Nicole Kidman & Naomi Watts Compare Notes On Pregnancy

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is preparing to give birth for the first time – and luckily she has Naomi Watts to talk her through it.

“Whenever you’re pregnant, you always call on your pregnant friends and compare notes,” Naomi, 39, – who gave birth to son Alexander Pete last July – told People magazine Monday at a press conference to discuss her new role as the face of Angel, a fragrance by designer Thierry Mugler. “It’s what happens in friendship.”

So will Nicole, 40 – who’s expecting her first child with husband Keith Urban – be a good mom?

“Of course!” said Naomi. In fact, since the Oscar-winner has two adopted children, Isabella and Conner, with her ex-husband Tom Cruise, “She’s already a great mum.”

While Alexander – whose dad is actor Liev Schreiber – didn’t put in an appearance at the event, Naomi said he’s growing up fast.

“He’s turning pages in the book,” she said proudly. “He’s crawling and standing up. He can wave. I read Goodnight Moon to him every night.”



  1. dori says

    Really really happy for Nicole…. she going to be a great mom …can’t wait to see her baby .She’s already a great mom to her 2 children.

  2. Ronnie says

    okay this is kind of unrelated but the perfume naomi was promoted smells absouloutley delicious!!!
    seriously you guys have to go down to your local chemist[drugstore] and try some out!

  3. Miapocca says

    Pictures of Nicole with Bella and Connor in their early years at a yahoo fansite for her..its hows them on vacation, playing at the park..and its nothing like suri at the park..they are all dresses in jeans and actually having fun in the snow…..its a lot of pictures form when they were babies till maybe 8 or so for bella….

  4. Miapocca says

    They wer good friends way befor she married the midget..but apparently once married to the midget, the relationship become distant with Noami..Nicole mentioned that after her divorce she was happy finally doing stuff with Noami…the midget apparently likes to live in a closed box with his family…even katie holmes has dropped her childhood firend who used to travel with her….wierd wierd wierd!
    The guy is a Narcissist

  5. Cheetah says

    I dont really care for nicole, but i have to say; A serious offending question to ask if someone will be a good mom, especially when she already raised to kids even though they aren’t biological hers.

  6. Gina says

    I don’t know, I’m sort of equally freeked out that Nichole is not showing much of a belly. I’m 6′ and extremely skinny as well and I had a heck of a belly with both of my prenancies.

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