Jamie Lynn Spears Terrified Of Giving Birth

Jamie Lynn Spears

Mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears is terrified of giving birth, and her mom, Lynne, isn’t making things any easier apparently.

A source told Star magazine that when Lynne showed her seven-months-pregnant 17-year-old daughter a video of a real natural childbirth, Jamie Lynn threw up!

“Lynne was trying to be helpful,” a source told Star magazine. “She wanted to show Jamie Lynn what a woman goes through giving birth, that it’s a natural and beautiful thing, but all Jamie Lynn saw was the blood — or ‘goop,’ as she called it — the screaming and the pain. It was too graphic for her. She flipped out and literally got sick.”

Now Jamie Lynn is totally freaked out. “She is wondering if a C-section is possible,” the source added. “She wants to be knocked out and then wake up when it’s all over.”

Uh oh!



  1. Dianna Head says

    Hay, Jamie we want to known what your babby looks like. we can’t wait to see what she looks like and do not worry bought her she will probbabliy do alright the you are with her and P.S. I love Zoey 101 I wach every single episode

    Dianna Lynn Head

  2. Sarah says

    Jamie Lynn just made a mistake everyone makes mistakes she just happend to be famous and shes normal give her a brake no one knows theyre preggers till about 6 weeks in but Jamie Lynn is a normal teen leave her alone!!!

  3. Arianna (again) says

    Correction-HAVE been pregnant. And I have to say that she was stupid for making the mistake but at least she didn’t have an abortion. She delt with it the right way, although she could have given it up for adoption and this would have been smarter. I don’t agree with abortions. The moment that the sperm hits the egg, the child has a purpose in life. I am 16 and although some people who don’t know me think I’m not ready, I think I am and so does most of my family; Though they rather me wait until I finish school. I’m engaged and extremely mature for my age. I can’t wait to get pregnant but it just seems(according to news it is) that Jamie wasn’t ready for it. It was a shock after all. Good luck to her though. I may not like her but she made one right decision so far by not aborting it. Hope the rest turns out well.

    P.S. Jamie delivered yesturday I think and she had a c-section. It’s not name after Lynne though. I can’t remember the name right now but it was pretty.

  4. Arianna says

    Correction-HAVE been pregnant. And I have to say that she was stupid for making the mistake but at least she didn’t have an abortion. She delt with it the right way, although she could have given it up for adoption and this would have been smarter. I don’t agree with abortions. The moment that the sperm hits the egg, the child has a purpose in life. I am 16 and although some people who don’t know me think I’m not ready, I think I am and so does most of my family; Though they rather me wait until I finish school. I’m engaged and extremely mature for my age. I can’t wait to get pregnant but it just seems(according to news it is) that Jamie wasn’t ready for it. It was a shock after all. Good luck to her though. I may not like her but she made one right decision so far by not aborting it. Hope the rest turns out well.

    P.S. Jamie delivered yesturday I think and she had a c-section. It’s not name after Lynne though. I can’t remember the name right now but it was pretty.

  5. Arianna says

    When I was younger, we DID get a video on natural childbirth. Most of the girls in that class have unprotected sex now and some are pregnant. The movie was interesting and call me crazy but it was an amazing and beautiful process. I can’t wait to have my own baby. I would be disappionted to have a c-section. I can’t wait. lol. 😀

  6. dori says

    my daughter was 20 when she had her baby last year and by todays standard it’s pretty young, but she went natural because she was concerned about the babys well being.As frightened as she was she did it on her own and naturally. She had an easy time thank g-d. The baby was out in a few hours. But I think young women having children is a heck of a lot easier than it is for 40 year olds. I believe a womans body was intended for young birthing .

  7. Analise says

    Is she (and her Mom) so stupid that they are unaware you are usually AWAKE during a C?? I was awake for both of mine. I was pretty much out of it due to all of the drugs in my system, but I was awake.

