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Click here for adorable pics of Angelina out shopping in Monaco on Monday with Zahara and Shiloh!

Liv Tyler out for a Mother’s Day lunch with Milo.


  1. Fly On The Wall says

    29. Kelli | May 15th, 2008 at 9:45 am

    Hey Kelli, just because you’re ashamed of that zip-bang mess on top of your head, doesn’t mean Z needs to be ashamed of her hair. What this country doesn’t need any more of is self-hating kneegrows like you.

  2. Sandy says

    OH Kelli, Thank you, NO I didn’t know that America was a Country! Thank you for enlightening me! Gee, when did America become a Country?

  3. Lilac says

    I love the matching black outfits. Very classy. I like to dress my 16 month old son in black, too.

  4. Kelli says

    Sandy – do you know that America is a country – not a race? Zahara and her entire family are Americans. When she looks in the mirror, she will see an American with brown skin. I have no doubt that she will continue to have pride and affinity for the country of her birth, as well she should. But her CULTURE will be that of her family and where she grows up. Why bring a child to this country if you feel that the child is unwelcome as a CITIZEN of this country? Zahara will be in the truest sense, African American. That’s really really cool!

    As for the humid thing – most likely yes, there is lots of swimming and such and they’re letting it fall as it does. But it has also been a continual issue that Z’s hair looks unkempt and I don’t believe it is some political statement on their acceptance of BLACKNESS (insert raised fist here). I believe that her hair is difficult and mom and dad may be having some issues with keeping it done. That said, they need to learn. She’s a beautiful kid. All of their kids are.

  5. Sandy says

    Zee may be an American now that she has been adopted, but when people look at her, and she looks at herself in the mirror when she gets older, she will always be from Ethiopia. There is nothing wrong with that, even Angie wanted to adopt from Third World countries and takes pride in saying her children are from there.

    I do think it is just hot and humid and Angie just let it go for the day, usually it is neat and well groomed, some of these pictures are not flattering and that is it.

  6. Fly On The Wall says

    You know what, Kelli? I think you should mind your own business, tend to that over-processed mess on top of your own head, and let Z’s hair alone.

  7. ann says

    I like Angelina dress Shiloh way just a naturally to be comfortable, That is why I like Shiloh dressed more than other celebrity baby , she is gorgeous she only two alread, she look like a star, she is a pretty girl.

  8. Liza says

    I’m sorry, Kelly, but to me, saying that she looks worse now than she did when she was first home from the orphanage JUST because you don’t seem to agree with how her parents have chosen to do her hair IS superficial. And when you take the time to think how far this child has come and what her fate likely was had she stayed in that orphanage, you also sound uneducated.

    Just because African-American women wear their hair a certain way, does not mean that every women of African descent must or should. Her hair does not need to look like every other black child’s.

    She is still African, she is still Ethopian, and just because she is also American, does not negate those things. My point was that just because some African-American women wear their hair a certain way, does not mean EVERY black women around the world follows the same standard.

    And I wasn’t talking or lecturing about your hair, I could care less how you do your own hair.

  9. Zbella says

    Precious. I think all 3 look great and it doesn’t bother me that they are wearing adorable black dresses.

  10. Sandy says

    These girls are never dressed stylish or like little girls, Angie has a problem and it is obvious with the way she dresses them, she has a fascination with that color and she has directed it towards the girls. Thandie Newton’s daughter is beautiful but she needs to do something about that hair also, it looks terrible!

  11. Kelli says


    Oh, don’t I know! I have begun many a summer day with my hair looking like Shilo and ended up looking like Z! LOL!

    Bad hair day or no, what a great life Z is going to live – Monaco is gorgeous as is all of the Riviera. I am SOOOOO jealous. Do you think I could talk Brangelina into adopting me? I’m only 37.

  12. Christina says

    Kelli~ I think both you and the other lady are accurate in your opinions. I will say, Z’s hair is normally always pulled back and in pigtails of sort. I personally don’t like braids on children and if it’s not done properly, it can hurt! Perhaps Z doesn’t like it – who knows. I have spent my childhood summers in the south of France and it’s a very “natural” place – meaning, everyone just lets their hair down. A LOT of black women in Europe wear their hair natural. It’s summer, it’s their holiday vacation and I don’t think it has anything to do with “proper grooming” but moreso, what is easy and relaxed. Also, it’s EXTREMELY humid there right now and as a black woman, you know humid weather is the enemy!!! LOL

    As for the children wearing black, they are always in color – mostly white. I and many of my friends wear black all the time – it’s a no brainer!!! I think it’s adorable they are all dressed alike.

  13. ann says

    I look at the picture, Shiloh she is only two already looks a stars she is getting big and so pretty baby girl, she looks so much like her dad, If I have chance I would like to be her nanny for free I will be very happy.

  14. Nicki says

    I think Zahara looks adorable. She doesn’t wear her hair like this everday. I see nothing wrong with her hair like this. Heidi Klums oldest boy wears his hair like this.
    Thandie Newton, who is black, lets her youngest girl wear her hair like this.

