1. Sandy says

    #38, dori is absolutely right, this blog has gone downhill quite a bit recently and I am surprised even Zbella hasn’t realized it, a lot of the nicer ladies have left and don’t comment hardly at all any more even the good ones that have stayed. I would say dori is frustrated with the way it has fallen apart, but the comments she has made recently don’t sound like the old dori to me either. I do agree, this family is a united family and it shows regardless of where they are living.

  2. Zbella says

    Go #38! Dori, calm down. I believe this is the best generation for raising children. We have the wisdom of our parents but we are a kinder and gentler generation. Some of us err on the side of indulgence, but in general, we are raising a thoughtful and caring group of children.

    Now, for Angie & Brad – they are wonderful and I don’t care if their home is in Timbuktu – they are raising their children with love and kindness.

  3. Rachie UK says

    dori are you seriously a grandmother?!? it honestly shocks me how you were talking before about this being a sensible blog before everyone started talking ‘crap’ and ‘garbage’. i think that perhaps you should take a look at some of your ‘blogs’ from the past four years to see that you are in fact an exceedingly critical woman to not only the celebs you are commenting on but of people who possibly have a slightly different oppinion to you. sometimes its not everyone around you who is wrong… also, it is no longer the 1960’s, times change and so should you.

  4. Nicki says

    This “dori” sounds very different, almost exactly like jj or jjx2.
    The immature nicknames made from other posters names has jj signature all over it, and a few other things.
    Look there is no love loss between dori and me, so either way it doesn’t matter. I just don’t like people stealing other peoples names and saying crap. I’m not saying this is the case, just who it sounds like to me.
    If this is the new dori, I wonder why she changed to being like jj after ‘4 years” here.

  5. bj's mom says

    then quit crying and complaining about us…you act like you have senority or something. you come on these posts saying you want to change our minds and try to make us see the issues with Angelina and Brad but the only thing you have done is make us see the issues you have. who makes a vulgar remark out of my childrens initials? you! all the cussing and rude comments Oh but wait! you are the older, wiser and more educated one right?? sure dosent sound like it. im done with you, i dont care if you stay or go.

  6. dori says

    hey blow job…. I’ve been here for 4 years and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon…. so deal with it.

  7. bj's mom says

    so now let me tell the old lady something, you dont like us little girls then go elsewhere. bye!

  8. dori says

    Let me tell you little girls something… I have been blogging here for 4 years and before little groupies came in here this was a great website with intelligent women holding intelligent conversations… everyone has left and gone to hellorazzi because they couldn’t take the crap in here and garbage from you guys… I can see why now… you don’t know me… you know nothing about me and yet you’ve got me all figured out half the time the stuff I say is in jest and you guys take it seriously you have no idea how ridiculous you all sound .Half the people in here aren’t who they say they are, aren’t mothers and aren’t the lawyers and social workers they pretend to be just a bunch of women acting all uppity and know it all… talking about fashion and judging others I read your blogs on other threads and before you go criticizing me take a good look at yourselves and ask am I behaving that way? cause you are!! maybe not on this thread today but as a reader and observer I’ve seen each and every one of you bashing celebs and their babies so don’t be so quick to judge others…

  9. dori says

    so nice of you guys to gang up on one blogger because their opinion is different than yours.. whose mature?? you all act like junior high school girls… your pitiful .

  10. dori says

    I am not from the 1930’s I’m from the 1960’s . I have my opinion and you have yours I don’t agree with your comments and that doesn’t make it ok for you’all to jump on my case Look in the mirror… are you perfect? No.. so shut the FUC K UP.

  11. bj's mom says

    wow, Dori. so your calling your own children young, stupid parents of today???? and dont forget, your grandchildren are growing up in this generation and one of them may end up being one of those pregnant teenagers or might steal someone elses spouse, ya never know…..hmmmm….and you call Angelina a bad mother.

