An Expectant Angelina Jolie At The Cannes Film Festival

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

An expectant Angelina Jolie was snapped at the Cannes Film Festival, where she was on hand to promote Kung Fu Panda with costars Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman during a Thursday photo call.



  1. 2teens says

    Jx2, you are such a popular subject on babyrazzi it’s almost like you’re a celebrity, hee hee! I agree, Sandy is pathetic. And what is most pathetic of all is how she runs away everytime, and goes back to lurking just like a cockroach.

  2. Jx2 says

    hi 2teens – I was wondering where you had disappeared to. You missed a lot of the excitement around here but I’m sure you have caught up by reading the previous posts.
    As you can see SAND has been very charming and full of well wishes! LOL
    I’ve actually noticed that a couple of the regular posters are beginning to dislike her a good deal. It won’t be long before others join the group of the anti-Sandy protesters.
    You are so right 2teens – she is full of lies and contradictions. Thanks for pointing some of them out. I had totally forgotten half the things she had mentioned about herself. Unlike her, I choose not to live in the past and ruminate about things long gone. You know, I too, have called her Oriana in the past, and she sure gets all hot and bothered when that happens. Looks like that is a sore spot with her. She may very well be Oriana or someone entirely different but one thing I’m sure that we can both agree on is that Sandy…and Oriana, like to feel that they belongs to a clique. They also seems to like the same people on this blog. And they both like to dwell in the past, whining about things that happened months ago. How pathetic is that?!! Sandy needs to get some new material, her regular song and dance is getting stale and she knows it!!

  3. Jx2 says

    Gee, I’m gone for 2 weeks weeks and the talks about me do not cease, eh Nicki?? Thanks for keeping the fires burning while I was away – Sand up your crotch!

    Every so often I will find a post where someone will make mention of me in passing regardless of whether I have actually made a comment on that post or not. LOL LOL I guess some people on here really do not have much else to discuss when I am away but focus on ME instead to add some fun to their boring pathetic lives!! Glad I can be of such service to you all. …That’s Hollywood entertainment for you!!

  4. Nicki says

    2teens~I do like you and enjoy your, most of, which could be said about me or anyone, comments. I can’t stand the attacks jj/jjx2 launches on others. The horrific wishes on pregnant posters here who express thier joy at being pregnant are repulsive. That is why, I think, some attack jj/jjx2. It may be after the statement was made, maybe 2 or 3 days later, but people are doing other things and catch up when they can. jj/jjx2 can give as much as jj gets, only jj returns with evil and vile responses.
    So be it. I have ignored jj for at least 2 months, until Sandy said something that made respond. jj/jjx2 still continued, while I didn’t respond, to post his nickname for me, without me saying 1 word to any of the taunts he sent out. So I don’t understand how “poorj j/jjx2 is being provoked.”
    But so be it, You have a different opinion about jj/jjx2, while I don’t understand it, it doesn’t matter.
    I would like for you to please believe me that Sandy is not oriana. I don’t know who Sandy is……….but I do know it is NOT oriana.
    And 2teens, I only did on Hellorazzi what I did to avoid any drama. I didn’t mean to offend…….I just did that because I go there for the non- drama and crazy stuff from here. If you had asked why I did what I did, I would have told you because I go there for any and all non jj/jjx2 drama. (oh and the trillion mommies crap).
    You have your reasons for what you believe, and I respect that, but I have mine also and jj/jjx2 don’t count in my opinion. But yours are yours, and lets just say I do like you and enjoy your comments, most of them-barring jj/jjx2, but you are entitled to what you believe.
    I would like to hope we could get along without involving any other people either of us don’t like. Just saying. Peace, maybe?

  5. 2teens says

    Sandy, bite YOURSELF you per.vert. Go back to lurking? I doubt it but I hope so, and good riddance.
    Nikki, I have said this a million times but it always seems to be ignored or glossed over, I do NOT AGREE with offensive statements from ANYONE including JX2. I defend her when she is attacked for simply stating her opinion, which seems to happen often. Guess who she is mainly attacked by? Sandy the liar. Go back and look at old threads if you don’t believe me. I think sandy is even more offensive than JX2 with her holier than thou attitude. Sandy is most offensive to me when she ruins peaceful threads with her attacks, at least 4 times now. She is a BI.TC.H.
    I like you very much, and I also like JX2 but for different reasons.

  6. Sandy says

    Nicki, thanks to you. I actually think it is ironic that 2teens is so intent on acting like I don’t exist! I know she is pissed because I called her a kiss ass, but that is exactly what she is! I would rather sound like oriana than think like JJ and she certainly defends her like she is on the same page with her. I choose not to deal with either of them, going away for a while again, back to lurking!

  7. Nicki says

    Sandy, 2 teens thinks you are oriana. And for the life of me I can not figure out why jj, or jjx2 is worthy of being defended. That is her choice. I have nothing against 2teens, I actually like her. But for her to defend jj the way she does, after the horrific wishes jj has wished on posters here, I can’t understand it. But that is her choice. It is my choice not to deal with it.
    I know you aren’t oriana. But I would also say oriana has ALWAYS stood up to jj/jx2, and had never backed down.
    This jj person is a piece of work. Anyone who wishes the things this person does on the regular female posters here, and pregnant posters at that, would be beat down to a bloody pulp by anyone standing nearby, even if they knew no one involved.
    I have nothing against 2teens, I do like her, but am wondering why jj is so much defended by her. (with the evil wishes to at least 2 pregnant female regular posters here..I don’t understand her defense of jj.)

  8. 2teens says

    Why would I be sick for pointing out your blatant lie? You sure do like to call names “Sandy”, and yet you think you are a far superior person than Jx2.
    You are the one with the chip on your shoulder which has been made quite clear with your relentless unprovoked attacks. Why do you keep doing it? You wouldn’t if you didn’t have that chip there.

  9. Sandy says

    JJ is gone and now we have her clone, 2teens! I am not going to respond any more to her except when the day comes she admits she has been proven wrong. Caught me in a lie about my age? Are you sick? I think she is holding a chip on her shoulder and I really touched a nerve awhile back with her.

  10. 2teens says

    I don’t have a feeling you’re Oriana, I am 100% convinced that you are not who you claim to be. I have already caught you in one lie regarding your age, and I think it’s rich coming from you that “this site can be peaceful, and needs to be, why do you want to keep trouble going” when you are the one who continually starts arguments on thread after thread. The day you stop your grudge attacks is the day we might be able to finally have some peace on this board.

  11. Sandy says

    2teens, I know that you don’t like me and that is fine, I also know that you will defend your pal regardless of whatever she says and does. IN this case, you are wrong, and I am not going to waste my time with you trying to change your mind, to try to discredit me is one thing, but why slander someone else? JJ/Jx2, is supposedly gone for two weeks, this site can be peaceful, and needs to be, why do you want to keep trouble going, especially when you only have your “feeling” that I am Oriana? In time you will see you are mistaken and you will feel like a big Fool like your buddy is!

  12. 2teens says

    No, Oriana, you stand up to Jx2 all you want. What makes me “mad” is when someone goes out of their way to attack someone on a thread that was peaceful… just because they can’t get the stick out of their ass because of past comments.

