Bananas & Cereal To Conceive A Boy!

Sex Selection

A British study has been billed as the first to show a link in humans between a woman’s diet and whether she has a boy or girl.

The research involved about 700 first-time pregnant women in the United Kingdom who didn’t know the sex of their fetuses. They were asked about their eating habits in the year before getting pregnant.

Among women with the highest calorie intake before pregnancy (but still within a normal, healthy range), 56 percent had boys, versus 45 percent of the women with the lowest calorie intake.

Women who ate at least one bowl of breakfast cereal daily were 87 percent more likely to have boys than those who ate no more than one bowlful per week. Eating very little cereal was considered a possible sign of skipping breakfast, lead author Fiona Mathews said.

Compared with the women who had girls, those who had boys ate an additional 300 milligrams of potassium daily on average, “which links quite nicely with the old wives’ tale that if you eat bananas you’ll have a boy,” Dr. Mathews said.

Women who had boys also ate about 400 calories more daily than those who had girls, on average, she said.

These sorts of studies are funny but interesting nonetheless! If I were trying desperately to conceive a boy I would probably immediately start eating tons of bananas and breakfast cereal!



  1. Sukanya says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    i married last year ie : on 15-11-2007,still have not become pregnent.and more over v were not serious about tat to have suddenly baby we are very serious to have baby boy for 1st time…i want instruction hw to become pregnent for baby boy..wat is the food v have to take,,and please axplain me tha position and wen to have sex.


  2. mm says

    Not to take sides with anyone…I dont know if the study really increases your chances or not but I did read the whole study and the study does exsist. It was done in the UK. The high potassium in bananas helps make the cm more alkaline which is a better enviroment for sprem which gives the y a better chance to get to the egg since the y is weaker and dies off first when the cm is more acidic. They say the y sperms were more stimulated in the cultures that were in an enviroment that was more alkaline and nutrient rich…b12, potassium, ect. I do believe God has the final say but if something is going to increase my chances then by all means. In the end its intresting to read different things that may or may not increase your chances but you still get what you get NOTHING is 100%.

  3. Niki says

    Hollie was adopted at 8 weeks, her mum was an alcoholic who had abandoned her at 3 weeks. Her birth name, which is now her middle name is Kira[Which is pronounced Kee-rah]
    it means throne we found out after much research, but it is likely to have been the mothers name as it was found with hollie engraved into a pendant

  4. Ronnie says

    Tristan was a knigh of King Arthur’s legendary round table [I’m English!!!]
    Carter means transporter, another english one!
    Thomas is Aramaic for twin!! Made popular by St Thomas Beckett
    & Callie means Beautiful or lovely:)
    it’s greek but for her it is short for callista.
    it was unintentional until callie! when we realised and decided to keep the trend!

    when did you adopt hollie as a baby or later in her life?
    did she have a bulgarian name?

  5. Niki says

    Aww cute names!
    were you going for CTCT names?
    or was it chance?
    i’m really interested in the meaning of the name tristan it’s so uncommon!

    We actually didnt have any fertility problem but it was a unanimous decision to adopt before have biological children and we by chance had twins.
    people often think we adopted because of conception problems and the fact we have twins leads them to beleive we had IVF but no such cause !

  6. Ronnie says

    Cally is more mischevious than the boys, Niki!!

    Tristan is my eldest he is 10
    The Twins &Carter
    Cally is 3
    We are now trying for a sister for Cally, as mentioned previously:)

    So why did you decide to adopt?
    Did you have difficulties conceiving??

  7. Niki says

    3 boys ronnie?
    how old are they?
    and the girl?
    must be difficult running after them all:)

    i have twins also, but a girl and a boy

    Hollie is 5 and Jake is 14 months:)

  8. dori says

    I like the smoke pot and relax approach… no just kidding for as long as I can remember people have been trying to figure out how to have boys or girls it’s all nonsense. It’s all about the the mans sperm count and the XX XY chromosomes. The younger male and higher sperm count create boys and the older men like Mark Brad etc will have girls sfter 40 the chances of a boy are slim sperm count is lower as is the chromosome needed to make a boy. How Donald Trump fathered a boy at his age is quite unusual!!!

