportedly having fraternal twin girls!

Angelina shared this information with Fox News Thursday night at the Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks party for “Kung Fu Panda,” in which she co-voices animated characters with Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black.

Angelina said “there was a line” on the sonogram that indicates her daughters are not going to be perfect copies of each other.

She also shared that they haven’t hired a baby nurse yet or picked out names.



  1. Elizabeth Srikachorn says

    I love Brangelina ..God ,Allah and Buddha will always take care of them ..Angelina is a perfect lady ..and Brad is too and please and the family is growing and growing ..HAPPY TOGETHER and


  2. Zbella says

    Well, I get Us Weekly and although the titles are sensationalized “Angelina’s Bizarre Birth Plans” the articles do not outright lie. I believe they are usually true, or at least w/ a few grains of truth. They said Ange considered a home birth… not an outright lie, perhaps, but she doesn’t seem to have any bizarre birth plans in my opinion.

  3. Sandy says

    Granny, you are right about the Rags, how many times have I read about everything you mentioned! LOL!

    Nicki, thank you, sometimes I have kept quiet and then it would get too much not to respond. I have really only been on here for a little over two years. I don’t remember Braydie that was mentioned by Kar, I do leave now and then come back so do see some that I remember like you and Carleigh.

    I have had some free time this week, my sister is having some medical problems so she is here in San Diego for a week or so. Actually she is checking into getting fertility treatments but her husband doesn’t want her too. I love to see the pictures and it is for sure a place to comment and not fight, and I have been guilty of that myself.

    I say I am going to leave for good but always end up looking on and reading after a week or so. It is not always the popular vote to speak up for the right thing but more people are doing so and that is a good thing!

  4. Granny says

    #71 I don’t believe that there is a grain of truth in all stories especially the rags. I still see the titles – “2 headed baby born with mustahes” – “I was kidnapped by aliens” – “Elvis not dead.” and so on. Not very reliable in many cases.

  5. Miapocca says

    with any story at all printed there may be a grain of truth, teh story is usually spun out of control in the less then truthful mags but yo can bet your last dollar, there is some micro grain of truth where it all got blown out of propotion

  6. Miapocca says

    Dont know what this argumetn is about and too short on time to read, but this comment is hilarious..havent laughed do loud in ages….

    Glad to hear that you are contemplating going to Siberia. Well then what are you waiting for Smartaleksandra – go for it. I hear Siberia is looking for more women with hairy faces!

  7. Miapocca says

    Jon voight is EXTREMELY blonds adn shiloh looked a lot like him in her earlier pics..oh well who care, a baby or babies it is…its nice to have many in onehome, but still cant stand this narcissistic pair

  8. Nicki says

    66. KayG — You do realize it is a rag mag story? It couldn’t possibly be true…………Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh………Do any of the two names you printed sound reasonable?

  9. Nicki says

    Sandy~Thanks. I apprieciate it..!!! I am glad someone stood up to (it, jjx2). I know oriana did, and she was tenacious about it, I wish I could have been as strong. I admire oriana and you for the fight agaisnt evil. I am sorry that I backed down and ignored it. I admire both, oriana and Sandy, for fighting for what is right for a baby site. There is a time and a place for everything, and a Babysite isn’t any of those for jjx2.

  10. Sandy says

    Liza, I am not up on the “twins” thing so your info was very informative to me. Thanks!

    Nicki, no problem at all, I too like to look at the pictures and see what the celebs are wearing, sometimes the stories have some truth to them, some are a pack of lies. You, I enjoy regardless of how you sound! LOL!

  11. Nicki says

    Sandy~ I just read what I wrote……..While I stand by what I said, I hope it doesn’t come off as sounding for a better word harsh? I didn’t mean it to. I used to look at the rag mags my Grandma had, Nat. Enq., was always there. I asked if she believed the storys in there. She said, ___, I’m old, I love to look and see the beautiful “new things” people are wearing. I love to see the shoes I can’t wear, the dresses I’ll never go anywhere in. It is just fun. The storys are BS, and since they were doing the other mags..and they weren’t rag mags then, they were put out by the movie studios and the pr team of the star.
    They were what they wanted you to know. Only difference now is the rag mags aren’t working for anyone but the “buck” Just get the “money shot” , and we will make up a story that goes with the pic.
    Wow way too much yapping. Sorry.