  8. some 1 special says

    well dang the girl cant hold tha baby n be like hang on let me put my hand down there to hlod him/her in

  9. dee dee says

    i understand her feelings. bless her that she has a easy birth…hope she does it naturally though

  10. LC says

    well the baby is gonna come out if she likes it or not when the time comes she will be so high on gas and air she will forget about being worried

  11. jen says

    when the time comes, she won’t be afraid any more! She’ll be in so much in pain she’ll forget to be scared!

  12. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Cara, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to cause any offense to mum’s who had c-sections. I didn’t say that all mum’s had this problem (my mum certainly didn’t with my sister), but statistically the rates are slightly lower than for those who gave brith naturally.

  13. Cara says

    Jenna, iv never had any problems bonding with my children, they were both born by C-Section…my 3rd will also be born by C-Section…i swear, some researchers come up with the most stupid stats!

  14. dorito says

    once again I have to ask WM why she is posting tabloid junk on the website instead of factual information?

  15. Nicole says

    I’m wondering the same as post #61. Has it been confirmed that it was unprotected sex?

    I ask this because I’m pg (and due any day now) with my 2nd child. My husband and I used condoms (yes, every time) and practice Natural Family Planning so not only was the day we “did the deed” well in advance of ovulation we used protection. We were quite surprised when we found out we were having another baby.

    Anyway, I’m 30, married, and I have done this before but I’m still terrified. Each pregnancy is different as well as each labor. You just don’t know what’s going to happen. Cut the kid some slack.

  16. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Someone said in an earlier post that kids should be shown videos of child birth during sex education in school – my class were! A lot of parents complained (we were only about 11) but I’m sure it made a lot of us think carefully about contraception when we started having sex!

  17. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Last comment awaiting moderation – grrr.

    I completely sympathise with her, the thought of giving birth is terrifying! The people on her bad-mouthing her over this are pathetic. Firstly, this story is from a tabloid and therefore not 100% reliable. Secondly, I’m sure all of you who have kids were scared about giving birth – unless of course you’ve all got a gap the size of the Channel Tunnel down there!!!

    That said, if I ever decide to have biological kids (and I doubt I will when there are so many kids out there without parents), I would rather have a natural birth. My mum had my brother and I naturally but was forced to have an emergency c-section with my sister and she said giving birth naturally was much easier. Apparently the recovery is horrible and then of course there’s the scar. I’ve also read before that women who have c-sections are statistically less likely to bond with the baby and are more likely to develop post-natal depression.

  18. Sandra says

    Iluvmy2girlz…LMAO Omg your last line, I was soooooooo nodding my head with ya there!! It is true huh, well at least my husband never complains!! LOL

  19. Iluvmy2girlz says

    i had two c sections and it wasn’t that bad!! the first was emergency, the second elected! and after hearing what my friends went through with natural labor i’m glad i had csections! getting stitches down there, and possibly getting stretched out with every child you have can’t be great either! ‘m glad that “down there” im still like an 18 year old!! LOL

  20. Buffy says

    I’m just wondering if its ever been confirmed that she had unprotected sex? It seems to be what everyone is assuming, but condoms do break its not unheard of.

  21. jamie says

    the consequinces of giving birth are no greater a punishment for he then any other woman! its awful no matter what your age is. my mom had me and my sister both with csections because we both had to be 2 months early. my mom was really sick. hasn’t affected her parenting skills. my baby brother was born naturally. agreeing with #43, so much more respect for my mom!

    my sister had her first at 17, and believe me she knew the consequences and she and her boyfriend tried to find a good family to adopt, but im the end they ended up married and she just finished her bachelors degree in early childhood ed & he’s at john’s hopkins. my adorable niece is 4. not all teen parents are screwed for life.

  22. Amy says

    That’s pathetic! Just wait ’til she has a child and has to do even more difficult things than labor!

