Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes At Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala

Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were snapped at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala in NYC on Monday.



  1. U2 says

    All I will say is it must be nice for Tom and Katie and all these celebrities to never worry about the price of gas, when the next paycheck is coming, or how you’re going to afford your kids’ school lunches this year. I would like to see a reality show where celebrities are given a fixed paycheck for two weeks and see if they can live without their “fripperies”. Am I jealous? Of course! It’s a natural human emotion to which I am not immune. But on the other hand, I would never want everything I say or do to be splashed across every tabloid in America.

  2. bennie says

    As someone pointed out, what is there to be fake? They seem lik ereal nice people. They are nice to paps after all the lies the paps have told about them. Clearly from Oprah’s interview they love each other. Body language says a lot and they seem like two besotted people. They also have beautiful children. I was actually bored with them every where till the Oprah show. I really liked it. All the best to them. They have been through much. They love each other and that should help.

  3. Lisa Langford says

    Way to go Katie, She looks great, they make a beautiful couple. (and Suri is a beautiful addition)

  4. Lauren says

    This disgusts me. I mean Katie could almost be Tom’s daughter. They do not make a cute couple in any way at all.

  5. Jx2 says

    #54 – I am not looking for “fans” on Babyrazzi – I’m not a celebrity but I do enjoy commenting on their oh-so-public-lives. Just like practically everyone else on this thread has done – they have made personal comments about Katie & Tom’s pictures, relationship, lifestyle, beliefs. That is a privilege that the internet allows all of us posters. Posters on Babyrazzi will express their “like” or “dislike” with me based on their own prejudices and judgments. I’m totally cool with that. When posters choose to criticize a celeb (or me), they are not criticizing the real person, they are criticizing a perception or idea of who that poster believes the celeb (or me ) to be. Right or wrong as this perception may be, it is a generalization and very far from the truth of reality. To a certain degree everyone lives in a glass house!!

  6. Liza says

    Notawannbe, I’m not a particular fan of JX2, but she hasn’t stirred up anything in this thread. Sayyousee me started all this with personally attacking people whose opinions were different from her own, opinions that had nothing to do with her until she decided to go on the attack.

    Not a fan of Katie, not a fan of Tom, but could care less how they live their lives. And I happen to think she looks quite pretty here.

  7. says

    They must be happy to have their faces so close like that, lol. Anyone that says different doesn’t know how to read body language! I’m happy for them 🙂

  8. Melissa says

    I love the picture. It resembles more of Katie’s personality we know and love. They look great. Why shouldnt they be as happy as the picture shows? What is it they have to fake? They are blessed. Suri is a doll and they have a lovely life. I could die a happy woman just living on top of that mountain!

  9. pat says

    Katie looks beautiful, and they both look so in love with each other. Suri is a beautiful, lucky little girl. This is a lovely Hollywood family. Post more shots, I love to see what is going on with them.

  10. N says

    I wonder why you guys think they need to put on an act for you. Who are you guys again? What is putting on this act going to do for you guys? Will it make you buy or see any more movies? Are you going to buy that new fashion line or cologne they have out? OH they dont have any of those things going on right now. Just living their lives while you minions admire and comment about it.
    You guys call them crazy! What should you all be called then?

  11. Lauren says

    I think these two look like ACTORS playing their greatest roles. I think Katies dress looks cheap and tacky, and I thank god Toms girdle is holding his fat guts in
    Scientologists are plain creepy

  12. Analise says

    “I love you, I love you! I’ll never run away with Suri. PLEASE don’t send me to bootcamp again. PLLLEEEAASSSEEE!!!”

  13. Jx2 says

    GUESS WHO??? is a waste of my time!!!

    When I was in elementary school there was no such word as “BEE-YOTCH” in the dictionary. In fact, I bet that if I looked up the word “BEE-YOTCH” right now, I would not find it in the dictionary. Hold on…let me check…HA! Just what I suspected…no such word listed!

    Care to enlighten me as to what this word (BEE-YOTCH) may mean? Let me guess…could it be the Queen BEE-YOTCH? Ummm, is it the sister of SAS-QYOTCH? Hmmm, is it the name of a new line of clothing as in “BEE-YOTCH & FITCH? LOL

    You need to find me those so-called run-on sentences of mine – smarty pants!! Maybe you should look in the same place you found the word “BEE-YOTCH” !! And while you are at it – I’ll have you know that I don’t live in a glass house – I live in an igloo in Canada!! LOL LOL

    SOD OFF????? Don’t you mean “take off” ? As in “Take off to the Great White North?”…LOL!!
    I just busted my gut laughing so hard…LOL!!!

