An Expectant Jamie Lynn Spears Out & About In Kentwood

Jamie Lynn Spears

An expectant Jamie Lynn Spears was snapped as she ran errands around Kentwood, Louisiana on Wednesday.



  1. says

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  2. says

    I really hate to see it for Jaime Lynn. I just really hope for her childs sake that she turns out better than her sister. I also pray that Britney gets her life together.

  3. Analise says

    Well good for her for not aborting, but she wouldn’t be in this situation if she had been responsible. Hopefully she’ll be better suited to parenthood than her mother and sister. She really always looks so glum though. Not a happy person or so it appears.

  4. N says

    I hope she stays on the show……. After all she has to “WORK” to be a responsible parent. Also, Im pretty sure millions of other unwed teenage mothers are not staying home. They are either in school or quit school to start working. If they aren’t working then more than likely they will be receiving some form of welfare. SO she needs to WORK! Since her “CAREER” was an actress…..she needs to continue to do that since she has not broken any laws! Furthermore she was playing a teenager on her show….and rather you women want to admit it or not…. TEENS ARE HAVING SEX AND BABIES! RAISE YOUR OWN KIDS!!

  5. Sandy says

    The family is very low class right down to the mother, who is the worst of all. I don’t think teenage pregnancy is something to glamorize at all, I think she should keep a low profile and I don’t think at all she should be looked at as a role model for anyone. I hope she is replaced on the TV show, let her stay home and take care of her baby like millions of other unwed teenage mothers have to do.

  6. Liza says

    While I agree that teen pregnancy is a part of life, and it does happen to girls younger than JLS, I still don’t see how it’s something to celebrate.

    Teen pregnancy isn’t something that we should be glamorizing and praising. While we should all hope that these young parents stand up and take responsibility for their actions and choose to be real parents, we shouldn’t be applauding them for the poor decisions they have made.

    JLS and her family have cashed in on this pregnancy, and I find that distasteful.

  7. kattygal says

    I think shes just naturally tan. I remember when Britney first came out she used to be that tan too. Kids tan easier, I notice the older people get the paler they become

  8. Lauren says

    Why would she hide? She’s got a life to live and isn’t going to hide out just because people want her to live her live a certain way. I think she looks cute. 😉

  9. boo says

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  10. Jen says

    #11=- Boo- I’m not too sure but I think that there are even some tanning lotions that have certain chemicals in them that can be dangerous during pregnancy.

  11. Iluvmy2girlz says

    hey misty and everyone! i was kinda kidding about the tanning bed! obvously i don’t know the girl, so i don’t know if she goes tannig or not! it was totally a joke! maybe so lays out in the sun, maybe she uses lotions, whatever! she looks cute pregnant! it may not be the best age to have a baby, but oh well it’s already here! so i guess she should enjoy it!

  12. Kelli says

    It’s time to stop beating up the girl for her mistake and start supporting her and rooting for the life that is inside her. She seems to be doing right – keeping a low profile, doing mundane boring things, surrounding herself with the people who care about her. She’s trying. Let her try.

  13. says

    Shut up Jamie lynn spears is a beautiful young lady and she seems to be taking this pregnacy well and i hope the best for her son/daughter and britney is beautiful as she is she loves her boys preston and jayden and she really seems to getting better so she could spend more time with her boys

    hey jamie lynn spears i kind like the names of these

    if your having a girl and trying to put every girl names in your family i think you should do this


    and if you are having a boy


  14. Eli says

    Anyone remember the pics of Britney in the pharmacy buying a pregnancy test???? Maybe it was for Jamie Lynn?!?!

  15. says

    number 2 you suck! I wouldn’t hide, or hide my daughter if she was pregnant! I am glad that the made the photo’s public..WHY NOT? She is still a important human being, and giving birth is a gift, and it is nothing to be ashamed of! I knew a lady that had twins at 16, and she turned out fine, and her kids did too!

  16. Generic name says

    nobody wants teenage pregnancy! what happened to JLS is a big mistake, but its good to see that at her age she’s trying to take things seriously!
    she’s prettier than big sis!

  17. starlet says

    #3 – Are you assuming that she uses a tanning bed? Granted, her last interview made her out to be pretty ignorant about pregnancy and babies but I am hoping that she is smart enough not to use a tanning bed and that the salon would not allow it.

  18. boo says

    #6 FYI Jamie Lynn is not 16 turning 17…. she already turned 17 LAST MONTH… 😀
    And #3 I would assume it would be tanning lotions… Not a bed that give her that colour, I’m sure She would know that a Tanning bed is not safe during pregnancy and wouldn’t want to put her unborn babies health at risk!

  19. Jx2 says

    JLS does not look happy. And she looks bloated. It must be water retention. A friend of mine during her last month of pregnancy could not even put her shoes on her feet they were so swollen!

  20. Dobe says

    #2 – I think you probably just made that comment to get some attention for your pathetic self, but either way… This is 2008 lady. There are girls out there today who are MUCH younger than Jamie Lynn Spears who are having babies. At least she is taking responsiblity for the consequences that happened. Whether she will be a good mother or not?? I hope so, but noone knows. Whether she is 16 or whether she is 35…. it takes a special person to be a good Mom, and it doesnt matter what age that person is!!

  21. misti says

    iluvmy2girlz: I know what a tanning bed is, I thought everyone knew not to do it when you’re pregnant! But, thanks anyway.

  22. jamie l. spears says

    hey girls,
    well i am having a baby girl. i am due in june (hurting bad)!!!!!!!! well all these people out there that are talking trash about me they need to tstoop just cause i am 16 about to be 17 dosent mean anything they can talk all there crap they want to but you know what atleast i cnasupport me and my baby at the same time. i love being knocked up because i get to feel the feeling of another life coming up in june or hopefully sooner. well babes i got to go ? ya lots
    jamie lynn spears

  23. Amanda says

    I dont think she should hide. I think she is handling everything quite well. She is pit of the publics eye for the most part and seems to be taking care of herself. I hope her tan is natural or from a bottle. She is really really pretty no one can deny that. I think she will be a much better mom that her mom and her big sis!

  24. jennifer says

    Yeah I agree There is alot of teen pregnancies and teens grow up fast after they have a baby, I was 19 when i had my baby boy and now I am 22 and i am a great mother , still in college getting my degree in criminal justice But hey everyone makes mistakes just as long as they dont be a screw up after the baby is born, N I hope jaime is Not like her sister with alot of problems but britney is cleaning up I guess or that is only becuz Her dad has control over her who knows anymore?

  25. Iluvmy2girlz says

    hey misti: it’s called a tanning bed! faken Bake as we call it!
    and Alicia: why should she be embarassed? do you believe in sending the pregnant girl “away on vacation for 9 months, then the problem is suddenly gone?”… Please! teen pregnancies happen! it’s part of life, and why should she hide? so her child can grow up feeling like a mistake? Get over it, i know a lot of older mothers who leave a lot to be desired!

  26. Aliciasweets85 says

    Teenage pregnancy is not cute. No matter how much money the person has. Why is she not embarrassed with herself? Publicizing her baby shower photos and everything…**shaking my head** Oh well…

  27. misti says

    Maybe this is a stupid question…but how is she so tan?? Or is that natural? Lucky girl if it is!

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