  23. Liza says

    Also, to add, that 31% is obviously high, but it takes into account every kind of c-secton done, not just elective. So you have the repeat c-section, the ones due to previously diagnosed problems (placenta problems, IC, baby position, etc.), stalled labor, and the true emergency c-section.

    Not all of these require a c-section (stalled labor for instance can often be resolved), but do you all honestly believe that such a significant portion of these c-sections are due to a doctor wanting more free time?

  24. Liza says

    K, I said generally, and that’s true. The amount of documentation and falsification that would be required to get a c-section covered under insurance would nullify the convenience factor. I’m not negating that some doctors do do this, but its not the standard. The toll of being an OB is why so many are part of multi-doctor and multi-midwife practices these days, so that someone is always available for a laboring woman. Doctors aren’t as uncaring and callous as so many believe.

    As far as the 30% number, a great percentage of those are repeat c-sections, because in those cases, insurance companies are more likely to cover the surgery than a VBAC. A first time pregnancy that results in a c-section is rarely elective unless the patient can pay out of pocked (i.e. celebrities)

  25. says

    NUMBER 2

    SHUT UP! PLEASE! women have the right to want a baby naturally, or a c-section! If I had the choice..I would want a c-section too!

    AND it isn’t normal for teenagers, or women that never had any kids to be scared! I knew some @ssholes was going to say” SHE SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT..BEFORE SHE…

    ok..whenever she was going to have children..she probably was going to be scared regardless!

  26. K says

    LIZA “Sure, but doctors don’t generally do c-sections for their own convenience.”

    They absolutely do. That’s why the US c-section rate is one of the highest in the world. It’s absolutely out of control!

    Do you really think with one of the most medically advanced systems in the world, we REALLY have more complications requiring c-sections that the countries with far lesser medical systems??

  27. Just me says

    FIrst of all this is Star magazine people! It’s such an easy story to make up. Who looks forward to giving birth … the pain part?
    Christina Aguliera opted for a scheduled c-section and I think that’s wrong. It seems like recovery for a c-section is harder and more risks. I had an emergency c-section but I’ve never given birth naturally. It depends on the situation, but I think there are many more unnecessary risks with c-sections. I had bleeding and had to have 2 blood trasfusions and by son had fluid in his lungs from not being pushed out.

  28. Kat says

    errrrr……………. I completely understand that she is frightened but didn’t she know about all that sooner………………. I am 17 and I already know that blood and pain is present during a birth!

  29. JESS says


  30. Kelli says

    Poor kid! She’s so young, I feel really bad for her. I am sick of everybody chastising her for having sex. People have sex and until just the past 50 years of human society – a 16 year old girl was the PRIME age to marry and start a family. We are asking teens to go against biology by using morality. Some can, but some can’t. She had a steady boyfriend, himself older and at his sexual peak. Did you think he wouldn’t ask? And that she gave in to the pressure of both of their hormones, does this mean she needs to be punished for the rest of her life? She’s already been punished folks – her childhood is over.

    I bet she feels very alone because it seems nobody wants to help her, they just want to wag their fingers and tongue and make themselves feel superior by putting her down.

    She should watch the movie Juno. It’s excellent. And I agree with Jamie, if I ever do have a baby, I want to be completely knocked out and handed a clean sleeping baby, not go through agony and then be greeted by a gray goo monster.

    And fear of birth has NOTHING to do with quality of parent.

  31. Amanda says

    I think this article is a complete LIE!!! Lynn isnt even with Jamie and everyone knows it. She is with Brit and Kev. Why do you think Jamie is going to be a mom? Cause she doesnt have one. Its NATURAL to be afriad of giving birth. It would be much worse if she thought it was all fun and games. Have a heart people.

  32. dori says

    45 my sentiments exactly. You should have thought of the consequences before having unprotected sex and now that you are having a baby. Shut up and do whats good for your child not whats good for you. Selfish spoiled brat!!!!! 16 year old children are children and do not understand the consequnces for their actions, not untilage 22 so this is why teenagers should not have babies Abortion would have more appropriate in this case… giving the baby up would have been the second option… Keeping the baby with a kid like this and a mother like hers should NOT BE AN OPTION AT ALL.

