1. Confessing says

    I hate to tell you but workig for an airline we kinda pick and choose who we help. Obviously crippled or old we have no choice. But if were busy or tired or if you look like the girl my ex left me for we cant help you. Sometimes we are just tired and don’t want to bother. I know its not nice but we just say cant do it due to company policy. Rich and famous get our attention to.

  2. Maternal says

    She resembles both her dad & Salma, I have seen other pictures of her that were much cuter than this one. The wm always seems to pick the worst ones to post.

  3. Peppers says

    What’s so cute about her? Why, because her mother is an actress she has to be cute? She is not cute at all.

  4. says

    She is a cutie…as for the ride in the airport…I have to admit a few friends and I got a ride when at Dallas / Fortworth Airport (that place is ginormous)…we just asked (we didn’t have any kids with us) so I am going to assume it depends on the driver…but they should abide. If not, nothing kills a person better than the power of the pen…write a letter of complaint!

  5. tdot says

    I have flown ofter with my three boys, and if you ask fo a ride..they’ll most certainly help you out…I have never been given a hard time…usually they just laugh at me tying to wrangle three boys onto my lap..hehehe

  6. amyyeager2 says

    Ronnie, I think your last comment would offend her more than her parents orginally wanting a boy

  7. Ellen says

    #18 as Kate said, we have asked. I don’t know what she was but American Airlines told me that was against policy. The carts were for the elderly or the “infirmed”. And I was so nice butter would have melted in my mouth out of desperation. I had a sleeping 10 month on my shoulder, a diaper bag, a pull on with items for my 2 1/2 year old. I was going to have to get on the train at the Houston airport. No help; cart for elderly and “infirmed”. Actually, they didn’t even check to see if it was being used.

    Exhausted should count as infirmed after taking the three of us through security.

  8. Ronnie says

    this poor child is going to be ruined when she hears the comments on her mother wanting a boy

    i agree not nearly as cute as suri cruise, shiloh pitt or violet affleck!

  9. onatear says

    ELLEN AND KATE : FYI…To get assistance while flying with babies, toddlers, ASK! If they aren’t using the cart for elderly, disabled, they can give you a ride!! ASK [nicely….]

  10. LC says

    hi all how is everyone!?

    been away for awhile thought i would take some time out from this site after all the madness.

    moved to london now so different times over here.
    it is lovely over here but i do miss home!

    hope everyone is ok talk to you all soon.

  11. Sandy says

    This is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. Suri is very, very cute, and Shiloh is cute also, she used to be prettier when she was younger, her mouth is always hung open and it does make her look retarded most of the time. I do like her hair longer and she is looking more like Brad.

  12. Kate W says

    #3, that was exactly what I thought when I saw this picture! I travel with three young kids, and have even asked if I could get a ride, but told no. I can’t believe Valentina is already 8 mths old: very sweet looking.

  13. Ellen says

    Now I know this is going to sound petty, but I have never been given a ride through an airport. And I’ve been there alone with two very small children many times.

    That is the kind of pull that I would appreciate if I was famous.

  14. Amanda says

    She is so perfect! I love her little nose! I love her name too. Salma really thinned out well! I felt so sorry for her when she was preggo she looked so big and uncomfortable towards the end. She is a stunning woman.

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