The Brangelina Bunch Enjoy A Relaxing Sunday On The Beach

Angelina Jole

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

On Sunday the entire Brangelina bunch (daughters Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 1, and sons Maddox, 6, and Pax, 4) visited Bono’s waterfront home at Eze, France, about 15 minutes from Paul Allen’s luxury compound. The family was snapped with U2 guitarist The Edge enjoying a quiet stroll on the beach.

One local source insists that, when it comes to daily life inside the villa, they’re just like any other family on vacation.

“They’re doing everything you and I might be doing,” said the source. “Eating, taking naps and swimming in the pool.”

Later this month, Angelina is scheduled to walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival for two films, Kung Fu Panda and The Changeling.

Awww….what a sweet pic of Brad and Pax!

And on Saturday Angelina, 32, and Brad, 44, took a helicopter on a house-hunting trip to Monaco. They took Zahara, 3, along while choosing to leave their other three children behind with nannies.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie


  1. july says

    Am a big fan of Brangelina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like them all the time i see their pics….i like the way they take good care of their kids….lucky are they!!!!!!!!!

  2. ann says

    Nicki thank you again, I looked at the picture again again , Shiloh looks so much like Brad she has Brad’s expressions just like her dad, picture 2 15 17 21she look like her dad at all. She is only two already she looks like a Stars. I wish I could babysit her for free I will be very happy.

  3. ann says

    #66 Nicki thank you so much I love this picture, it is so great to see Shiloh, she is so cute and natural looking I love this picture very much, again thank you, you are very special person.

  4. Nicki says

    I just checked it and it worked for me from here. There are 20 pics there. If the like doesn’t work just try

  5. Fly On The Wall says

    to #61 Sandy

    Check out Just Jared. Pax just got a haircut. I wonder if the parents are taking him and Maddox to the Cannes premiere of “Kung Fu Panda”? I bet the boys would love that movie!

  6. Sandy says

    Forgot to add, Pax needs a haircut, and Zahara needs to get that thumb out of her mouth, lots of pictures I have seen her sucking her thumb, Angie should discourage it!

  7. Sandy says

    This is a committed couple very much in love and in tune with one another. Look at Goldie Hawn and Curt Russell, they are a happy committed unmarried couple, love them too! I do agree with Deeds on the statement they made as being dumb and yes, the same with John Lennon and Yoko, people will do what they want too, regardless of what these celebs do. I really think they will marry one day too.

  8. deeds says

    Brad and AJ not getting married until gays can marry is just about as dumb as John Lennon and Yoko laying in bed for world peace.

  9. Zbella says

    Fly on the Wall –
    Us Weekly says “…Jolie – clad in a $2,495 Vera Wang toga gown – rested on a rock on a nearby beach…”
    But you know what? Bet she got it free as a gift. Would make sense. 🙂

  10. Liza says

    Can the WM explain in a post at some point what the standard is for a comment being under moderation?

    Because I’ve noticed that the comments of mine that are awaiting moderation are never actually moderated, they just stay that way.

  11. Liza says


    You don’t need a marriage to be a committed couple. If children are raised in a loving, stable, committed environment, then marriage or not, it makes no difference.

  12. Fly On The Wall says

    54. Zbella | May 9th, 2008 at 8:59 pm
    (Us Weekly claims it’s a $2,500 dress).

    No way! If Angelina wore a $26 dress from a thrift shop to the premiere of AMH in New York last year (and looked like a million dollars in it, incidentally), I can’t see her spending $2,500 on something to lounge around in while she’s waiting for the baby(ies). I’ve never seen any actress who seems to care less about clothes than Angelina. She throws on anything and still manages to look great.

  13. Zbella says

    I don’t think she’s having twins, but we’ll see… The picture of Ange with Shiloh was not on the beach. She’s too cute. I don’t love the colorful dress Ange wore on the rocks. Looks like a tent – but I can understand comfort over style, just not the huge price tag (Us Weekly claims it’s a $2,500 dress).

  14. Arianna's Mommy says


    They have stated that they will get married when everyone who wants to is allowed to get married, meaning when Gay marriage is allowed. Which I think is a very worth while thing, they are commited to each other, and Marriage won’t change that. But being public figures are bringing attention to the fact that there are many people who want to get married, but aren’t allowed to because of the gender they are attracted to because to many people can’t look past their prejudices

  15. ann says

    Brad he is an excellent father, devoted father, These children are very lucky to have parents like them. Angelina lucky have men like Brad, he is great men, I hope Angelina married Bred soon.

