Myleene Klass Talks Openly About The Challenges Of Motherhood

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass has opened up about how she is struggling to combine the mothering of eight-month-old daughter Ava with work.

“I am tired, tired all the time,” she said. “Sometimes I feel like crying because I am so tired. People say I make it look easy, but I don’t have any of the answers, I’m still trying to figure things out.

“My relationship with my fiancé Gray [security guard Graham Quinn] has been under huge pressure and I have never felt so lonely and isolated. I wonder how other working mums do it – how do they make it look so easy?

“Things haven’t worked out the way I thought they would and just when I think I’m getting there, something else comes along. Just when I had got sterilising bottles down to a T, I had to start making purées. Christ – I can’t even cook for myself! It’s hard – harder than work.

“Some nights you have changed the baby, fed the baby and tried to put her to sleep but she is still crying and you feel like the worst mother in the world. I might look like I’m smiling, but that’s my job.

‘One of my worst nights was when I was hosting the red carpet at the Baftas. Gray was away with work and I had left Ava with a friend for the first time when I got a phone call to say my burglar alarm was going off.

“I couldn’t leave, so I didn’t know if someone was rifling through my house. I was worried about Ava and I had to put a big smile on my face as I interviewed Ricky Gervais and Daniel Craig. I thought: ‘What am I doing? How do people do this?'”

Her seven-year relationship with Quinn has been so strained since Ava was born three weeks prematurely last August, she reveals, that at one point she considered leaving him.

“In the weeks after Ava was born I genuinely wanted to kill him,” she shared. “I was knackered from looking after the baby and then he would come home and say something worthy of murder like: ‘Jeez, I’m so tired, I haven’t eaten all day.’ I wasn’t in a good place and I even told one of my friends that I was going to leave Gray.

“He couldn’t understand why I wasn’t his old Leenie – he thought I should be back in my old clothes, but I could barely get out of my pyjamas. Gray is a great dad and he is the same person he always was, but somebody took my body and shook it up and I have changed.”

Although Ava still sleeps with the couple, which cannot help matters, Myleene insists that her relationship is now much better. She says they are focusing on organising Ava’s christening, before they plan their much-talked-about wedding – the pair got engaged three years ago.

She says: “I can’t understand all these people who talk about how wonderful their relationship became after having a baby.

“It is hard on a relationship. We will never be back to normal it’s a new place we have found. I just want him to appreciate what my day is like. I don’t need the sympathy or adulation, I just want some understanding.

“When I get home, my day is not over. I need to prepare for the next day, I need to sterilise the bottles and I might even get around to making Gray some dinner. I know it is the same for every working mother – but it seems like nobody really talks about it, what a challenge it can be for a couple.

“I know I can’t change Gray and I don’t want to change him. Our relationship has changed a lot, but now that it has been eight months things are getting better. We love each other and we are a family.

“Gray and Ava came with me when I did an M&S shoot in Portugal a few weeks ago and there was nothing nicer than seeing Gray taking his daughter for her first swim.”

She added: “I don’t want people to think I don’t appreciate my life – or that I am moaning. I know that I am lucky. Sometimes I walk around my new house and I can’t believe it’s mine. And when Ava wakes me up in the morning by grabbing my nose I know I have never been happier.

“All I am saying is that while being a mother is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done, it hasn’t been easy.”

Myleene worked right up to having Ava – she went into labour while presenting The One Show on the BBC – and was back at work just three weeks after Ava was born.

She has a full schedule. She is a model for M&S, DJ for Classic FM, recording classical artist for EMI, TV presenter, film reporter for CNN, plus she has written a book about her pregnancy, is designing a range of childrenswear for Mothercare and is due to host next week’s Classical Brits. She is also considering offers from both the BBC and ITV for a prime-time Saturday night show from mid June.

She knows there will be plenty of people out there who believe she could help herself by giving up work – or at least cut down on her commitments.

But Myleene, 30, has been there when the phone does not ring – after Hear’Say disbanded she did not work for close to a year – and having Ava seems only to have made her more determined to grab the opportunities she is offered.

“There is pressure from other women,” she said. “They look at me and say: ‘She’s so ambitious.’ Yes, I am driven, but I could never just stay at home and not work – I would consider myself lazy. I don’t think it is possible to have the perfect balance – so I am doing things the best I can.

“I think there is a real WAG culture – why work when you can find someone who can give it to you if hang around in the right nightclubs and sleep with the right man? He can marry you in the manner of 1820s and keep you in the style to which you are accustomed.

“I’m not like that. I know I have a privileged life, but I work hard for privileged life. I like to work and I like to feel I have achieved something. I’m not the prettiest, or the most talented and I’ve got wobbly bits and a lazy eye, but I make up for it with sheer hard work. I like to push myself and be the best I can.

“I am the breadwinner for my family, and when I am doing a rubbish job like standing in a frozen field for hours to do a link, the thing that keeps me going is the idea that I am doing it for Ava.