  13. Sandy says

    2teens, if you want to make accusations, know what you are talking about! I do enjoy Tizzy and she seems like a nice person on here, isn’t she fairly new? I did like what Zbella posted and that is why I commented on her. As for as me saying I like Nicki, it is because she stands up for what she believes in and is a true fan of the Pitt/Jolie family as I am.

    I would think there may be many on here that sound familiar to others but I am not feeling insulted. Yes, I do think if Kar got her feelings hurt and doesn’t spell all the good, she should not let that worry her.

    Does it make you that mad to know that someoen on here stood up to your buddy? You need to suck it up and realize there are people on here that are just saying how they really feel! I think that Oriana would get a good joke out of this!

  14. 2teens says

    Wow. I’m gone for a few weeks and not much changes. Jx2 was baited, plain & simple… and anyone who believes she is Lithuanian must have a very low IQ. As someone said earlier, it’s a witch hunt. She didn’t say a damn thing wrong until after she was attacked.
    Sandy, I didn’t want to believe that you were Oriana and I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt even though your writing styles are almost identical. But your post #168 about all the ladies you are “enjoying” clinched it. That is a true Orianaism. You are Oriana, and the way you spoke to me so nasty as Sandy and then so sweet as Oriana on Hellorazzi makes me sick. You have the nerve to call me two-faced? And there you are counseling Kar to be herself, what a joke. You ruined Hellorazzi for me, that’s for sure.

  15. Kelly says

    Nicki thank you so much!! I am dying to find out if it is a boy or a girl i can’t wait!!!!,but I am only 10 weeks so I have some time!!!

  16. Sandy says

    Bring it on Kar! LOL!!! You know it wouldn’t surprise me one day a few years from now, if there isn’t a movie made about Brad and Angie and all the kids! I just wonder who would play her?

  17. Nicki says

    Sandy~ I am so glad I didn’t see the fake of Kimora, Kariah & Kajanae Mommy’s link. I try to avoid anything jjx2, or jj. It is so deplorable for someone to do, especially on a baby site.
    She has been very busy with of course the babies as we can guess, but so sad someone would attack her when she wasn’t here. I am glad I missed that.

    Of course all the ladies you mentioned……..but a special shout out to Zbella for the sweet words for me…awww, Thank you so much!

    Wow it is hard to mention everyones posts in one post, I hope I didn’t forget to mention any one.
    Would like to see “kar” post again. Don’t be afraid to be who you are kar!!!

  18. Nicki says

    Sandy~ LOL! I don’t always say things the right way, maybe it is the headstrong Aries in me? But I have to agree those nude peep toe shoes are “kick a$$” I also love the dress she is wearing.
    We will enjoy these weeks, a bit guarded, but Let’s just have fun, Finally!!!!! Seems like it has been good….already.
    I am loving this!

  19. Sandy says

    As I have stated before, I am a fan of kimora’s mommy, I did not see any resemblance at all on the other blog of Jx2’s supposedly picture, but I must say I am also enjoying Tizzy, Zbella and many ladies on here more and more, and of course, Nicki is a strong lady that tells it exactly how it is and I don’t see her EVER running away or being bullied! LOL!!!!!!!!!

    I have to say I love the shoes Angelina has on, I am going to look for me a pair, some nice shops in La Jolla and here in San Diego.

  20. Sandy says

    You know there is always a way to say what we want without having to be nasty and low class, trust me Kar, I have been talked too pretty badly on here but not like some others that did leave that didn’t deserve it, I wish some of the old ones would come back but I am glad you are on here, please speak up for yourself when you get your feelings hurt, too many bullies in the world today!

  21. Nicki says

    Oh and kar- If you say something, then it must be for a reason……….Back it up with Why you feel that way. It doesn’t mean everyone, or anyone will agree, but Say what you mean, And know why you said it. It doesn’t make the other person right or wrong, It is your opinion and GD, YOU are entittled to it!!!!

  22. Nicki says

    kar-I know your last comment was for Sandy, but I just want to say, everyone makes mistakes in spelling or trying to say what they mean……….No big deal. Don’t let what someone 2 years ago said or made fun of what you were trying to say bother you. Either stand up for your one name or ignore what they are saying, especially if it was a grammatical error. There are a lot of people that speak other languages and will make many errors in grammar. If one or two people picked on you for it……….who cares.
    Thats thier problem……….Not yours. I haven’t seen any people ganging up one a bad speller…..I have had many mistakes in typing. Most can get the idea. (ie: on, when I meant one, and MANY others thats just the last one I noticed) it will be mostly be ignored………Just try to let the nit pickers “roll off your back” and not take it to heart. Please post more and don’t worry about typo’s. Everyone makes them. Forget about the past and, the jj evil wishes, try to join in and have fun.

  23. Kar says

    Hey Sandy, it just wasn’t the grammar. It was being bullied to the point where I couldn’t take it. So I am a number of people on here. No I’m not Jx2 lol. Just tired of being bullied, I was feeling hurt for comments that I made that people thought were stupid or they would say that I didn’t understand what the WM was talking about. When someone hurts me, I change my name, plain and simple.

  24. Sandy says

    kar, I don’t understand why a person would have to have many names on any site. Everyone misspells words from time to time, if someone on here makes fun of you then just ignore them, they are ignorant and rude for even remarking on that, so be yourself, don’t worry about what others think of your grammar, no one is perfect.

  25. Nicki says

    Kelly~No problem. As far as I know the birthday wish was just an example, but that is how jj wrote to the posters here. The stillbirth wish and a downs syndrome baby was wished to two pregnant posters here. This is why we are besides sick to our stomach, just plain fed up with jj’s crap.
    One poster here lost part of her leg and jj’s wishes to her was hoping she would lose the other one and…………… went on but makes me ill to even think about it.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am happy for you. I didn’t mean to upset you, that wasn’t the goal. It is just that most of us here are sick of the crap and jj won’t change. See the things she puts are hurtful and evil to others. So I am sorry if I came off as harsh towards you, I just reread it, but would rather jj not put whatever evil, vile crap it wants.
    I realize this is a public blog, but it is also about babies, so there is a place for everything. And here is not for jj’s despicle comments.
    Lets all just have a wonderful 2 weeks.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy Kelly!

  26. Kelly says

    Nicki- No I wasn’t defending her well I didn’t mean for it to sound that way sorry and I hope she never said that to anyone like that one fake mom wished to LC once that was terrible. I would be very upset if someone had said that to me considering I am expecting sorry again I don’t know what I was writing!!!

  27. Nicki says

    kar-yes I remember Braydie. She and I did not get along, but she never said the stomach turning things jj does.
    Her son was in a bad accident and is doing better and she was pregnant with her baby girl. She left then, a long time ago. She was nothing like jj. She might have been harsh, but she wasn’t pure evil, like jj.

    Did you like the link I posted for you?

  28. Nicki says

    kar – OK you have been here a long time. Then you know who the one and only real Bully is. People can only take so much of being bullied before they reach that point where they are feed up and retaliate.
    But we have a couple of weeks vacation here so we should all enjoy it.

