The Wedding Of Jenna Bush

Jenna Bush

Jenna Bush

(In the above pic President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush are pictured with Jenna and Barbara)

Jenna Bush

And in the above pic the bride and groom and the president and first lady are pictured with Jenna’s twin sister, Barbara.

Jenna Bush

Jenna Bush

Jenna Bush, daughter of President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush, exchanged wedding vows with Henry Hager in an outdoor ceremony at the Bush family’s Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, Texas on Saturday, May 10th. Rev. Kirbyjohn Caldwell performed the ceremony.

On Sunday morning, the president called the wedding “spectacular.” He said, “We’re mighty blessed.”

And the first lady is already dreaming up names for future grandchildren! Earlier this month, she started joking about names for possible grandchildren.

“George or Georgia … Georgina. Georgette,” she said.

Congratulations to Jenna and Henry!


  1. Liza says

    Rijay, reread what I wrote. I didn’t say the responsibility lies solely with Bush but let’s not pretend that he doesn’t have ANY responsibility.

    Bush doesn’t even acknowledge that the huge profits being pulled in by oil companies have ANYTHING to do with gas prices. He hasn’t even made any effort to investigate that possibility. I’m guessing its because of his lovely relationship with corporate America.

  2. Rijay says

    If you tax the oil companies they only pass on the burden to the public. It’s happened again and again. One man deciding to tax the companies isn’t going to bring the price of gas down. It’s the unethical corporations taking advantage of an economy and Iraq war scare.
    Whatever you believe about the Iraq war or President Bush, it isn’t the stroke of one man’s pen that will lower the gas prices.

  3. Liza says

    Bush does have something to do with gas prices, because he and the republicans in Congress refuse to allow the oil companies from being taxed further and instead continue to push the burden onto everyday taxpayers. Even while we hear that oil executives are taking home billions, Bush is telling the American people that the oil companies aren’t the problem, it’s that Congress refuses to allow ANWAR to be drilled in that’s the cause of sky rocketing gas prices. He may not be the sole cause but he hasn’t done anything to stem the steep rise in prices.

    You also seem to forget that the Democratic congress has passed quite a few bi-partisan measures that have had overwhelming support among the American people since taking over and Bush has vetoed or vowed to vetoe things that he personally disagrees with. He seems to forget that this isn’t all about him. Just because he refuses to allow laws to pass doesn’t mean that they don’t get anything done.

    Analise, would you like to compare the number of killed or injured soldiers during Clintons year as a result of war versus the number killed or injured during Bush’s? I’d bet I know whose number would be higher.

    Hey, did anyone hear how Bush quit playing golf in 2003 out of respect for the troops? How very nice of him wouldn’t you say? Nothing like really sacrificing for the men and women you put in danger.

  4. VIOLETSKY says

    oops, I thought I had put that King George V was 2nd in line to the throne (not third as I had put) when he married Mary Teck.

  5. VIOLETSKY says

    Queen Mary (Mary Teck) married King George V when he was 3rd in line to the throne, after her previous fiance Prince Albert Victor (known as Eddy) died of pneumonia, neither of the two engagements nor the wedding took place during war time.
    Queen Elizabeth (Elizabeth Bowes Lyon) married King George VI, this wedding did not take place during war time either.
    Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Phillip (of Greece) AFTER the war, but her wedding was supposedly frugal (yeah right!!!!!!) because the UK was still in the midst of food rationing. So who are you on about, believe me the Royal family do not do frugal? I am confused.

  6. suzianne says

    Just adding a note here, although it does not relate to this website.
    More refineries should have been built years ago and weren’t, and gas prices would never have been this high. In other words, kaching, kaching $$$ for the likes of Bush etc. and we are the losers.

  7. Miapocca says

    The brides dress is not being upstage, jsut not showing the fabric properlyon here ..other sites have a better picture and while its a simple dress the fabric is surely quite magnificent…I dont think the bride minds being upstage, if anything she wants an even more PRIVATE wedding…and the sister twin looks beautiful in her dress, didnt notice it was baggy , but then I cant really see the dress she is wearing that well.///

    Good luck to the married couple, they will need it, but the Hager boy didnt do too bad, seems like he already joined the bush family business of oil and energy !

    With all thier connection in the oil and energy you would think gas prices would be reasonable, but I guess as theprice goes up thier favorite consultant old bush makes more money at everybodys expense

    Say wasnt teh iraq war about stealing someone elses oil, so seems the theft was unsuccesful and people are dying in addition..