    Angie looks beautiful. Check out the newest ones of Brad and Angie on thier night out.

  12. Liza says

    Fraternal twins are in two different sacs, which is clearly visible on ultrasound.

    Idential twins share either at least the outer layer of the amniotic sac or are both entirely in one sac.

    They can have two placentas or one placenta, but fraternal twins will always have two placentas AND two amniotic sacs, not so with identical twins.

  13. Sandy says

    Thank you Nicki for the info. I would venture to guess that Zahara is still prob the bossy one in the house towards the kids, and no necessary rivalry between the girls, she is the spunky one and I am sure the boys are used to it by now, which is funny to me! LOL! I did see a picture of Shiloh last month with a scratch on her face but once again, what kid her age doesn’t get scratches when they are an only child!

  14. Nicki says

    Sandy~ I saw that in a rag mag a bit back, waiting for my oil change. I would say by reading the article, it was all made up from the pics they showed. The scratch pic they showed was Shiloh and Zahara in the double stroller, good thing they have that now lol, over a year and a half ago. They other pic, my thought is while her first teeth were growing in and one came in sooner than the other. I don’t buy the rag mags, but will look at them in line at WalMart, but do read what they have to say about the Jolie-Pitts while in a waiting room.:ex: oil change, inspection sticker, or dr’s office.
    I mostly look at the pics JustJared has, he always, or mostly, posts all of them. The rags pic one or two here. And from my recollection with my Grandma buying them when I was in High School, they always try for the worst pic. And I believe they make a story out of the pic.
    I’m not saying Shiloh didn’t fall and bang her tooth, she is almost 2. Active toddlers have had worse accidents happen to them. But I doubt any rag mag has the inside story, meaning inside the house when it happened, to say Zahara “did it.” They just like to cause an intrest for people to bnuy thier rags. And it works.
    Kids will be kids and accidents happen, but I seriously doubt, if Shiloh has a chipped tooth, and I doubt that…..any rag mag would be a witness inside thier home to say what did happen. I did notice thier was no writer credited to the story….tells me it is a bunch of made up stuff.
    Vanity Fair has a 6 page ACTUAL interview with Angie coming out the first week or so in June….their July Issue. That is what I’d like to read, maybe she will mention a chipped tooth or a rivalry between the 2 girls.

  15. Stacy says

    I don’t think there is a way to know in utero if same sex babies are fraternal or identical. Maybe if they did an amnio, but this usually only looks at chromosome counts, i think. If they think they are fraternal, maybe it’s because they used fertlity treatments.. even this isn’t fool proof though. Identicals are more common with fertility treatments also.

  16. Sandy says

    Nicki, in one of the pictures it looks like her front tooth is not the same shape as the other one, I remember reading something about Zahara scratching her face and pushing her down, is that true? Did she fall and chip it? I know kids her age do have accidents and she is prob very active!

  17. annie says

    Picture #13, #24 Shiloh just looks like stars. she is most beautiful celebrity little girl. she is a dad little girl, she is the best.

  18. ann says

    Nicki thank you very much, I love this picture, Shiloh she is one of the most pretty little girl in the world, she looks stunning like a stars already, she is gorgeous so beautiful girl.

  19. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~ I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. I did answer about my trip over at Hellorazzi. I guess that is why you haven’t seen it. Noting major, we had a great time it was a bit cold but our suite was beautiful and we had a lot of fun there,lol.
    You must be busy, I checked your blog this weekend and it hadn’t been updated. Hope all is well. I know with 3 young ones you are very busy, hope that’s all it is. Take care and talk soon.

  20. onatear says

    JX2, You were a baby once. I can’t decide whether or not I am glad somebody (your parents?) decided they liked you and let you grow up. You really are not a lot of fun on here.