    I think Angie and her girls are beautiful. Shilohs hair is getting so long. They look so cute out and about on thier shopping trip.

  15. Kelli says

    Liza, I don’t need a lecture about my own hair. Zahara, now that she has been adopted, is AMERICAN, no longer African. Her American peers do not wear their hair like this. When she is an adult, she can make whatever statement she so pleases with her hair. But as a small child, she simply looks like her parents can’t be bothered to groom her properly. BTW – African women (from African countries) who wear their hair natural mostly keep it cut very short OR they braid.

    Also I am neither uneducated nor superficial. I think Zahara is a beautiful child. But the hair issue is a pet peeve of mine. Brad and Angelina need to be very careful how they raise this child. They have two Asian boys and soon will have two or three caucasian children. Zahara is the MOST different of everyone in her family. I do not doubt that she is absolutely adored (from what I’ve seen, Angie and Brad love her to death and spoil her rotten) but part of raising children is preparing them to eke out their own place in this world. I hope they don’t give her a complex. I’ve seen it before with some tragic consequences.

  16. Analise says

    I just knew there would be comments about Zee’s hair and Shiloh’s mouth. Predictable.

    The photos are very cute and they look happy and healthy. You know, what REALLY matters. It’s great to see kids in black, too. Not all of us like pink, pastels and frilly dresses. Black, neutrals, creams, browns, navy. Nothing wrong with them at all. It’s 2008 afterall.

  17. Generic name says

    Shiloh is so cute, I like her gray jacket, and its good to see Shiloh’s mouth were not open!

  18. Sandy says

    Get away from the Black clothes!!!!! These are children, let them look like little girls instead of all the Black most of the time! Zee looks just like Flavor Flav!

  19. Liza says

    Many African women (read:not just black Americans) let their hair stay natural without braiding or plaits. Obviously not all, but not every black person needs to have braids or plaits.

    And considering that she was once a very sick and overly thin baby, saying that she looks worse now than she did when first adopted simply because you don’t like her hair sounds superficial and uneducated.

    I also think the pictures looks cute. Both girls look adorable.

  20. Lauren says

    Shiloh looks so cute in that black dress. She is getting so big. I love Liv and wish her the best through her separation. Milo is adorable!

  21. Christina says

    These pics are too cute! Ok. True that you need to know how to do black women’s hair -it’s much different.. lol I have a close friend whom adopted 3 black children (the mother died of cancer and she became their guardian). Before she died, the mom said, “Listen, dress them however way you want, but you will learn how to do their hair or else every black woman is going to yell at you!” Before she passed, they spent hours playing with the girls’ hair so she could learn and now, she has to schedule time to do their hair right (it’s a process!).

    Anyway, AJ and BP have a black nanny, asian nanny, and a VERY BIG white nanny… I think that’s pretty cool and smart on their part. My friend has 2 nannies (Spanish & Isralie) so that the kids learn their parent’s native tongue (spanish and hebrew). The nannies only speak to them in their language. If you can afford it, GREAT way to go about teaching children young, several different languages. Plus, it’s VERY humid in France right now (HOT) so it’s probably easier to let Z’s hair run wild between swimming, playing, and the heat – just the logical thing to do. I think it looks cute… but I think that look is adorable on little kids (not so much on adults though).

  22. Amanda says

    I don’t like the all black dresses, they look like they are going to a funeral. They are very good looking children and seem very happy.

    Liv is beautiful. I have always liked her. Milo is too cute!

  23. Jx2 says

    Zahara’s hair reminds me of the “Buckwheat” character on the Little Rascals circa. 1950s. I kind of don’t mind Z’s hair! It gives her personality.

    Anyway, Shiloh is very cute and chubby – I like that in little kids. I don’t like skinny or thin toddlers.

    Milo is also an adorable little boy. I like his curls and chubby little face.

  24. Kelli says

    Addendum to post: I don’t REALLY want a moratorium – I was just joking. In fact I want the opposite, I want more people to adopt the children of the world who need loving homes. I just want them to learn how to do hair so that their child doesn’t become the laughing stock of the school. Black mothers do their daughters hair – it is different but far from impossible. Angelina has a black daughter and should follow suit for the sake of the child.

  25. Iluvmy2girlz says

    aww they look cute all together shopping! zee will be a very beautiful woman, you can see her features are so delicate and feminine! and shilo is cute too!

  26. Kelli says

    That’s it!! I want a moratorium on white people adopting black children! I think they should sign a promisory note saying that they will learn how to do the child’s hair. Zahara Jolie Pitt is one of the richest children in the world and yet she looks worse than she did when they got her from an orphanage in Ethiopia. I’m sure between the two of them they can scare up ONE black friend who can teach them how to pull a comb through that child’s hair, throw in a plait, and finish off with a bead or a ribbon. It is simply shameful for that girl to look like that. It is unforgivable! End of rant!

  27. mayra sanchez says

    son hermosas las chicas,y me alegra ver que a zee se le ha corregido mucho su problemita de la pierna izquierda

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