Tom Cruise Takes His Two Eldest Children To A Soccer Game

Tom Cruise 

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and his children Connor and Isabella were snapped at a Galaxy game in LA.

And don’t forget…the Tom Cruise interview is on Oprah this Friday! Oprah sits down with Tom in an exclusive one-on-one interview from his home in Telluride, Colorado, to talk about his family, his life and the future.

Tom Cruise



  1. Sandra says

    Who really cares if Tom and his followers are in scientology period. Just because he is into Scientology doesn’t make him a bad dad, remember I don’t like him however I am not going to name call or rag on him because I don’t know him personally. I can stick with facts 1. His movies suck, because they do!

    By you coming on this “gossip” sight trashing him and his family isn’t going to stop him or anyone else from being a scientologist. There are tons of celebrities that are scientologists too he isn’t the first, only or last one to participate. Who really freaking cares, but then again when you are talking about people coming on here acting better than everyone else you must mean yourself since you have nothing better to say or do than call people names. Grow Up is all I can say, you act very immature.

    And honey I know about religions, several matter of fact. I have an open mind. I choose what is best for me; I don’t slam someone else for making the best choice for themselves unless certain circumstances like child abuse. Maybe you should concern yourself with the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints cult that has all 400 of their children taken away; I think they need more help than Tom does with his scientology. Trust me if Nicole was concerned at all she has legal rights to take her kids out of the situation, so does that mean she is an abuser as much as Tom is for letting her kids participate or even be involved with their father?

  2. amy says

    mia- how long you been doing this for now??
    come on, there are some genuinely who DON’T WISH to know anything except what they are spoon fed….

    sad but true
    scary but true
    sickening but true

    scientology is not just a cult – it is a world class business, IN THE BUSINESS OF SILENCING (BY ANY MEANS) ANY OPPOSING FORCE

    scientology is not just laughable and ridiculous, it is a genuine threat, an horrific reality of our times

    tom cruise IS scientology
    whether he knows what is going on behind the scenes or not

  3. Miapocca says

    where did all the koolaid drinkers come from..please educate yourselves on the cult and try to find a better or more informed dont have to agree with my view just come across as haaving been informed of his HARMLESS religion!

  4. Miapocca says

    No sandra…anyone can say whatever they want and criticize any celeb online..and maybe you need to read a little more about religions before you get into an argument on one…ever wonder why Nicole wants to raise her children catholic and why she is rarely seen with them..go read a little more and dont assume all the people are are ignorant of world religion …if you chose not to bother about how they raise their kids, bravo to you, others however can chose to pick them apart anyway they please…

    I am so tired of these ppl who come on gossip sites and tehn pretend they are better than the rest on here because they dont say certain things or dnot have too much time to waste

    Get over yourself..its a freaking gossip site and I like celeb gossip, I especially dislike scientologists and thier beliefs so I chose to engage in gossip concernign them..thats teh HONEST truth, ..pathetic moron.s

  5. says

    When did it become okay to insult someone because of their beliefs? I am amazed at how awful some of you are regarding Tom’s beliefs and religion….whoever made the comment about Alec Baldwin is absolutely right – Tom has done NOTHING to deserve criticism over his parenting, or lifestyle, for that matter, and yet we all know what Alec did to his child….it’s absurd. People who minimize others for their beliefs are the wackos.

  6. lauren says

    hi everyone
    God doesn’t Tom look revolting!! Like a short little fag faced dwarf!! Notice in that second picture his nose is as wide as his entire face? Scientology sucks!!! Lauren Hates Tom!!!

  7. amy says

    if either of the children is the slightest bit podgy it looks like connor from these pics – AND he happens to look just right to me – he certainly does look like a movie star in the making!
    poor bella – she comes across as so shy – but she is really blossoming as she ages – just remember – she is still a child – lay off the poor thing – being a teenager is hard enough – it must be ten million times worse if your father pimps you out to the press for PR opportunities in an attempt to make HIMSELF look ‘better’

  8. becky says

    Why would any one attack a child calling them obese. Isabella has grown into her features compares to two years ago when she was at that awkaward stage.

    The children are old enough to know who they call mom. Isn’t it enough that they seem happy and they have a close bond? With fathers like Alec Baldwin, why do people criticise Tom when he is not with them for ignoring them and when he is with them for PR?

  9. Liza says

    cat cat,

    do you even understand what obese is? or do you judge anyone who isn’t exactly the ideal as obses?

    isabella is fine.

  10. say-u-see-me says

    tom never said he only has one child,why dont you all haters ask nicole why they dont call her mom?katie never replace her nor encourage them to call her mom.tom doesnt abuse these children,you all haters dont know exactly what abuse means,just because they have different religion.dont you all remember what nicole said when they just adopted these children?she doesnt want any pictures taken on them due to adoption security and that if their real parents who gave them up find out they are with the rich family they may want hem back,and it happens alot.for the protection and sake of bella and connor no one took pictures of them but annie l.from vanity all just want to attack someone who are happy, just like to attack the because you hates never made mistakes at all.they have different religion,so what do you go to church all the time or when its necessary?well you probobly do but you dont want to admit you are commiting more sins as you enter the all have to be ashamed and disappointedbecause you like to hate him and his family for you all are perfect.and you call yourselves american?hmmmm.

  11. luckylee says

    Visiting her parents on set or sightseeing is one thing. It’s quite another thing to drag Suri out to dinner late at night or hop a flight to another country just for a one day shopping trip(again dragging Suri along) all dressed up to have your picture taken and then fall in your fancy high heels. I take my children out too, but I also consider their needs and schedule before my own.

