An Expectant Angelina In A Bright Yellow Frock

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

An expectant Angelina Jolie, 32, was snapped in Beverly Hills in a cheery yellow frock while out to eat at Marino Ristorante on Thursday.

Angelina, who is expecting her fifth child, topped off her sundress with a “Cooper” shoulder bag (price tag: around $1,300).

Angelina, who was photographed solo, has said she doesn’t mind traveling alone.

“Everybody says, ‘How can you go to the airport alone? How are you going to change planes?'” Angelina has said to Vogue. “It’s freedom! I like to feel free.”



  1. dori says

    The latest news today is that Brad and AJ are now living in France in preparation for her baby delivery. Whats the matter New Orleans ?not good enough place to have a baby? They have no roots or permanent residence, the go from place to place because they don’t know how to settle down . This couple spends as much as they donate. Maybe more…..they love the media attention and drama because they constantly create situations where they keep the public interested in their life. They have a home in New Orleans ….why the baby delivery drama’s ???What is that all about? This is why I don’t like this couple. They are totally self absorbed and media absorbed everything they do they do for publicity including the charitable work. There are many many celebs who donate millions too, but they don’t advertise it like the Jolie- Pitts. Can’t have their baby in America???Whats wrong with America? It’s where all their money comes from isn’t it?

  2. dori says

    she has no gold tone in her skin …..she is ashen tone a winter and lemon yellow would have looked better. The style is very cute but the color no-no

  3. Vee says

    This yellow is absolutely gorgeous on her! So is her “boss” bag! Fabulous! I have heard that Angie returns gifts, so I’m pretty sure she bought it. But, hey, how many people gave away $4 mil to charity last year? Please don’t put her on a guilt trip for buying nice things for herself. I’m not into total martyrs–they’re usually a little bit sick….

  4. says

    Hola Mayra! Estamos bien! Si, no voy por aqui tanto como antes…hay locos aqui que a mi me molestan. Me gusta tambien cuando Angie se viste en la ropa con colores mas vivos.

    Mis hijas estan muy bien! Se puede ver fotos parciales de ellas en mi blog…solo haz clic en mi nombre! Hasta luego y un abrazo a ti!

    cat cat- Nope..what you say is false. Angelina is expecting her fifth child. Maddox, Pax, and Zahara are HER CHILDREN just as much as Shiloh is. Maddox is the firstborn of their family.

  5. cat cat says

    Angelina is NOT expecting her 5th child as it states! She is expecting her 2nd. The other 3 are adopted.
    I know- I hate when Oprah always talks about donating money for all this stuff and then shows her $60 million California house (which is one of many of her homes!). Good for her for being a self-made lady and bringing the awful puppy mills to light on her show.
    I hope Angelina gets millions from People mag again for baby photos and donates it.

  6. dee dee says

    i dont really want to sound bitchy but…if she really loves children like she saids she does then why is she always around the world and the only time we see them together is when they are all eating cheetos & ice cream??? how about some time at home…playing games, watching kid movies….???

  7. Carolina says

    This is a bright bright yellow and it is very difficult to wear.
    I don’t think she pull it off very nicely with the black flat
    ballerina type shoes.
    This very flowy type of dress would have been nice with
    some kind of open feminine sandals with bright colors, not too high because she is expecting but with a little heel.
    That’s my opinion.

  8. Bridget's Mommy says

    Elizzabeth no. 26 no one can help you if your sons are gay MORE POWER TO THEM but just because they tell you that Angie makes their skin crawl doesn’t mean they that she personally makes them sick maybe all girls or women do have you thought about that

  9. dori says

    I don’t know about you guys but that color yellow is wrong for her skin tone!
    I don’t like the little girl look on her. It doeasn’t match her tatoo’s.

  10. mayra sanchez says

    hola kimora como estas,andamos un poco perdida,pero es muy grato que sigues activanen esta pagina.
    kimora me parece que el vestido a angie le queda fabuloso,esta usando en este embarazo,mas diversidad de colores,lo cual le hace lucir mas bonita.

    bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy espero que las chicas esten biennnnnnnnnnnn

  11. says

    Yellow happens to be the “new” color of the season, just so you know, and I think Angelina pulls it off very well! Her body type has not changed since she was a young girl (although she has lost some baby fat), so get over it – I am certain she has enough people in her life that if she had a problem, as some of you suggest, it would be dealt with. This is what makes me so torn about visiting sites like this – I am interested in seeing photos of people but I can’t stand it when some of you decide to pick every little thing about a celeb apart, to the point of referencing medical conditions and accusing them of spending too much money!! The woman donated 8 million dollars last year with BP and you’re going to accuse her of spending too much on a purse?! How much did YOU donate last year? Get over yourselves!!