  21. lily says

    #49Lily I want correct better insteal batter . I thank Angelina is a amazing woman, she is star she love to a mom I don’t , I feel it is better to have a cut little dog than children, even thought my doughter is a Doctor very good woman.

  22. lily says

    Angelina is very special woman love to be a mom. I have two children they are a DOCTOR but I don’t feel very happy be a mom. have a little dog batter have two children .

  23. says

    I’ve been keeping up with the celeb news surprisingly well for being so busy, but not commenting!

    How are you Nicki? I haven’t talked to you for a while. I’m trying to log in over on Hellorazzi but the passwords are so random (just combos of letters and numbers) that I always seem to forget mine. Thank you for wishing me a happy Mother’s Day. I don’t think I ever heard about your trip…be sure to fill me in when you get a chance!

    Carleigh I don’t see you on this thread, but thank you also for the sweet messages you left on my blog. I really appreciate your kind words! 🙂

    I must say, since I’ve been gone and living my life many people here…well…haven’t! LOL…many interesting happenings and discussions on here, particularly on previous Angie threads.

    I do have a question for Jx2, though. Your “myspace” was posted on another thread…and you said that you are much more beautiful than the lady pictured…and then said that she looked more like Kx3 since she is also a blonde. I could be setting myself up here (?), but what exactly are you saying?

  24. Sandy says

    Sorry LadyOne, I do have to disagree, respectfully! I think these celebs have a need in their lives that are striving to fulfill and truely love the children and give them a wonderful home. These kids are all lucky and parents and children are being blessed. I say, more power to them!

  25. LadyOne says

    It would be one thing if all these celebrities were adopting for the right reasons, but they are only “buying” babies for publicity.

  26. Zbella says

    I disagree with Jx2 on many levels. However, it’s true that humans are not good for the earth. Since we’re here, and it’s not illegal to have as many kids as we want, we will. Call it selfishness if you like. It’s can also be called selfishness when people DON’T have children, because all they care about is themselves. Nothing is so simple.

    I have 3 bio children. My mother had 4, and my children are her only bio grandchildren – my sister adopted her daughter. My grandmother had 12 bio children and 46 bio grand-children, so obviously a huge impact on the Earth. I don’t judge her for it. It’s human nature to procreate and produce the next generation. I also figure since my 3 siblings are not adding to the populace, I can theoretically have 4 bio children to “replace” them.

    Think of the poor families in China whose only children died due to the earthquake. They are now childless and there goes the next generation. How utterly devastating not just on an individual level but for the entire country.

    Name calling is so immature. Nicki is awesome – she recognizes a wonderful family when she sees one.

  27. Lauren says

    Yeah, I watched the Today interview and she did say that they want to keep the sex to themselves for now. So, it’s not actually confirmed that she’s having girls. I seriously hope she has a boy! Shiloh is precious. I want to see a Brangelina boy. 😉

  28. Jx2 says

    Why don’t YOU get off the computer ‘Nick the Dick’ and change your leaky ‘Depends’…and while you are at it eat a couple of prunes so that when I return you aren’t as constipated as you are currently.

  29. Jx2 says

    Glad to hear that you are contemplating going to Siberia. Well then what are you waiting for Smartaleksandra – go for it. I hear Siberia is looking for more women with hairy faces!

  30. Lisa says

    I live in Canada and our population has been decreasing for years… I have 4 kids and am happy. I may adopt some children in the future as mine are growing up. I agree that countries with huge populations need education, health care and birth control to help the world’s future.

    I think Angelina is wonderful and I don’t care how many children she has herself or adopts… she is lucky to have enough money to be able to look after them. She and Brad have shown that they do care about the world and the environment.

  31. Nicki says

    “I would be just as happy with adoptive kids only. It’s just too damn expensive.”
    Why don’t get off the computer and design some more jewerly to sell?
    Siberia is my vote also.LOL.
    At least it should be nice in here for the next 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to that.

  32. Iluvmy2girlz says

    You have a good point Jx2, but i think you are a bit extreme. It’s just my opinion, and i’m not trying to be disrespectful, nor am i selfish or whatever you say just cause i believe people should have more than one child if so desired. Take care!

