Nicole Richie & Daughter In Harper's Bazaar

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie was photographed with daughter Harlow, four months, for the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar. 

Awwww! What a beautiful pic!


  1. ice says

    And it is not a surprise she has straightened out somewhat. Because she knows if she doesn’t, criticism will come fast and furious. She is a famewhore who has a whole team of PR saavy people behind her. They know what image she has to portray. As at this point of time, it is a loving mother

  2. Aliciasweets85 says

    i have never laughed so hard in my life. You are all quite intelligent, and to see such heated “discussion” over this slip of a girl is really one of the most comical things I have seen in a while. I can imagine you are all sitting around a table, with your hair in sophisticated styles, and trim frames on your faces while you bash at each other over a few glossy 10 x 5 shots of Nicole Richie!
    OMIGOD!!!!! **giggling**

  3. Trish says

    Yea. You are right Jello. I did alot of my spelling and smart ass comments on purpose cuz I had a tragedy in life and I was upset and irritated. So I apologize to any..Everyone have a good day..You too Stephanie!!!

  4. Daze says

    That’s a Madden!!!! In early pics, I thought Harper looked like Nichole. Not any more. Those Daddy genes are coming out strong. Cute family altogether. I am so proud of Nichole. She seems to have turned around and straightened her life out, and motherhood certainly agrees with her. She looks lovely and healthy. Still slim, but healthy.

  5. Shera says

    SO Cute! And I think that everyone is saying she has straightened her life out because since she got pregnant there has been no more scandel, late night parties, or drunken actions from her. She has just dropped out of the whole scene it seems.

    Good for her.

  6. Zbella says

    Wow, someone is bitter. The photo shoots probably take a few hours tops. That’s not 4 months 24/7. What else has she been seen doing rather than caring for her child? Purchasing nursing supplies. That’s all I can think of.

  7. Emma says

    “She is not exploiting Harlow by posing with her a few times.”

    She is making money off of exposing her child to the world. That is exploiting. I don’t see other celebrities doing photo shoots with their child that they sell to magazines every few months (with a few exceptions: Denise Richards who is also exploiting her children). It’s disgusting. It’s even more disgusting that people would praise her for exploiting her child like that. But then it doesn’t shock me considering the blind celebrity worship that goes on in the country. Nicole is just trying way too hard to present an image of a great mother, she should spend that time actually taking care of her own child instead of wasting time trying to convince a bunch of naive celebrity worshippers that she’s the most devoted mom ever.

  8. Zbella says

    What? She is not exploiting Harlow by posing with her a few times. How silly. You prefer creepy paparazzi “snapping” pictures of families on the street? I for one LOVED the photos they took for People. They are a photogenic bunch.

  9. Amy says

    Cara: Perhaps you should take your own advice. If there’s a comment on here that bothers you why don’t you just skip over it instead of writing hostile responses back to the person. It’s amazing to me that the people who are always lecturing others about how they should be so positive are being so negative, rude and insulting in the process of lecturing others about how they shouldn’t be that way. If you’re so opposed to the negativity why are you spreading it around?

    samsmom: Yes I do think that 2 photo shoots in 4 months is exploiting her child. I completely understand a parent’s desire to show their child off. So if Nicole wanted to show her off to all her friends and family memebers I would think that was great, but wanting to show them off to the whole world (while, incidentally making money off of showing them off) is a whole different thing. I don’t respect people who use their children to make money, and I never will.

  10. Cara says

    As for Emma, Im not telling you how to feel, but you dont know her, just like I dont know her, so how can we judge? Which is what I mean by giving her the benifit of a doubt…im not telling you how to feel… I actually could care less about N.R., I believe there are celebrities whom i would rather talk about, i just feel that people are too harsh on her, she looks happy, the baby looks healthy!

    Amy- Just like you have no proof that she isnt.

    I dont get you people…if there is a celeb. I dont like, i skip over the post instead of throwing down insults. Does it make the lot of you feel better to insult a celebrity and eachother?

  11. Cara says

    Holy hell people!!! Ok, If you dont like her, THEN SKIP OVER THE POST!! It’s very clear that some of you are bitter…maybe we should judge your parenting!

  12. samsmom says

    Nicole is exploiting her child because she allows 2 photo shoots in 4 months? Give me a break people. Maybe she is just proud and wants to show her little girl off to the world.

