Guy Ritchie Takes Lourdes & Rocco To London Premiere Of Speed Racer



Guy Ritchie was snapped taking Lourdes, 11, and Rocco, 7, to the London premiere of Speed Racer on Tuesday. Madonna has been hard at work promoting her new album Hard Candy.


  1. Ellen says

    Rocco looks like a little boy being a little boy. I don’t believe that I could read anything into it.

  2. Omega says

    im sorry to say that this is the last straw. this blog will no longer take my time.

    posting pix of upset children encourages the paparazzi to continue the problem. children should not have their photos taken without their consent. its bad enough there are idiots that call people “s l u t s” with out knowing anything about the person they are insulting.

  3. denise says

    what makes all of you think that rocco is in a bad mood because he does not want his picture taken?
    maybe he is just a spoiled litle brat that can’t get his act together for 10 minutes.

    i’m not saying that the latter is true, but, to assume that it is just because he doesn’t want to have his picture taken is absurd. it’s a premiere of a movie i’m sure his parents told him that there was a red carpet where pictures would be taken.

    regradless, they are a beautiful family, the kids are adorable and guy looks like such a great man.

  4. Nicki says

    Looks like Rocco is sick of ALL the pics, just like Maddox and the oldest Beckham boy, Brooklyn?. I remember when I was thier age and only had Mom and Dad and the Grandparents taking special ocassion pics. There are quite a few of all of us like this at certain ages.
    The kid wanted to go see Speed Racer, not pose for pics.
    I totally understand.
    They look happy and Guy and Lourdes are are doing what they need to, they look great, to get it over with and go on to watch the movie. Rocco doesn’t want his pic taken, totally understandable.

  5. Sarah says

    Seen severel pix of Lourdes in a time period of about one week and the gal looks totally different everytime. That’s so cool. Yea, poor Rocco, he has always hated the limelight.

  6. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    Lourdes looks so much like the early madonna that its almost refreshing seeing her..reminds me of the like a virgin video..
    boy madonna has given some great music in her days…

  7. dori says

    I know you’re right bleach her hair blonde and you’ve got Madonna and Rocco looks just like his dad. Rocco probably didn’t want to smile for the cameras. He’s that age where he just want to be left alone.

  8. says

    Lourdes is looking exactly like her mom these days, it’s actually unbelievable! She’s just a darker, smaller version of her mom.

  9. Sonic says

    Wouldn’t you be?? He probably wishes he was at home playing, not on the red carpet, in the rain with so many people in his face! Then again, they could have gotten a “private” screening I’m sure!

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