An Expectant Jessica Alba Dines At Mr. Chow

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

An expectant Jessica Alba (and fiance Cash Warren) dined at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. Jessica and Cash are expecting their daughter in early June. 



  1. Deborah says

    Hi, I’m regularly visit this site but never comment on any pictures. I did however have one question, do you all know each other??? because you sure do argue a lot!!
    Yeah, Jessica Alba does look great!!

  2. Jen says

    Why does everyone care if she’s smiling or not? She’s probably annoyed by the paparazzi. Wouldn’t you be? She’s not at a photoshoot and I think it’s hilarious that women feel like they have to insult her for something so stupid. It’s called jealously.

  3. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    #21 No I did not and I can post on here if I want to. Ella is two born May 2nd 2006 and Keirstin and Elise are 1 month old born March 25th 2008.

  4. Ellen says

    #6. Didn’t you tell us Elise was 3? And how about your blog site with the removed pics. Go back away.

  5. M... says

    Maybe she likes black or is self-conscious about the weight gain, I know I was and I didn’t have people snapping cameras in my face all the time waiting to put my pictures up on the internet. That has to get annoying. I’m not saying it’s not deserved though (and I certainly like looking at celeb moms), it’s just part of being in that business… but it still has to be annoying, especially when you’re pregnant.

  6. Jx2 says

    What bothers me about this photo is that she is dressed from head to toe in black….she’s wearing think opaque stockings too.How cold is it in California?

  7. Tammy says

    I don’t think I would be smiling very much eaither if I had cameras in my face all the time. She is beautiful with or without the smile!

  8. Olive says

    Amanda, I don’t need to know anything about you to know that your critique was foolish. Just like this, your most recent statement that she always looks miserable.

  9. NSGirl says

    I agree…I don’t think she looks all that happy…I wouldn’t really consider that a “smile”….none the less she is beautiful and hopefully her baby will be healthy (isn’t that the main thing anyway?!)

  10. Amanda says

    Olive, I have always said she is beautiful, so don’t jump me when you don’t know anything about me. She always looks miserable. I feel bad for her.

  11. junofan says

    wow, this is what I was waiting for, she is so sexy, especially when she is pregnant, now lets see that belly!!!!

  12. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    Hi everybody I know you hate me, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry for everything and that whoever was making a fake blog for me and posting under my name that was just mean and I am a real person. Just thought I would let you know! Oh and My Kids are great the twins are 1 month old and Ella will be two tommorow!!

  13. Olive says

    Amanda, whose lips are you looking at? Jessica’s are curved upwards at both ends. That qualifies as a smile. Stop pretending your beef w/ her is her supposed sourness, and say you hate her b/c she’s beautiful already. It’d be alot less tiresome.

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