Brangelina Relocate To The French Riviera

Angelina Jolie

The Brangelina bunch has relocated to France.

Angelina, Brad, and their four children are holed up in Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen’s Villa Maryland in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat on the French Riviera.

The family arrived early Monday night via private jet at Nice airport with two nannies and three security guards said an onlooker.

As has been previously reported, Angelina is due this summer and plans on having her baby in France.

“It’s a breathtaking villa with views out over the Mediterranean Sea and they have roughly 12 staff on hand at all times to get them anything they need,” said a source.

“They’ve stayed there before and love the house, it’s very private and no one can see in.

The insider shared that Angelina, who has two films opening at next month’s Cannes film fest, will relax while Brad goes house-hunting.

“They love France and will now be here until after the babies are born and Angie is looking at Marseille hospitals as a potential place to give birth.”

They also stayed at Paul Allen’s villa for a week during Angelina’s pregnancy with Shiloh in the early summer of 2006.

Angelina met Paul, who helped bankroll DreamWorks, when she was filming Shark Tale in 2004.



  1. D. says

    Is anyone else appalled and disgusted with the way that Brangelina keep Zahara’s hair? If you are going to adopt an african american baby at least have the decency to learn how to do the poor child’s hair or in their case – pay someone else to do it. Her hair looks so broken and dry – if you cannot even condition and comb your child’s hair, what kind of parent are you? Leaving it out wild or putting it up into little halfhazard pony-tail puffs is just not going to cut it. Her hair should have been much longer by now but it seems that they not taking care of it the way they should. She is a beautiful child – but there is just no excuse for her hair.

  2. Sandy says

    I don’t think that all of dori’s posts are hers, they sound like a different person to me. I have to say I have really never seen a bad picture of Angelina, even with all the “black” which I wish she would get away from, seems weird to me but she is beautiful! This family can afford to live, buy, spend or do whatever they want too. They cannot be compared with the superficial JLo and Kimora Simmons who is pathetic in my opinion! The children will be raised in a loving home and that is priceless!

  3. dori says

    dori is here reading your posts… do you need to talk about me as if I’m not here ? What a bunch of rude people you are….

  4. Christina says

    I have had experiences with Dori in the past and though I do not agree with her – I never found her to be malicious… only recently I think her level of disdain has grown and that to me is odd.

    Traveller & BJ’s mom… both accurate!

    My postings were more geared toward Miapocca… she’s just ridiculous… I mean seriously, learn how to type and spell!!! Hard to take someone seriously when their level of education speaks volumes. Half the time you spend reading her post is spent on figuring out what the heck she is trying to spell and say.

    Gotta love Nicki though… she’s always great.Oriana is great as well and she doesn’t care much for this couple but she never seems hostile whereas Dori suddenly seems so… that’s odd… so hostile over a couple she doesn’t know nor like. Opinion is one thing but hostility is another.

  5. traveler says

    I just don’t understand why people who so obviously don’t like this couple would waste hours of their time blogging on this site about it. I don’t care for Brittney Spears at all and thus I avoid all blogs about her. I don’t bother to waste my valuable time bashing her just to prove to strangers the level of my dislike. I have to wonder why a person would do this. Perhaps in an effort to increase their own sense of self-worth?

  6. bj's mom says

    Christina…i agree with you but you might not want to waste your time on Dori…read her post #72. she’s quite a mature one.

  7. Christina says

    Dori- I’m NOT trying to “bash” you… I’ve chatted with you in the past and you have always to a degree been reasonable and I’ve respected your opinions as they are your own. But even you have to admit there are some pretty harsh statements above from the same people over and over again.

