Jennifer Lopez To Star In Her Own Reality Series

Jennifer Lopez

(In the above pic new mom Jennifer Lopez announced her new TLC reality show at Lincoln Center in NYC on Wednesday)

Jennifer Lopez has a new deal with TLC: A reality series starring her and new babies.

Here’s the direct quote from the TLC press release:

Now TLC will deliver a slice of her life that audiences have never seen before, as she takes on her career and launches a new fragrance while trying to juggle her new responsibilities as a first time mom.

“Jennifer is unbelievably passionate about life and will be an incredible role model for our audience,” said TLC chief Angela Shapiro-Mathes. “I’m thrilled to be partnering with her on a series that will take our audience into a fascinating world. It’s a fun, emotional journey that will be inspirational and yet very relatable to today’s women.”

“I am excited to be part of the TLC family,” said Jennifer. “I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting journey together.”

No date yet when this new arrival takes place.


  1. Jx2 says

    #34 & #40 –
    I hate to break the news to you but you are not the ORIGINAL Dori!! You are a fake!! Dori would never call herself “Dorito”…that was a nickname I had come up with for her and she hated it!!

    Nice try – you may have fooled some folks but I have been on here long enough to know that Dori never criticized people that harshly, the way you seem to do.

  2. Cara says

    Jeeze dori she just had TWO freaking babies!! Give the woman a break! I hate to see what you look like after you gave birth!!!

  3. Just me says

    I just found this on another blog. I don’t think she should have her kids on a reality show, but that would be the only thing that would make it even half way interesting to watch.
    Who really cares about her perfume? Go spend imte with your kids, would you?

    Update: Jennifer’s publicist has made a clarifying statement, saying that although TLC’s press release made it sound as though the show would include her personal life, it in fact does not.

    The show that Jennifer Lopez is doing for TLC is a “docuseries” that follows the creation of a mother/child fragrance launch. It is not about her family and home life with her children.

  4. dori says

    And you say she would be ” an example of women today” … in what world do women today have that money and all the help (nannies, cooks, housemaids) and a career and twins and a TV show? Oh yeah…. thats realistic…. NOT
    Our economy is in the toilet ,people are losing their jobs and their homes and we want to watch these jerks spend their money like the publicity whores that they are. Give me a break!!!! This couple should not be allowed in public and certainly don’t deserve a TV show to show off their unrealistic lifestyle. This infuriates me and should infuriate everyone.

  5. dori says

    By the way she still lokks fat Her arms are huge and she’s hiding her fat stomach in these big tent dresses The only place she didn’t gain weight is in her legs and so they still look good. She is still carrying all her baby weight She’s a pig and I can’t stand this couple or their babies. Selfish spendthrifts who help no one but themselves. Why on earth should they get a reality show?????

  6. dori says

    Why would anyone want o watch Mark and JlO spending their money like lunatics when the rest of the world is in economic crisis? What about some good family TV for a change????

  7. Um... says

    Boring! Who cares? I LOVE hearing about celebrities and their babies but she’s kind of boring….I won’t be watching it. I wonder how many people will

  8. says

    She’s afraid that now she’s a mom we’ll forget about all her talent (!) so she needs something to keep herself current. God forbid she stays home and raises her kids without a project on the side….forget about parading those kids around, this is ALL about her need for attention for HERSELF and her dillusional idea that anyone cares.

  9. Lauren says

    Ew! Why would she parade those little babies in front of the t.v. I have no respect for mothers who pimp out their children for their own gain. Hence…Denise Richard’s new t..v. show

  10. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    i think she is a role model!!1

    She certainly knows how to make money on minimal talent..she must be very clever at accounting!

  11. says

    Okay, um…I think I feel like Jamie Lynn Spears right about now…I can feel myself growing sicker by the minute and I feel like I am going to throw up. Please God tell me that this is some kind of hoax. Jennifer cannot really be this in love with herself.

  12. Angeline26 says

    hey, Why don’t they give real mothers millions of dollars and see how well they can juggle their career, family life, bills, etc?