“When it comes to work I may be my own worst enemy, but I have turned work down. I quit as a DJ on Capital as that was taking up five hours every Sunday, and I quit The One Show as it was too much to do every day. Having Ava means I have a clearer idea of where I need to go.”

One might assume that to help her behind the scenes, Myleene would have an army of nannies, a housekeeper, cook and cleaner. But for many months, assuming her mother would take on the role of ‘granny nanny’, Myleene had no help at all.

When it became rapidly obvious that Myleene’s jet-set lifestyle would not fit in with her mother’s while Gray went on a six-week tour as security with The X Factor, she was forced to hire help.

She has a friend of a friend called Tash, who she hires for three days a week as her ‘extra pair of hands’, to hold Ava when she is doing a television appearance or to pick up her laundry. Ava goes with Myleene wherever she is – although the star realises this is not a situation she is going to be able to keep as the baby becomes more mobile and attention-seeking.

She says: “I thought my family would be able to help me, but they have got their own things going on – so I have had to find a new way to make it work. There was no balance in my life, but having Tash to help out has taken a lot of pressure off me.

“I take Ava everywhere with me. We got stopped at customs leaving LA a couple of weeks ago because she is eight months old and has already been to places like Canada, Portugal, Egypt, New York and Cape Town. She is coming to Cannes with me for the film festival later this month.

“In our bathroom, we have a travel board for her of all the places she has visited. I know that as she gets older it is going to get harder and harder to take her everywhere – but that is just another challenge I will have to overcome when the time is right.”

For Myleene, inspiration has come from far and wide. Suzanne Shaw, her old Hear’Say bandmate and recent winner of Dancing On Ice, who has a three-year-old son, has provided both a shoulder to cry on and a host of mothering tips. And her fellow M&S model Twiggy also gave her hope.

“Twiggy said to me that she did what I am doing, she brought her baby to work with her, and she said: ‘I made it work for me and you will make it work for you.’ It was great to hear something like that.”

Myleene was signed up by M&S after coming out of the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle, where her showers in a white bikini attracted huge attention. Unbeknown to them – and to her – she was already pregnant with Ava.

She posed while four months’ pregnant in a bikini for the company and the range sold out. And despite putting on four stone during her pregnancy, she was back in a bikini for the company just five months after Ava was born. Despite looking enviously skinny, she says she still weighs half a stone more than she did before she got pregnant.

“My weight has gone down, but my shape has changed,” she shared as she enjoyed a bowl of chips and onion rings. And pulling on an almost non-existent bit of flab around her waist, she said: “I’ve got this muffin top now while my boobs have gone down.”

She insists there is no big dieting secret – she is just eating less and running around after Ava.

“I ate so much in my pregnancy, but I am trying to eat healthier. I am cooking things like chicken and carrots for the first time for Ava, so I have them, too. I haven’t done any exercise yet, although I do plan to, but I try and walk as much as possible.

“Ava is in the sling a lot and when I was on a recent trip to New York to do research for my Mothercare range, Ava’s buggy got lost by Terminal Five, so I was carrying her around for about ten hours a day. It means I have got really strong arms.”



  1. Analise says

    What a whiny, spoiled brat. Staying at home with your kid is lazy??? Easy for her to say since she DOESN’T take care of hers full time. Newsflash! Motherhood IS hard. This bimbo made the choice to work and have a kid. She wants a certain lifestyle with fame, money, travel. Deal with it. AND she went back to work with a preemie at home? Sure she was close to term, but the baby was still early and um.. they really need their Mom’s those first couple of months. What an incredibly selfish, shallow person.

  2. anonymous says

    #13 and #15

    I think women who are “stay-at-home-moms” ARE lazy. How can u live with yourself just popping out kids left and right, and letting your man break his back at work all day, just so you can stuff your face in front of the television? Whenever a woman says she doesn’t work and is a “full time mommy” the only image that comes to mind is a fat, grumpy woman watching daytime talk shows, who is immediately complaining to her husband the second he comes home about how he ‘doesn’t spend time with her’

  3. Adele says

    Myleene is a very well know celebrity here in the UK & people in the UK read these blogs!!

    There are sometimes blogs about American celebrities that us readers from the UK have never heard of, but we don’t complain. For example, that women who took forvever naming her baby boy even though she have always wanted a boy. I never heard of her until I read about her on here.

  4. carleigh says

    It sounds to me like she is going through the typical “adjustment period” that all of us new Mom’s have to go through. However, she has the money and means to make this transition a bit easier for herself. She shouldn’t have deluded herself into thinking that her mother was going to jump in and assist her in raising her grandchild though, that set Myleeene up for some very big letdowns and she is wrong to expect her family to “help” her, family will help IF they choose to do so and are under no familial obligations.

  5. ana says

    she expressed what many working mothers feel….
    i admire her honesty! just because she has a nanny does not make her any less of a mother….i am glad she is the type of woman who works to get what she wants!

