This Will Either Offend You Or Make You Laugh!

This provides a good reminder to keep a close eye on your 7-year-olds! I know I will! Just kidding! 😉 I do find this insanely bizarre and I can’t help but laugh despite myself!

And because I think Dlisted is particularly gifted in their commentary….click here!


  1. Jen says

    Jx2- I have had a couple of scuffles with you on here, but I have to admit you have really made me laugh on this particular blog. I love the beer belly and fat albert comment. 🙂

  2. yp says

    i would thank God that everyone was ok, i would talk to him to find out what it was that set him off like that and then explain to him why he’s about to be punished like never before

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Dori, why do you never believe people do what they say they do as job? Where is your evidence that Liza is not a social worker? Just because she posts on a baby blog? That doesn’t make any sense, people are entitled to time off you know! Sorry, I’m not meaning to attack you here but this has been annoying me everytime I read this thread!

  4. dori says

    yeah Liza if you’re so darn busy why are you in here on a celebrity baby blog ??? you’re full of it. Just like so many that come to this website under false names and pretenses you’re just another one.

  5. EXELA says

    That kids knows right from wrong. Was I the only one watching the video? He stated, “he likes doing bad things because it’s fun? Previous entry you’re right he has future jailbird written all over his forehead. Can you say Convict?

  6. Sandra says

    Get him some kind of help??? I would say so I might also recommend some serious help for his MOTHER!! At least the grandmother has some sense, she wants to beat his butt!! Hopefully she did in the privacy of their own home!

  7. boo says

    I can definitely see the amusing side to this story… but Its scary to think that He and his friend could have been killed or even killed an innocent bystander walking across the street … or caused an accident with another vehicle.
    I think it is good that the police want to get him in trouble and get him some help… becasue for a 7 year old to say its fun to do bad things… even to the Police… thats a bad sign and could definitely be a serious warning sign for his future!

  8. Rina says

    That is not funny. What if you & your kids were the ones driving & this kid playing driver crashed into you? Will you still think that’s funny? Kids like that should be given harsh punishment/community service (not just a weekend without videogames). He is not even remorseful that
    his grandma has to pay for all the damages he has caused.

  9. I agree says

    Is the world really a better place since they took away parents and teachers rights to paddle? Less violent? I do no think so. Kids do whatever they want, because they know we cant do anything about it. Now we just medicate everyone. Much better huh?

  10. Told Ya says

    This is just another example of what happens when one parent thinks they should be able to tell other parents how to disipline thier children. When I was growing up I that boy would have never even thought of taking her car, he would have known he would have gotten his rear end warmed real quick. Parents and schools have no control over the children anymore. Write that down.

  11. 2teens says

    His neighborhood is probably not the safest place for him to play outside let alone be loaned out to the neighbors.
    This kids future isn’t looking too rosy, unfortunately. But I do agree that he probably didn’t fully understand the ramifications of his actions. The ability to reason is just not fully developed at age 7.

  12. Blah says

    The fact that his grandmother has custoday says a lot for his future. She’s too old to keep up with an already bad child. Just wait until he’s 15. Unfortunately he will probably head down the same road as his parents obviously did. I feel bad for him. He’s obviously been dealt a bad hand of cards since birth.

  13. Miapocca says

    Those who cannot change are called psycopaths…they already have thier habit establish in early adoliscence and then they pretty much cannot change..they people are highly dangerous and a majority of those incacerated are psycopaths..

    Others are those with personality disorders ..narcissists, etc..they also cannot change ,,requires way too much effort on society to change them because they will use and abuse you dry at every turn..some are so higly function you find them positions of prestige where you can have the worst possible impact..

    This kid doesnt sound so bad and I sincerely hope he will not be in jail at an early age…hopefully the incident and a measures taken by grandma in putting her key away and letting himknow the consequences of his behavior shoud suffice…oh as well as neighborhood slave should do the trick…

    A good whooping should help, but both grandama and baby boy here are responsible for what happened..

  14. Miapocca says

    “Loaning him out to the neighborhood to essentially use as slave labor is ridiculous. What he needs is a caretaker who will provide actual supervision.”