  9. Clara says

    Em, you can go bit mi as. Wait a minute, let me go and get my dictionary, I think I spelled something wrong here. Oh yes GO BITE MY ASS. hahahaha.

  10. Em says

    Thanks ladies for such entertaining reading! It’s been a long boring night at work and I stumbled upon this.

    Personally, I feel all of you talk in circles and are entirely too smug. All of you (Clara comes to mind now…) have glaring grammatical errors in your posts. Funny, since you’re making fun of others. Clara, it’s “you’re” not “your” in the first sentence of your post. Funny considering how you laughed at Minnie in the same breath for HER spelling!

    Minnie is no prize but neither are you cows. I get the distinct impression that you were all picked on in school and now ganging up on others makes you feel warm inside. Ciao!

  11. AMJ says

    Thanks Jx2, Clara and Karissa…..but Minnie won’t stop until she gets the last word… let her have the last word so we can all end this silly adventure. Your right this site is not for Minnie…….if she likes babies so much why doesn’t she try the site “Celebrity Babies” it’s more up her alley!!
    OK, Minnie go ahead……..say what you have to say to end this……looking forward to it. NOT!.

  12. Karissa says

    lol. *yawn* is right. You didn’t prove anything Minnie. 87% is still a very high % compared to 49%. What’s the difference 100%, 87% it should have worked according to this statistic. Stop shoving your “so called intelligence” which we still don’t believe you have much of and go on another site. This obviously isn’t the site for you. You have hurt people, challenged people to the point of ignorance and all for what. Do you feel good about yourself?? By you attacking AMJ she had to further explain herself to make it right. YOu need to think before you write anything because you have no clue how to treat people. We don’t care about your statistics. We are sick and tired of you.

  13. Minnie says

    Not sure what’s happening with Clara. Not interested in her and AMJ. Bored of them. Short attention span.

    I wanted to respond to Jx2 and this is the onlyway i can do it so the rest of you can just ignore me please.

    You’re right. I spent an absurdly long time on here and I shouldn’t have. Thanks Jx2. You’re also right that I shouldn’t have become involved and posted my first, very angry post or felt the need to explain the use I am making of this site. I think I mentioned I was having a bad day? My interests are not related to this study in particular but of popular reporting of science and responses to it (you may remember I had a similar outburst on an autism post – that’s a post I am using and I have lingered here since! What can I say, I like babies!) and some of the ones on here made me forget myself. I do feel bad for that and for my obviously confrontational attitude but put yourself in my position – you have enough of an education to understand how deliberate rejection of intelligence and science can be galling and exasperating! I’m sure you’ve felt it before.
    I like you Jx2 in as much as it is possible to notwithstanding the limitations of Internet forums. You’re questions on my identity are salient, foolish and cruel though. You know full well that there is no proof I can offer of who I am and that, in contributing so intensely to this post I cannot may use of the discussion had I wanted to which may appear damaging. I could link to articles or homepages or whatever but the nature of the Internet means that it would be useful. Plus I wouldn’t want the loons on here knowing my identity. “Minnie” indeed! You know from your “Jx2” that nothing even close to ones name should be used on one of these sites.

  14. Clara says

    #56. Nice one dumbass Minnie. Looks like your explaining yourself to the tee. Perfectly brilliant if I do say so myself. We know it’s you since you also commented on Ashlee Simpson and how she “doen’t ” nice spelling by the way, looks pregnant. HAHAHAHA. Looks like you are outnumbered. BOO HOO. Take your statistics story and shove it where the sun don’t shine princess. HEHEHE.

  15. Jx2 says

    No problem AMJ – I know you are way smarter than ‘Minnie Skirt’ gave you credit for – she came across as a total phoney. It seems she went out of her way to prove you wrong and why someone who claims to be so educated and specialized in her field would randomly appear here and start calling people “morons,” defies logic. Whatever “research” she happens to be conducting – I hope she gets an F for Fraud !!