  16. carol says

    It is so great to hear Angelin have twin girl, it is great news, congratulations to both of them. I think Angelina is a fantastic mon and most beautiful pregnant woman, We like this couple love little Shiloh very much.

  17. Jello says

    I wish Brad and Angelina would get married!!! Not good for the kids in my opinion. Beautiful family, noble causes, but what happened to commitment ? The husband and wife have to be the cement in order for any family to flourish.

  18. kar says

    I just read on the “In Case you didn’t Know” site that Angelina was having twin girls!! We will have to wait and see.

  19. traveler says

    Fly on the Wall:

    I agree with you 100%. If you can’t afford them, don’t have them. That’s the responsible thing to do. At least then, people wouldn’t be sucking up my tax dollars to feed their kids. I have no tolerance for people who breed and breed and breed and expect the rest of us to foot the bill.

  20. Fly On The Wall says

    42. Gina | May 6th, 2008 at 3:24 pm
    I think small families are overrated these days.

    Sometimes it’s a simple question of economics, Gina. Not everybody can afford to raise a big family. I put my son through college. Could I have afforded to put four kids through college? Hell, no. It’s irresponsible to have more children than you can provide for.

  21. Fly On The Wall says

    That is such a sweet picture of Brad and Pax looking into that red bucket. Little Pax seems totally connected to his daddy.

  22. Gina says

    I think they are a pretty cool family and it would be awesome if Angelina is having twins. I think small families are overrated these days.

  23. ann says

    Nicki I need thank you again, I really enjoy these pictures , I hope someday to meet Shiloh, This is my dream, I really love little Shiloh, she is an angel. everytime I saw her picture make me very happy. Thank yoy again Nicki your my other angel.

  24. Nicki says

    ann~if I find any that are closer I will post them for you, sorry this is all thats out there now.

  25. ann says

    # Nicki thank you are another picture of the beach, I very like to see little Shiloh, in there I saw the picture thank you again.

  26. Ronnie says

    I have four kids
    And if I could afford to leave 3 with a nanny and have solo time with one of them i WOULD do it!
    As long as I spread the us time around evenly it’s the best way to show children in a “large” family that you love them!
    They don’t always get to have mummy to themselves and they enjoy it so why not?

  27. Amanda says

    The kids are growing so fast! Why don’t they let them walk? Its not like anyone is going to take them with all the paps around. Brad looks totally annoyed. Angie looks beautiful but tired. I don’t think she is having twins. I hope they make it as a couple. It would be a shame to break up all these kids.

  28. Generic name says

    they always go for house hunting? why they can’t find a permanent house? their family is getting bigger, and AJ will have another soon, I think that’s too tiring if they always go travel… : )

  29. lu01 says

    oh i love this couple..they are so da kids…they are growing so fast!!!. ..angie and brad r so in love with their children….

  30. melli says

    well..people..i dont care wat u call angie but for me…a person who help others..i think this person has a good heart…and so brad became one of it…before angie,when brad hook up with jenny ..nobody knows he help others like those orphanage…so right now,i think they are made of each other..and God always made someone for a special reason and a special purpose…
    Good luck to this new family…

  31. nova55 says

    man.!!!i love dis family…hope to have more children in da future!!!…angie and brad r good parents.

  32. says

    I’ll believe the twin rumor when I see them. Everyone and their mom are “having twins”.

    Have none of you ladies had MORE than ONE baby? It took forever for me to show with the first one and by week 8 with the second one, I couldn’t even put on my regular jeans.

    I was in regular jeans until week 13 with this third baby, just shows that every pregnancy is totally different.

  33. dori says

    they should do this they should do that they are this they are that… here you go again acting all junior high school again…you ladies are laughable.
    Nice family… cute kids… great good for them
    They all look like they need a bath.

  34. neil says

    There is a funny line in the ‘New Bob Newheart Show” where the spoiled debutant, Stephanie, believes she is going to Monaco and then is told it is the NORTH AFRICAN COUNTRY OF MOROCCO INSTEAD. Funny, no?

  35. KayG says

    Pax looks like he seems to have adapted to Western life.
    They look like a thriving bunch of kids.