    If anyone one thinks that this is true exploitation, then they should not be on this site at all.

  13. Amy says

    “Amy, are you for real? She just said this to another poster “Did you even graduate high school? You have no reading and comprehension skills?” Is that a mature way to defend yourself? Are we 12? come on!!”

    I’m aware of what she said back to that other poster. My point was that Stephanie wasn’t saying anything negative to Trish and yet Trish attacked her in an immature and hostile fashion just because Stephanie happened to disagree with her. I think a person has a right to say whatever they want to back once a person hurls insults at them. It’s getting totally out of hand the way some people feel the need to defend Nicole at all cost, even the cost of their own dignity. Some of you are making youselves look ridiculous with the way you are claiming to have inside knowledge into Nicole’s life. You have no proof she is a wonderful mother. All this picture is proof of is that Nicole is using her child to make money. Which doesn’t exactly make her a contender for mother of the year.

  14. Emma says

    “Emma- I can’t prove it, and neither can you. ”

    Cara: That’s exactly what I said in my post. That I don’t know if she is a good mother or a bad one.

    “Like I said, give the girl the benefit of a doubt!”

    I don’t need instruction on how I should feel about some random celebrity. If you think she’s great then that’s certainly your right. I don’t happen to agree, and that is my right, I was merely pointing out the extremely flawed logic in your post.

    And I also don’t see why she should be praised so much over one picture (a picture in which she is exploiting her child by the way).

  15. Cara says

    ps. Not being out all hours of the night proves she has changed from her old ways…once again, like you said to me, you dont know her and neither do I…give the poor girl a break.

    I wish some of these people could judge some of you people…you are all so harsh.

  16. Cara says

    Amy, are you for real? She just said this to another poster “Did you even graduate high school? You have no reading and comprehension skills?” Is that a mature way to defend yourself? Are we 12? come on!!

    Emma- I can’t prove it, and neither can you. Like I said, give the girl the benefit of a doubt! You people are so damn negative!! Let’s smile people!! I agree with Zbella…she doesnt look stoned out of her face anymore. Im not saying by starting a foundation makes a “person a good mother” I merely said She is trying to change, and looks like she is so far ont he right track!!!! Like you said Im jumping to a lot of conclusions….well, my friend, you are too.

  17. Zbella says

    It does appear that Nicole is getting her sh!t together. You can tell a lot from some photos. Some new moms are trying to show of their post baby body rather than their adorable child. Nicole has a loving demeanor with Harlow. She is also breastfeeding, which takes dedication and is not something I would sit around shrug off. It’s no small feat to be there for every feeding (and/or pump, if you leave for even a few hours). Good for her. I wish them the very best.

  18. Stephanie says

    Trish, I think you meant to write, “you sound like YOU’RE 5.” I find it funny that you’re telling me to go back to kindergarten when you don’t even know the difference between “your” and “you’re” and when to use each one.

  19. Emma says

    “Are you that dumb to realize how she is stepping up and becoming responsible in life? Duh!!!!”

    Trish: This was your response to Stephanie’s post. She made a post in which she insulted no one, and you responed with insults and immaturity. You are the one here who seems unable to respond to someone in a mature fashion. Perhaps you should reassess your own posts before you start calling others immature.

  20. Emma says

    “In answer to your remark, Nicole has done a few things to prove she has turned her life around, she has constantly said that the baby has made her realize what life is all about, and how she needed to change her life to raise her daughter. Do you see her out at all hours of the night like Britney Spears? No, she’s at home with her baby. She and Joel have also started a foundation helping children”

    Cara: I have no idea whether Nicole is a good mother or not – and neither do you. But none of the reasons you have listed prove that she is a good mother. Celebrities say a lot of things in interviews, not all of them turn out to be true, so the fact that Nicole says the baby has changed her means nothing. You should try reading some autobiographies of children of celebrities. It’s fascinating to see how many of those people claimed to be wonderful hands-on loving parents but really were beating, neglecting, or horribly mistreating their children. So maybe Nicole is a good mother, and maybe she isn’t. You don’t know for sure.
    And I don’t see her out all hours like Britney Spears. I guess we’re not setting the bar incredibly low for celebrities. As long as they’re not out partying until 3 in the morning then they’re a good parent. I don’t think so. Being a good parent requires much more than just not partying. And I do actually see Nicole out without her child a lot. I think mothers need and deserve a break now and then, but she gets a lot of breaks. So who really knows if she’s a loving, devoted mother. And starting a foundation to help children does not autmoatically make a person a good mother. In fact it has nothing to do with what kind of mother a person is. I know lots of people who do tons of charity work and still spend the rest of their time screaming at and neglecting their children. You’re jumping to a lot of conculsions that you have no proof to back up. She might be a good mother, and she might not, we’ll never really know.

