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Interesting article on the myriad of luxury services available to expectant women today.

Mick Hucknall and his adorable baby daughter.

Suri out with her nanny.


  1. say-u-see-me says

    anyone who actually has not been on,or close by his religion should not despise him or discriminate is just not right.yes,he did make a mistakes,he is now regreting it but to attack him and his family that you have not even get encountered with is very cruel and is just too many haters out there,but they dont look in the mirror if who they see is ashame.god bless him and his family who stand by him in even the hardest time of his life.siru is becoming to be a beautiful rose and his family is bloosoming with blessings everyday. very happy for him…..sorry will smith,havent forgotten you.just supporting your friend

  2. say-u-see-me says

    to cierra,
    Im with you there.I think he is hot in every way,and in any way.despite his past antics I still support what he does,who he is.Im not his fan but the way he was attack by too many cool-hearted haters,Im becoming to like him more.WHY?because even he’s under scrutiny every seconds he can still be kind to people.he apologized for his mistakes,honest, confident to every aspects of his life. his belief is not that important to me because that is his choice,and Katie’s as well.I believe,and know he will do well in more future,no one just seem to accept that.

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