  33. Um... says

    What a moron! Should have thought of that BEFORE not protecting yourself during sex at 16! What did she think would happen, 9 months of bliss and then a stork would appear with her baby in a blanket?

    Haha, well, maybe they should show videos of natural childbirth as part of sex-ed in high school! I bet it’d scare some sense into some of these little girls with their naive idea of pregnancy, birth, and raising a baby. It’s real life!

  34. Foxy says

    I dont think its an age thing My sister is nearly 28 and doesnt like the whole labour shes grossed out by the blood e.t.c
    I had my first at 19 which nearly ended with both me and my son dead, thankfully the doctors acted quickly and pulled my stuck son out it was rough labour for 76hrs not nice!
    Had my second baby 12months after my first couldnt have been more different 43mins of labour 9mins og the minutes were pushing!
    Labour and birth is very scary You dont know what its going to be like for you, its different for each person and each pregnancy, Im scared of C-sections i would be so upset if i had to have one an dwould never ever choose one.

  35. carrie says

    oh man, im 16 and i want kids someday but speaking as jamie lynn’s peer, i have to take her side! id be so afraid, but im sure ill be just as scared in 10 years as i am now. i dont think it’s an ‘age’ thing. its a ‘nothing that big should ever come out there’ thing. its not normal! then again its how we all got here i guess. i have so much more respect for my mom just thinking about it! good luck to her. prayers for a safe delivery.

  36. Sandra says

    phnxgirl- The entire time I was pregnant I didn’t want a c-sec. I didn’t want the scar. After going through my labor, pushing, having the doctors hands shoved up me with a vacuum, while on 2 epidurals that didn’t work and then ending up with a c-sec.

    The point being so many people make a c-sec sound like the worst thing in the world. It is not, it is just another way for one to have a baby. I agree that people shouldn’t be allowed to elect to have one that they should try the old fashioned way first. However it isn’t as bad as what people say. I have experienced enough of pushing and hands up there that if I ever have another child I will elect to have another c-sec, in part because I am concerned about the v-bac and it causing more complications. I amazingly recovered so fast that 2 days after I was let out of the hospital my husband injured himself and I was pushing him around in a wheel chair.

    So being that I went through 14 hours of labor, 2 hours of pushing and ended that with a c-sec. I just see the c-sec as the easiest way next time, because that is so far what I have experienced. I never want to deal with 14 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing again if the outcome will just be another c-sec. Who knows my views my change if I get pregnant again? Sorry for the novel, it is late and I am bored!!! ;o)

  37. says

    Do you have any clue as to how many pregnant women have made that exact same comment? The only difference is that either Star magazine is making up crap about her and selling it, or someone close to her told the story! For every one of you on here who has had children (myself included), you cannot convince me that you were not apprehensive, scared, terrified even, to give birth. She messed up and got pregnant at a young age, and already has the misfortune of being judged publicly for that – she is entitled to her own emotions and fear surrounding all of this and it’s shameful that so many of you act as though these thoughts would have never entered your minds, regardless of your age.

  38. Lauren says

    Anyone going through their first pregnancy is of course going to be scared. Keep in mind, she’s only 17 so this is all new for her and scary. Especially since her parents have basically abandoned her for her useless older sister.

  39. phnxgirl says

    I don’t understand how women think a c-section is easier. Why would anyone opt for a surgery? Labor is not that horrible. I know some women get all crazy about not wanting drugs, but you ask for drugs when you get a tooth pulled, or when you do have an actual surgery, why not make it easier and have drugs during delivery?