    Here is a cute pic of Angie and Shiloh-many more there.

  29. kar says

    I’ve been on here for 2 or 3 yrs now when Kelly May (one of my favourites) she never said a negative word about anyone and Carleigh were regulars. Now they are both gone (I do see Carleigh) every once in awhile on here. All the nice ones are dissapearing (did I spell that right)?? probably not, and I will here all about it too no doubt.

  30. kar says

    No actually I’m not new here but thanks. I have many names on this site and choose to keep them to myself. I too have been bullied on here thus my everending name changes. This site is suppose to be fun and you should be able to state your opinion when and how you want. No I did not like Jx2 comments, they made me sick to my stomach, however like I said before if you keep at it ie feeding/fueling the fire this site will never improve and the bullying will continue. You ask why I return for more punishment.? I happen to like some of the people on here, unfortunetly most of them have left now. Like geez if you even spell a word wrong on here people jump down your throat and ask you if you have gone to grammar school etc. Let’s stop the bullying now before more good people leave. Thanks.

  31. Nicki says

    Sandy~Yes, I believe there are a few who believes this is what will happen. Just be aware. Let’s enjoy this site for the next couple of weeks, we all deserve it!

  32. Nicki says

    151. kar — You must be new here, I don’t remember seeing your name before. Welcome.
    But please don’t pop on and tell people who have been posting here for a couple of years what to post and what not to post.
    There is only 1 person who ruined this site and if you’ve been here long enough you would know that.
    Even if posters ignore jj and say nothing to it, he provokes them until they do. Starting with the 3rd grade name calling.
    Stick around long enough and you will see what a real “angel” your jj friend is.
    Again welcome.

  33. Nicki says

    also 142. Kelly — Would you want someone to say something like this to you? (Say it is your birthday…) “Oh Happy Birthday Kelly, hope you never see another one!” “LOL,LOL,LOL!”
    I seriously doubt you would. Now say your pregnant and this person says to you, “Congratulations, I hope you have a stillbirth.” “LOL,LOL,LOL!”
    Nobody wants to hear anything like that, if you do, why don’t you and jj exchange emails and create some despicable blog somewhere………please, far away from any baby site.
    Pleas Note for anyone who lacks reading comprehension skills–I DID NOT WISH THIS ON ANYONE, EVER!

  34. kar says

    Enough ladies. Let’s move on now before you all ruin this site for everyone for good. Get over it already. Thanks. And No I don’t ALWAYS agree with what she (Jx2) say’s, but enough is enough, quit feeding/fueling the fire

  35. Sandy says

    Thank you Nicki for the info! Zbella was right!!!! She will prob order it in Black also.

    I was wondering if someone other than me would realize Martha Stewart, Wolfgang Puck, the heir to Tiffany’s jewelery designer, would be posting under different names, and of course she will be!

  36. deeds says

    #142. So you think it is ok that she stated that she wished someone would lose both legs so they could wiggle like a maggot. That’s just cruel!

  37. Nicki says

    Hey Ladies,
    The dress is by Thomas Wylde and it is orchids and scorpions. I saw on in black with sleeves on a designer dress site, it was $900. I don’t know if Angie altered it for herself or they did for her. He does a lot of skull designs, expensive shoes, tops, scarves and dresses. Hope this helps.
    I’m surprised our resident “designer” didn’t know this.
    OK enough with that person, Yeah a vacation from them!
    Just be careful, could be a lie and we could see another name with the same attitude, so be aware of “new” posters these next 2 weeks who sound like our resident
    Comp. problems, be back later.

  38. Sandy says

    Zbella, the more I look at the dress pattern, it does resemble a Scorpion. I would be interested in knowing exactly what is it if anyone finds out the answer.

    I also think JJ has deep seated problems with children. I wonder if she can’t have kids, had some taken away from her, has scars from childhood, maybe can’t have kids and is deeply jealous of someone with kids, I don’t think she has married at all, she very rarely mentions her husband, other than she makes more money than he does and she is a liberated woman with no problem in supporting a man, which is quite funny to me.

  39. Zbella says

    I thought scorpion?

    Jx2, JJ is a nut. She has some sort of mental problem which results in uncontrollable temper tantrums, name calling and a superiority complex.

    She once made a flippant comment about having no problem aborting her child w/o a second thought. She has absolutely no heart. And she thinks newborns are U G L Y aliens and rags on them w/o reservation.

    Why the obsession w/ babyrazzi? She obviously has issues with children.

  40. Ellen says

    Question. What is the design on the dress? It looks a lot like an exotic flower but it also looks like an insect?

  41. Sandy says

    Kelly, who started the drama? Yes, she can and does put whatever she wants on here, and most of it is filth, so if you are supporting that, then What is wrong with you?

  42. Kelly says

    Wow there is soo much drama just leave jx2 alone she can put whatever she wants on here!!! I love the pic of angelina and Jack it was hilarious they were comparing stomachs Jeez!!! HAHA

  43. Jx2 says

    #140 – In this world you can’t have it all. I’m not expecting to be liked by complete unknowns on this site and as such, DO not expect the same from me to like others on this site.

    I obviously have a distinct way of seeing things which surprise surprise people do not agree with. Tough!! Too bad!! I’m not going to refrain from voicing my opinions. This is an open forum and anyone can post their opinions. Put some blinders on if you don’t approve and mosey on down to the next comment.

    The same goes for Sandroid!!

  44. Sandy says

    kendall, this used to be a lot nicer site, a lot of people have either left or hardly post any more that were fun, kimora’s mommy, christina, oriana, many more. I have felt for a time there was no need for all the nonsense on here. I don’t know why she had it in for many of the ladies that left but she was very nasty, as for me, I have had my fill of her filth.

    She has to imply that I am someone else because she doesn’t want to admit that there is someone that can’t stand her and spoke up to her like I have, I am glad that the newer women on here can recognize mean and hateful when they see it.

  45. kendall says

    jx2 You are a not a nice person. I looked on this board and most of the people seem to have issues with you. Not because you have an obvious hatred of sandy (who you never met in real life)but because you do not even know how to make a point without name calling or personal attacks. At first I thought you were like a teenager just trolling. I see you are not that is even more sad.

  46. Sandy says

    Fly on the Wall, Thanks again for that picture you gave us, it was so cute!!! Loved it! Doesn’t it sound more and more like a 17 year old all the time? I guess she sold out all of her “designer jewelry” and of course all her “Art work” also! LOL!!!!

  47. Sandy says

    Hi Tizzy, hope you and your little sister have a nice weekend! I will try to be good and not respond to trash mouth, it does seem that others are disgusted with her also! Stay cool and have fun shopping this weekend! LOL!

  48. Jx2 says

    Hi there Lorianna – oops, I mean – Sandy, so awful to know you’re still lurking around! LOL LOL

    Sorry HAIRY Jeff Goldblum FLY but there are no freeways near me. Can I just sit on your face a blow a huge FART instead???!!!

    OR better yet, do ME a favour and fly into Lorianna’s fat mouth. I hear that she is hungry again and asking for some juicy flies to devour!!