    I will say this, everyone makes their own personal choice and when children are in the mix, people do the best that they can. I believe they are doing the best that they can but most important – they keep the family together. Another example: Kidman. She has choosen to stay close to her husband Urban… what about her teenage children? How do they fall into the mix? They’re teenagers in school and she stays in Australia and Nashville most of the time… it’s a long flight to Australia private or commercial. Teenagers develop their own lives… do I agree with Kidman’s choice to be so far away from her other kids? No. But hey, that will impact her relationship with them. She clearly has choosen to remain close to her husband. The kids are fine with Cruise and in school. People have to make sacrifices all the time and they learn – well this didn’t work – so be it. AJ & BP have made a choice to keep the family together no matter what. Soooooo many celebs have traveled in the same capacity as them w/their kids. Demi Moore gave up her career to stay in one spot to raise her daughters… it’s all a matter of personal choice!

  8. dori says

    Just because you don’t like what I say and I am very verbal about the reasons why I don’t like this couple is not a reason tp preseume you know anything about me at all. Mia here spoke the same things I did about this couple. Get a grip… I am very stable , have raised 2 beautiful girls to adulthood and I have a full and happy life. I’m just in here to get you idiots to see the reality of this couple they are not to be admired and worshipped They are really screwed up and their kids are going to be really screwed up as well. So whenever someone goes on a rant about the wonderful Jolie _pitts I just chime in and state the facts

  9. Christina says

    Dori- who do you know that constantly speaks badly about another person… over and over again? Constantly clinging on to negativity… u don’t like them, we all get that. It’s your opinion BUT to state it over and over again, to go through each and every little thing just to argue about someone else’s self-worth??? That sounds like a lonely person in need of attention. I respect anyone’s opinion but when the SAME people over and over say the same thing over and over – broken record. Go on postings and talk about people you do like… it’s healthier!!! Furthermore, go up and re-read what the majority of the SAME people that write the SAME thing about their disdain for this couple write – all tabloid crap! AJ is no angel, she has done things in her past that would make most people cringe and that is in her PAST. The kind of person, woman, she is today is honorable and has good intentions. I don’t understand women who feel the need to bash other women unneccessarily. How would you feel as a woman if her children read your postings?? Nice work Dori and all the hateful sayers- hurting innocent kids! Good job! Are you all proud of yourselves as women? As mothers?

  10. bj's mom says

    and yes, Dori, you’ve made it very clear over and over again that you do not like this couple. We get it.

  11. bj's mom says

    Whatever route they decide to go with these kids (stay at home or travel the world) they are definately better off than they would have been had they not adopted them.

  12. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    Hey..raveller good luck with the adoption..IT IS expensive..hmm…I have a cool idea, let get a petition on here to have JPs sponsor adoptions for those who need financial support..

    I will even be nice to them for the interim while its ongoing…:)

  13. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    I am sorry , but most of the information JOLIE comes out of her revealing interviews not Tabliods all the time..She likes to sensationlize her life and she was able to do this without the tabliods even lifting a heand..

    When you tell the whole worl who , when , how you EFF your men on TV…you got to know your life will be as wide open as it can get..

    She is emotionally retarded. Brad Pitt is a co-dependent wihtout an indentity..I think they deserve wach other, but I htink despite the money and travel those children would wish they were in a regular average jo home, when they start to make normal friends…

    HOrding kids in an effort to make sure the have firends is a little stupid…children are not collectibles and they dont indulge selfish fantasies of having a mini united nation in your home by collecting kids..

    Many many many celebs donate a ton more money than these two..they are simplyhigh profile and enjoy being so..its a business, it makes money and then they can ask uncle sam to direct thier taxes to their favorite charites…you dont think they are not deducting all the giving from thier taxesx\s::

    They have done good, but really I dont see why you shoudl put them on a pedestal when so many peopel are doing so much more before these two dsipecable aliens came along

    Apparentl the clintons paid about 10mill last year…for charity..hhmmmm

    I wonder if JHO , Kimora, Holmes will part with anyone of their bags for homeless kids in their hometown

  14. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    The children you are comparing them to are all below 2..they are not in regular school as yet..her kids are older and she will have to factor that into her life plan..

    I dont think stability in the end all and be all, but the children need to socialize with others and not belong to thier JP cult..

    This kind of bonding is typical with emotionally disturbed parents…Mommy dearest knows best!!!