  12. Notawannabe says

    I think its funny that Dori’s expectation is that people should live in her old days. Well I hate to say it but I am glad I am young in this world and I won’t live like it’s 1930. I have morals. Strong ones. Yeah, I don’t get upset when I see a teenager pregnant or a woman pregnant out of wed-lock because it doesn’t directly affect me. So sorry not everyone believes in waiting til you’re married to have sex or have children but that doesn’t make you uneducated or have shallow beliefs. Besides, when did God hand over his reign to you?

  13. dori says

    #4 is also a granmother like me and happen to agree with my sentiments so why not pick on her too?? I don’t care what you think … you young stupid parents of today… I am from a generation older and wiser than you. You are the age of my children and your opinions are way too liberal and your ideas are far too lenient Have you no scrupples at all today? You accept preganant teenagers… unmarried couple having babies and women who steal other womens husband and live in suitcases on the run becuause they donate their time for a good cause? Shallow people you all have no scrupples what so ever SHAME ON YOU!!! YOU’RE MORE CONCERNED WITH FASHION THAN YOU ARE OF PEOPLES MORALS… YOU RAISE KIDS WHO LIVE IN FRONT OF TV’S AND LIVE ON STORIES STRAIGHT FROM THE TABLOIDS , YOU’RE UNEDUCATED AND SHALLOW IN YOUR BELIEFS I HAVE NO REGARD FOR ANY OF YOU.

  14. Granny says

    Home is where family is, not an address.

    And not participate in sports, graduation, etc,. The oldest is still what 1st grade. Lots of time to do that stuff. The world is full of kids whose parents travel for livings and they more often than not grow up just fine. I was a military brat and I’m fine. My husband was a railroader’s kid and he’s fine. My cousin’s dad was in highway construction and he’s fine. We all moved a lot. What we grew up to be was adaptable, flexible and open to new experiences and people.

  15. Rachie UK says

    omg you lot are so critical! carm yourself dori lol… i must admit, i felt sorry for jen after everything that happened, but u sumtimes hav 2 just accept that things wernt meant to be. jen’s dating other guys, and brad’s got a family who he clearly adores. i honestly dont think anyone could love those kids better than the two of them, so as long as theyre all happy, i dont think it’s up to us to judge!

  16. says

    Maybe it’s not a lifestyle any of us would (or could) choose to have, but it’s theirs, and it works for them. Those children know no different, aside from orphanages, and appear to be happy. It’s not unlike the lifestyle many young stars live – on the road, home-schooled. I know these kids are not stars, but their parents are, and Angelina was when she was young, and maybe it’s just what works for her. You can look across the street at your neighbours and judge them for their lifestyle too; everyone’s entitled to living this life how they want to and I happen to admire these parents for what they do and how they do it.

  17. Zbella says

    We all do our part and AJ has every reason to be proud of the work she has done. She absolutely deserves to be a mother and I find it insulting that people sit around and decree who is fit and who isn’t. How immature is that?

  18. bj's mom says

    Dori…you help elderly people, that is wonderful. but angelina helps COUNTRIES so dont say you do more than she will ever do. its the other way around.

  19. bj's mom says

    and by the way, if she such a terrible mother than why has she been able to adopt THREE times now? like i said on the other post, they are much better off with Brad and Angie than they were before.

  20. ha ha says

    Bella#1, bravo!

    Fly on the wall, that was funny, and so right on.

    Nowadays we have far too many psychological experts, therapists that we are more ‘dysfunctional’ (is this one of their favorite terms?) than we were. From Oprah to her puppet Dr. Phil to dori & grandma of four here, all wants to dictate other people’s way to live. Take a famous philosophical author’s word: tend your own garden.

  21. Fly On The Wall says

    Dori, Dori, Dori…. puh-leeeeeeze, get your sh*t together and recognize once and for all:

    Your name is not Jennifer Aniston,

    The man who dumped you is not Brad Pitt,

    And the woman he dumped you for is not Angelina Jolie!

    For Christ’s sake, GET OVER IT, will you? It’s THREE DAMN YEARS already!

  22. Bella#1 says

    No I will not scroll past your comments.I get a kick out of putting one track minded people like you, who think they know about other people by looking at them, in there place. You’ll never do as much as Angelina does because you don’t have the commodity to do so. I commend you for working iwth the elderly, ironicly so do I. Your opinion is yours and you’re welcome to it. Don’t tell me that I’m not a lawyer, because I’m, however if you feel better thinking that I’m not then you’re welcome to feel that way. I got nothing to prove to you and neither does Angelina.