  49. Fly On The Wall says

    130. Jx2 | May 17th, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    Your mother should have thrown you out and kept the afterbirth.

    Do us all a favor: go outside, sit down in the middle of the nearest freeway, and get yourself run over by an 18-wheeler.

    And no, none of us on here will miss you. Bye.

  50. Jx2 says

    It took a mere 2 seconds to find that clip on YouTube – hardly a scouring process…Scouring is what you have to do to your face every day using a Brillo pad to remove all the oily grime that accumulates on your FU*gly face as a result of your overactive sebaceous glands and your puss-filled oozy zit*s. I suggest you do something about that moustach*e you are sporting too. Don’t you know that men do not like moustach*es on women!! That might explain why you are always in front of your computer and not enjoying the company of gentle*man callers. Lemonade, lemonade stirred with a spa*de, and dr*unk in the shade, it’s good enough for any old mai*d!!

  51. Sandy says

    It is kinda funny that Jx2 is scouring the web for anything related to the name “Sandy”.! LOL! I would think she would be spending her time designing her jewelery she doesn’t advertise or packing for her “trip to the Med”? LOL!

    Good morning Tizzy, all is well!

  52. Jx2 says

    126 – Tizzy don’t get into a tizzy!! Pardon me but that was just asking for it – LOL!

    My plants will be fine. The weather has been exceptionally rainy lately so my herbs will not dry out. Besides basil and oregano can withstand higher temperatures and dryness since after all, they are Mediterranean plants.

    One thing is for sure, I will be gone for 2 weeks but I will be back with plenty of juice and ammunition after my lengthy absence from this blog!!

    Oh – and while I’m away please enjoy this YouTube clip of Sandy trying to remove (you guessed it) SAND from her crotch!! LOL absolutely flippin’ hilarious!!

  53. Tizzy says

    Well, my attempts to stop this really worked didn’t they!

    Sandy – she’ll be gone for two weeks from Sunday, just look forwards to that.

    Jx2 – have a nice trip, come back without the chip on your shoulder. I hope that your potplants don’t dry out while you’re away. Maybe you shouldn’t have bought them just before going away for two weeks.

  54. Jx2 says

    LOL Donald Trump!!??? Good lord – why would I want to read that jackass’s book!!? I don’t take advice from anyone that wears his hair like that!! But you go right ahead and knock yourself out!
    You know – if I didn’t know any better – I would think that you are EXTREMELY jealous of me!!! You carry on like a person who is VERY green with envy!! Every attempt of yours is to prove me a LIAR!! And it just eats you up that you can’t prove SQUAT!!
    If at first you don’t succeed try again! You know what they say practice makes perfect!

  55. Sandy says

    Since Jx2 is a virtual Martha Stewart and Top Chef, I would think she would want to get in some free advertising about her “design business”, apparently she hasn’t read Donald Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal!

    Oh Vanna Whiiiiite, Can you give me a L for LIAR!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  56. Jx2 says

    You must be stupider than I originally thought if you actually think I’m going to divulge info about my design business!!

    BTW – #119 was not me but I find it highly entertaining nonetheless. It appears there are other individuals on this blog that ALSO can’t stand your guts and relish in taking a jab at you!!! ha ha ha gotta love it!!

    Really? I’m from Canada? – I thought I was from Lithuania!! LOL LOL

  57. Sandy says

    I also noticed no answer to Deeds question about where one might go to purchase some of her jewelry! LOL! After all, if a “buyer” from Oregon can find it in Canada I would definitely think she would want to advertise her wonderful Creations!

    Granny and Nicki, I think you girls can see just fine!

  58. says

    She’s not going to make it to August. She has dropped big time in that one picture. I wouldn’t doubt an announcement REALLY SOON.

  59. Sandy says

    Oh for Heaven’s sake Jx2, is this the best you can come up with! LOL!!!!! Really, my next door neighbor’s ten year old son could do better than that! You must really be desperate and feeling threatened! Oh yes, definitely someone touched a nerve!

  60. Granny says

    I need my bifocals adjusted. They were smiling, posed comfortably, eyes lit up, leaning in towards each other. I certainly didn’t see any discontent there.

  61. Nicki says

    I should get my reading glasses checked also. I only see joy. Wow, maybe I should check again, LOL.

  62. Sandy says

    I am going to have to take a closer look, much closer apparently, with a microscope, If she looks miserable then Bring on the misery! She looks like she is having a Ball and enjoying herself quite a bit to me!

  63. Matilda says

    Can’t stand this woman. Too phoney too pretentious. I doubt she was enjoying any of that. Her pictures with Brad today are better, they look miserable to boot. Serves them right.

  64. Sandy says

    Joyfullymine, I felt that you were accusing me of being on a witch hunt and indeed, I feel that the term witch would not come close to her, I just know that these type of people very rarely go away, they are too intent on getting attention and causing problems. I leave and come back for a few weeks, months even, at a time, and her nastiness is still there. Her comments are evil, and to me, a person who makes those kind of statements, has an evil personality. Be glad you aren’t that familiar with her or anyone like her.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  65. says


    I have morals, no children, and have not overlooked anything…I was making an observation that is all. A lot of bickering on here for what? I never said she wasn’t at fault, however I learned when people make ignorant comments to you or otherwise…you ignore it. Why work yourself up over how someone else feels? Can I change it no…will it prevent me from sleep no.

    Just seems to me that there was a lot of trying to figure people out and discover who they are…a little pointless to say the least which is what I was referring to as a witch hunt, because it is…My initial comment was in reference to post 7 and what transpired afterwards which, to me, looked like someone picked a fight with her…I don’t even know the lady so I don’t have to defend her again just an observation. The comments made afterwards yes out of line, but at the same time all parties involved are at fault. As I recall I did say most of her comments not all.

    Furthermore, I never called you terrible and if you took it that way my apologies…I’m not clear as to what else I can say in my defense as I do not feel I am wrong?

  66. Sandy says

    I would be interested in that also, and I am sure her fans and followers on here would love to be supportive of her!

    I think she does protest and try to validate herself a little bit too much!

  67. Jx2 says

    FYI – Have you ever heard of “shift work” ??? Lots of people do it. They make their own work hours! Hey, I sold one of my necklace creations on-line today!! A woman in Oregon bought it – Woo-hoo!!!

  68. Jx2 says

    I went to the garden centre earlier and picked up a potted basil and a potted oregano – both fresh – for when I make homemade pesto or a Greek salad…mmm fresh oregano is the bomb!

  69. Jx2 says

    Make sure you take good notes Sandroid – I wouldn’t want you to miss out one iota of detail about my life!

  70. Jx2 says

    Did you know that the words “vile” and “evil” both have the exact same letters in them? Ohhh!! that’s a good one to know when i have my next game of scrabble!!

    It’s just Scrabulous!!

