Gwyneth Paltrow Says Being A Parent Makes Life Worth Living

Apple and Moses Martin may have two famous parents – Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin – but when it comes to playtime, they fight just like anybody else’s kids.

“He just turned 2 last week,” Gwyneth, 35, told David Letterman on Monday’s Late Show. As for older sister Apple, “She’ll be 4 in May … it’s a very good age difference.”

At first stating the obvious – “Boys and girls are very fundamentally different, though, aren’t they?” – Gwyneth went on to describe Apple as “quiet and she’s imaginative and she’s very verbal, and she likes to sit with her things and build houses and hotels for her dolls.”

Moses, on the other hand, “will just come in and thrash the hell out of anything she’s doing.” Added their mother, “If he can inflict pain on her while he’s thrashing, then even better.”

Not that he’s not doing anything beyond the pale. “He’s very sweet,” says Gwyneth. “But we call him ‘our sensitive thug.’ It’s a line from a Jay-Z song, but it fits him perfectly.”

And Apple? “She’s kind of starting of give it back to him, in a very female, under-the-radar way.”

Gwyneth also marveled at her daughter’s vocabulary, saying that Apple will inform her that she is being “antagonized” by Moses.

“Wow,” said David Letterman. “Pretty good.”

All in all, summarized Gwyneth, “I’m very proud.” Of being a parent, she observed, “It’s the best. It just makes life worth living.”


  1. cheetah1976 says

    She is just telling the truth. Boys like to destroy anything there siblings make. She didn’t’ say she approves to it, neither did she say she doesn’t punish him or educates him that this behavior isn’t good.
    All she is saying that this happens and yes, as a parent you better can see the humor out of it, otherwise you go crazy.

    Its just a loving mom who enjoys her kids.

    For god sake, If you want to, you can see wrong in everything she says don’t you?

  2. Liza says

    I don’t see what’s obnoxious about this. You somehow expect Gwyneth to be a different kind of parent from what the majority of other parents are?

    Besides that, somethings about the differences between the sexes are biological and not social constructs. Girls liking dolls and boys liking trucks is a social construct, but girls being more verbal and boys being more physical is biological. Both modern medicine and psychology have reaffirmed this. We’re not the same, no matter what. What’s she describing is pretty normal.

  3. EL says

    Obnoxious. She should study some sociology so she can understand the ways in which differences between girls and boys are socially created. As it is, she is just reifying stereotypes.

  4. Jx2 says

    For some reason, I was expecting her to have British accent. She also reminds me a lot of Kate Moss in this video clip…the hair, eyes, etc. If she injured her knee and had to have surgery then those high-heeled shoes are detrimentally wrong for her. I guess when it comes to fashion, celebrity have to grin and bear it in order to look good! She does look great though and very happy.

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