  16. Clara says

    Left side of her brain is not working, more like right and left sides aren’t working. Nice one Minnie, you are pissing everyone off here. No one is listening to your pathetic “statistic crap” ramble on and on. Sorry couldn’t resist.

  17. Karissa says

    AMJ, Minnie is only attacking because she feels like a fool.We all know you read it properly, maybe she feels stupid because she did not. Anyway, Minnie is a low life, who wouldn’t be with a name like that. hahahaha. ANd I agree with Jx2 and also believe she has a good head on her shoulders.

  18. AMJ says

    Like I said in comment # 47 YOU meaning Minnie did not explain anything to me that I already didn’t know or read…..I feel I read the article correctly you my dear have a big problem……I did not forget what I wrote before I only felt the need to further explain myself since your left side of your brain is not functioning properly or something……of course I am sticking up for myself you are constantly attacking trying to prove some intelligence you think you may have or NOT in this matter. 87% or 100% IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME!!! OK….OK…….GLAD YOU GET IT NOW. WHAT DOES IT MATTER ……..GO TAKE YOUR STATISTICS SOMEWHERE ELSE.
    jX2……You are one of the smartest people on this site…I appreciate everything you have said to stick up for me…and that goes for Clara and Karissa too.

  19. Jx2 says

    Minnie Minutia – Perhaps you aren’t the only one conducting research. Did it ever occur to you that there may be others on this site that are also monitoring interactions and misunderstandings amongst people? Been there. In case you are unaware, I did just complete a biology course where one of the major topics was human genetics and mutations.

    I’m not projecting – I’m merely stating the obvious. You don’t need to advertise your intentions to everyone. Instead you could have quietly gathered your findings and moved on. The fact remains that you have been here since 2:53 this afternoon and it is now 8:30 pm. Wow!!! That’s remarkable. If you have already gathered your scientific information, don’t you think you should call it a day and mosey on out of here? Make sure you give reference to AMJ for using her as a case study. Perhaps you can also provide her with some monetary insurance while you are at it? Most scientific researchers do that!

    Personally, I find you highly entertaining in a clinical sort of way. I also find a lot of your ramblings “highly illogical” Captain…pardon me, I just couldn’t resist quoting “Spock” from Start Trek… I’m off to see a documentary on insects this evening. Stick around if you enjoy insects as much as I do!! 😀 I enjoy sharing knowledge – tete a tete!

  20. minnie says

    I linger and hover here because it’s interesting to see how people think and how blinded they are by their own beliefs and self justifications. Do you not think it’s fascinating? And then, when an error has been made, they try to revise or qualify their points although they are posting on a forum where their old posts are clearly visible!

    The study makes no claims, only an observation so it can’t be wrong! I do not agree that they have enough data to make a solid claim. Which is why the fact that it is reported by the popular press makes it such fertile ground for the work I do analysing the missreadings and then reinterpretations that people make.

    If I needed to exercise my intelligence over a group of people who comment on a baby paparazzi site in the middle of the day then I would be a sad person indeed – are you projecting? I know it’s rude to ask, but only logical.

    I’m just glad AMJ clearly gets it now and that i have learn something about the way people misread – it’s all useful. Thanks.

  21. Jx2 says

    #45 – It’s good to see that you are so passionate about statistics (it’s good to have a hobby) AND that you have an education. Nowadays, MOST people do have an education! So there’s no need to flaunt it! You must feel extra special knowing that you understand statistics and are so clear-minded about this “banana and cereal” gobble-dee-gook, but in reality “studies” are just that – “a mere study.” They do not guarantee nor prove anything. Scientists make observations. They hypothesize. They try to draw conclusions. Sometimes they cannot and then they are back to doing more research on a specific study. It’s a lot of back and forth. Sometimes there is no conclusion to be found. Just a hypothesis. This is what scientists do best. Nobody has to agree with anything you say or what the article in question states.
    I wonder now that this post is considered old news…where you will end up with your statistical knowledge in tow? Will you linger and hover here knowing very well that there may not be another statistic -related post for weeks and months. OR, will you move one to another blog or website where you can exercise your “intelligence” and “education” to another group of people that really don’t give a horses A*ss about statistics. I guess it makes you feel very self-congratulatory and extra-special. Too bad the rest of us don’t see it your way. That must really anger you! Good!!

