Tom Snuggles Suri At Galaxy Game

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom, Katie, and Suri joined David Beckham’s son Brooklyn to watch a LA Galaxy soccer match in LA Saturday. Connor and Isabella are also pictured on the far right.


Katie’s haircut reminds me of Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound of Music!

Katie Holmes



  1. Carol says

    $400,000 Katie spent on Suri’s clothes last year and that was one store and 200,000 for a birthday party. What are these people thinking. Suie looks like a little spoiled brat to me. Why are they allways carring her, don’t they know what a stroller is.

  2. DMITZ says

    I think some of these comments are silly. First off, when Suri was unseen for a couple of months everyone was like “Where’s Suri – where is the cult hiding her… blah blah”. Then when Tom and Katie take her to soccer games (to watch one of THEIR best friends) it’s like, “Oh why can’t they stay home or take her to do children activities.” There is no middle ground with TomKat haters. At least they are involved with their children’s lives. Regardless of how strange Scientology may be or the weird beliefs they have, it is clear Tom and Katie are good parents.

    I don’t necessarily think there is anything to be jealous of. I think Katie tries to hard to be something she’s not. I still think deep down she is still the same goofy smiled Katie; however she puts on a front to come off like a stiff housewife (shows little emotion – like Victoria Beckham). When Katie and Tom first started dating she still had her long hair, goofy smile, and outgoing personality. So yes, I do feel being w/Tom has changed her but I don’t doubt them as parents. They seem so devoted to Suri and Tom to his other kids.

  3. Rachel says

    “What is the last movie Julie Andrews has been in? Mary Poppins? Like in 1960? She can sing but there is no comparing her and Katie. ”

    Jen: Julie Andrews has been in 27 movies since her Mary Poppins/Sound of Music days.

    She has written several children’s books (at least 4 or 5 that I can think of). But you’re right, there is no comparing her to Katie, beause Katie isn’t even close to being in the same league as Julie Andrews. Julie Andrews has talent that I doubt Katie will ever have.

  4. bambamswife says

    I love to see pictures of this family. They are so gorgeous. Suri is absolutely beautiful, and so beautifully dressed. She looks like a little girl. The clothes for little girs are so horrible these days. Tom Cruise is still hot. I think Brad Pitt is loosing it_ mentally and physically. He lost me when he started hanging out with the bisexual Jolie. He dresses so yuck and I hate his hats.

  5. Jen says

    #48- What is the last movie Julie Andrews has been in? Mary Poppins? Like in 1960? She can sing but there is no comparing her and Katie. They are two different styles. Also, how does Katie not have class? She seems like a stand up mother and she doesn’t flaunt her body around- so what’s the deal?





  7. Miapocca says

    Timp4, that is such a great comment …ahhahah:)

    I think the tomkat fans are jealous of Kate and cant understand why others ARE NOT or DONT WANT to be jealous of someone in her situation…

  8. timp4 says

    I miss Katie back when she was normal LOL. I find it hard to be anything but sorry for someone who is in a cult, so jealousy isn’t something I can muster.

  9. Miapocca says

    Kaite had her nose done sometime before the wedding..some plastic surgeon claim there was more than the nose done including jaw or cheek whatever, but a clever makes up artist and being skinny on your upper part of your body alone can change your face also…

    But she had her face altered in some way or form and there might be others that are not so visible to the camera

    Girl had body issues , so her best friend may just be the surgeon..I wonder if she will take a knofe to the babys sausage nose and big ears to satisfy her quest for perfection in bad taste only a nouveau rich can master…

  10. meg says

    I am a bit jealous of Katie,to be
    honest,she has everything,beauty(a lot of it!!!)
    Suri,lots of money,a supportive husband
    and caring friends( such as Posh) and in
    near future lots of beautiful kids………..

  11. Kimberely says

    What a stupid comment # 48 How much surgery has she had to make her look like Tom? Wow she really recovered great for her very first photo shoot ( inside Tom’s leather jacket) the world famous first photo WOW recovered real nice for facial surgery on a infant! What a totally stupid comment. She looked like him then, and looks like him now.

  12. Lisa Langford says

    What a beautiful family! You can see the love in the pics. More power to them, I can’t wait to see new photo’s. Keep going strong Tom and Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Analise says

    Katie’s haircut reminds me of Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound of Music!

    The difference being Julie Andrews has talent, beauty and class. Kate Cruise has none of those.

    As to the photos, give me a break. More staged crap from these two pimping out “their” child. Poor Suri. How much surgery has she endured to make her look like Tom? I really feel for that kid. She is doomed.

  14. Rachel says

    All I think of when I look at these pictures is: Does anyone in that family own a hairbrush. I don’t understand the point of dressing up if they’re going to walk around with hair that looks like they just rolled out of bed.