  15. dori says

    no one is seething with jealousy.. we just have an opinion that is different than yours..did it occur to you some people just don;t like this couple and think they are lousy parents and see them for the media grabbing whores that they are?

  16. Christina says

    All of you that think they crave media attention – get a life! You’re seething with jealousy and unhappiness in your own life that you feel the need to project such negative thoughts. Have you ever been in a media storm? Most likely not – you’re the same ignorant fools that write about people you dislike and most important, the SAME people blogging about them on every posting! It’s hysterical – the same people over and over stating the same comments. You have no clue! Not to mention, you seem to believe everything the media writes – in tabloids!

    Paul Allen dates blondes – Pamela Anderson looking women (cheap looking hookers) they’re always flying on his jets and are constantly surrounding him! Paul is friends with Brad. He donated big to Make it Right. Not to mention a lot of people whom own homes in Cannes rent it out for the Cannes film festival.

    Lastly, so what if she was attracted to women… I used to LOVE cheesecake but now, can’t stand the taste of it. People change their preferences… perhaps you shouldn’t be so blind and dumb like the Iranian President… homophobic, lonely bunch of tabloid believing losers!

  17. Nicki says

    Exactly 2teens! I didn’t know the Jolie-Pitt kids were starting a singing stage act.
    And Peppers you don’t hear anything about the Jolie-Pitt kids except from actual interviews from them, not cut and paste jobs in tabloids, of interviews with a ten year time span, without an actual writer getting credit. When you see an article without a name, it is a bunch of mish-mash from other interviews, usually cut to the story they want to push at the time(a bit of an actual “quote”).
    We barely hear about Will and Jada’s kid’s being taught at home. They travel to every movie set, with tutors, and no one complains about how thier kids are missing out on the school experience. And the Smith kids are older than the JP kids.
    Many stars have brought thier kids everywhere with them, with tutors all over the world, but none have had thier every move and action examined through a high powered microscope.
    Sadly only the Jolie-Pitt children.

  18. Peppers says

    Traveler, I understand the lifestyle of stars but doesn’t school matter for them and stability? With their money they can afford tutors and that is never mentioned. I just wouldn’t want them growing up without a childhood. Look what it did to our friend Michael Jackson!

  19. bj's mom says

    and he’s happy with 4 beautiful children….thats what he’s involved in and it is not a shame.

  20. traveler says


    Why is it a shame? Obviously, she doesn’t want to marry that woman anymore or else she’d still be with her. Looks to me like their both happy with each other. Besides, who’s to say it isn’t Brad that doesn’t want to marry? He didn’t have the best experience the first time around, so maybe he’s happy just keeping the status quo. Don’t assume that the decision to marry or not rests solely with Angelina.

  21. bambamswife says

    Guys_ remember their comment_ they will not get married until everyone can get married. Joile is probably bisexual. She did want to marry a woman once. She even said that on “The Actor’s Guild” interview. It’s just such a shame to see Brad Pitt involved with this. Do hope they have a healthy baby.

  22. traveler says

    Maybe they’ll go back to Namibia. They had such a good experience with Shiloh’s birth while there and the Namib government was very accommodating.

  23. essie says

    Traveler, you didn’t mention that Will and Jada Smith’s two kids have NEVER even been inside a school!!! They are 8 and 11 (I think) and have always been tutored and have always traveled the world with their parents. Same with Tom Hanks and his two young boys. MOST stars take their children with them when they make movies but only Brad and Angie are criticized for it. But then, they are criticized for everything they do from the clothes they wear to what their children eat. It really is sickening!!

    Fly, they travel on a private jet. A lot different from commercial. She can walk around or lay down and actually get some restful sleep on a real bed!! I don’t think flying will hurt her.

  24. Fly On The Wall says

    They are in France for the Cannes film festival, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they stayed until after the baby comes. Angelina’s getting kind of big to do a lot of air traveling.

  25. lemons says

    I think she’s just trying to make sure that her longitude/latitude tattoos of where her kids are born are just more interesting. Personally I’m hoping that she’s going to try and go for every continent, though I’m not too sure how she’s going to pull Antartica off.