  22. AMJ says

    I never thought it was 100%…….you didn’t explain anything to me that I didn’t know already…..87% I get it……..Statistically I should have conceived a girl but I did not….so…..what’s your point…….Like Jx2 said Posh has 3 boys and she follows a 750cal intake daily….SO…’s just a stupid study and it’s not the first or will it be the last.

  23. ...... says

    minnie- I like how we are suppose to leave her alone, even though I personally never called her names or attacked her, merely paraphrased her and pointed out the obvious that she misunderstood the article. Oh well some people just can’t quite admit to saying something wrong even if it was a mistake. TGIF!!!

  24. minnie says

    Course she did silly! That’s why she stopped when I finally found a way to explain it that she understood! I’m not having a dig at her, you see – just her missreading.

    I care deeply about people’s deliberate missunderstandings – it’s one of my main areas of study. It’s therefore not a hobby but a job. Bless the internet and the people who comment on it: it’s all reasearch material.

  25. Clara says

    Minnie, I didn’t get the opinion that she amj thought that it was 100 percent. Leave her alone. Like Jx2 said get a new hobby.

  26. minnie says

    Clara – my point was that AMJ seemed to think they were suggesting this would happen 100% of the time and therefore that she proves the study wrong and that they were suggesting this is what you have to do to get a boy! Like that was viable!!! Madness!

  27. minnie says

    It’s really a shame when people willfully misunderstand and then rerepresent. I’m sorry that my attempts to make people think a little clearer about what the article actually said and what it’s ramifications and the fact that it has nothing to do with diets caused people such emotional turmoil. I know education and intelligence can be threatening and it’s a lot more fun to stay in ones own bubble and read things as one wants to. I’m glad you understand now AMJ and I hope you’re not always so suspicious of studies. It’s, in part, the WM’s fault for not correctly citing the study and it’s aim. Perhaps knowing more about that and the people and institutions involed would have stopped AMJ and ….’s errors.

  28. says

    It’s the man’s sperm that determine gender, but I get so sick of women blaming their husband for not getting a specific gender child that they want.

    Someone was right….cervical mucous changes during the month and things can influence this.

    A friend of my mom’s supposedly used this theory and got a girl and a boy each time. It may have been luck or whatever, and you will get what you’re supposed to get regardless, but it’s interesting reading. 🙂

  29. AMJ says

    Thanks Karissa and Clara…….I thought no one understood but Jx2…….hopefully we can all move on……I will stop name calling as you are right it does add fuel to the fire.
    My boys do fight occasionally….lol….. Just count to 10…lol..and thanks.

  30. Clara says

    Wow this whole topic got kind of heated didn’t it.? What next are they going to come up with as far as conceiving??
    Anyway, AMJ I can tell you are getting frustrated trying to get your point across. YOu went on a diet (smallest you ever been) and reading this article statisically you should have conceived a girl and you conceived a boy even with your low calorie intake. I understand what you are saying and I agree with you. Please don’t let Minnie and ……… get you down. The name calling should be kept minimal otherwise you are adding fuel to the fire. But I can see how easily this can happen. You have stated over and over about the low calorie intake and the whole banana thing. Hopefully everyone involved can move on. Glad you are happy, two boys are a blessing. I myself have 2 boys. Do your boys ever fight like mine?? Makes a long day for sure. Good luck.

  31. Karissa says

    That’s true AMJ most people do want to loose weight before they get married and look good in the pictures when they look back on them.I don’t think you were hiding anything at all it sounds pretty obvious to me that people would want to get skinny before getting married.
    Don’t listen to those people. They have no clue.