  71. Sandy says

    Cara, your sister is probably a innocent sweet girl, she is thinking about things normal 17 year old would, music, dancing, friends, boyfriends, thinking about a college she would like to attend, this THING is right, and a psycho at that! Just too many inconsistencies with her ravings, first, can’t afford a car, then is a liberated woman being the main support of her family, husband doesn’t make as much money as her, now is going “near” the Med for two weeks, was a teacher in Europe, an Artist, but constantly on here, when does a person like that work, design, travel, garden, read, all the things she says she does and then on here constantly hurling insults and Lies, sounds like a demented LIAR to me!

  72. Sandy says

    Nicki, I wonder if she will name either of the babies after her mother? I think she looks like her in one of the pictures, she does seem like she is enjoying herself!

  73. Cara says

    Im telling you right now. This thing is not 17…my 17 year old sister could never DREAM up half of the things she says.

  74. Cara says

    Oh lady, im not ignorant. I agree, i dont see you saying those things, but you are not innocent! You taunt her on, just ignore her

  75. Sandy says

    Hmmmm, Sand Toe Jam, Nickster, Sand tard, sounds like a 17 year old would talk! I think the psychotic comments would be from an adult but there are some very intelligent year olds these days, especially when they have access to a worldwide internet.

    Miss Joyfullymine, did you read the posts she made yesterday? Did you just choose to overlook them and focus on the terrible people on a witch hunt? Are you blind or deliberately choosing to ignore certain posts and comments? Do you have children? Do you have legs? Do you have any morals?

  76. Sandy says

    Cara, when did I ever claim to be angelic like in any way? But I have never gotten on here or anywhere and wished people had their legs amputated and killed in car wrecks, so if you can’t see the difference between my statements and those, then you are ignorant!

  77. Nicki says

    I have to agree with Sandy. The things that were said were vile and evil, said that way and then laughed about. I was sick to my stomach reading the few I did.
    This is a baby site, there are other sites one can go to if they feel the need to be despicable.

  78. Sandy says

    Tizzy, I can see that you are a compassionate person and someone that doesn’t want strife or bitterness to affect them or this site. I fail to see however, a person that has the mindset, and laughs about it, that wishes people would have their legs amputated, their babies born deformed, stillborn and retarded, and killed in car accidents, merely just rude and thoughtless, to me that is vile, vicious and evil, and I am not the only person that thinks so.

    I don’t think a decent individual in “real life” would write and say those things on here if they didn’t truely have that type of nature, not just the JJ/Jx2’s of this world but for anyone that would spew such venom. That has been my point all along. I have sat back and ignored it, like many others, for months, but finally got tired of the filth, and now, Of course, I have to be the one with the rude comments, because I dared to challenge her? No, that is not how it should be, people should not be afraid to speak up when they see and hear such utter nonsense.

    My apologies to you if I have offended you, not my intention.

  79. Tizzy says

    I think you’re right in the face of evil, true evil.

    I think it is just as dangerous however to label a very rude and clearly thoughtless individual as an evil. I understand she must have hurt you terribly and I feel very badly for you (which is why I tried to stick up for you) but you aren’t really confronting a person, just a character that someone has created on the internet. You’ll never be able to pin her down because no one can be sure what’s true and what isn’t on the internet so she’s only going to make you feel worse in the long run. I’ve tried in the past because I cannot bear to see someone behave like she is but, trust me, you’re fighting a shadow and will never win.

    When I said “its a bit sad people can’t just say what they meant” I wasn’t having a dig at you! I just meant generally on the site – that people (ie, in this instance Jx2) can’t just comment without trying to have fights – I really worry that they can be in a place in their lives where they feel the have nothing better to do than that.

  80. Sandy says

    Tizzy, haven’t people been saying what they want? My statements are all truthful, so if they make her angry, so what, the truth should count for something! The things she has said to me are a hill of beans compared to what she has said to and about others. Maybe one day it will be your turn!

    That is what is wrong with the world today, just ignore evil and it will go away, well it doesn’t go away or stop, it should be addressed and stopped! It is time for some good changes, not just sitting back and watching and choosing to do nothing or at say nothing. It’s a bit sad to me that people like you don’t seem to be bothered by it.

  81. Tizzy says

    I can’t imagine your inflamatory comments are much of a help Sandy! I know you must be angry because Jx2 has said some truly terrible things to you but perhaps if you didn’t respond to her in such an outraged and insulting way she might quieten down or leave you alone.

    It’s a bit sad that people can’t just say what they want!

  82. Sandy says

    I have not understood for a long time why the WM doesn’t delete automatically her insane statements.

    People, just look at #34, you will see the true nature and character of her shining through! This kind of vile way of thinking is what a person like that is all about, to wish harm on anyone, especially unborn babies, like she did before, and her feelings have not changed, it is beyond disgusting!

    Nicki, I would venture to guess Jx2, is also at least 5 other people on here with her fake names, someone like that is truely sick and knows it!

  83. Bella#1 says

    JX2 what’s wrong with you. My mouth is hanging open just reading some of your comments. I’m not on hear often to read the comments but to wish harm to a baby is over the top.Please don’t be offended by this, but I really think you should get checked out for some kind of chemical imbalance disorder. You sound crazy! You have so much anger in you its scary.

  84. Amanda says

    Here is a wonderful idea if someone bothers you so much IGNORE them like civilized people. Don’t argue with them. You are just giving them what they want which is a rise out of you. Some people live for it.

  85. Tizzy says

    Lordy. Jx2 – do you imagine that playing on people’s names in the jeuvinile way that you do is clever, funny or even hurtful? People probably aren’t even using their own names so why would they care that you think of such witticisms as “Sandy crotch” or whatever it was? That’s not clever, you know?

    I’m all for retaliating if people come after you in real life but I’m not sure I understand why you bother coming back time after time to do it on a site like this where no one can prove anything and no one is who they say they are. Using appalling language and making childish puns wont change the opinions of people you don’t like, it probably wont even bother them but it can be good for you to behave in such a manner and keep coming back for more. Calling people stupid probably isn’t helpful too given the way that you are behaving and the things you are saying. These other people don’t seem to like you very much so just stop talking to them! There’s no way you can convince them of anything on the internet and no reason why you should. If I were you, I’d just go – think whatever you want, say whatever you want, I don’t post things here for your approval but for my amusement.

  86. says

    Well obviously I can only comment on post I have seen recently…I was not around for the alleged vicious or vile comments that have plagued babyrazzi, comments that I would not agree with as I wish no harm to anyone….from the times that I am on here in the post that I comment in she hasn’t said anything that I have found offensive…furthermore I’m not going to argue with anyone on here…all I said was give it a break….most times I see people starting things with her….regardless of that #45 and 46 it appears to me like a witch hunt…comment on the comments not the person….it’s childish!

  87. Jx2 says

    FYI Nicki #75 wasn’t Jen is was ME!!! 🙂

    See what I mean about anyone posting under anyone’s name!!! LOL LOL You sure are a riot Nicki…hook, line and sinker!! You ate it up!!

  88. Jx2 says

    Haven’t you silly pathetic women realized that ANYBODY can post under anyones name and PRETEND who they are!!! WE have all seen it gazillions of times on here!!! Stop trying to re-invent the wheel.

    Jen E Furrr – Can you prove 100% that I made that comment about abortions??? NOPE you can’t. Well then I am innocent until proven guilty!!! I suggest you try harder next time!!