  26. traveler says


    I don’t think that the JPs have much of a choice as far as their lifestyle is concerned. If their next film is shooting in Europe or Texas or LA, they have to be there. If their film is being screened in Cannes, then they’re under obligation to be there for it. That’s the lifestyle of an actor. They don’t have a choice (and really, what other careers could they possibly have, it’s not like they have college degrees and other options, acting is about all they’re qualified for right now).

    The kids of other actors live similar lifestyles. Look at Suri Cruise. She’s been alive for all of 2 years and she’s already been in New Orleans, LA, Colorado, London, Paris, the South of France, and Germany. At least the JP kids have each other. Suri doesn’t have anyone her age. Matilda Ledger spent most of this past year in Europe on location with her mom and Matt Damon has already said that his family will be travelling with him on future shoots (and one of his kids is school age, he’s pulling her out of school and she will be tutored from now on). So, the JPs aren’t the only Hollywood kids living this lifestyle. I think they’ll be just fine. If you’re used to that way of life, then you’d probably hate being stuck in one place all the time anyway. Kids are pretty resilient. They can handle just about anything.

  27. traveler says


    I have no money because I’m saving for an adoption, which is expensive. Unlike the JPs, I can’t find $25,000 in my couch cushions. I have to scrimp and save and work two jobs to get it. That’s why I have neither the time nor the money to travel like I used to. I know I’m doing this for a terrific reason and I can’t wait until my daughter comes home, but working my life away and constantly running from one job to another is getting really old. Sometimes, I just have to vent.

  28. Peppers says

    These kids are shuffled back and forth from city to city, state to state, country to country and never go to school. They need stability in their lives and friends as well. All they know is the inside of an airplane.

  29. Miapocca says

    Traveller,…its deosnt cost that much to go on vacation..
    IMO it depends on your priorities..cable and car adn fancy cell phone OR vacation..hahaha

    You just have to decide what is more important to you and back packing isnt so bad when you add a night on two in the fanciest hotel you can find

    Suprisly a few year back it cost about 7-10 dollar a might at the princess stephanie hostel in Monaco…CHEAP..since at that time the dollar was riding high

  30. Liza says

    I would suggest that if you think people are obsessed with celebs, that you stop coming regularly to a celebrity website. You seem to see what people do on this site as a problem, but you post as often as anyone.

    Liz Taylor, Jack Nicholson, and Robert DeNiro were of a different generation when the paparazzi didn’t exist. The media had a much different relationship with celebrities at that time.

  31. Miapocca says

    Basically you can conclude that she slept with any man or woman she was “FRIENDS” with in between her messed up marriage if not during according to the lesabian lovers tale!..she lives her life in phases, I find her rather immature and she lives in a fantasy she creates,,Brad is attractive to her because he goes along with her bull…can youimagine billy bob putting up with these sheninigans for long…well I guess not, after the f-uc-ck spell wore off he convieniently got rid of her…

    He basically siad the most attractive person is not necessarily good in bed adn to him some of teh best women he knows are not neccessarily the most beautiful..this is coming right after the divorce.

  32. Miapocca says

    funny…obviously this couple can not make up their minds..ahahha…I am familiar with the area they are in and all I can say is great choice….love the place..not far from Monaco and Cannes

    HMMM…do these kids have friends…this girls not only unstable but she likes to bind her family to her withiron chains…fostering this kind of parental dependency will create a backlash when the children grow up…

  33. bj's mom says

    Yeah Dori…we are all obsessed with celebs and need to get a life. and your not on here doing the same thing as all of us right???

  34. dori says

    For those who criticize me and my criticisms of the Jolie Pitts you should realize people my age come from a time when celeb’s were intersting because we knew nothing of their private lives. Love the actors for who they are , not who their families are. I love this actor and not knowing his children all these years made me only concentrate more on him rather than his wife and kids.

  35. dori says

    Well, lets see if they didn’t publicize themselves so much maybe they would have privacy.
    Liz Taylor didn’t have her life on parade all these years with her kids, lets see neither did Jack Nichoilson, Robert DenIro and many other actors of MY ERA. You people are OBSESSED WITH CELEBS…. GET A LIFE FOR GODS SAKE.

