Ashlee Simpson Continues To Dodge Pregnancy Questions

Ashlee Simpson 

Ashlee Simpson is keeping coy when it comes to those persistent pregnancy rumors.

The 23-year-old singer – who’s newly engaged to Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz – tried her best to avoid answering the question during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (The episode is set to air today….April 24th.)

When asked directly, “Are you or are you not pregnant?” Ashlee demurred: “Well, that has been going on for quite a while. That is something that I choose personally not to discuss.”

She then skillfully changed the subject. “Do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something?” she asked the audience, standing up to show her still-slim figure. “Because I don’t think I do.”

Ellen DeGeneres then asked Ashlee to promise that if she is pregnant, she doesn’t keep fans in suspense as long as Jennifer Lopez did.

“I swear,” Ashlee responded. “I promise you that. I give you my pinky on that.” (The two then shared a quick pinky-swear.)

Ellen DeGeneres gave it one last shot, asking quickly, “Is it a boy or a girl?” But Ashlee could not be tempted.

“Ah,” she said with a laugh. “You’re funny.”



  1. Amanda says

    People would quit asking if she would be honest and stop playing games. Or simply say its none of your business. She is hamming it up.

  2. says

    I think it would be really annoying to constantly be asked this question – if you weren’t, you’d feel self-conscious that you looked like you were; if you were you’d want to keep it to yourself until YOU felt like announcing it.

  3. Leigh says

    By the way, I am a person who loves hearing about pregnancies (of relatives, co-workers and celebs alike) because it’s an awesome thing that I hope to one day experience. I just prefer knowing when it’s 100% confirmed by the parents themselves or by a tell-tale bump. Peace!

  4. Leigh says

    It’s irritating to me that people hound celebs to reveal their pregnancy status. It’s not for us to judge them if they keep the news to themselves for a while. It’s the same with relationships. “Are they dating/engaged, etc.?” I don’t want to know if they aren’t ready for us to know yet. I hate it when people are in my personal business and I’m just an everyday girl. I can understand that people expect celebrities to let us in on every detail of their lives because they are in the public eye, but come on. Some things shouldn’t be revealed by force. What’s next? Digging around in their trash for an e.p.t.? (Wait, wasn’t that on DIRT?)

  5. Jessie says

    I’m watching it right now! David Beckham is on right now, but I’m going to watch Ashlee’s part and see for myself! I think she is pregnant.

  6. Lauren says

    Ellen is so funny! If she is pregnant, leave her alone! She’ll announce it when she and Pete are ready.

  7. Liza says

    Maybe she just really believes that this is nobody’s business but her and her partner.

    Who cares if she’s being coy or should be denying it if it isn’t true, it’s nobody’s business.

  8. Sandra says

    I love Ellen too!!!! I almost think she is pregnant. If you are not pregnant you would want to deny it at every chance. To me she looked pregnant on Dancing with the Stars.

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