  40. Tam says

    I never got to opt for getting knocked out.. they never even asked… I had to stay awake the whole time…

  41. Tam says

    My first (and only) baby was an emergency c-section… after 14 hours of labour the doctor realized my pelvis won’t expand enough to birth a baby over about 6pounds and my little girl turned out to be 7pounds 9 ounces… so I had a c-section and I didn’t get to hold her afterwards.. just see her briefly… my bf was grossed ouy cuz it was so bloody and freaky and he said it took away from the excitement lol….

  42. Jx2 says

    I vote for C-sections. Knock me out and wake me up when it’s all over, why huff and puff for 12 hours?

  43. says

    Just because a doctor COULD write a reason for a c-section doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make something up to get the extra pocket money. Wow, are we really saying the medical profession is ABOVE this sort of behavior? No way in hell can 31% of these sections be justified, and you KNOW women are NOT going to pay out of pocket that much!

  44. Nicki says

    Remember people it is a tabloid rag mag that is saying this!
    My best friend had a c/s with her youngest, he was 2 months early, and she almost bled to death. It was scary for the family waiting in the waiting room (She doesn’t remember most of it, her son is 9 now). Her husband was asked, “Is it ok to do a hysterotomy?” He said, “Do whatever you have to do to keep her alive!” Her first child was natural birth, 10 years before him. She would pick natural birth over anything else, but sometimes you don’t have a choice.

    I believe this is a tabolid lie, and best wishes for a young mother about to give birth to her baby.

  45. Cara says

    My first was an emergency C-section, my 2nd was scheduled and now my 3rd will too be scheduled to be safe.

  46. N says

    I was scared at 29…. age makes no difference. I saw video tapes of natural births and c-sections. If you have a weak stomach and a low tolerance for pain….those things will definetly scare you! I ended up having an emergency c-section due to my son crowning.

    #2 have you ever had a c-section….. I think not cause it definetly is not the easier route. Its major surgery and thats why you are covered for more time under FMLA for a c-section. Having a child is the closest a woman can come to death….. regardless if it is natural or a c-section…respect that.

  47. Zbella says

    Liza, sadly, many do. My mom is an RN and worked L&D for over 20 years. It happens all the time – that doctors schedule c-sections for their own convenience. Especially around their vacations, holidays and to avoid middle of the night deliveries. I know several friends who have had c-sections scheduled. Granted, that was after they had an emergency c-section with their first.

  48. Melissa R says

    Ha Ha Ha Ha……….serves her right!!!!! That is what you get when you can’t keep your legs closed!!!

  49. violetsky says

    I have had a natural birth and a c section. The pain after the c-section, has convinced me … to posh to push, not I I would choose to push over a c-section any day.

  50. Danica says

    I felt exactly the same way when I was pregnant with my son. I was so terrified. But then when I finally gave birth, the first stages of labor didn’t hurt AT ALL. Menstrual cramps are worse than labor! Then when I had the epidural I couldn’t feel a thing. In this day and age, there is really no reason to be terrified of giving birth. Jamie Lynn will be fine! But I totally understand how she feels.

  51. Liza says

    I agree Sara. Too much focus on one day instead of what really matters: the parent you will become the day after.

    Plus, most, if not all, insurnace companies in the US will not cover elective c-sections. There has to be a medical reason. Could a doctor falsify documentation to get it covered? Sure, but doctors don’t generally do c-sections for their own convenience.

  52. Zbella says

    How did I know there would be the exact comment that is #1 and many others? I was 27 and had a planned pregnancy and I was scared to death with my first. The baby gets bigger and bigger and bigger – and you wonder how in the heck the baby will make it out of you!

  53. sara says

    Birth is nothing compared to parenting! I’ve had both natural homebirth and c/s, both are hard in their own way–but its one freaking day, parenting is forever!

  54. jen says

    I know this has nothing to do with the topic but the girl has flawless skin or some really good makeup!

  55. Lurker says

    You’re right about that #14!
    Heck I was 20 years old and married when I had my first baby, and I was scared to death!! I can’t imagine it at what, 17??

