Matthew McConaughey & Expectant Girlfriend At Dodgers Game

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey and expectant girlfriend Camila Alves were snapped at a Dodgers baseball game in LA on Sunday.



  1. Candy says

    Awww…they look so happy togther , He’s so hot I am so much envy her right now

    Does anyone know how far is she ?

  2. Lucy's mama says

    Ahhh, I see she’s already got the “mom jeans” look going for her hehe 🙂 Rest of her outfit is cute tho.

  3. Amanda says

    OMG he is soooo sexy! I would so love to be her for one day!
    They makes a great couple! She is beautiful! I think they will be great parents! I don’t see them getting married though.

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