  6. Zbella says

    “I work hard for privileged life.” MK
    And I work hard for a not-so-privileged life. Oh yeah, and I raise 3 kids too. And I don’t feel lazy.

  7. Jen says

    I can’t believe that they posted that long of an article on a woman that isn’t that well known.

  8. tonya says


  9. telemetry says

    I like Myleene even more! For once, not another one of those BS interviews with celebs gushing about how they don’t know how they coped before becoming a mother and going on as if no one could possibly understand because they’re the first to ever have a baby.

    Myleene keeps her feet on the ground and never pretends like the rug won’t be pulled out from under her.

    Keep up the good work, Myleene, and hope to see more of you on telly!

  10. says

    Nina – my thoughts exactly. She is complaining to no end about how much she needs to fit into a day because of how demanding a baby is, and then suggests she’d be lazy to do it full time?! Give me a break. This woman is on overload and will no doubt burn out very soon. She is taking all these jobs because she wants a certain lifestyle and in order to have it she needs to work. Something’s gotta go – some of the work or some of the home responsibilities. Her husband works out of town, clearly he can’t make suppers! I agree as a mom with everything she’s said about how hard it really is, and appreciate her for saying it. If only she could see 3-4 years from now and realize she missed an awful lot by doing too much.

  11. chloe says

    Wow! Finally, an honest celebrity mother! So refreshing! So tired of all the sugarcoating of how perfect your life is after you have a baby. Sure, babies are wonderful, but they all cause you stress, anger, depression and worry. They do cause a huge strain on a relationship and sometimes it never goes back to how it once was. She is not “whining” she is telling the truth! Babies are not all sunshine and magic. Thanks for keeping it so real!

  12. Nina says

    She says “I could never just stay home and not work–I would consider myself lazy…..”

    Right….ask any stay at home mom if taking care of the kids WITHOUT a nanny is lazy.

  13. EL says

    Why doesn’t her husband take care of the kid? She does so much that surely his salary as a security guard isn’t needed.

  14. Adele says

    Myleene is a classical musician, ex popstar & a TV presenter here in the UK. I have always liked her & I now like her even more for being truthful about how hard it is being a mother. I would never get a nanny for my children, they are my children so I bring them up. Having a nanny is the easy option in my opinion.

    Any mother who says they don’t feel stressed is a liar. Being a parent is really hard. I have a 9 month old & a nearly 5 year old & they are extremely well behaved but even I find it hard sometimes. I’m lucky that my partner does all the big cooking or I’d be living on TV dinners!!

    I never had time to make fresh purees for my girls, so I buy the baby jars from the store. Now my daughter is getting older I am giving her more “real food” but I am an extremely busy housewife & sometimes we have to cut corners or we will be awake 24 hours a day trying to fit in everything that needs to be done. I’m lucky that my partners helps out when he sees I’m stressed, without him I would dread to know how bad my nerves would be!!

  15. Nicki says

    Thank God my hubby does all the cooking, and we have no children. I couldn’t imagine feeling this overwhelmed, especially without , it seems, any support from my spouse.
    I’m sure things will get easier for her,IDEA- Myleene-call up for delivery dinners, or send Gray out to get pick-up orders, lol.

  16. 2teens says

    I didn’t read the whole article… it was much too long. But obviously she is taking too much on. Why does she think she needs to do everything, right down to the homemade puree’s for the baby? If she is the breadwinner of the family, as she says, then why is she worried about getting home to make dinner for Gray? He should be making dinner for her.

  17. M... says

    It is nice to hear someone keep it real but I also think she might be making it harder on herself for working so much too. I mean, if she enjoys working, fine, but then ask for more help from babysitters/nannies/husband, etc. We can’t do it all, all at the same time – someone starts suffering and it sounds like it’s her.

  18. Rijay says

    Hmm. I think this article is too short. LOL
    Anyway, I appreciate how she’s frank about it all: being tired, tired, and tired. A lot of moms I know who have 2 or 3 kids hire a babysitter frequently. I used to think they handled it all by themselves. And celebs usually have 1 nanny / child.

    This article was refreshing to read. Just in time for Mother’s Day!

  19. ctr says

    It’s about freaking time someone took a drink of reality and said what being a new mom is really all about. She is not whining, she is just being real essie babe. BTW…’get a nanny?’ so she can have someone else bring up her kid like everyone else who is working or says they “have to” work?? If you are giving your babe the attention it needs, it’s all baby all the time. Don’t even ask me how folks with twins do it and I’m the superwoman type. My hat goes off and my glass goes up for a toast to this dame who has an amazing amount of courage to tell it like it is.

  20. essie says

    Who is this woman? I’m just curious. I’m thinking she’s probably from England or Australia.

    She whines a lot for someone with only one baby. Easy solution: get a part-time nanny so you can get some sleep.

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