  32. AMJ says

    Usually people who are about to get married want to look the best they have ever looked…..Most people want to fit into a size smaller or 2 before you get married…..who doesn’t want to look fabulous on her wedding day….with all the pictures to look back on……That was the smallest I have ever been in my life (thanks to weight watchers, excercise etc…..then I got pregnant on my honeymoon. So I wasnt’ hiding anything at all I thought it was just a given. I wasn’t wrong……I don’t eat cereal or bananas see comment #24…..i don’t know what else to say here people…..nit picking…..holy smokes……who cares really…..I wouldn’t trade my 2 beautiful boys for anything……I’m happy the way it turned out…..and for the record no I can’t eat anything I want……I’m always watching what I eat.

  33. ...... says

    AMJ just admit. You’re first comment NEVER once said anything about you being on a diet, which is why the whole conversation started! You said “I was the smallest I had ever been and conceived a boy” which doesn’t mean you are on a diet and don’t eat high calorie food. Maybe you are one of the lucky few that can eat whatever they want and not gain from it. And being on a diet doesn’t stop you from eating cereal and the bananas like they are claiming either. You were wrong, you were called on it and after you were called on it you made some big drama about how you are better than everyone else because of the picking on and name calling when in turn that is all you know how to do. Good Luck hopefully you will gain a self esteem from all of your name calling.

  34. AMJ says

    Whatever!!!!…lol. Exactly….so when you are on a DIET your calorie intake will be limited….lol….oh my people. lol….too funny.

  35. ..... says

    Ok so I don’t really care what is said anymore because I got lost after the comment you made AMJ “I’m so done with this topic. Let’s move on” but you still continue on and then you go on acting all high and mighty with the comment “no one likes to be put down but I have learned that people who treat other people like s%&* and harass them have low self esteem and have to put other people down to make themselves feel good.” Um excuse me AMJ you must have a bit of a low self esteem, are you not calling someone else names??? “go far away! No one likes you you poor pathetic loser….You always have to have the last word….do you think your Einstein or something….I did NOT read the article wrong you piece of worthless trash.” Yeah so um I almost felt bad for “attacking” you yesterday until I read your comments this morning. My comment number 17 wasn’t an attack it was me paraphrasing what you had previously stated.

    The article talked about HIGHEST calorie intake, not eating more in your diet or being the skinniest you ever were. (Congrats on your weight loss though, that is great!) It is also about eating more than once a week bananas and cereal in the morning. I still seriously don’t think it works but hey if someone wants to waste money on a study for us to read and laugh about go ahead; at least it wasn’t my money!

  36. Ronnie says

    so does anyone know how to have a girl?:D

    i have a boy then twin boys then another girl and me and my husband want to give our girl a sister 🙂

  37. minnie says

    AMJ – calm down. Either this is upsetting you in which case stop coming back for more or you get off on this.

    I asked you earlier if you understand what 87% more likely meant and I am going to have to go back to that. They are not saying the more you eat you will concieve a boy they are saying the more you eat the higher your chances – 87% higher. That’s not 100% (as your case proves).

    Perhaps Dr Mathews’ analogy is helpful – she said you could think of your chances of getting a boy or a girl as like flipping a coin and that this study demonstrates that you can influence the coin – that you’re nudging it slightly in one direction but not determining the outcome.

    The percentage chance means that out of 20 women eating these foods 12 would have boys (rather than the 10 expected) and only 9 out of 20 women skipping breakfast would have a boy. You were one of the 9 out of 20.

  38. AMJ says

    The more you eat(the higher calorie content) you will conceive a boy…..the lower calorie intake you will have a girl…..what exactly am I reading wrong…..the more you eat=boy the less you eat =girl……….what is the problem….how did I read this wrong minnie EINSTEIN????
    Anyone else thinks this is a joke or that I read it wrong let me know. Like I said it before I don’t eat bananas or cereal in the morning (I prefer yogart or a piece of toast) and I still conceived 2 boys……so…..what’s the problem here…minnie mouse??? oh…is that Mickey I hear calling you????

  39. minnie says

    AMJ – traditionally when someone says they are finished with a subject they stop banging on about it. If you are feeling persecuted why come back for more after the first time you said you were done with the subject? I only engage because I get a response and I assume that means you want one back. The way you read the article is wrong. I don’t care if you buy it or not once you have accepted the salient points but it’s painful to see that you can’t do that.