  14. Jenna M. (UK) says

    As for Katie and Tom, I find it quite creepy. Especially his look. No, I’m not bitter or jealous and yes, I do know what love is but this seems so rehearsed to me!

    Katie definitely looks like she could be in love, but in a kind of infatuated-little-school-girl-that-doesn’t-know-any-better way. Tom on the other hand, looks like he’s posing for a movie. As if he’s trying to make it appear that he is gazing lovingly into her eyes. Sorry, but it doesn’t wash with me.

  15. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Say-you-see-me… in response to #29… WTF? You seriously think you have a better grasp on English than Jx2? I find it hard to believe you have a better grasp on English than a newborn baby in China! As Olive said, your posts are totally incoherent!

    And if you are claiming to speak better English than a Canadian simply because you are British… Well I’m from the Highlands of Scotland and its a known fact that the language up here is much closer to the Queen’s proper spoken English than most people in England use!

  16. guess who???? says

    Jx2 is a sh*t stirring BEE-YOTCH!!!! She can’t even type properly, nor punctuate a sentence. Check out her posts, she has run on sentences all over the place and then wants to point the finger at someone else??? OMG, how F’ing funny is that??

    The English language from a British standpoint is completely different than how we learn it in the states. Who cares if someones “english” isn’t picture perfect…people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!!

    SOD OFF Jx2!!

  17. Malayka says

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW I swear they look cuter than Suri if that is possible. Katie is lucky, Tom is lucky. Every love is different, those whose love is about beatings should not think that those who love like this are wrong.

    I totally believe in Tom and Katie’s love.

  18. Amanda says

    I love this blog and I love the way everyone is open and shares thier opinion no matter who it offends. Thank God we are not all the same.

  19. Kelly says

    WOW TOOO Much PDA What do they have to prove I mean seriously it always bugs me when I have people over and the keep on kissing eachother and stuff like that it drives me insane I mean it’s not like they have anything to prove!!

  20. Notawannabe says

    Jx2, you like to stir $hit don’t you? I find it pretty amusing! I have yet to read one of your comments that has any agreement with someone else. You surely keep this place interesting.

  21. Jx2 says

    #34 – I disagree. I find it more interesting. Can you imagine how boring the comments would be if everyone said the same thing? Think about it. 30 comments all stating “they look great”…”I like this couple”…”awww, so cute”…it’s good to have differing opinions, and offer constructive criticism about celebs and – YES – even engage in full-on disagreements. It keeps things entertaining.

  22. Just me says

    MJ … there is more pics of Tom and Katie than Ben and but that’s because the Afflecks don’t want to exploit themselves. It’s the same with Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

  23. Liza says

    say you see me, Might I ask why you felt the need to personally attack people for their opinions when they simply differed from yours.

    Their posts had nothing to do with you. And it’s really ok when people don’t agree with each other.

  24. MJ says

    I think they are the best celebrity couple out right now. I see more pictures of them together than Ben and Jen and they seem so happy together and that is what is matters for their daughter to see her parents express thier happiness. I also think its healthy. She is gorgeous and he is still hot!

  25. Jx2 says

    #29 – really? you can speak English? Perhaps you speak Cockney English!! NOT all people from England speak the same level of cultured English and based on your post, your English is from the bottom of the barrel!!

    I can only imagine what your facial expression looks like…as I’m sure that you have rotten teeth – another characteristic of being low-class British!!

  26. say-u-see-me says

    to:jx2,i do speak proper english more than you,all britsh i do hope it is only your tonge that’s sticking,either way you are still making what is your point ass…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to:olive,are you coherent as well,guess know if i made mistakes i admit, do you?why dont you get off the board yourselfzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. Olive says

    honey, criticism isn’t proof of a closed mind anymore than approval is proof of an open one. people think katie’s fake b/c her wildly exaggerated expressions strain belief.
    say-you-see-me, that was the most insensible post i’ve ever read. get coherent, or get off the board.

  28. Generic name says

    ^^^ hahahahahaha…

    well yeah guys…. let us not forget that this is a free blog!

    I’m not a fan nor a hater of these two…I can’t tell nor guess if they are really in love, sometimes celebrity pose/ show fake emotion…even if they are not in a mood they would still smile, even if they are not in love they would show affection or WHATEVER! I guess that’s a part of being a celebrity.

  29. Jx2 says

    say-I-see-you-as-a-pile-of-sh*t – Learn how to type on a keyboard. How about learning to use proper English including punctuation marks so that your comments make sense rather than sounding like a bunch of jibberish.