    Just because you see “Jx2” does not mean that it is me!! It’s just one of the many lurkers on here that want to test you out and see how stu*pid you really are!!!

    You certainly don’t disappoint in the stu*pid department Jen and Nicki and Sandistic!!

  89. Nicki says

    Jen~Your funny. LOL. That poster is just beyond help. Maybe we should pray for some God to help “it” out of it’s misery! LOL. I’m glad I’m not the only one remembering the evil things this person posted. LOL that was funny, but maybe we should pray to “someone” for it.

  90. Jx2 says

    Jennifurrrr – have you been sniffing crazy glue!!??? Cause you sure are sounding idiotic right about now!!!
    Psycho is your middle name – Jenn Psycho Ward!!

  91. Jen says

    Nicki – she also said that she was responsible for creating Hurricane Katrina and that she was planning to cause more destruction over there in the future!! What do you think we should do? Shall we pray to the Polynesian Lordyanna to save our sorry asses???? Our gooses are cooked!!

  92. Sandy says

    The veins on Angelina’s arms are nothing compared to the veins on Sarah Jessica Parker’s hands, and look at Madonna! Gross! I think they will stay in France and I hope they do, the paps are getting so paranoid in their actions and behaviors just to get a picture, the kids don’t deserve it for sure!

  93. Nicki says

    I believe she is due next month.
    And you two are right, she is “blooming”, LOL.
    She is beautiful! Best wishes to the Jolie-Pitt family!!!!

  94. Nicki says

    Thank-you Jen. I do remember that, and I haven’t “spoken” to either of the jj’s/jjx2. Even after all the stupid name calling of me and others. But I will say I can ignore stupid, but not vile and evil wishes on pregnant women here posting.
    I still believe this poster is a male, and have since the evil wishes it wished on other posters here. JMO.

  95. Sandy says

    I think that “blooming” describes it perfectly, she is lovely and indeed blooming. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world!!!!!

  96. Generic name says

    I really like her smile..coz I like her lips and her eyes too!
    she look so happy and blooming!

  97. Jen says

    Nicki- she also said a while back that a baby can be aborted all the way up until the umbilical cord is cut- I just wanted to let you know who you’re dealing with- PSYCHO!!!

  98. Nicki says

    65. Jx2—You can not deny you wished a stillbirth on a pregnant poster here! All the regulars saw it, minutes after you wishing a Down Syndrome baby on another. You can’t rewrite history, it was here and everyone for 2 days saw it, until it was taken off. That is why most people left.
    You are a sick person. You need some help, the name calling is just juvenile at best. Shows your true age.

  99. Jen says

    Her skinny arms with the bulging veins sticking out- I just can’t get past. They are very unattractive. I know they’re only arms, but I just can’t. They have no muscle tone or anything.

  100. Jx2 says

    Person of the day??? LOL Does she get an award or something?? Don’t go promising people things you can’t deliver grainy SAND!

    Nothing is disgusting about having a child with Down’s but a still birth – yeah – that is pretty gross!! EWWW!

    You could only WISH to have the opportunity to see all the great architecture and ancient ruins that I will get to see! Instead, you will be inhaling the carbon fumes and smog hovering over San Diego.

    Ha ha ha Juvie Hall!!! Psych ward LOL LOL …in your twisted imagination maybe!!

    Quick find a new Babyrazzi playmate to occupy yourself with while I’m gone!! Preferably someone that likes to weave stories like you do and who has an active imagination that only years of smoking the Devil’s weed could possibly re-create!! Hallucinogenic drugs is what you are after… someone like…Sugar Walls!! She loves the weed!!

  101. Sandy says

    Nicki is the person of the day IMO and she makes a lot of sense, also, what she says is true, for all you new posters on here, I have been around for over a year off and on, JJ, Jx2, knows EXACTLY what she has said that is so disgusting! And to me, Nickster, sounds exactly like something a 17 year old would say! If she is gone away for two weeks, prob a Juvenile Detention Center or two weeks in Psych Ward!

  102. Jx2 says

    When then that settles it!! I guess if YOU say I did Nickster – then I certainly must have.

    One thing though that I DON’T intend to repeat is justifying why I said what I said. So yeah, if JJ or Jx2 said something offensive to someone months ago then TOO BAD- SO SAD!!

    I’m around a LOT of nice people all the time!! Osmosis through association has not been scientifically proven. Which kind of sucks for those trying to impersonate me!!

    Sand deserves a lot more than just verbal diatribe. She needs a good whallop upside the head. Too bad that is not possible in this day and age via the internet. I can only dream…LOL 🙂

  103. Nicki says

    Sandy~I have thought that for a long time now, being male. That is just my opinion, but NO woman anywhere would wish the horrible things on any other pregnant woman this poster did. Even a 17 year old girl wouldn’t.

    Thank god the jjx2 is going away for 2 weeks, hopefully she won’t be visiting an internet cafe to log on!

  104. Nicki says

    jjx2-hope you have a nice vacation and run into ALL nice people………….maybe some of it will rub off on you.

  105. Nicki says

    You can say whatever you want jjx2, but YES, you did wish, under jjx2, but with the jj,caps, a stillborn to a poster here and then went on to try and defend they reason you did that. Vile and Evil is all you are about.
    I guess Sand—– whatever is all the stupid childess nickname you can come with for Sandy stepping on your toes. You are vile. It is all on here for all to see. Please save your breath. Yes it was a compliment, and one that won’t happen again. Your true colors always shine through.

  106. Jx2 says

    Sandy Toe Jam – Will you miss me when I’m gone?? I’m leaving on a jet plane on Sunday and going to a very sunny and warm location near the Mediterranean ocean.
    Sucks to be you!!! 🙂

    FYI – people left this site because of all the fake mommies having triplets and talking about giving birth in the car while typing to people on Babyrazzi about their water breaking, etc. It had NOTHING to do with me!! But of course, when in doubt – blame it on Jx2. No skin off my nose. I’m used to it.

  107. Sandy says

    Amanda, no, not everyone has the same opinions, but also not everyone has the character of a vile and evil human being either.

    Nicki, I agree with you on a lot of what you say. Not only did Oriana leave this site but it seems like several others also that were long time posters.

    I have seen where anyone that stands up to JJ/Jx2 is not viewed as speaking their opinion, they are of course, stepping on her toes, and that gives her reason in her insane way of thinking, to be as nasty as she can be, which I think she really enjoys.

    Any person, man or woman, that would wish a retarded child on a pregnant mother is sick, and there is no excuse for it and should not be tolerated or defended.

    What is evil and vile to normal thinking people, is normal to her, I sincerely hope that most on here see her for what she is. Interesting take on being a male, it could be quite possible!!!!!!

  108. Jx2 says

    #54 – LOL LOL !!!

    Never said I was trying to be an “angel” nor do I want to be one. I know what I am and what I am not.

    I’m talking about Lorianna’s comment TODAY!! The one she made about me on another blog. I’m not referring to what was said months ago.