  21. says

    Thank you, Cara, for telling Stephanie about all of this. I was about to do the same!
    I think little Harlow looks like Nicole, actually, maybe in the eyes? She’s very sweet though.

  22. Amy says

    Cara: Stephanie was not being harsh to other posters. She was merely defending herself after she got attacked. It’s ridiculous that in the posts about Nicole Richie no one can voice even the tiniest bit of doubt or criticism for her without a bunch of people going into attack mode. Some of us don’t think the pictures are proof that someone is a good mother. In fact, I find the pictures kind of disturbing. I understand why a celebrity would release a photo right when their child is first born, in an effort to get the paparrazzi to back off a bit. But two photo shoots in the span of 4 months seems a bit like pimping your child out to make money off of them. I would have respected them a lot more if they had just done the initial photo shoot and left it at that.

  23. Cara says

    #31, there is no need to be harsh to other posters…have some respect for the love of god!

    In answer to your remark, Nicole has done a few things to prove she has turned her life around, she has constantly said that the baby has made her realize what life is all about, and how she needed to change her life to raise her daughter. Do you see her out at all hours of the night like Britney Spears? No, she’s at home with her baby. She and Joel have also started a foundation helping children
    Here is the link: .
    She has made a full 180…so lets just try and give the girl the benefit of a doubt.
    You obviously dont like her, so why dont you skip over the next post that involves her. We dont need harshness on this site anymore. it’s getting to be a little much. Let’s just all get a long!

  24. Nicki says

    Cute pic. Harlow looks a lot like Joel. She is very cute.

    Stephanie-maybe they are talking about how Nicole gave up drugs, partying everynight and started to actually eat enough food to be healthy enough to deliver this cute lil girl.

  25. Stephanie says

    Amanda # 23 merely repeats that Nicole is straightening her life out. She doesn’t answer my question which was was HOW is Nicole straightening her life out. Having some pics taken for a magazine isn’t an example. Are you capable of reading a question and comprehending it, Trish? Furthermore, I never claimed that Nicole didn’t straighten her life out. I merely asked how she did that. Don’t make unwarranted inferences. Did you even graduate high school? You have no reading and comprehension skills.

  26. Lurker says

    It’s a very sweet picture..the little girl is really cute.

    I think she looks very much like her daddy too! 🙂

  27. Liza says

    Her chubby little cheeks are so pinchable!

    I think she looks like a nice combo of her parents, but does favor Joel a little more than Nicole.

    I think they make a nice family and Nicole has really turned her life around.

  28. Ileana says

    They look so beautiful together, I hope Nicole does take care of her child and mature, now that she is a mother, god bless them both, they look absolutely beautiful.

  29. bj's mom says

    It seems Nicole has definately changed for the better and I think Joel and baby Harlow did it for her. She found love and she is happy. Best wishes to them…the pic is beautiful and yes, Harloww looks like daddy! Sooo cute!!

  30. Trish says

    Hey Stepanie..Why don’t you read Amanda #23 and that ‘ll answer your question..Are you that dumb to realize how she is stepping up and becoming responsible in life? Duh!!!!

  31. Amanda says

    Beautiful Pic!! They are stunning! Look how healthy Harlow is! I am so happy that Nicole finally straightened her life out. Looks what she has now! WTG Nicole! Proud of you girl!

  32. Jx2 says

    The baby does look a lot like the father. Nicole looks really elegant and poised. She has a great style sense. I think the trashy look Nicole had when she hung out with Paris is long gone!!

  33. Stephanie says

    How is Nicole stepping up? Having your picture taken for a magazine is hardly indicative of her parenting skills.

  34. Trish says

    Gorgeous Baby!!! Nicole is really stepping up. I am soo proud of her. Now that Paris is copying her lifestyle.How pathetic!!

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