  36. Granny says

    Whereever they have their child, it will be a struggle for them to have privacy at that time. That could easily influece where they go for the big event.

  37. traveler says

    Just because a tabloid says Angelina is giving birth in France, doesn’t make it true. They said the same thing when she was pregnant with Shiloh, and we all know the child wasn’t born in France.

    My guess is that the family is in France for the Cannes Film Festival. That’s as much as anyone really knows.

    Besides, the JPs can go wherever they want. I envy them because at least they can go somewhere. I’m stuck here for the forseeable future. It’d be nice to be able to have the time and money to spend a few weeks in a beautiful location.

  38. bj's mom says

    Nicki…i remember reading about her going to have the baby in France in honor of her mom but i dont remember where i heard it it was a while ago and i dont keep track but whatever it really dosent matter in the end where she has it or why. and anyways with all the celebrity gossip mags and websites, who ever knows whats true or not. i wish them luck tho and a healthy baby.

  39. Nicki says

    I love how they “made it to France” without one photo. They also left the US without one photo. I think that says how much they are seeking publicity! Good for them. They are stalked day and night and still somehow managed to pull this off.
    She can give birth, or go on vacation where ever, when even they want. People who live by the tablies reports are very shortsighted. She has never said anything about France as being “in honor of her Mom”, and why would she when her Mom was born in the USA, but from French-Canadian descent. Tablies, again and again.
    I am amazed at the people who recite the tablie lies over and over again.
    Best wishes always to this wonderful family! The crap they have to put up with is unbelieveable.

  40. Liza says

    Where in my post did I even imply that they were the only celebrities who donate or give their time to charities? Oh that’s right, I didn’t.

    Yes, I am sure that many celebrities do give anonymously. It’s an assumption I am making, I don’t have proof, neither do you. But most celebrities do make their charitable work and donations public because of the simple fact that it raises awareness and makes it more likely that the public at large will also donate their time and/or money. Who even knew or care one bit about Darfur until celebrities took the time to raise awareness?

    And yes, dear, you are entited to your opinion, but your post on a public forum, so if you don’t want people to respond to your opinion with their own opinions, then maybe you should be the one “shut the heck up”.

  41. dori says

    it makes my day just to shake you guys up…no really they are interesting and I do appreciate their talents as actors but when start this flaunting of their personal life I really dislike it.

  42. KayG says

    It looks like a beautiful villa. Who wouldn’t want to live there? I wonder if the papparazzi are as aggessive there as in America?

  43. Isabella says

    babies??? plural? Angelina is NOT having twins as been previously offcialy confirmed by her rep.

  44. bj's mom says

    well, Dori….if you dislike them so much and just want to criticize them then why are you even wasting your time commenting on them.

  45. Amanda says

    Brad is starting to look like shaggy. What is with his clothes? He is dressing like an old fart all the time.

    I wish she would lay off the black dresses, I absolutely love her smile. She comes across so warm.

    I would like to see more family pics, but its gotta be hard traveling with them all the time.

    I thought they werent getting married until gays could marry??

  46. dori says

    I don’t look for reasons to criticize them they give me plenty of reasons to say things…. without me looking… their extravagant behaviour and public everything they do is quite enough for me.

  47. dori says

    It’s a well known fact many celebrities make huge donations annony,ously and are you so small minded that you actually believe this is the only couple in hollywood who donate so generously WAKE UP and smell the coffe girl you are in a dream world Right I don’t like them never will I am entitled to my opinion , if you don’t like scroll past it and shut the heck up!

  48. Zbella says

    Maybe she’s giving birth in France because she wants to. I doubt it has anything to do with her mother. I was happy to give birth 3 times in the USA – but that’s me!