    Stillbirth? That was not me. But you probably think it was so who cares!! whatever…suit yourself. There were a lot of posers on this blog for quite some time. I guess all the troublemakers that post under other names are all me – right?? When in doubt, blame Jx2!!

    I have been “civil.” Hmmm, is that meant to be a compliment? Perhaps it’s because posters on this blog have been minding their own business and have not challenged me to an argument, unlike today!!

    Now I’m a 17 (or younger ) year old MALE??!! What will they think of next???!! Too funny!


  109. Amanda says

    I love this site, never dull! No way Jx2 is 17. Anyone who believes that never reads her posts. We are not all supposed to get along all the time and have the same opinions, thats what keeps life interesting.

  110. Nicki says

    OH Please, jjx2, no tables were turned. You attacked her until she responded. No need to rewrite history. This site has everything you did to provoke her response on record.
    You can’t come off as an angel now.
    I will say for the last couple weeks you have been civil.
    But before that you were and have always been nasty and vile. Own up to your evil side, everyone has had to deal with it for a while now.
    And yes, there is something very wrong with wishing a stillbirth on someone or any other nasty thing you wished on pregnant posters here. I might agree with Sandy about you being 17 years old, or younger. I have a feeling you are really a male. No women would wish the things you did on any pregnant woman.

  111. Jx2 says

    I don’t think it was evil and vile. It was very apropo given the circumstances at the time. Like I have said before – you step on my toes and I’ll stomp on yours (figuratively speaking)!

  112. Nicki says

    Nothing wrong with any child, but the way you wished a Down Syndrome baby on a pregnant poster was evil and vile.
    You should check out Femalefirst, and that would be dot net. You would be right at home there.

  113. Jx2 says

    #49 – I was referring to people that were posting on this blog in particular!!
    Lorianna needs to shut her big fat chasm mouth!! I would not have even made reference to her if she learned to mind her own business! She also got what she deserved!!
    Oriana in not on this blog any longer but she is still spewing hatred about me. Why is she justified in making disrespectful comments about me? But when the tables are turned – I’m the MEAN one for speaking out against her????
    People that live in glass houses should not through stones. Don’t play her out to be the victim! She is very underhanded and very cult-like in her approach! You get sucked in with all her Dear this and Dear that…but what it all boils down to is if she doesn’t approve of your comments then you are not a member of the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood!!

  114. Jx2 says

    #45 – what is so wrong with having a Down’s baby? Are they any less deserving of life? Many woman give birth to children that have Down’s. Granny’s daughter even adopted a child with Down’s and with another one on the way. You are clearly implying that having a Down’s baby is a horrible catastrophic event. They are people too!!

    FYI – I love Perezhilton and I am often on there laughing my head off! But I have never heard of “Femalefirst”. Time to explore….!

  115. Jx2 says

    Sand-tard YOU are pathetic! You are the FOOL!! And I’m sure that most posters know that YOU are a very foolish person. The verbal diatribe I offered was directed towards you – NOT towards the OTHER posters. Just you!! You deserved every last drop of it and I will not take back what I said to you earlier. I believe that YOU are the MENTAL one for buying into this whole farce!! Only someone with a puny brain and the intelligence of a spool of thread would. Well, where did Chole disappear to? Let’s hear what else Chole has to say.

    It’s so interesting though how excited people got as soon as they thought that I was this Jx2 person on myspace…ha ha! People on this blog were even sending e-mails to others on another blog (ahem Hellorazzi) to update them on the latest hijinks on this blog!! Gee I never realized that I was so popular. Almost like the celebs that are worshiped here on Babyrazzi. Everyone wanted to see what Jx2 looked like, who? what? where? when?…LOL!!

    You must have a very boring and worthless life for you satiate your thirst for entertainment on this blog rather than acquire happiness and entertainment with other things in life like friends, family, pets, films, books, hobbies!!

    You are a BIG nobody to me and I REALLY do not care what you think about me. But one thing is for sure, I’m a hell of a lot prettier than that Jx2 chick on myspace!! Something that you will never be able to determine so go ahead and use your wild imagination to try to scout me out on-line. I’ll help you out. I’m on Facebook and YouTube and Flickr and Etsy. Do I call myself Jx2? HELL NO!!!

  116. Sandy says

    #44, does your comment about people quitting with the personal attacks go for your friend also, that you AGREE with most of the time? It is a shame that people like her and apparently you, sit back and wish someone, that left this site sometime ago, would lose their limbs, but it isn’t anything new from her perspective on wishing ill will on people, I am surprised at you.

    Maybe Chloe wasn’t on a witch hunt, it is quite possible she stumbled on Jx2 and decided to share it with us, I just think it is soooo funny!

  117. Nicki says

    Joyfullymine- So your saying you wish other pregnant posters here a Downs Syndrome baby, or a stillbirth baby??
    That is why the majority here want noting to do with the poster that is jjx2.
    Those hurtful, hatefilled posts have been erased, because many posters complained to the webmisstress about them. There are a few others that were just as vile, but I won’t bring those up.
    If you agree with any of those on a baby site, then you need to find another site to visit like Perez Hilton or Femalefirst. You and jjx2 would be right at home there.

    Angis is stunning. Pregnancy totally agrees with her.

  118. says

    I love the pic of Jolie and Black touching stomachs….hilarious!

    Seems I missed quite a bit on here today (had a final) regardless…I like Jx2’s comments most of the time they are what I’m thinking too! Leave her be…comment on the topic and quit with the personal attacks…it’s become a bit too routine to say the least. Oh almost forgot…so you all uncovered some one as being a fraud earlier in the year…must the witch hunt continue? It’s starting to consume some of you…let it go!

  119. Sandy says

    Carleigh, sorry, could not help but gloat about that Fool! She is garbage, at any age. I think anyone that says the kind of trash she does and is so evil minded towards people is seriously mental! I am so glad Chloe found out about her and I think it is about time she was found out for the LIAR she is! LOL, I had my laugh for the day!

  120. Cara says

    people, i am going to tell you right now. Jx2 is NOT 17. Leave her be. You are all not perfect. The reason i think she isnt 17 is because my baby sister is 17, and believe me, that kind of language does not come out of her mouth. Her opinions are not opinions of a 17 year old. Think ladies!

  121. Jx2 says

    Interesting how CHOLE does not even know how to spell his/her own name…BUT Sand up your crotch actually responds with CHLOE not CHOLE!!!! I smell a rat and her name is SANDYYYYY! She is the 100% faketard. She is one and the same!! Notice how CHOLE never reappears after that one single post!!! LOL LOL It appears Sandtard likes talking to herself !! Makes up all these fake monikers and pretends they are other people!! That’s the oldest trick in the book! 😉

  122. Jx2 says

    Tizzy you have a point! However, what people don’t seem to realize is that anyone can do a Google search and come up with hundreds of hits on Jx2 and JJ and Kx3 and 2teens – you name it!! Because they are distinct pseudonyms.

    Doing a search on a common name like “Sandy” however, will result in millions of hits. I guess she is too stupid to realize this.

    And yes, nobody knows who I am and what I look like and whether what I say is true or false! However, I try not to stray from the truth because I have nothing to hide.