  33. Jx2 says

    Hi #34 – Like i said – nothing wrong with adopting and helping abandoned kids. I’m all for that. So, I do agree with you in that department.
    Yes – it is AJ’s body but her offspring are not going to live in her body forever. They will become grown adults who will further add to the already exhaustive resources. Smokers who smoke are not just harming themselves they harm those around them that breath 2nd hand smoke. Which is why the government bans cigarette smoking in public places like restaurants and bars. Humans don’t just rely on their immediate family for sustenance, they exploit nature and the environment in the process by driving cars and contributing to garbage accumulation in land fills. So, in fact, AJ’s decision to bring more children into this world is destructive on many levels. I would be just as happy with adoptive kids only. It’s just too damn expensive.
    Sometimes, I have to wonder whether the US government needs to enforce a one-child per couple clause, just like the Chinese government did years ago. Of course, it would never be enforced in the US as I can foresee a lot of selfish people retaliating and protesting BUT for arguments sake, I would certainly not mind if this happened. I think I need to live in Sweden or somewhere in the Netherlands. They have a great health care system and have a low birth rate. The Swedish people are very health conscious and also highly intelligent as a collective. They read more books per capita than any other country in the world. And they design great furniture too!!

  34. Iluvmy2girlz says

    jx2, hey i love jack back too! he’s my favorite actor! I do respect your opinon! But that is all it is, YOUR opinion! If she wants to keep having children or adopting them, it’s her life, and she should do what makes her happy, just as you and i do what makes us happy! she doesn’t have to use moderation as you say it, because it’s her body, and her life!! so i totally feel what you are saying, but i think that she should do what she wants as long as she’s not hurting anyone, in fact she’s helping abandoned kids, so it’s fine with me! xoxo

  35. Jx2 says

    #30 – It has nothing to do with liking or disliking children. It is a matter of personal ethics and values. If every couple had one or two children then that would suffice. There is no need to have so many birth children. I prefer adoption as a means of acquiring a child – but not an infant. Infants are not my cup of tea. AJ and Brad could have remained with one bio-child (Shiloh) and continued to adopt more children. She did not need to become pregnant again. It’s much easier for her to adopt since she is a celeb than it is for the average person. She adopted 3 children and then had Shiloh. Enough is enough. Stop!! There is no need to keep going. It’s become an obsessive compulsion of hers to procreate! Everything that woman chooses to do she does it in excess. It appears she does not know the word “moderation.” Tatoos in excess. Cutting her skin in excess. Traveling in excess. Manhunting in excess. Now it’s adopting in excess…although THAT at least, is a healthier life choice than the previous obsessions she’s had.

  36. traveler says


    Can’t really blame AJ and Brad for this one. She’s had two pregnancies, so in effect, they are replacing themselves. It’s not her fault (or his fault) that they’re getting two this time around. That stuff just happens. The remaining children are adopted, so they existed already and were going to use resources regardless. Angelina and Brad simply gave them a family and a chance at a better life.

  37. Ellen says

    Then isn’t it great that people adopt already living and breathing orphans so that it isn’t necessary to bear 6 kids but adopt 3 have 3.

  38. Jx2 says

    Daze and Confused, I suggest you take a step back and examine the situation more realistically. Do you actually think that having a surplus of children is a magnificent thing? Perhaps in the 1800s it may have been a good thing to have 10 kids in a family to help with milking the cows or tilling the soil but in todays day and age polytechnic families are a disaster waiting to happen. The world’s food resources are diminishing at an alarming rate, while the world’s population is growing at an exponential rate.

    Each child today that is brought into the world has a huge impact as a consumer on the world’s resources. Dia*pers alone, create a massive garbage surplus in landfills which takes thousands of years to decompose. Add to that, food consumption and the enormous amounts of natural resources that each new child will consume in it’s lifetime and you’ve got a major world crisis on your hands!!

    There are too many humans on this planet for it to support our consumption rates. Habitat loss, species destruction, dependence on monoculture, and GMO crops all take place in feeding the masses. It is not ethically justifiable for AJ and Brad to have more
    biological children. Overpopulation is at the core of all the problems we address!!