    If you could see my facial expression right now you would see me sticking out my tongue at you!!!! 🙂

    But of course you can’t see me, you can just speculate and make yourself appear like a horses ass based on your idiotic assumptions!!! LOL LOL

  30. says

    Yeah, Olivia, but isn’t there something to be said about the fact that so many of you are so critical and judgmental? I certainly don’t blindly worship celebs…but I choose to have an open mind about them the same way I would about any other couple I might see anywhere. Why so negative? How could you know they’re “fake”?

  31. Olivia says

    It’s really pathetic that there are some people on this blog who can’t accept that not everyone blindly worships celebrities. Some of us don’t think every little thing that Tom and Katie do is sheer perfection, and that doesn’t make us jealous, or hateful. It makes us people who can think critically, people who don’t take everything at face value, people who don’t blindly worship celebrities like a bunch of teenagers. And it’s rather amusing that the people who are lecturing others about not being hateful are being hateful with their responses.

    say-u-say-me: I can only guess from your posts that you are very young. Well perhaps when you grow up you’ll realize that not everyone tells the truth. So I would think twice before blindly believing everything a celebrity says.

  32. Zbella says

    I like the silly smile – she used to smile like that before Tom. I also love the dress. However, I agree in general (not this pic) they seem really fake. Stop attacking people for having a different opinion.

  33. say-u-see-me says

    to cara; do you even know what love is?guess not, or better yet you are most fake wife ever,lets see fakeier than your own orgasm,for your six years,tell what you havent done than is not stupid and non most of all you never make an rreor in your life,you are already telling lies,let’s see,mmm, were you just not thinking your ex when you were having sex with your fake orgasm last nite:geez your odd lier.
    to jx2;what facial expression do you make in front of your other half,,,wait do you even have other half to share your love and happiness?soorry,the only facial you make is when you’re so fake to yourself even your sexual activities is now becoming so sour.that’s right, you only make sour faces,because your sexual activity just became odd,fake and better yet,sadly very bad..face it you are so jealous you cant stand the world with happy people.

  34. say-u-see-me says

    tom was standing one step ahead there were three of them and they were on a stair.why cant people leave them alone.why even bother to give your opinions and remarks if you hate them so much,yeah ,you’ll say its a gossip blog but you are more pathetic than they are.cant stand anyone happy,then dont look at husband is 15 yrs older than me and believe me i make more annoying faces to him and even in front of our friends.laughter,happiness, and funny jokes make the marriage more loving and strong.

  35. Cara says

    hah, Well Michelle, Iv been married to the most wonderful man for 6 years…Im aware what love is..this is…just odd to me..They are so fake!!! Sorry!

  36. Notawannabe says

    I think this picture is perfect. She seems happy and there is nothing wrong with making a cutesy face at the man you love. I do it sometimes because I am so caught in a moment with my man. I see nothing wrong with that!

  37. Rijay says

    He was on a step, I assume, because the other photos from this night show Katie wearing blue high heels and towering over Tom, as usual.
    I don’t get the China doll hairdo. She must be a little wacko to think it actually looks good.

  38. Julie says

    This is a great shot of them. They look HOT! I love her look, reminds me almost of Cleopatra.

  39. says

    Actually I haven’t seen her make that face in a long time – she’s always so much more reserved these days, it’s nice to see her be a bit goofy. They’re having a private moment, people. It’s not like they’re doing this for your critiquing….they are human afterall.

  40. Michelle says

    Some have no clue what love is and they are JEALOUS! Hah sorry about your luck people! Love is grand!

  41. Jx2 says

    That squinty face that she does and wrinkles up her nose like that is just pathetic!! It’s a typical Katie Holmes expression when she is with Tom and I find it very nauseating!!

  42. Dobe says

    Awww this is such an adorable pic!!! She definately looks so in love with Tom. Anyone who thinks it is not a cute pic is just jealous!!

  43. Cheetah says

    Do you remember that movie Nicole made; The Stepford Wives ? I think its about Katie.. May bee she wanted us to hear how her life really looked like with tom.

    controlled, have to be perfect, nothing can be wrong mister Tom.

  44. Sara says

    Yes, her hair is so healthy and shiny! I wish mine looked like that! I wonder if Suri inherited their big teeth??

  45. Amanda says

    Her hair almost looks like a wig its so perfect. At least she looks her age in this picture and not all serious. She is beautiful and he is a lucky man.

  46. Gina says

    He is probably standing one step ahead of her and I’m sorry but that IS the look of love on Katies face. My husband is 12 years older than me and I’m madly in love with him and yes, I give him goofy looks like that all the time and I darn proud of it. It’s called love, people.

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