An Expectant Gwen Stefani Out Shopping In Beverly Hills

Gwen Stefani

An expectant Gwen Stefani was snapped at the Miu Miu boutique in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.



  1. Sandy says

    Neither Vanessa or Kirsten are anyone I would choose for the spokes model, they are both, shall we say, not that pretty! When they both smile, I think, go to the dentist!!!! It is true, when Gwen smiles it is mostly gums showing, but she has a pretty face.

  2. bolissa says

    Gwen looks gorgeous as ever!

    And it’s very cool that Vanessa Paradis has replaced Kirsten Dunst as the spokesmodel for Miu Miu.

  3. Generic name says

    yeah I bet she’s having a girl these time! she’s blooming and I like the way she dress now than before!

  4. says

    I just can’t imagine wearing dresses THAT long while pregnant…I’m 8 months now, it almost seems hazardous….but it could just be me!

  5. violetsky says

    They have nothing to do with Daisy, which is such a shame as its not Daisys fault.
    I bet Gwenny is pissed that Daisy is going out with Mark Ronson.

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