Danish Royals Celebrate Isabella's First Birthday

Princess Isabella

Princess Isabella

Princess Isabella

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary celebrated Isabella’s April 23rd birthday with a low key family celebration at home in Fredensborg, Denmark.

An official photo to mark the event shows just how much Isabella has grown. Isabella is shown mesmerised by the candle on top of a heart-shaped cake.

At the moment the youngster is still cared for at home by her parents and two nannies. It’s thought she’ll follow in the footsteps of her two-year-old brother Prince Christian in six months, however, by joining him at the local day nursery which he attends.

The family had returned to spend Isabella’s first birthday at home after a trip to Florida, where 39-year-old Frederik was competing in a sailing competition scheduled as part of the run up to this year’s world championships. Christian and his Tasmania-born mum cheered on Frederik’s vessel Nanoq which scored an overall position of four out of 33.




  1. Ender says

    hahaha! u guys are funny.. the negatives are just hilarious.
    thanks u guys, for entertaining… peace!oh and that doesnt mean i like mary. pfft!

  2. Buzzle says

    Wow, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark sure does have a lot of buttons unbuttoned on that orange shirt! After all, her roomie in Australia was the sex officer for the City of Sydney!

  3. violetsky says

    No Tasman born, Tasmania was named after Abel Tasman who ‘discovered’ the island.
    Two of my cousins were born in Tasmania, infact they still live there. I was so curious as to what they called them selves Tasmans or Tasmanians I emailed one, and she told me that she is a Tasman! She akso told me its Tasman Born.

  4. 2teens says

    A REAL princess having a NORMAL, sweet birthday party. I know one celebrity couple who should take note.

  5. blair says

    ok…apparently there is something bad about saying cute kids, like the pink heart shaped cake …hmmm

  6. LOL says

    Tasmanian-born not Tasman-born! Unless you mean she was born in the Tasman Sea, which is pretty unlikely.

  7. violetsky says

    It is not Tasmania-born; its Tasman born, you could even say Australian born or even at a pinch Van Diemen’s Land born.
    Love the Tat!

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