  39. Daze says

    Can you imagine the headlines when all those beautiful girls get to be in their teens, Four gorgeous Jolie-Pitt sisters? (or maybe more). I would bet that before the twins turn two, they will be adopting two boys to balance things out, more than likely at least one from Africa for Z to identify with, or I heard, maybe one from New Orleans with African heritage. And they haven’t ruled out more Bio-kids. This family is going to be ridiculously huge and breath-takingly beautiful. Go Angelina and Brad. They are my favorite celebrity couple.

  40. Lisa says

    Twins are common on her side, and anyone that says bad things about this great couple/parents are nothing but jealous.

  41. Jx2 says

    Scientists use the term “breeder” to describe a myriad of species that can reproduce. Humans are also a species that can breed but we are also mammals and animals to boot.

    The term may appear “clinical” but I the whole process of giving birth has become very much clinical and detached from nature. Women give birth in hospitals as opposed to their homes. A hospital is a passionless, emotionless and sterile environment. A doctor delivers their babies as opposed to a Doula or a midwife.

    The term “breeder” IMO brings the whole process closer to nature and connects humans with other mammalian species.

  42. deeds says

    #16, I think breeder sounds so clinical. no passion, no emotion for the children. It sounds so sterile.

  43. Generic name says

    wow! 6 children on the row!
    how would she be able to handle that?..and they always go for house hunting, I think thats enough, i see no need to adopt another one or two…though she can still extend her help to orphan children.

  44. Z says



  45. Jx2 says

    #9 – What is wrong with the term “breeder?” – That is what a pregnant woman is…she’s a breeder!!

  46. ann says

    #11 13 Nicki I agree with what you said, I like your opinion, in Hollywood only one person Angelina gives 1/3 of all her movies proceeds, We all should admire her so kind and helping poor people, she is a best woman and great mon, We love her movies and love this family.

  47. boo says

    #11 is right, I watched that interview and when the woman asked her if she knew the sexes of the babies or if she preferred to keep that private, Angie answered she wanted to keep it private… so until the babies are born or I hear directly from Brad or Angie that the babies are in fact girls I won’t believe it.
    Although I am very happy for them, twins would be so much fun I think…. alot of work mind you, but still so fun! 🙂

  48. Nicki says

    Angelina Jolie is one of the most honest people in Hollywood. Ask anyone who works with her. Read any of her interviews, actual interviews from legit sources.
    She doesn’t have or will have 6 infants. She will have 2 infants after the twins are born. Zahara and Shiloh are toddlers now, and Pax and Maddox aren’t infants or toddlers.
    Her career revolves around Brad and thier children.
    I’m so happy for them, YEAH twins!

  49. Matilda says

    She tells lies all the time. I never believe a word she says. Well I can’t wait to see how she is going to manage 6 infants with an active career. You can’t have it all, she will soon realise this. What happened to balancing things out? Z is the only black in the family. I see a black baby soon. Sick woman.

  50. Nicki says

    A reporter asked her about the sex of the twins, she said they wanted to keep that to themselves. So it hasn’t been confirmed by Brad or Angie that thier twins are in fact girls. And she never said they were due August 15th, Dustin Hoffman said that and then said he was joking.
    Angie said they were due in a few weeks.

  51. Fly On The Wall says

    If she’s really carrying two girls, then I think in a couple of years from now they’ll adopt another boy, and stop at seven.

  52. sp says

    Too cute — I did want to see how a Son of their would look/
    But I am excited for both of them, Daughters at the end stay close to their families, boys tend to favor their wives side of the family….

  53. me says

    Oah wow i’m WAY excited! I really want one of these to look more like her (not to say shiloh isn’t adorable, she just looks more like brad.) lol, a brunette would be cute! I’m also hoping for katie holmes to have a boy 9as off topic as that is.) These two are my favorite celebroty moms!

  54. KayG says

    How neat! I am a fraternal twin. My sister and I are very close and being a twin has been wonderful.

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