  15. phnxgirl says

    I think Katie looks very pretty, I for one like her hair. Tom looks like a very doting dad, to ALL of his kids.

  16. Jessie says

    Duh, I know that, but everyone is saying “He looks handsome.” You can barely even see him. That’s what I meant kar.

  17. Rijay says

    A scary mohawk doll for Suri. Poor thing. And no libraries, museums, play gyms, or parks… only shopping and adult soccer games.

    Katie’s hair… What’s up with that!? Must have been that Scientology boot camp she attended recently. She’s sold her soul.

  18. Jessie says

    I hope you guys know that you can’t see Connor. Connor is not the one in the first picture sitting down looking at the camera. That’s Posh (Victoria) and David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn.

  19. Amanda says

    They look like a normal family to me. The baby doll is scarey! Katie and Tom both looks really good, but way too emotionless all the time.

  20. Kelli says

    Suri is so amazingly beautiful!!! Her face is gorgeous – those eyes, those pink heart-shaped lips. She’s going to be stunning when she grows up.

    Say what you will about Tom – he has beautiful, healthy looking kids. He can’t be ALL bad.

  21. Miapocca says

    Andrew Hornery
    May 10, 2008


    THE Church of Scientology has lost its grip on James Packer.

    The billionaire’s closest friends have revealed that he has quietly distanced himself from Scientology, labelled a cult by some former members, as it faces international controversy about its anti-psychiatry stance.

    Members of Mr Packer’s inner circle have confirmed that the billionaire, who had ranked as Scientology’s wealthiest member in the world, was no longer undertaking Scientology courses and had slowly moved away from the religion, telling his closest friends he no longer “needs it”.

    His office did not respond to the Herald’s calls yesterday.

    Mr Packer was introduced to Scientology by his friend Tom Cruise in 2002. Friends say they remain close. They were most recently photographed dining together with their wives in Germany.

    The religion entered Mr Packer’s realm at one of the lowest points in his personal and business life. He was overweight and depressed, his marriage to his first wife, Jodhi Meares, had ended and he was reeling from the humiliating and very public collapse of One.Tel, losing $350 million from the family business on the way.

    He has spoken publicly of his involvement in the religion only once, telling The Australian Financial Review Magazine in 2006 that he spent an hour or so “every couple of days” practising Scientology. “I think it has been very good for me,” he said. “It has been helpful. I have some friends in Scientology that have been very supportive. But I think it’s just helped me have a better outlook on life.”

    Thanks to his Hollywood confidant Cruise, Mr Packer and his fortune were embraced at Scientology’s highest levels.

    A video from 2004 shows Mr Packer in the front row with the world’s most senior Scientologist at a convention in Los Angeles at which Tom Cruise was awarded a large medal before a roaring crowd.

    However, Scientology caused discomfort within Mr Packer’s old circle of Sydney friends. When his lifelong friend David Gyngell quit Channel Nine in May 2005, it was Mr Packer who called in Scientologists to counsel the TV executive.

    Out of respect for his friend, Mr Gyngell listened to them but politely said he did not need their help. In a blaze of negative publicity, he left the network his father, Bruce, had launched. Mr Gyngell has since returned to Nine and resumed his friendship with Mr Packer.

    However, observers suggest Mr Packer’s expanding casino empire has presented issues difficult to reconcile with Scientologist beliefs.

  22. onatear says

    Connor is the person on the far right edge of the very first picture. Some people need to learn to read, and to look. The reason Tom looks so good, ~ he is wearing his hair off his forehead. It raises his IQ about 40 points.

  23. Matilda says

    When you you the whole set of pictures carleigh. Katie looks very fine. I do thoug agree with most of what you have posted. Why used every little thing to pick on this family? There are better things to do. If you have nothing nice to say……

    Suri is such a beautiful child. And I thought Brangelina would have the beautiful one. Shiloh is cute too but Suri is just a class apart.

  24. cadence says

    Such super cute pics.
    but that’s not connor i think it’s one of the beckham boys with the shaved head….

  25. Dee says

    Tom seems like a very loving dad…Katie is still kinda zombie like. Suri seems like a sweet little girl.

    I do like Katie hair.

  26. Carol says

    Did anyone else notice that the horrible looking doll has on the same dress as Suri. It must be nice to have so much money that you can afford to have a designer dress made for a doll. The rest of us can just about afford gas for our cars. However, they don’t seem to be able to afford a Stroller, LOL.

  27. momof2.5 says


    I miss that whole time period! I miss that WB! Ah, what a nostalgic trip down memory lane!