    Jx2 – I cannot imagine for the life of me that you’ll do this but the article can be read in full here – that’s where I got the stats from.

    I’m not sure if it will ask you for a password, I hope it wont.

    For those talking about the chromosomes in sperm – It has been known since 1959 that if a y-chromosome sperm fertilizes the egg, the baby will be a boy but not how this works at the moment of fertilization and how CM affects what sperm get through or which fertilized embryos develop beyond the first few days. It is acknowledged that the more of the noticed miscarriages (you don’t always know if you have one) are male – this may be to do with glucose levels, as might the unnoticed miscarriages.

  40. Jx2 says

    Ellipses – you may not have been the first to mention God but you didn’t hesitate to forge right in there and make yourself mimic God by assuming how others conceived. I’m merely playing Devil’s Advocate here because I am not at all religious. As for my “rolls” – you see – I don’t have any rolls aside from the ones I may consume on occasion with my vegetarian chili. Being physically active, I may have some retained lactic acid in my muscles and the following day might curse the Gods on Mount Olympics for having such a hard time getting my cross trainers on. I hope that I have shed some light on your otherwise incorrect assumptions about myself.

  41. Jx2 says

    Minnie Driver – For someone who is so passionate about statistics you fail to realize that you are outnumbered on this panel and nobody really cares what you think or say. I would not be surprised if these stats are your own brainchild. Perhaps something that you devised yourself and now feel insulted that nobody is taking them seriously. Like I said to you earlier – find a new hobby like counting stars. Maybe then I’ll actually listen to what you have to say.

  42. AMJ says

    I’m so done with this topic. Let’s move on…..I have learned my lesson…..To keep my opinions to myself (obviously on this site you are not allowed to state your opionion unless you want to get slammed and punished and put down….Eventually this site will go under because of people like you ……. and minnie mouse….no one likes to be put down but I have learned that people who treat other people like s%&* and harass them have low self esteem and have to put other people down to make themselves feel good. I do believe in God and I do not push my religion on anybody……
    The way I read this article is how I see it and I don’t buy one word of it…..and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    By the way (……..)I did not starve myself I did Weight Watcher’s (the only diet that has ever worked for me) It may be a slow way but it works… me I ate……Don’t judge me… don’t even know me . Thanks Jx2 you are very kind to back me up.

  43. Adele says

    Everyone who knows Biology, knows it’s the Man’s sperm that determines if the baby is a by or girl because the Woman’s egg is a X chromosome & the sperm can either be an X or Y.

    I have to girls, and the year before I had each of them, my diet was completely different to before I had my eldest to when I had my youngest.

    I’d love to have a little boy in the future, but I doubt cereal & bananas will help a sperm with a Y chromosome get to my egg first.

  44. minnie says

    Jx2 – what a silly comment to make about statistics! There was a better rebuttal but yours is logically syllogistic. These results were statistically very, ver significant (p= 0.001 – that’s higher than is expected in drug trials ) however so even the better rebuttal is weak.

    If you boil a study down to it’s most basic point because you don’t have the time or the brains to understand it fully you’re going to make the same mistake as AMJ when she says “more calorie intake= boy, less intake = girl” since that is patently not what the study states.

    As a side point AMJ – diet affects CM. Would that not seem and obvious point to you?

  45. ..... says

    Jx2 Um I wasn’t the one that started the topic of God. But I bet you AMJ’s God would be there helping you lift your rolls to get to your feet, me personally I reserve my religion because I don’t need to push my God on others that may not believe.

  46. Jx2 says

    And there’s the nameless God #17 (…) who seems to know exactly how AMJ conceived her child because he/she was there that night assisting in the process. LMAO

    Okay – somedays I have a hard time putting on my shoes, #17 do you think that God is there helping me lift my legs so I can easily put my shoes on?! I need the voice of God (you) to enlighten me with this.

  47. Jx2 says

    Minnie – Statistics are not carved in stone. Every month there is a new statistic to refute the previous one. This month it’s bananas and cereal, next month it will be cheese and crackers, the month after that it will be champagne and caviar…Minnie you need to RELAX – who cares about medical statistics – YOU obviously seem to care a bit TOO much about it. Get another hobby!

