Cate Blanchett & Ignatius

Cate Blanchett

Cate, who just gave birth just a week ago to her her third son, attended a summit in her native Australia over the weekend and brought newborn son Ignatius along for the ride.

Cate sat in the front row next to her playwright husband Andrew Upton, who was left holding the baby, who promptly fell asleep after Cate removed his wrap.

The couple already have two sons: Dashiell John, aged six, and Roman Robert, aged three. Cate gave birth to her third child in Sydney last Sunday.



  1. Michelle says

    Good for you Zbella, as I did the same with my older children and guess what we have survived, LMAO My kids have had less then 2 rounds of antibiotics at their combined years of 14, perhaps because we lived and we were sick and mom did what moms should!

  2. Granny says

    Zebella. I had no problems with taking my children (3) out either. The first weeks of my childrens ‘ lives, they started going to church nursery, to the grocery with me, and other public places. People in general kept decent distances and we were never approached by anyone unhealthy looking. And we had a plethera of visitors almost immediately to the home. No illness. No problems. