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Suri and Katie!

More Suri and Katie!

Even more Suri cuteness!


  1. says

    Even if Katie is just being fashionable in the coat… maybe Suri needs an adorable little sweater to go over her sundress. And for goodness sake! SOME SHOES!

    But I agree, as do most doctors and dentists, she’s too old for the bottle!

  2. Lilac says

    Cute, but wondering why Suri has a little sundress on and is barefoot, while Katie is dressed in coat and jeans. Just wondering what the weather is like in NY. Maybe Katie is just being stylish with the coat.

  3. Julie says

    I love Suri’s little dress! Beautiful! She’s so darn cute. Lay off the bottle thing with Suri! She’s a baby! Why does everyone care so much that she has her bottle?? It’s nobody’s business except Tom and Katie who are her PARENTS. They’ll know when Suri is ready to give it up.

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