  49. Carolina says

    So, if her Mother was French Canadian & American,
    why she is going to have the baby in France.
    I don’t see the relation.
    Just because it is french, but in Canada they speak french

  50. Liza says

    Who cares how much they spend! It’s what they give that matters and they give a lot. Dori, how do you know so many celebrities give but don’t publicize it if they don’t publicize it? Fact is, most celebrities publicize it and it is often at the request of the organization they are donating to because it spreads awareness and gets the organizations name out there.

    You look for reasons to criticize them. She could donate a kidney and you’d say it was all for publicity.

    Essie is right, the only confirmed reason they are in France is for Cannes, we don’t know anything else.

    Angelina’s mother was American of French-Canadian descent. It would be a bit of a stretch for her to deliver there just to honor her mother.

  51. essie says

    1. They are not married;
    2. It has not been confirmed that they are having twins;
    3. Also not confirmed that they are in France for anything but the Cannes Film Festival, which begins in about 3 weeks;
    4. Paul Allen is GAY!!!
    5. Some of you people are weird!!!

  52. nicola says

    “They spend as much as they donate”? I’d like to see anyone of us give half of our income to our charity…then we can start criticizing…

  53. bj's mom says

    i heard the france thing was something to do with her mom. if so, and it makes her feel like this baby will have something in common with her mom and that makes her feel good, then good for her. her mom isnt going to be able to know this child so she wants some kind of connection between the two.

  54. megs says

    coupla questions…

    1) They are definitely expecting twins this summer?

    2) They were married?

    I am thrilled for them, think they deserve to be happy and why not move to France to set up home & raise their brood? Sounds romantic and healthy to me… I think I am also a tad bit envious of their 12 person staff that is on call for them should anything arise…that would be nice, too! On top of the view of the sea!

  55. dori says

    The latest news today is that Brad and AJ are now living in France in preparation for her baby delivery. Whats the matter New Orleans ?not good enough place to have a baby? They have no roots or permanent residence, the go from place to place because they don’t know how to settle down . This couple spends as much as they donate. Maybe more…..they love the media attention and drama because they constantly create situations where they keep the public interested in their life. They have a home in New Orleans ….why the baby delivery drama’s ???What is that all about? This is why I don’t like this couple. They are totally self absorbed and media absorbed everything they do they do for publicity including the charitable work. There are many many celebs who donate millions too, but they don’t advertise it like the Jolie- Pitts. Can’t have their baby in America???Whats wrong with America? It’s where all their money comes from isn’t it?

  56. LILY says

    #6 becky You are sick, Angelina she don’t need to sleep for anything, she very rich and care about poor people and she donate so much money to help people. How could you have said this thing, you have something wrong with your mind. may is you need sleep to ……. but is not Angelina OK.

  57. Carolina says

    O.K. Alright, how nice.
    It is just another woman having another baby.
    It happens everyday in the world.
    What so special about this one.
    Oh! she’s Angelina Jolie…. so what!
    Enough already with the Celebrity Babys,
    Maybe I should stop coming on this website.
    I’m getting annoyed with celebrities.

  58. Lauren says

    I think it’s great that she wants to pay homage to her mother by giving birth in France. If only she were around to see her newest grandchild..

  59. sp says

    People are very selfish today, my Parents did very well raising 9 children and they were middle class income, Angie and Brad will be fine raising 6 children with their money and the love they have for all these children…god bless them both….

  60. becky says

    Of course she used to sleep with Paul Allen, every one knew that. One of those adult relationships. I am glad they have eased up on their fame hunger. They do get on my nerves. I guess the public was just tired of them.

  61. Ronnie says

    err comment being moderated :S

    wow angie looks beautiful in this pic
    she is really one of those people who can look extremely attractive at one point and plain ug ly at another!

    i guess thats what make-up’ll do for you

  62. Sandra says

    I think they are the only people when their children ask where they were born they will need to look at the birth certificate.

  63. Ronnie says

    wow angie looks beautiful in this pic
    she is really one of those people who can look extremely attractive at one point and plain ugly at another!

    i guess thats what make-up’ll do for you

  64. meg says

    Is she really having twins?
    Has it been confirmed?
    How is she going to handle 6 kids at the same

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