  28. Candy says

    Suri looks so cute …i don’t think that there’s a problem of Katie’s wearing a dress at the soccer match she’s not one of the players besides it’s just a sun dress not a formal gown & suri is little girl she has the right to wear dresses everywhere it doesn’t matter where is she ,they all look so beautiful ….It’s really nice pics

  29. annie says

    Seriously, who takes a 2 year old to a soccer game? Yes, that’s right. Tom Cruise, who knows he’s going to be photographed as the doting dad. Fraud.

  30. Generic name says

    I think Suri did not enjoy the game, she seems bored and doesn’t want to hear noises!
    is that Suri’s doll? what’s wrong with the hair?
    hhhhmmm..bad hair day for Katie and the

  31. says

    Oh barf, here we go again. Wasn’t it last week everyone complained they didn’t see enough of the kid, and now it’s all about what they’re doing with her?! If any of you knew how often little kids get dragged around to things they don’t particularly enjoy, you’d realize this is just one of those days in Suri’s life! Give me a break! She has parents who like to do things, you know. If she WASN’T there, you’d be whining that they left her with the nanny! This family just can’t win. And, by the way, don’t get me started about the dress situation…she’s a little girl who wanted to wear a dress. Get over it!

  32. carleigh says

    We would have a thousand comments to say about this situation no matter what Tom and Katie do or don’t do. There is no way that this couple can satisfy everyone, either they spoil Suri and drag her constantly around, or people complain because she’s couped up at home with the nannies.

    From what I’ve read about the way they are raising Suri, it appears to me that maybe Suri prefers to wear the girlie dresses, she does look so adorable and very girlie in them also. People complain about how AJ dresses Shiloh like a little boy all the time, is there no happy medium???

    If Suri enjoys being held and cuddled then Tom and Katie should indulge it as much as possible, because as any parent knows, there is going to come a time in the very near future where she won’t want to be held anymore. I think it shows how loving and bonded she is to her Daddy and it’s a very sweet thing to see, why judge or complain. Some fathers don’t even have this closeness with their kids… it’s nice to see a loving father/daughter embrace.

    Katie…I don’t know what’s wrong with her, she looks like a starving zombie to me…she does need to eat something. I miss the cheery, happy Katie of the past, she seems to be in the robotic stage again and her eyes look very dazed and vacant. She’s pale, super skinny and doesn’t appear to be very happy in these pictures…but pic’s aren’t everything, she may have just been having a bad day.

    This family seems genuine and very child focused and loving……..let’s find something else less petty to b*tch about!

  33. KayG says

    Suri doesn’t look like she’s enjoying the game very much. I wonder about the doll too…why does it only have a sprig of hair on top of it’s head? Strange!

  34. eli says

    Suri is such a doll ! Look at her ! She is by far the most beautiful little girl I ‘ve ever seen in my life !!!! Tom is really HOT and young !

  35. Jen says

    Why was was Suri so ridiculously overdressed for a soccer game? It looked she’d just been baptized and they hadn’t changed her into her after the ceremony dress. It is some scientology thing they have to wear frilly dresses until a specific age? Katie on the other hand no longer looks like someone young hip, but some over groomed, over processed woman.

  36. Nikki says

    Suri is very beautiful. But also very indulged. I guess she wanted to wear her birthday dress and shoes. Who cares, she is gorgeous and am sure we have Britney’s kids to worry about.

  37. Carol says

    I wonder why they take this kid to sporting events. She looks very bored and tired. She should be home playing with her toys with the Nanny.

  38. Lola says

    Suri is jus too beatiful for words. Connor is handsome. Bella has grown into her looks and she is now a beautiful young lady. Tom is as dashing as ever. He is lucky to have Katie. Seems like a nice girl and a natural beauty. Too much beauty in these pictures.

  39. Cheetah says

    a. why is suri always in those dresses that are not ment to get dirty?
    b. why is this kids always on someones arm?
    c. why is Katie looking like a robot
    d. why does that doll shock the hell out of me?

    My boy is the same age as suri, he doesn’t like to sit still for more then 2 seconds. He doesnt want to be carried constantly. Go do something with suri that she acutely will enjoy. Dress her so she can play comfortable. But most of al. Cut that kid lose from those arms!!

  40. says

    look at suri she is so cute

    amy,,i agree with you more i never seen katie took her to the park i bet suri gets bored shopping as well

  41. amy says

    suri looks bored outta her mind

    bet she would rather be running around in a park or a field

    how dull for her

  42. Miranda says

    Poor Suri should have something over her ears. I do not think she’s enjoying this, but I could be wrong.

  43. Zbella says

    You guys could just wear a t-shirt and jeans to a soccer game, you know… I also noticed Suri is wearing what looks like a baptismal gown – very formal! But it is a nice picture.

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