An Expectant Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt At Cannes Film Festival Premiere Of Kung Fu Panda

Angelina Jolie 

Angelina Jolie

Brad and Angelina (in a Max Azria Atelier gown) were snapped at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Kung Fu Panda on Thursday. The expectant parents – whose twins are due this summer – have been the talk of the film fest.

They look so happy!


  1. kate says

    i have identical boys, born at 38 weeks natural delivery. 6lb 5oz each.. hope all goes well for the Jolie-Pitts…

  2. Sandy says

    I have to say that yes, Brad is looking kind of tired and older, but I forget he is getting older! I think that doctor McSteamy, on Gray’s Anatomy looks like him a lot.

    I agree 100% with #78, Deeds is correct, there is a big difference!!!!!

  3. deeds says

    #77, I agree, however opinions are different from wishing Orainia would loose both legs so she could wiggle like a maggot are another!

  4. Miapocca says

    I think some of the angelina fans should learn to accept that not everyone can be a fan or ADORE someone they dont know and should accept that people on here will have differing opinions

  5. Lauren says

    Wow, her bump is HUGE! She looks good though. Yeah, she’s not due in Aug. I give it to the end of the month or early June. Maybe around her birthday.

  6. deeds says

    JA wouldn’t want Brad back even if AJ offered him up on a golden platter. Brad isn’t as nearly as handsome as he used to be. But if i were into men his age I wouldn’t kick him out for eating crackers in bed.

  7. SbK says

    I think that they look very happy together and I congratulate them. She looks amazing and I would say she still has a few months left, my mum had twins and she got A LOT bigger than this, so big she couldnt sleep lying down, and when they were born they were both nearing the 8lb mark! And also, as for saying that she ‘stole’ Brad from Jen and that she shouldn’t have been looking at a married man, she was filming with him, was she supposed to not do the film because she might fall in love with him? We should all know that you can’t help who you fall in love with. I think that they have made the best out of the situation and they are a very happy, positive family

  8. Liza says

    The idea that some sperm carry an enzyme causing an egg to split is just a theory. There haven’t been any studies done either way on this.

    Also, while most women will at one point or another release more than one egg at once, it is not a common occurence.

    Also, Marcia Cross used IVF, so how many eggs she released (if they used her eggs), was due to fertility medications meant to produce multiple follicles.

  9. traveler says

    Actually, it’s not uncommon for women to release more than one egg normally. In fact, most women do release more than one. When an egg is fertilized, it releases a hormone that kills the remaining sperm. So, if this hormone release is delayed or not as potent, then it’s possible to conceive twins. It’s entirely possible that it could be a genetic trait in a family.

  10. Sarah says

    Angelina is a beautiful woman but in the second picture she looks like a wax figure. It looks like she is experiencing swelling in her face due to the pregnancy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is put on bed rest before delivers.

  11. Diane says

    I am so happy for them. They are such really caring people. I think they are the perfect couple. They would do anything for any one.They are really down to earth considering they are very famous people.

  12. Fly On The Wall says

    39. Amber | May 16th, 2008 at 10:39 am

    I’m with you. I’m betting the last week in July.

  13. Fly On The Wall says

    Will Meg or Jo or somebody please explain to me how in hell you can “steal” someone who doesn’t want to be stolen?

    A marriage that is happy and healthy cannot be broken up by anyone.

    Anyway, it’s three and a half years ago so will you do yourselves a favor get the fcuk over it!!.

  14. Candy says

    I like this gown she does really look stunning in it ..unlike the other white one she wasn’t really beautiful in it looked more like a tent

  15. Ileana says

    I love this couple, not only are they beautiful from the outside, but also from the inside, both of them are young and they don’t flaunt their money like other celebrities, also you don’t see them attending parties, ocassionally , I think they are doing a wonderful job, they seem very down to earth, and they seem like they really care about other people god bless them and their children!

  16. Team Jolie says

    Okay, she is not that old, just because she’s having twins does not mean she had IVF. Besides, as some women age, the probability of them concieving naturally and having twins goes up, look at Marcia Cross.
    Love this dress on her and she looks as though she’s going to have these babies any day now (even though she said on the Today show she had a few more MONTHS, not weeks, to go).