    AHAHHA,,,neighborhood slve conjures images of shackles etc..not funny but I am dying laughing in my chair.,.ahahha

  15. Liza says

    I have an office, I do paperwork, assessments, petitions, court reports, notes on case progress; that’s what social workers do in addition to being with the “clients”. What do you think social workers do? You think we are ALWAYS out doing field work? We’re not. One of the main rules in social work is if it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen. In fact, I’m at work right now, taking a break while eating my lunch.

    Pfff, sure some people can’t change, do you really want to say that a 7 year old is set in stone on how they behave? For a minority of children like the child you mentioned, real change/reform does not occur, but the vast majority of children when given appropriate limits, structure, supervision, and a parent willing to put in the work, real change is more than possible, it’s likely. Some of the children I work with have been so damaged by abuse or neglect that we wonder if we’ll even be able to get them to adulthood without multiple trips to the hospital or suicide but so often we end up seeing these kids going to college and making a life for themselves that was never offered to them by their parents.

    You provided an anecdote, albeit a sad one, but I work in a field where services are provided based on outcomes. If something hasn’t proved that it’s capable of working and changing people for the better, it doesn’t get funded and isn’t implemented.

    Fact is, so many of you seem willing to give up on a 7 year old for fear of what he might become, where I’ve seen children do much worse than him, and go on to become productive members of society.

  16. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I think the biggest issue here is how un-repentant the boy seems! He could have done so much damage, especially with a big SUV like that!

  17. Pfff says

    Liza, some people MAY be able to change, some people cannot. I know of a 17 year old who cannot, will not, whatever….change. He’s been in the ‘system’ for several years for things I won’t go into. Many parenting styles were tried on him before he became part of the system. He continued to deviate with no care as to the consequences. His social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, etc, etc, etc all *thought* he was improving, did a 180 and so forth because he has the mental capacity to put on the act and let them think whatever they want. It is scary to think, how many of these ‘reformed’ people – are they REALLY reformed??

  18. ANTI says

    Here’s a punishment – hide the junk food and car keys. It said Grandma has custody? So that means she’s 2 for 2 in the child-rearing catergory – maybe lock her sorry butt up.

  19. dori says

    Liza you were posting at 3:37 in the afternoon yesterday do you do this from your office… liar…

  20. dori says

    If you’re a social worker Liza what the heck are you doing in here? You’re full of crap is what you are.

  21. lindsay says

    is there something wrong with that kid. i hope he has to pay for all the damages instead of his grandmother.

  22. Liza says

    I was responding to the person who suggested the kid be “loaned” out to people in the community. Loaning a 7 year old out to people in the community to do random work is not an appropriate suggestion to make in my opinion.

    I work with troubled/neglected/abused children, it’s what I do for a living. Children don’t usually do things like this if they parenting they are receiving is appropriate and effective. Yes, a social worker or a police officer might provide some sort of insight and guidance that he wouldn’t get at home, but they won’t always be there, and so his caretaker, whether it be his grandmother or someone else, needs to be able to provide more effective parenting that will provide more supervision and structure. The fact that her response is that she’d want to hit him but knows she’d get in trouble for it, leads me to believe that she may not really know how to parent him.

    The fact that so many of you have written off a 7 year old as a delinquent or “bad” kid is sad in my opinion. The belief that he can’t change, that people can’t change, is maybe part of the reason why our prisons are so overcrowded or maybe why we don’t do enough to change conditions in the inner city.

    He’s 7, who he is, is far from set in stone.

  23. Lurker says

    I agree the kid likely didn’t know the full extent of what he was doing. I also think he should have to earn the cash somehow to pay for the damages he caused.
    But unfortunately I also think that with the kind of attitude he already seems to have (“it’s fun to do bad things”), he’s a juvenile delinquint waiting to happen.
    Yes, many kids may feel like that to a point, but most don’t act on it to that extent! But, then again,at that age, don’t they all think they are ten feet tall and bulletproof?
    Gramma’s probably going to be visiting him behind bars by the time he’s a teenager.