    And on that note, just a heads up that I will be gone for 2 weeks. I’m heading out on Sunday. I am going to Europe and NO! it’s not Lithuania…It’s the Mediterranean..Ciao!!

  123. Tizzy says

    Good lord. Jx2 you should chill out (and please don’t lay into me for saying that, i don’t want to be part of your anger, I just think you need to calm down cos it can’t be good for anyone to be that angry and use language like that about someone they don’t even know).

    It’s the internet – no one can prove who they are or if what they say is true. Assume everyone is telling stories (which most of them probably are) and just enjoy them as fictional characters. Jx2 may be who she says, probably not (because no one is, not even when you meet them face to face) but what does it matter? She’s just a construct that you can ignore if it gets annoying.

  124. Jx2 says

    I don’t turn the other cheek. I fight fire with fire! And if that means having a foul mouth – so be it!!

    Let it rip!!

  125. carleigh says

    I’ve never seen AJ look so truly happy and content, she is glowing and it’s wonderful to see her so giddy…it brings out another side to her persona entirely.

    I don’t think even the fiercest AJ haters can deny that motherhood totally agrees with her, she exudes her joy from the inside out and it is radiating straight from her smile. I can’t wait to see their beautiful babies.

    Jx2 and Sandy…….nice to see you two “ladies” are at it again, grow up!!! Jx2 your language is purely atrocious and trashy, you can be whoever you are and live however you’d like but the language and trash that spews from your mouth makes me wonder…… you kiss your mother with that mouth?? You would get a lot farther if you could curb the trash talk….JMHO

    Sandy….stop complaining about how she tears into you and says nasty things about you, because from what I can see you are asking for it by responding. You should just post your comments and let it be, by responding and responding over and over again it lowers you to Jx2’s level and makes you appear petty and childish.

    Ladies……..remember that we are lucky to have the amount of freedom to post that we have and there may come a point in time where the WM will shut this site down because of all the bickering and BS!! Just stop and cut it out already!!

  126. Jx2 says

    And O-RHINO!! aka Lori aka Lorianna!!

    I think you should celebrate your stupidity and along with everyone elses!!!

    Hopefully they will amputate your other leg too!!! And then you can waddle around like a maggot!!!

  127. Jx2 says

    Sandy you can believe whatever you want !! I welcome it. It just goes to prove that you are so left field that you are lost!
    Totally lost. And that is a good thing!!! HA HA HA HA!!

  128. sharrie says

    Angelina looks great and so pretty…I am happy for her and Brad and wish them all the best with their new babies and the old…..

  129. Sandy says

    Awwwww!!! Poor little Jx2, got exposed for the Fake and the Fraud that she is! Good try, getting a little riled up and using her normal trashy language! You never had me fooled for a minute but I did think you were a few years older in your late 20’s, but the rest, right on the money, although I am still not convinced you didn’t lie when you said you were “straight” on your info. Busted!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Jx2 says

    Ha HA HA Lithuania!!! Ha ha ha !! that picture of that blonde looks more like Kx3! I’m raven haired!!! Ha h ah ha!!

    This is so interesting…a person called “chole” (WTF??) goes on a random search and comes up with some myspace page and thinks it’s me ( LOL) and then idiot stoner f*ck face Sand in your crotch believes her because she is so gullible and easily fooled by some faceless person on the net. And she swallows it up like a c*ck sucking w*ore!!

    Good one!!

  131. Sandy says

    Oops! Seems like someone touched a nerve with Little Miss Muffet 17 year old! Now that she has been Outed! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Jx2 says

    #23 – talking about yourself again – Sand in your crotch???
    Those exact comments you made in #23 can easily apply to you. And I bet that they do as you are a big fat ass stay at home mom with no job and no talent!!

    Your so called “instincts” are so off the record that they are currently in outer space visiting Tom Cruise’s family. LOL

    Not only are you a worthless C*NT but you are also ST*PID!!

  133. Fly On The Wall says

    LOL! That picture of her and Jack Black is priceless. He looks like HE is having twins!

  134. Sandy says

    Sounds like a 17 year old to me! With no friends, plenty of time to spend online, no big job and no Artist, as my instincts told me all along!

    Again, Thank You Chloe!

  135. Jx2 says

    The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there will be sun…!!! LOL LOL

    hahaha I don’t have a “my space” page AND I’m not 17 years old AND I do not live in Lithuania LOL LOL

    Try harder next time!! Gotta love the KEENERS!!!

  136. annie says

    I just love how comments about a pregnant woman disintegrate so easily here. You people truly make my day, and I mean that!

  137. Sandy says

    Thank you Chole!!!!! As I suspected, a big LIAR all around! What happened to the big Career, Big Artist, all the BULL about the husband, the wedding, her travels to Europe (at 17) Oh, and yes, the Teacher was priceless! Lies, all of them! Guess your big buddy 2teens should seem like a Fool also to have been taken in by all the Crap!

    Thank you Chloe!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to add, Angelina looks gorgeous as always, relaxed, happy, she will do just fine with the twins with all the help, plus Brad being so supportive and in love with her. Congrats to her! I wished I looked like her, gorgeous and happy, what more could a pregnant mom like her want! I am so happy for her!

  138. amy says

    Angelina is a fantastic woman, pregnant is very hard but she look very happy she is truly an amazing woman. she is a great mom and great actress too. We love her movies.

  139. Jx2 says

    I don;t have to “lighten up” I can say whatever I want about AJ. What are YOU going to do about it?

  140. bambamswife says

    Must be following the hollywood trend these days. So many are having twins. Did anyone notice that? She probably had artificial insemination. Hope she has healthy babies. I still think she is a bisexual yuck.

  141. onatear says

    LOVE seeing her smiling and laughing. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. JX2…lighten up. Thanks

  142. Rachel says

    Jx2: In a normal situation I would agree with you, that it would be mayhem. But Brad and Angelina don’t have to do the kind of things that the average parents have to do (laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping), so I think that frees up a lot of time.

  143. Jx2 says

    I feel so sorry for any woman that has twins! It must be a huge task. One infant is already a challenge, two is just too much stress! Can you imagine having both infants hungry at the same time? Or having two babies crying non-stop at the same time? In stereo!! I would go nuts!!
    I doubt AJ will be breastfeeding. It’s just too much work to coincide. I also am pretty sure that Zahara and Shiloh will be jealous of the new babies. AJ will be so busy with the twins that she won’t be spending as much time with the other children. I can just see all the crazy mayhem unfolding as a result of having twins. I do not envy her in the least.

  144. carol says

    Congratulation both them, Shiloh is an Angel, her face is so soft and so beautiful can make people very happy just look her picture. They expecting twins it is very good news.

  145. lily says

    How wonderful news is this congratulations to both of them. Angelina is a fantastic woman, she is best actress we love her any movies.

  146. Amanda says

    I am sorry, I still think she looks way to thin. Her color is good but it could be make up. I worry about her.

  147. ann says

    It is so great to see Angelina, she is so beautiful pregnant woman , she is great a mon great a actress, she is truly an amazing woman, I wish more celebrities would follow her, she is a role model, We love her and love to see her any movies

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