  48. ..... says

    AMJ- Ok so maybe you know how to read but you obviously do not know how to comprehend! Your first comment stated about you being the “smallest” you have ever been, which has NOTHING to do with the study.

    What you really must meant was you starved yourself thin and got knocked up with a boy on your honeymoon, because God was there to lift your legs!

  49. goingcrazyinny says

    I don’t care if it’s a crock or not, I’m still adding more cereal and bananas to my diet…. two girls is enough for me and we are TTC #3, hopefully a boy.

  50. AMJ says

    I’ve also heard the more acidic your CM is the better chance you have of conceiving a girl and the more alkaline the CM is it will be a boy….and this is all with the foods you eat… I said before, it’s in God’s hands!!!

  51. AMJ says

    Well Minnie Mouse…..I personally don’t give a dam….This article is BS….I know how to read…more calorie intake=boy, less intake=girl…..I was on a diet (you know when you don’t eat very much and excercise to exhaustion) and I still conceived a boy. Enough already about this….i’m getting tired of it…..besides I believe that God has a plan and journey for everyone and HE is the one who decides what you will end up with in the end…..not someone who eats high calories , lots of cereals and bananas (which by the way I hate and will never eat)… let’s drop it ok…ok….glad your day is better. Thankyou 2teens for sticking up for me (even if you didn’t mean it, I still appreciated it).

  52. minnie says

    I’m sorry, I am coming of as snotty. It just upsets me when studies such as these are so deliberatly understood.

    2teens – if you’re really interested there are ecological studies that show that there is a strong ling between per capita food ratio and gender ratios.

  53. minnie says

    AMJ – do you understand what the phrase “87% more likely” means?

    The study discovered a statistical fact not an instruction manual for how to give birth to one gender rather than another and not a certainty. Dr. Mathews stated that the statistical fact noted “linked” with some old wives tales (not all as she was careful, and witty enough, to point out) but didn’t prove anything.

    My day is getting better now that public transport is no longer involved. We can get men on the Moon but a basic bus system is beyond humanity.

  54. 2teens says

    Minnie, darling… I know that you THINK that you are so far above every other poster on babyrazzi, but you’re coming off as a pompous ass!
    You sound like an intelligent person, so you should be wise enough to not name-call and berate others for their opinions.
    The male chromosome determines the gender of the fetus – how else do you explain boys being born in 3rd world countries to starving mothers?

  55. AMJ says

    ……um excuse me…..I went on a huge diet lost 25lbs weighed 120 lbs at my wedding . I didn’t have a high amount of calorie intake a year before or during the time of conception and I still delivered a boy 9 months later….Thankyou very much….
    The article states more calorie intake=boy, less equals girl …..I can read thankyou.

  56. Mary says

    I thought that it was the man’s DNA that decided the gender of a child…don’t they have a test that can be done on sperm to determine what the sex will be? This study does not make any sense.

  57. minnie says

    Oh my god. You commentators are morons. Really scraping the barrel of humanity. I was going to try and explain and be careful and nice and not try to ruffle feathers while trying to get limited minds to understand but i’m tired and I’ve had a bad day and the comments by Rijay and AMJ just pushed me over the edge!

  58. ..... says

    AMJ It has nothing to do with how small you are it has to do with calorie intake and what you eat. Read the article!

    I doubt it works though seriously!

  59. AMJ says

    This article is BS….to say the least…….absolutely NOT TRUE. I have 2 boys and conceived on my honeymoon….I was the smallest I had ever been and conceived a boy….this article is crap.

  60. Jx2 says

    I wonder what Posh Spice ate while pregnant to conceive two boys? She does not appear to eat anything. The frequency of boys being conceived has a lot to do with hormones and genetics. Not sure I buy into the banana & cereal crap! There are women in Russia (and other parts of the world) that never see a banana in their life and still give birth to boys.

  61. Rijay says

    So first we came from apes, then food determines the gender of our baby?! Too ridiculous.
    It has to do with cells and XY or XX chromosomes.

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