Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Family Have A My Little Pony Fantasy!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

In this photo provided by Hasbro, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host of ‘The View,’ shows her daughter Grace, 3, and niece Mallory, 6, ‘Pinkie Pie’ at a party celebrating the 25th birthday of Hasbro’s iconic ‘My Little Pony’ brand before the opening of the New York premiere of ‘My Little Pony Live!’ show at Madison Square Garden in New York on April 24th.

I LOVE this picture! What fun! Who doesn’t love My Little Pony?!

Below is a pic of the show and a description of the show.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

In My Little Pony Live! “The World’s Biggest Tea Party,” Pinkie Pie and her seven charming Ponyville friends each have an extra-special talent and skill to help with the party! With Minty’s invitations, Sweetberry’s cakes, Rainbow Dash’s rainbows, Rarity The Unicorn’s colorful streamers, Wysteria’s flowers and so much more, the ponies use their colorful imaginations and work together to host the biggest party of the year!



  1. annie says

    I think the pony looks cute and it looks like Grace is giving it hug. I thought she was a blond but in this picture her hair looks pretty dark. Hate when her mother talks politics, though.

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