  12. Generic name says

    It’s good to see Tom with Isabella and Connor! I hope I could see a pic with Nicole and her kids too!

  13. Sandra says

    Um Miapocca No where did I say I was “pro cruise” personally I could careless what he decides to do with his life. His movies suck, they bore me to death. If he is into scientology then so what others are into other religions that could be deemed equally offensive. Sure it is a public site where you can share your opinions blah blah blah I like to share my opinions too I just don’t nag and complain about how celebrities are spending too much time with one child over the other or not spending enough time, who are these people to judge that sit behind a monitor screen still in their pajamas. They can say what they want, that is fine I just think it is sad that so many people jump into judging others by the cover and not actually the book.

    Did the thought ever cross your mind that Nicole is fine with Tom’s religion and how their shared children are being taken care of? If she truly was unhappy with it, she would have stepped in a long time ago.

  14. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says





  15. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    Sandra this is a gossip site..what do you expect besides if everyone was to agree it would be a boring life..this family is pathetic and raises tons of question..since cruise is bent on preslytizing at any given opportunity, anyone should be free to counter his stupidity and wierd behavoir..if you have a problem with people sharing opinion maybe you should try a forum on planet xenu..a lot more appropriate for those who refuse to think and look beyond the pathetic cruise machine..not to forget his movie is coming out and since they have their scientology servants reading the blog they know that people have been wondering about the older children..suri isnt bringing him any favours by dragging her lacluster self out in late hours of the night…so now Nicole kids will be pimped for xenu…

    For someone who lives with nephew and nieces its rare to see him with any of them..seems like the cruise kids have become a publicity stunt for the midget

  16. Rijay says

    It’ll be interesting to see the interview w/Oprah. It’s rumored that Katie and Suri will make an appearance too. I wonder if Katie will portray herself as high and mighty and “noble” again with the low voice and sedate attitude…

  17. Liza says

    I agree with 2teens. While I will admit that he treats these two with a lot of love and affection, I’m not sure about what kind of father he is. He should be encouraging them to call their mother, “mom” and their step-mother “Katie”. I think calling Katie “mom” is only acceptable if they are calling their actual mother “mom”. Nicole seems to only have the kids on traditional school breaks (although they are home schooled). I don’t think she likes what Tom is doing with their children as she HAS hinted at some issues, but she doesn’t want to make her children’s lives more difficult, and would rather seen them happy than herself.

  18. Sandra says

    I would have to agree with Ms. Sugar on this one. You ladies have to find something to complain and nag about. No one ever seems to perform as well as you ladies.

  19. Miapocca says

    Satisfy who…you are entitled to your opinion…as are others here…go find someone else to rail at

  20. says

    I don’t think Tom is a wacko. I think he is entitled to his beliefs (as are all of us) and I am quite certain he is not doing anything with his older children that isn’t alright with their mother (the LAW applies to celebrities too!). And I also believe that the majority of the time we’ve seen Suri was when one or both of her parents were on set and she was visiting them and/or siteseeing in the area. Believe me, if my neighbour counted how many times they saw my children, they might start to question my “camp’s” advice for me too…..or, they might realize we’re busy people with places to be and occasionally enjoy just being in our home, much like celebrities every now and then.

  21. says


    YOU people would try to make a meal out of a bean!

    What I mean…Is that you would say anything about him! HE IS SPENDING TIME WITH HIS KIDS…WHY doesn’t that satisfy you people??

  22. luckylee says

    It seems strange that Tom & Katie used to drag Suri everywhere – just about every day, there was a new picture of her from the paps – now all of a sudden, she’s hardly seen. It’s almost as if someone in their camp reads what is being said about them & advises them to adjust their behavior accordingly. I know many people here like this couple but I think something just isn’t right. Everything about them seems so overplanned – like they’re trying desperaely to portray a certain image.

  23. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I agree with 2teens. Its good to see he hasn’t forgotten about Isabella and Connor though.

  24. Marti says

    That is the best picture, I have ever seen of Isabella and Connor is already very handsome. He seems to have a lot of class for such a young man. Good parenting … on all sides.

  25. 2teens says

    I have to disagree. I don’t think Tom is a good dad. I think he has driven a wedge between the kids & their mom and encourages it in many ways… such as allowing them to call Katie “mom”. And limiting visitations. He is so snakey. And enrolling them in scientology classes when he knows that is also against Nicole’s wishes. I hope that Nicole will one day tell the truth about her marriage & divorce from TC, she has hinted in interviews that there is quite a tale to tell but for whatever reason is not talking.
    I agree with Tia that the man is a wacko though! 🙂

  26. Lauren says

    Yay! It’s nice to see that Tom realized Suri isn’t his only child. Connor is growing up to be a handsome young man. Isabella is a beauty, too.

  27. dori says

    Perhaps it’s now his turn with the kids???? It seems with Nick pregnant they are now s[ending more time with the Cruises. At any rate the kids are getting so big. His son is so handsome and Isabella seems to have gotten past her awkward stage and becomming a very pretty young lady. It’s nice to see them together and relaxed and having some fun.

  28. Sonic says

    So happy to FINALLY see a picture of him with his other children….I felt like he was getting too wrapped up in the “suri”/ Katie” phenomon like everyone else!!!!!

  29. Kelli says

    The kids are cute, but I don’t think he’s an awesome dad. He seems to encourage alienation from their mother Nicole.

  30. Amanda says

    Isabella is a beautiful girl. Kinda reminds me of a young Julia Roberts. Connor is a handsome young man, he appears ready to take on the world and win. I am really glad Tom spends time with them.

    Her hair looks like it pulled back to me.

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