  12. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #48, if you don’t want to see pictures of Angelina then I suggest you don’t click on threads about her. Just scroll over them! As for the “showy”-ness, Angelina and Brad draw a lot of attention to charities and causes which does a lot of good for those charities and causes.

  13. bambamswife says

    This “being” is far too weird. Please no more pictures of her. Lots of celebrities give lots of money to charities. They have to_ the IRS. Most of them just aren’t so showy.

  14. Tia :) says

    Well i see nothing has changed since I left!! For the love of god people….leave this woman alone. I wish i could stick some of you people in a box and judge how you look. No one is perfect…but as far as im concerned, this woman is as close as it gets to perfect. She is beautiful…on the inside and out!! Get over yourselves!

  15. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    ahahah witch doctor hahahahah.. hilarious..why do you doubt she is a doctor..ppl get bored at work you know

    The question is what kind of doctor is s/he and how did s/he come by her diagnosis and is s/he qualified enough in that area of medicine to make such a conclusion..after all it maybe like a urologist diagnosing heart diease..ahahhahahahha

  16. Liza says

    That article in the Daily Mail is crap. I have veins in my own arms and hands like that sometimes and it’s not due in anyway to my lifestyle.

    I eat quite right and do not engage in any kind of overly strenuous exercise regime.

  17. Fly On The Wall says

    26. Hey numbertoo – | April 25th, 2008 at 7:33 pm
    Yes, I am a PRACTICING physician and yes, it is my office.

    The only “practicing physician” you are is a witch doctor. A real physician would never jeopardize his/her license by diagnosing someone he had never met, let alone treated.

    Go sell your BS somewhere else, honey; nobody here is buying it.

  18. bj's mom says

    i dont care for yellow much, but it seems like she has been wearing more colorful clothes this pregnancy. different than her usual black all the time. she does look stuck up in these pics. but i do agree that the purse situation is not a big deal. she puts in alot of time and money and its not a big deal that she has a nice bag. alot of celebrities have much more expensive bags and never do any charity work. anyways, hope they have a healthy baby. cant wait to see him or her! (or both?)

  19. Jx2 says

    #37 – I agree that this bright gold dress is not flattering on AJ. Not the style and certainly not the colour. The yellow washes out her complexion and the bust part is way too small. Yeah – she does look like a big yellow bird! lol

  20. Freya says

    I usually think Angelina Jolie looks gorgeous, but not in this Big Bird frock. It doesn’t do anything for her.

  21. says

    If I were Brad Pitt, I wouldn’t let my wife travel alone like that… not at that stage in pregnancy. Maybe he has someone secretly following her… lol…

  22. dori says

    #26 a physician puhlleez give me a break! You have nothing better to do than blog in here on babyrazzi. You’re a fake!

  23. becky says

    Her doctor must be worried about those veins. Saw them on another site close up. They gave me the jibblies. The dress is ill fitting too. She doesn’t look happy. But I guess it is her life.

  24. Lauren says

    Wow, it’s unusual to see her in such bright colors. She looks great but stuck up in these pix. Her bump is pretty big. I don’t recall seeing her this big when she was preggers with Shiloh.

  25. says

    im not a huge fan of her but do thnk that all of her children are super cute expessily shyloh and her next child will look cute also

    she is due in late july or early august

  26. Nicki says

    Does anyone actually think she has to buy that purse, or shoes, or anything else? Yes she does buy her clothes, but come on, remember Zahara’s matching purse last summer? They made it specifically for Zahara to carry…..She did that once. Do any of you believe she paid for that? It is free advertising for them. She is an A-list actress, she can get almost everything for free.
    I love the dress she is wearing, I don’t care for the purse.
    Best wishes for a happy, healthy baby!!!!

  27. Liza says

    #26, if she had marfan syndrome, with the level of athletic activity she has participated in in her life, her aorta would have likely given out by now. We’ve never heard of any cardiovascular problems she has ever had.