    Yes, he needs supervision, if he were properly supervised it wouldn’t likely have happened.
    And yes, he needs help (and maybe a swift kick in the pants)..but funny?
    Not in my opinion.

    Sad, maybe (for GRANDMA at least)..but not funny.

  24. Jx2 says

    “Loaning him out to the neighborhood to essentially use as slave labor is ridiculous. What he needs is a caretaker who will provide actual supervision.”

    Liza – I hardly would associate doing chores around the neighbourhood as slave labour. Are you serious? He is old enough to realize that money does not grow on trees and that damages to people’s property comes with a penalty. The kid is a sloth. He needs to actively move around instead of being in front of a video game all the time. He is the re-incarnate of Fat Albert.

    Some children don’t respect parental authority. But they would listen to the police or a social worker if they have no other choice. Which is why it is important that he do some community service as punishment for his actions since he isn’t old enough to be locked away as of yet.

  25. dori says

    lol lol lol this is crazy!! I saw it on the news last night. don’t really know what to say… I doubt he totally grasps what he’s done. For him it was a game. He needs some serious disciplining andjx2 he should work off some of the money by doing chores. No nintendo for 2 days? how about no nintendo for life?
    Those games are the cause of a lot of the violence done by young people today. They get their ideas from those video games They should outlawed as far as I’m concerned. But I do believe those video games do promote violent behaviour.

  26. Liza says

    There is a difference between knowing right from wrong and truly understanding why something is wrong and the possible long term repercussions of it. It’s why children this age aren’t charged with serious crimes when they might have committed them because their brains are not fully developed and often the moral reasoning is not complete. Your 4 year old knows what’s right and wrong because she understands that some things come with punishment and some don’t, and you tell her when she has done wrong, but the possibility of a 4 year old understand cognitively why what she had done was right or wrong is very very low.

    Did this kid know what he was doing was wrong? Probably, and he probably knew it would get him in trouble, but in all likelihood he didn’t understand the damage or possible injury it could have caused.

    How about we not blame the kid for poor supervision and parenting?

  27. SBT says

    Oh dear. I definately think this child should be made to earn back the money for the damages, and as for saying that a 7 year old wouldn’t understand the repercussions of what he did, my daughter is 4 years old and she knows right from wrong and would never do something as dangerous as this

  28. cyberkitten38 says

    LOL…i had to laugh at Grandma’s comment “if i knew i wouldn’t be arrested I’d whoop his behind” LOL
    U’re right..that kid needs his behind seriously whooped! He’ll be in juvi hall within 5 yrs i’m sure *sigh*

  29. Liza says

    I agree that the kid should be punished, and certainly more than having video games taken away for a short time, but he’s also 7 years old. It’s doubtful that he understands the full repercussions of what he did or how much damage he could have caused to himself, other people, or property.

    Loaning him out to the neighborhood to essentially use as slave labor is ridiculous. What he needs is a caretaker who will provide actual supervision.

  30. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    I think he should do a ride with the police and then work 3 days of the week after school just being loaned to the people in the community..he could have caused serious damage to someone on the streets..

    I found it more amazing than funny..but then If Grandma had a stick , he wouldnt have been able to ride..

    Grandman needs to invest in a LOCK!

  31. Jx2 says

    That kid looks really slow (read: dumb)! He should be forced to pay for his own mistakes like mowing peoples lawns and cleaning up their yards to make back the money to pay for the damages he caused. It will also help him lose that beer belly he has by being more active.

  32. tink1217 says

    Poor grandma?? Give me a break…this kid has future jailbird written all over him. I am sure his “life circumstances” haven’t been the greatest, but he needs a swift kick in the behind. Not only for what he did, but for his attitude.

  33. cheetah1976 says

    Ow my god!

    The kid thinks a weekend without a videogame is enough punishment!?

    If it was my kid i let him work of some of the cash. 100 dollars of things to do in the house, 1 dollor for each finished task. Then he will know that people have to work hard for money and you cant trash other peoples property like that.

    Poor grandma.

  34. Sunshine says

    Thank god the police plan to get him some help, we really don’t need crazed 7 year olds driving!!! lol but i can see the funny side.

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