  23. dori says

    And you act like you know her personally How do you know what kind of mother she is? I do more to help the elderly in my community than she will do in a lifetime. I am not a hater and you are not a lawyer .

  24. Bella#1 says

    Like I said I’m a lawyer, not a therapist nor do I try to be one. From what little I see Dori, these children does have a home, in fact they have many homes. These beautiful children seem to be thriving very well. They seemed content, happy and very much loved by their parents. Leave Angelina alone, what has she ever done to you, hater! When you have accomplished what she has in the last 5 years or so, maybe then you’ll be qualified to speak about her life as if you personally know her.

  25. dori says

    Angelina is a restless soul who can’t find peace in her life and needs to go and run constantly. She should never have had children at all.

  26. dori says

    Karma has nothing to do with my stating an opinion about a couple who adopts children and then doesn’t give them a home if you want to worry about karma worry about their karma it’s them who will have bad karma for not providing a decent home for their children living in hotels and airports is not a home.

  27. Bella#1 says

    #3 and #4 who made you both the therapists to these people’s lives. You don’t know how these children will turn out, I’ll tell you one thing, they won’t be has judgemental and one track minded has you two appear to be. Mind your own business and take care of your own home. I travelled a lot has a child. I’m now a lawyer, married, never did drugs, never smoked, has loads of friends and the proud mommy of an 11 month old baby girl. Be careful, karma is a bi _ c _ and your harsh criticism may come back to bite you in the face.

  28. Grandma of Four says

    I agree totally with #3. My own grandchildren are in the same age bracket as these children and they LOVE their home, their school/preschool, their little pals, their extra activities (sports/dance). They come see us where we live but after a couple of days, they are ready to go HOME where they can get outside with their friends and play or just flop in their rooms.

    I teach elementary school and can clearly see the effects of a lot of movement. Many of my students are in the migrant catagory and they are so happy when they get back to our school late September and start to dread leaving around the first of May…each year. Stability is a major issue in the well being of our children. How in the world can these kids ever get a sense of self or home or belonging if this couple does not put a stop to all this.

    It just may come back to haunt them when these kids get old enough to realize they are being drug all over the world and their parents never put down any sense of roots for them to grow and mature on. They will be restless souls. Pax and Maddox (and possibly the new baby) will never get to play on sports teams and stick around long enough to complete anything. The girls will never have the fun of getting ready for a dance presentation as they will have to leave before they can present what they worked so hard for. These kids will not be participating in end of the year activities anywhere because they do not stick around long enough to make bonding friends or get involved in clubs or committees. Forget religious involvement…Sunday school is a lost subject here.

    Brad strikes me as a guy who did have roots. Hope he refinds them and gets the restless Angie under some sort of control before they have a pack of rebellious children who will put their foot down and say “No! I don’t want to go. I want to stay here and finish…..!”

    These two need to understand it is not about what they want. It is about what is best for a long term family unit with stability and a sense of belonging.

  29. dori says

    who cares already… neither one of them has put out a good movie in several years… their talents have slumped since they became a couple …Brad hasn’t made a good movie in years and neither has AJ. She proved she has no talent when she had the role of Mariann Pearl …..she finally showed the world that she cannot carry a movie on her acting talents alone and other than doing action flicks she pretty much sucks and Brad… well.. since being with AJ hasn’t made a good movie.When are they going to stay home and raise her kids. Oh yeah.. thats right she doesn;t know how to sit still… she keeps dragging those kids all over the world and home… where’s that? It doesn’t exist for these kids.
    It’s one thing to take them on trips occaisionally and it’s another thing to never have a place to call home.To live out of a suitcase and never make lasting friendships. These kids are going to be so screwed up it’s not funny.

  30. Fly On The Wall says

    Jesus, will somebody please break these damn papzs’s cameras so they will leave this family alone once and for all?! Enough is enough!

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