  36. Lauren says

    It seems that the Brangelina clan is everywhere! How nice for their kids to experience different countries. Wow, Angelina is getting bigger! Twins, maybe?

  37. Christina says

    I think long dresses are really nice but I think in this particular case, it’s more of a safety precaution – meaning, you never know where the camera will point and if the wind decides to blow! LOL Plus, they are soooooo comfortable and relaxing and again “safe” bet against curious eyes.

    I do have to agree that I believe she is expecting twins. In January she was not showing but in Feb. she had a bump that looked like she was 4 months preggie… think about it, she was sooooo thin beforehand and in a matter of 1 month went from having no bump to having a somewhat big bump. When she was preggie with Shiloh it took months and months to show half that size of bump that she had in Feb. Who knows! I just wish for ANY pregnant woman a healthy pregnancy and birth!

  38. Amy says

    I agree that boys should not have long hair. I guess at this point it is a parent’s prerogative. As long as Angelina and Brad let Pax decide what he likes when he is old enough. One other comment that I have to make is I don’t get all the long dresses. To me, it just takes the viewers eyes away from the pregnancy. Its like they are trying to cover it up. Being pregnant myself, I would never wear them. They look like nighties. Very unbecoming.

  39. Christina says

    A lot of kids have long hair… Hudson’s son’s hair is so long, I thought he was a girl! VERY funny actually. I personally don’t like any man with long hair! I always find it funny when u see “make-over” shows when they have a guy with long hair then they cut it and you think, “Damn, he’s so cute!” LOL

    VERY cute photos… my GF has a house in Cannes and taking a helicopter ride thru-out that area and Monarco is “normal”… a bit of a tourist thing to do.

    I do have to say, though I enjoy seeing photos of them with their kids… I do wish that no one was taking them… It’s one thing to say “Wow, there they are!” and take 1 or 2 photos but there are quite a bit of them. FYI – that is a private beach area so it’s disconcerting that someone invaded that space.

  40. essi says

    ALL of the kids were on the beach on Sunday. Go to Just Jared to see them.

    I think Pax is cute with long hair. If he refused to get a haircut, what can a parent do? It’s not important enough to fight over. With 4 small children and another on the way, you need to pick your battles and long hair would be last on my list of important things!!!

  41. traveler says

    My sister sometimes wishes she could have a nanny. It would be so much easier for her to run out to do the grocery shopping while the twins nap then to have to haul all 4 of her kids to the store. It would also make dinner preparation easier on her if she didn’t have to constantly stop to deal with the twins. Sometimes nannies come in handy. If she could afford one, she’d definitely have one. That doesn’t mean she loves her kids less, just that on occasion an extra set of hands would be a blessing.

  42. traveler says


    They said they try to spend quality one on one time with each kid. My guess is the helicopter ride was Zee’s turn. And if they were at the beach in the afternoon, then Shiloh was probably napping. I have a 2 year old niece and a 2 year old nephew. They are a nightmare if they miss their naps. I’ve taken their sisters places and left them at home with their mom before just so they wouldn’t miss a nap. I love my sister to much to put her through an evening with 2 grumpy 2 year olds.

  43. Jen says

    Why isn’t she smiling?? I guess Jessica Alba is the only one who has to smile or else people will bag on her.

  44. annie says

    House -hunting trip to Monaco, Monaco why not South France, S. France is so beautiful country and safe place, Monaco I have been there I don’t feel to safe. I hope Angelina & Brad choice s. France instead Monaco. We like this family like to see they are movices. We hope they are married soon.

  45. bambamswife says

    One picture of this group is one too many. How in the world do you know what kind of parents they are? Do you know them personally?

  46. lily says

    Angelina is best mon in the world, She is the best actress, Brad he is best Dad and best actor in the world too. We like they movies We hope they can make more movies. These children are so lucky to have parents like them.

  47. essi says

    A “house hunting trip to Monaco”???

    No family with five small children would want to live in Monaco!! With all the rumors about them buying houses everywhere they go, they must own about 50 homes around the world by now. Monaco!! That takes the prize for dumbest rumor!!

    Cute pictures of the kids!!

  48. ann says

    It is so great to see Angelina & Brad. They look so happy and lovely, We love this family, We love to see their movies. They are the best actor and actress. I hope see Shiloh, she is my favorite girl, she is so pretty .

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