Katie Price & Peter Andre Take Daughter To The Hospital

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Concerned parents Jordan and Peter Andre have taken chickenpox-ridden Princess Tiáamii to a US hospital, after Princess Tiáamii’s condition worsened.
The couple – who are in the States for Katie’s breast reduction surgery – say they are sick with worry for their 10-month-old daughter, who caught the illness from brother Junior, 2. Princess Tiáamii’s mood went rapidly downhill during a trip to trendy LA boutique Kitson, forcing her parents to cut short their shopping spree.
Jordan and Peter first checked her into a local doctor – and were visibly concerned as they left to seek further medical attention.
Jordan said: “We’ve got to take her to hospital. She’s not good man. Once she’s better I’ll be all smiles.”



  1. Analise says

    Not all kids are vaccinated in the States. All states have exemptions. Sick kids have shots delayed. Varicella isn’t given until 12 months. She is also a risk to adults who never contracted the disease. What rock do you live under Angie Frost? Contagion aside, the chicken pox, while a normal disease to have, is NOT fun. My Mom wouldn’t have dreamed to take us out. We had fevers and of course were itching. These parents may love their kids, but they are not exactly bright bulbs. That kid should have been home resting.

  2. Angie Frost says

    In the states all kids are vacinated so theres no risk and the freah air helps the spots, if they were bad parents they wouldnt have seen a doctor would they, so back off and leave them alone.

  3. Zbella says

    Too young as in, very young and it can be very dangerous for infants and adults. I have had shingles too (not contagious like CP, but very, very painful).

  4. Malorkis says

    OMG! Chickenpox is highly contagious as is Pinkeye (Conjunctivitis) and working in a salon you see all types of brain-dead people bringing their sick children in with them, passing colds and flu on to the clients and stylists. It is outrageous!!!! These two should have known better.

  5. momof3 says

    Even if she’s no longer contageous. That’s the second day in a row that there are photos of them dragging that tired, sick baby from one shop to the next. If she has chicken pox, she’s probably very itchy, and she probably has a fever. Shouldn’t the poor mite be resting in a cool, quiet baby room instead of this? They behave like they share one brain cell.

  6. JJ says

    I don’t think they were actually aware of the danger. I think they really love their children but maybe they are little bit – I don’t want to be offensive – naive and inexperienced. It was a big mistake and now they know it.

  7. Lauren says

    I think it’s horrible that they took her out shopping when she has chicken pox. That’s very contagious and just shows where there priorities are.

  8. B G says

    Wrong Klaire…check Dr Google & you will find:
    “How long is a person with chickenpox contagious?
    Patients with chickenpox are contagious for 1-2 days before the rash appears and continue to be contagious until all the blisters are crusted over (usually 6-8 days).”
    So unless that child’s blisters are at the scab stage, she
    is contagious and her parents should keep her at home.
    I was infected with chickenpox as an adult when I was
    invited to a New Year’s Eve at a friend’s home. Some
    friends of my friends were also invited but, without asking,
    if it was OK, they brought their 3 year old over to an
    evening that was supposed to be adults only ie drinking
    was going to be going on. She was fussy and fretful and
    about 10 days later I called my friend to tell her my news.
    I had come down with chickenpox and she said, guess
    what, so did my daughter. Her daughter was 10 at the
    time and we were both exposed thanks to the kind
    couple who didn’t do what any normal person would
    have done ie gotten a babysitter for the child or, as she
    was obviously feverish, cancelled & stayed home to
    look after her. I remember they drank like fish and were
    drunk by the time they left. Nice. I ended up missing a
    month off work and was very seriously ill. It took months
    to fully recover my stamina. My friend’s daughter was
    fine within a week or so. And there I was with massive
    scabbed over lesions, some the size of a dime, all over
    my body, many of which scarred even though I never
    scratched at them, though the itch was pretty much
    unbearable. And I had to suffer through all that, plus now
    have the potential to develop shingles (because I’ve had
    chickenpox) because that little girl’s nice parents
    toted her along when she was ill and highly contagious.
    I wasn’t even in close contact with her as my friend’s
    daughter was stuck entertaining her in her bedroom.
    Just having her in the vicinity was enough though to infect
    the two of us.
    These people are self absorbed and clearly
    indifferent to the rights of others not to be exposed to
    their contagious child. This poor little baby should be
    looked after in her home, not toted along on her
    parents’ pleasure outings. That’s not my definition of
    “wonderful parents”.

  9. Klaire says

    I have watched Katie and Peters reality show on youtube.com called Katie and Peter down under and they are wonderful parents. They care so much for their children and Katie is sooo wonderful with Harvey. Chicken Pox are only contagious two weeks before they get the bumps so bringing princess out in public after she already had the bumps. I love this family and I think babyrazzi should post more about them.

  10. kim says

    the kid is sick – stay home. its that simple. no shopping trip is that important that it cant wait a few more days.

  11. Liza says

    Once the spots have appeared, the incubation period has passed and the infected person doesn’t pose an infection risk to others, so she wasn’t going to get anybody sick.

    But I don’t see the reason in taking a sick baby out in public just so you can go shopping. Had they given her a few more days to recover, they could have gone shopping and wouldn’t have to worry about a trip to the hospital with a sick child.

  12. says

    jen – I know they took her shopping with the chicken pox because I saw them in a shot with her covered with spots on another site (tmz?). And, just today there is another shot of Jordan shopping for children’s clothes while the baby’s at the hospital (or at least had been in the hospital). “Concerned parents”?? I think not.

  13. says

    Hmm…shopping then doctor…..doctor then shopping….obviously she has been sick since she already had spots…you should have been to the doctor way before now.

  14. Jx2 says

    These parents are ding a lings!! Circulating a chicken pox ridden infant in public, they have no consideration for other people as long as they satiate their shopping addiction may the rest of the population get sick too! Idiots!!

  15. jen says

    Honey- maybe she didn’t look or start feeling sick until the middle of the trip. It says that they cut their shopping spree down short because of her sickness and took her to the hospital. It also says that her mood went down during the trip, not before. If it did before, I’m sure that they wouldn’t go shopping, especially due to the fact that they could go anytime that they want.

  16. says

    usually when parents have a sick child on their hands shopping in trendy boutiques is the last thing on their minds. Poor little kid, mommy and daddy have their priorities mixed up. She is very young to have the chicken pox and it’s not surprising she’s not doing so well. This is not something the very young or the very old should ever have.

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