    The only thing that resembles even closely marfan’s, is the fact that she has long thin fingers. but lots of people do and those people don’t have any underlying condition

  28. annie says

    I agree with you Liza. I think she’s done a lot of good in the world and if she wants to buy expensive things for herself, that’s her business. A family friend worked with her on a film once and said she was a very nice person, friendly and approachable,.

  29. Hey numbertoo - says

    Yes, I am a PRACTICING physician and yes, it is my office. Why all the questions? Are you supposing I put her name in Wikipedia and Marfan Syndrome came up? No – I looked at her, gave my opinion and then gave avenues for others to get the information. Then they can agree or disagree from that. How would searching Google make me a ‘diagnostician’? One would have to have the information in their brain first. Sorry – you seem to have low self esteen to make such remarks. Oops – there’s that ‘diagnostician’ again…

  30. Liza says

    She donates millions of dollars of her own money to charity, I think she’s earned the right to buy some expensive things for herself.

    I think she looks great. Yes, she’s thin, but she’s also naturally thin and the fact that she can successfully sustain a pregnancy being this thin means she isn’t necessarily unhealthy.

    She doesn’t look like she has Marfan’s syndrome, and neither would she be able to be as physically active as she been if she had the condition.

    I think she looks nice in the yellow!

  31. numbertoo says

    Marfan’s syndrome! Is it ‘your’ office? Are you a practising physician?
    I’m not a big fan of hers, but come on! Searching wikipedia or google does not make you a diagnostician.

  32. onatear says

    ME=tap=EE oh cah…YOU alone are the only thing I miss about not coming on this blog!!!!!! Hahhahahhhhh

  33. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    regular suburban moms carry bages worth more than 1300…this is a drop in posh spices , holmes and kimora lee simmons closet..thier bags cost 25000 for some….those are extravagant..she could spend a whole lot more…Angelina never siad she was a miser , anyone attracted to the movie star world is narcissistic to a certain extent, she likes to look good too…

  34. Amy says

    She looks great, but not a big fan of the dress. Her breasts look like they are going to pop out. Not attractive!

  35. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    that was hilarious…nose out , would have drowned ahahha…

    I love the dress, the lady doesnt do much for me..but love the dress…

  36. Dee says

    #15-If only we all could be as ‘nasty looking’ as Angelina. Please.

    Love seeing her in some bright colors!

  37. Jx2 says

    #8 – YOU ARE NOT DORI !!!

    Angelina’s colours are not FALL. You’re wrong. Try again.
    Dori actually knew what she was talking about when it came to colours and what colours suite whom. You apparently don’t know a thing it seems. AJ is actually a Winter-Summer combination. Better luck next time.

  38. Elizabeth says

    She’s nasty looking, my grown sons say she makes their skin crawl. There is nothing attractive about her.

  39. Fly On The Wall says

    That yellow is giving me Cannes flashbacks. She looks great in it. I think her colors are hot colors — yellows, golds, reds, etc.

  40. I'm just saying... says

    She looks like she has Marfan Syndrome. Look it up on Wikipedia or google… anyway – she looks like people I see in my office (medical). I also think it’s hypocritical of her “do-gooder side” to carry around a $1300 bag. I don’t get it – Angelina, Oprah, etc. asking people without money to donate money and they WASTE their money on stiff like this – yes waste. I’m not saying don’t buy a $1300 bag just DON’T ASK ME TO DONATE MONEY. Whatever. Man – I feel much better now.

  41. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Wow, look at the size of that bump! I think it may well be true that she’s having twins! She’s looking very thin though. I also despise that dress but she still looks beautiful :-p

    When is she due?

  42. Zbella says

    More photos, please – but with her kiddos! Love her. Yes, she’s thin and I hope she gains weight and is able to keep it on. Still, she’s a beautiful woman and a wonderful mom.

  43. whatevs says

    She’s pretty lucky it wasn’t raining that day.. Her nose was so far stuck up in the air she would have drowned! In my opinion, your not that great sweetie.

  44. dorito says

    sexy little girl look ….. strange for her… no? She looks lovely, and happy, but someone needs to tell her she is a fall and her colors are fall colors … olive green, gold yellows, reddish orange etc. The yellow dress is all wrong on her skin tone. Get a stylist Angie!!

  45. Jen says

    She’s disgusting. What people find so attractive about this woman is beyond me. What’s going on with her arms?

  46. Amanda says

    Odd to see her in bright colors! Very nice!! She still looks way to thin to me. I hope she is ok. I worry about her.

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