    The Queen mother Mary also got married to Prince/king Bertie during the war and they put on a very modest fair…or was it the queen..cant remember this stuff anymore…

  8. violetsky says

    Analise, please can you tell me who says they hate American weddings?
    All, I have said, is that I think that Barbara dress is gross.

  9. Analise says

    What a surprise, the Bush bashers are out in force. Even when his daughter has what appears to be a lovely wedding you all show your true colors. Then there are the anti-American digs because you “hate” American “weddings”. It’s okay. Charming. They ALL look wonderful and happy.

    Glad no soldiers ever died during the previous administration. *cough, cough*

  10. Melissa R says

    OK……you all have some valid points. My question is….what is the deal with Barbara “bending” her arm like that in both photos?????

  11. Sandy says

    I think she made a beautiful bride, the President appears to be a loving father and I think he will also be a Proud and loving Grandfather.

    People, it isn’t Bush or Clinton’s fault about the price of oil, Rijay is absolutely correct! Do some research on the Oil Companies!

  12. Rijay says

    Beautiful pictures.
    If you want to know the real reason why gas prices are so high, research Exxon and the other oil companies. They are racking in billions and it’s all their doing. It’s a fairytale world if you really think the president has something to do with everything, such as the gas prices. Hey, blame him for your teeth being yellow while you’re at it.
    Just look at the Democratic Congress he has to work with. They fight him on every issue, passing nothing.

  13. Jo says

    I would have much rather seen a clinton wedding instead of a bush’s – IMOP! though. I know Clinton did some things that weren’t right but I have never seen a worse economy than when Bush took over. REMEMBER WHEN BUSH TOOK OFFICE GAS PRICES WERE $1.89 now its 387 if I am lucky. So many foreclosures and america is so deep in debt. sorry had to vent……..

  14. suzianne says

    The bride looked beautiful and I favour lace done in the right style and pattern because it adds to the beauty of the dress.

  15. Jx2 says

    Samsmom in all honesty, I would have preferred to live common-law but my husband is Catholic and his parents would have had a stroke if we “lived in sin.” So, although I did have a low-key wedding with only 15 guests, I would have been just as happy with no wedding ceremony at all.

  16. emily says

    Glad we didn’t have to see a Clinton wedding while he was in office………thank God

    The Bush’s look beautiful!

  17. samsmom says

    Jenna looks lovely.

    Jx2, your wedding sounds very similar to American weddings in the 50’s and 60’s. Very simple and modest, some in churches, courthouses, or even living rooms. I love weddings all of kinds, but I do lean more to the modest side in preference.
    My own wedding nine years ago was small by today’s standards (60 guests). I did wear a traditional gown and we were married outside. It is one of my fondest memories second only to the day my son was born.

  18. Jx2 says

    That’s great Iluvmy2girlz!! Looks like we are both on the same level of thinking. We did the restaurant thing too for the reception. We kept it small and inexpensive so that we, too, could buy a house later. Great minds think alike! In the end it’s only about you and your husband making a commitment to one another, all the extras are just fluff 😀

  19. Iluvmy2girlz says

    hey jx2 we have something in commn!! i too got married at the court house! i hate how expensive and “fake” some weddings are! dresses are uncomfortble and most ppl will never go to church again! LOL i had a small ceremony at the court and a little reception afterwards at a restaurant! it was just perfect for us! and we saved all that money and bought a house!!

  20. Miapocca says

    lovely wedding,,…very nice in its simplicity…horrid president, but beautfiul family pcitures..why doesnt he retire to become a stay at home dad..that would be fatastic!

  21. Carolina says

    It is strange that we did not see any pictures of the
    Grandfather and Grandmother, George and Barbara Bush.
    They had to be there.

  22. Rachel says

    violetsky: I definitely agree with your assessment of Barbara’s dress.

    My overall impression of the pictures: I like Jenna’s dress and hair. I can’t stand Barabara’s dress. I like Laura’s dress, but I think the color is all wrong for an outdoor, spring wedding. And there’s something so odd about Laura, in every picture I’ve ever seen of her she just looks so incredibly stiff. She’s clearly not a person who is comfortable having her picture taken.

  23. tdot says

    This is Babyrazzi right???
    Why do we even have these photos here??? Im really not understanding this….

