T.I. & Girlfriend Welcome Their Second Son


T.I. and his girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle welcomed their second son together after midnight Friday morning, the rapper’s rep has confirmed.

The infant’s name is Major Harris, and he weighed in at 5 lbs., 15 oz. He is the fifth child for T.I., 27, and his second with Tameka. The couple are already parents to son King Harris, 3.

“God has blessed us with another miracle,” said T.I., born Clifford Harris. Tameka had announced her pregnancy on her MySpace page in January.




  1. says

    Okay not to say anytning, so yeah T.I. has five kids fom three different women, but the guy obviously takes care of his kids. And as a fan of T.I. I’m going to defend him!!!

  2. T.I. Fan says

    Give tha guy a break. It’s not like hes a bad dad. I agree 5 children from 3 different women is not exactly appetising but jam your hype. I didn’t know he had any kids till today. He loves his kids so let him be.

  3. says

    It is sad that we live in a society that is so judgemental!!! I mean the last time I checked only the good Lord above was the one to judge!! Or wait, maybe it would be okay and people wouldn’t be quick to relate to ghetto if he was white…oh wait that would than just make him white trash!!!For all you simple minded people who are quick to judge a man living up to his responsiblities, whether the kids be from one woman or 10 open a book, educate yourself and GET A LIFE!!!

  4. greenthing says

    Hey all you ghetto women- Just because you “might” be able to afford to pay child support does NOT make you a father. 85% of African American children are ILLEGITIMATE in this country which leads to povery and jail time for many. Take responsibility and use birth control HOs!

  5. SUN says

    Stop congratulating this THUG! 5 illegitimate kids by 3 women and not married. Maybe he’s gunning for Oscar de la Hoya’s record of AT LEAST 9 illegitimate kids.

  6. says

    No..this is indeed T.I.’s fifth child…sixth if you count Zonnique (Tameka’s daughter)…fyi- T.I considers Zonnique his daughter….and seventh if you count Zonnique and little Llayah who was stillborn.

    Zonnique (Tiny’s daughter from previously)
    Messiah-(T.I.’s from previously)
    Domani- ditto above
    Deyjah- ditto above
    Clifford “King”- T.I. and Tiny’s
    Llayah (who was stillborn)- ditto above
    Major- ditto above

  7. TiredOfIdiots says

    Nhlady-what is “Gross”? There are other celebrities who are not married that get nothing but praise about their chosen lifestyle- so what do you REALLY mean when you say “Gross”

    CAT-CAT -do you even know what a “real” thug is? He is a musician who got into trouble-not the first person and not the last! By the way, a real thug lives the life 24/7- these young guys are just rappers who get caught up in the game and are truly a far cry of what a true “thug” is about!

  8. Ronnie says

    One of the kids is his step-daughter
    He only has four children
    which is how many i have!!!!
    And 4littleones has four kids and shes 28!!!
    ^^sorry to make an example of you 4littleones.

  9. says

    Gross. 5 kids and he is 27? let me guess, is he also uneducated? Stories like this make me sick; what a great role model for his children. The comments made by some are equally disgusting. I was just shocked to hear that he will be going to jail. Give me a break…………….

  10. Amerie says

    What is the difference between TI and Tiny and Angelina and brad last time I checked they neither couple is married.

  11. Lauren says

    I didn’t know T.I. had so many kids but more power to him! He has the $ to take care of them and he seems like he loves his kids very much. Good luck in jail!

  12. says

    He isn’t a thug, and you can’t judge people on how many kids that they have! LAME! It is millions, and millions of people in the world that have 5 kids, or more and they are younger than 27! I know that you are constantly behind your four walls…so YOU’RE not use to the REAL world! BUT this is a way of life, and AS long as he is taking care of his children..then nobodies like you shouldn’t comment on anything..that you have NO CLUE about!

  13. cat cat says

    FIVE kids and he’s only 27? All illegitimate- what else is new? He’s going to be the next EAZY-E!
    Why is this THUG on this site?

  14. violetsky says

    Poor old Major, he will always be lower in rank than King or Messiah YaMajesty. The names this man gives his kids, beggars belief.

  15. angiebabi says

    Congratulations to TI and Tiny. I recently saw TI on a television show where he talked about his impending jail time. I must say I was very impressed and happy to hear that he admitted that he made some very bad choices. He also stated how bad he feels just knowing that he won’t be able to be with his kids during that time. He was a man who acknowledged what he did, understands that he has to pay the price. I wish his family well.

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