    #9–It’s funny you say that–my friend had her first baby a few weeks before I did. For whatever reason, she HAD to have a c section. I was like, hey, that sounds WAY better to me, having never had a baby…and she said no way was it, that she’d wished she’d been able to do it ‘the natural way’ (scars and recovery time and so forth) Her husband even told mine that it freaked him out, because, as he’d put it, he’d “seen what was supposed to be IN his wife, OUT of her” (not the baby, but all the blood and ‘stuff’..LOL!)

    When I was pregnant with second son, an ultrasound tech had told me the baby was breech, and that I could end up with a c section..and after doing it naturally twice before, I was freaked out! I was SCOURING the internet for info about c sections as well as “ideas” as to how to get the baby to turn around! I was scared to death.

    But, as it turned out, he turned on his own, and my doctor said the tech should have never said that to me so early on; that it was way too soon to think the baby wouldn’t turn around. And thankfully, he did! 🙂

  56. tink1217 says

    Tam, sure it hurts, I have had 2…but my scar is below my bikini line and very smooth and not very noticeable. yes, I was awake, even with my first and it was an emergency. Luckily I had opted for an epidural and was fine. But I wouldn’t say it feels disgusting. All I felt was pressure. Honestly…after hearing horror stories of my friends having 3rd degree tearing down there…I was glad I had a c section! But, the recovery is longer. I wouldn’t say more painful, just different. That being said…Jamie Lynn should have thought about this before having sex!

  57. Sandra says

    Anyone who is pregnant for the first time is always scared to give birth, let alone a child.

    I had a c-sec and I would do it all over again. I recovered in less than a week, I had no need for pain pills it was perfect! I had my chance of going through 14 hours of labor without drugs and then 2 hours of pushing to end up with a c-sec, so I will do it again in a heartbeat!

  58. says

    #9 the other thing is it’s major surgery.

    I’m so tired of people going, “But it doesn’t matter, as long as the baby’s healthy”….

    This is exactly why our nation’s c-section rate is up to over 30% when it should be less than 15.

    Doctors like it because they can schedule their golf games and vacations around when your baby’s born and all that stuff.

    I agree, she could probably pop that baby out completely naturally with very little pain and in no time flat.

  59. Lurker says

    You know, I wish I could say this surprises me, but it doesn’t.

    I agree with much of what other posters have already said, but wasn’t it Lynn Spears that explained to Britney that birth hurts??
    I can’t remember where I read that, but she said herself that THAT was why she was having a c section with her first child. Because birth hurts. Good grief!!! Of course it does–but it goes with the territory, girls!
    Of course, my sister watched me have my daughter and afterwards I jokingly said, “How’s that for birth control?”

    She laughed.. and then she gave birth to my nephew later that year. :-/

  60. Could it be says

    This is so ridiculous. If Lynne was so concerned about teaching her daughter about a “natural” birth, why did Britney have two elective c-sections? There’s nothing natural about choosing when your baby comes out.

  61. Tam says

    um… c section an easier route? 1: You have to be awake and it feels disgusting.
    2: the staples and recovering is horrible..
    3: its the ugliest scar ever!

  62. Tam says

    She seems so young to be wanting a c-section… i’m sure she’ll push that baby out like nothing…

  63. Ruby Jackson says

    Her mother should have shown her that video when she explained to her the birds and bees. (if she did). Maybe she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place.

  64. Cara says

    “knocked up and waken up with its all over?????” Sorry hunny! This the real deal! Time to grow up! This is what happens when you open your legs!

  65. Shooter says

    Any doctor who gives c-section because a “mother” wants one should be shot. She should have thought about the consequences before she spread her legs.

    A woman who doesn’t think a child is worth going through childbirth for and goes the “easier” route, will be useless as a parent. Maybe this one will become even worse than big sis Brit.

  66. tink1217 says

    maybe she should have thought about that a few months ago when she had sex. Birth is inevitable. baby has to come out some way!!

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