  24. violetsky says

    Do you really like barbara’s dress (the bridesmaid is barbara right?) truly? its so baggy around the boobs they look droppy, the dress is so badly cut around her hips she looks really hippy with a big bum. Surely the family have enough money that they could go to a designer who would make the bridesmaid a dress which would fulfil the brides brief and not made the bridesmaid look like she is wearing a sheet with a belt.

  25. annie says

    I had to laugh when I saw the ad below the picture asking if you are smarter than Bush. I love Jenna’s dress and the fact she wore no veil. It looked perfect. Hate the President’s policies, though.

  26. carleigh says

    Whether or not we agree with the President (I make no bones about my political leanings…and I did NOT vote this clown into office), this day wasn’t so much about politics and the presidency, it’s about a family who’s daughter got married.

    The photo’s are lovely and Jenna and Henry look very happy together. I don’t care for the dress Barbara is wearing though, all that aside the family appears happy and the lovely couple is glowing.

    I have read a nice interview that ran last week in which Jenna showed her true personality, she is a complete doll and a very giving person. She has written a book about the plight of AIDS and she is donating the proceeds from the book towards AIDS charities and research. I applaud her for her efforts and candid interview, she truly seems lovely.

    I also read that she didn’t want the fan fare of a White House wedding because that was “not who Henry and I” are. She is more laid back and less political, she seems very level-headed and genuine.

    I just don’t know why the WM put these pictures on the site, it has nothing to do with celeb babies, although it is nice to see photos.

  27. Ruby Jackson says

    The Pastor, a long-time spiritual advisor to Pres Bush, had thrown his support to Barack Obama. If Pres Bush wanted to put his money where his mouth is, he would tell his daughter’s that he won’t pay for their wedding to a man who hasn’t completed at least one tour of duty in Iraq. Now THAT would be supporting the troops. This guy looks young, healthy, strong, and smart enough to serve our country.

  28. KayG says

    #7: That’s an ignorant comment. Jenna can’t have a beautiful happy wedding day because there’s a war on? Even soldiers get married during wars.

  29. Sandy says

    I like the picture with the Pastor also, he looks sincerely like a nice man and was happy for this couple, not like the slime cuckoo Rev. Wright that has hurt Obama’s chances of the nomination!

  30. Granny says

    The lovely thing about weddings is getting to have one that suits the individual. In Jenna’s eyes I’m certain that her sister and mother looked beautiful. As for best sides, my experience is that this is a common pose staged by photographers. Gets everybody in the picture.

  31. Jx2 says

    #4 – LOL love your openness and honesty! I despise American weddings. The weddings here in Canada are very similar to American ones which is why I decided to have an anti-traditional wedding celebration! I went to City Hall. The Justice of the Peace was woman. I had no bridesmaids and I wore a lavender 2 piece bustier with a slim skirt and silver shoes and clutch. No veil. I made my own flower bouquet. My hair was left long and with loose curls and I had a daisy flower in it. There was no rice or confetti throwing. There was no Maid of Honour or Best Man…LOL! I think you get the picture…low key all the way.
    Anyway, from the weddings I have attended generally the bridesmaids and the Maid of Honour will wear whatever the bride recommends. Sometimes the dress will be billowy and full and other times it will be body fitting, snug, etc. I guess the whole point of the “u*gly bridesmaids dresses is that they don’t upstage the bride. I do agree with you – I also do not like the silver dress that the bridesmaid is wearing. I do like the simplicity of the bride’s dress and the fact that she has her hair in a natural way with a few flowers. I guess next to the shiny fabric of the mother and the glittery fabric of the sister the bride’s dress is kind of lost in the photo.

  32. violetsky says

    First off I’m from the UK and I know that American weddings are hugely different to one in the UK, but, is it normal for a bridesmaid to have such a baggy dress, its like a very expensive sheet with a belt. (sorry you lot are going to flame me for this). Its not fitted, the colour is probably lovely but it looks like stale dish water in the photographs, I suppose though that Jenna and her husband will be able to see the detail more clearly. And whats with Jenna’s ma and sis trying to upstage her in the photos, with their this is my best side photos. Every bride wants their guests to feel welcome to express themselves in any way they can, bit for crying out loud this is the BRIDES DAY NOT THE MUMS.

  33. kelly says

    i really don’t like bush, but i have to say these are lovely pictures and jenna looks very pretty.

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