  17. Kellymay says

    Julie yes you are correct but new studies in the last few years have shown an enzyme in male sperm that causes the egg to split. Personally never understood myself but my sister is married to a identical twin. His twin has identical twin girls so…one whom says only female and every other generation doesn’t seem to hold up here! I also heard this pregnancy was unexpected so perhaps she concieved naturally?

  18. letitbe says

    I use to be an Angie and Brad fan, till the whole cheating thing want on. I just can’t find myself going to watch there films because of what they done. I think it’s sooo wrong and I don’t wish that on anyone. I could never look @ another women’s man because it’s not only wrong it’s very hurtful and selfish. So, I go on web sites and they are everywhere it’s getting to be so annoying.

  19. Nicki says

    Angie’s Grandmother had twins. So I guess they do run in her family.
    They look great. So happy together.

  20. Sandy says

    I don’t think I can say Brad is HOT but he is still looking good, he looks like Mark Walberg to me in this picture.

  21. Aliciasweets85 says

    I love everything about this couple. I have been an Angelina-Fan ever since the Tomb Raider movies! And Brad is just yummy. I am GLAD he left boring-ol-Jennifer Aniston and is now jet setting around the world with fabulous (younger) Jolie! I think its a little creepy the way they are ‘collecting’ kids like trinkets from different contries, but hey **shrug** to each his/her own! I bet these new kids will be just as beautiful as Shiloh! Wonder what she’ll name them…such interesting choices so far: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh…one can only imagine what’s next!

  22. Tizzy says

    Dizygotic (fraternal) twins result when two eggs are released. Multiple orgasms in the run-up to conception (not just in the intercourse that results in conceptions – it has to be happening over a series of encounters, closely spaced) can also overstimulate ovaries and result in twins….

  23. Granny says

    #45 Correct. I often hear how twins run in the mans family as a reason to expect twins. It’s the mother’s side.

  24. Julie says

    Just one more thing. I have to clear this up, because this is a commom misconception. The webmistress posted Pics of Angie yesterday (?) and commented that it wasn’t suprising that she’s having twins since there are twins in Brad’s family, etc. This is very simple: FRATERNAL twins are a result of the WOMAN releasing 2 eggs at ovulation. Makes sense if other women in HER family had FRATERNAL twins. IDENTICAL twins are a result of 1 fertilized egg splitting. This is completely spontaneous and has NOTHING to do with twins in EITHER the MOTHER or the FATHER’S families. There, I’ve said it.

  25. Julie says

    She looks fantastic, and Brad is HOT! They are a beautiful couple! She is quite big, I can’t imaging an August due date. If that’s the due date, then she’d be, what, 28 weeks? Seems like at 28 weeks when I was pregnant with twins, I looked full term, but my belly looked about her size when I was probably 34 weeks or so. I agree with whoever said that she said in an interview that she is due in a few weeks. That makes more sense. I can’t imagine she’d be due in August.

  26. Miapocca says

    I dont know about DECENT people with Good Hearts in reference to these TWO..

    I see them more as narcissitic individuals who know what pleases them to keep in fame truck rolling….narcissist are also known for their good deeds, it keeps the attention on them..ahahha

  27. annie says

    They both are stunning, Brad still very handsome man and very attractive, they are good people with good hearts, they are gives so much back to the world, We love this family

  28. Amber says

    TWins are considered full term at 34 weeks or so, I believe. Very few twin pregnancies are carried to full term of 37-42 weeks.

    She got ginormous overnight….If she is due in August she definitely will not make it. I predict late June early July.

  29. ann says

    Meg you said that it was wrong, Brad with Jennifer 4 years marriage not giving him a family, Brad wants kids for 4 years but did Jennifer read wants kid? I don’t sympathize Jennifer as she deserved to lose Brad, Jennifer look lake tries be a little girl, if I’m Brad I would not married her in the first place, Brad made good choice with Angelina, They have a very happy family, You forget that she did not steai anyone.

  30. Nina says

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I don’t find Brad Pitt attractive in the least bit anymore!

  31. Tizzy says

    You know what I think is significantly worse than adultery (especially and individual who does so with someone with free will who was having marital problems… come on! normal well-balanced people don’t cheat if they are happy at home)?