  13. Angeline26 says

    If this is true, she is awfully greedy and self-centered. Why can’t she bond with her babies in private. Be a mom, stop worrying about your image, Jello. She wants everyone to think she’s wonderwoman when she’s not. How difficult is it for her to juggle her career and family life when she has others clean her home, cook her food, take care of her children, and provide other services for her. It’s not like she cant afford to not work. Her life is so hard (sarcasm)
    What happened to her and Marc wanting privacy? Does she have a movie or album to promote? This is pretty sad that she would pimp her kids out for publicity. She and her husband will probably pose and perform while the cameras are on. their babies will be in the background. She will act like a doting parent in couture gowns. Jello will not be upstaged by anyone. As soon as the cameras are off, she will pawn the babies off on nannies. How sad!

  14. Liza says

    I don’t get how TLC is calling her a role model for other women. Can someone explain how SHE is a role model for women?

    She’s materialistic, self-centered, and is using her children to make more money!

  15. 2teens says

    UGH!!! No, No, No!! This is just wrong on so many levels.
    She is exploiting her newborns to make $$$. She did a complete 180 from the crazily overprotective mom she has been portrayed to be lately. I have no interest in seeing this program.

  16. sp says

    I was shocked to hear this, my friend has told me that Marc Anthony is a very private person, this is why we don’t see much of photos of his other children, I wonder how Jennifer convinced him of doing this reality show…hmmmmmm…
    Will see, I’m just curious to see the Babies….

  17. Jx2 says

    #12 – Your comment is so TRUE!!

    “Most of us can’t relate to these ridiculously wealthy people! (i.e. Posh Spice’s show). Are we going to watch her take her babies to the supermarket in a Limo?
    Or see how she decorated her kids nursery on 100 grand?It’s shameful that people exploit their wealth like that when there are so many without in this world.”

    Perhaps you should re-direct it to a certain someone (ahem #10) on here that is so eager to join the lifestyles of the “rich and famous”…by boasting about her television screen…LOL.

  18. Chris X says

    There is no need to worry that Ben Affleck will be anywhere near this attention seeking brat ever again. He is married to a real woman who can go places without him, lead her own life and actually be on Broadway and get praised, not sell herself and family out for money and attention. Why do I keep thinking “Jumping the shark”

  19. Ali says

    oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, they are going to sooo fake o that show,while cameras are running,LOL.

    marc’s kids are like the forgotten pets…. it will all come back to them. i do not like home wreckers!

  20. anime says

    It will be interesting to see her raise the kids and all the “help” she has… butlers, nannies, housekeepers, and assistants scurrying around the house with blurred faces!

  21. KayG says

    I don’t understand why she would do a reality show. She certainly doesn’t need the money and I bet they are paying her a mint! Most of us can’t relate to these ridiculously wealthy people! (i.e. Posh Spice’s show). Are we going to watch her take her babies to the supermarket in a Limo?
    Or see how she decorated her kids nursery on 100 grand?It’s shameful that people exploit their wealth like that when there are so many without in this world.

  22. Miapocca says

    I wonder how Marks other children with that beautiful lady feels.Thank God Ben Afffleck escaped this madness..they are soooo opposite…Jennifer actually invited the press into her life whears Ben likes to hide out…he damon probaly learnt a great lesson from being aroung JLO…

    The likes of JLO , the beckhams and the cruises really enjoy the media funfare..

  23. Anna says

    Take care of your babies JLO and Marc and stop thinking about parading them in front of the cameras. My opinion of you has just diminished BIG TIME! Outrageous!

  24. Nina says

    I don’t get why these celebrities want a “reality” show about them. They always lose what magic they may have had before.

  25. LAURIE HARRIS says




  26. Candy says

    You’re right Carolina…Her babies needs more care from her …and it’s so sad to put her babies infront of the camera now ..they are so young for that

  27. Carolina says

    Who cares about another reality show.
    Not another one.
    Especially with J.Lo…
    Can she just go take care of her new babies already.
    We can still survive without her for a while.

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