    I think it’s significantly worse not to give a damn about children dying of preventable diseases all round the world. I think it’s worse not to support the UN and lobby the government about Darfur. I think it’s worse not to if one can possibly spare money (perhaps the money spent frivolously on an internet connection) and give it to those who need it. I think it’s worse not to use whatever means possible to help. I think it’s worse not to go there and see what’s happening and feel compassion.

    I don’t care why she’s doing it – she does it. And if you think it’s easy and can just be done for publicity then you clearly have never done it.

  32. Not again says

    Meg Did they file kidnapping charges against Angelina for stealing him? Or was he so weak he couldn’t protect himself? Or maybe he just up and walked away of his own accord? I’m betting the last. Get over it. It’s been years.

  33. bj's mom says

    oh my god get over the whole jennifer aniston thing are you kidding me?? this is gonna go on and on and its so silly. you dont “steal” anybody. he chose to leave and obviously wasnt happy with her. its become obvious jennifer cant hold on to a man anyways. brad wanted a different lifestyle than jennifer did so he moved on. i would too. you only live once and im not letting anyone hold me back from what i want in life. by the way, they look great and happy! Love the dress!

  34. Amanda says

    Hey Gay’s can marry now! I wonder if Brad and Angie will get married now?? They said they wouldnt get married until gays could marry right?

  35. MEG says

    The original summer,just wanted to
    remind you all that Angie is not that angel
    everyone suggests her to be.
    Not gorgeous,her simplicity is also a fraud.
    I am not Aniston ‘s fan,but what Angie did was not
    a decent thing to do, not now or then or long
    time ago,JMO 🙂
    Would you do such a thing in million years?

  36. The Original Summer says

    Meg, trust a numb nut like you to bring that up…..who gives a crap about who stole who? The fact is they are together now, get over it!

  37. samsmom says

    AJ looks great in that dress. But man is Brad looking old these days or what? He is still handsome, but a little haggard!

  38. Sandy says

    Brad is looking a little tired and worn out, he isn’t aging as graciously as George Clooney is! Still handsome though!

  39. Jx2 says

    #13 – I thought yellow was AJ’s colour? When she wore the yellow dress everyone was in awe of how great she looked. Now green is her colour. Do you know why that is? Because she is a winter – vivid primary shades best suit winters like AJ (and me)!

  40. says

    Those babies are soooooooooooooo lucky! Not only are they smart, rich, and beautiful, they also seem like decent people with good hearts! WOW.

  41. Nicki says

    She said in an interview today her babies are due in a few weeks. Dustin Hoffman gave the August 16th date, not Angie.
    She is due next month.
    She looks beautiful and they both are stunning.

  42. says

    I don’t believe the due date they’ve given…she’s so big, and the family’s already moved to where they will have the babies….I think she’s trying to fool everyone. Either that or those are some HUGE babies!!

  43. Iluvmy2girlz says

    i wouldn’t say Breath taking! BUt she does look better and healthier than she has in a long time! she is pretty big, for only being like 26 weeks or so, she’s due in august, so it’s still a while!! but it’s twins so i guess it’s normal! they look nice together, they cleaned up really good!

  44. Amanda says

    Green is really her color! She looks great!
    Brad looks a lot better in this pic than he las lately. Still not as good as he was in Legends Of The Fall

  45. Nicki says

    Cara -LOL, me too! I would have his baby anytime. Come on Brad, lol.
    I love her dress, it looks great on her, but then again I believe she could wear a burlap sack and look stunning.
    She is beautiful and looks great. Such a happy pregnant woman, just the same as with Shiloh, happy and giggling always. So happy for the Jolie-Pitt family.

  46. carol says

    Angelin is most beautiful pregnant woman, she looks so stunning and lovely, they both looks so happy , congrats to both of them.

  47. kar says

    hmmm…sorry, not a big fan of the dress…hate the colour. They do look very happy and in love though!! Due in Aug?!! She is pretty big.

  48. lily says

    Angelina she looks stunning, they looks so happy, the world need Angelina & Brad this kind of people, they are best parents, We love this family love they are movies.

  49. ann says

    It is so great to see Angelina & Brad , they look so happy and lovely. We love this famly, They are the most famous couple in the world, They are best actor & actrees in the world, Angelina difinitely deserve to win best actress.

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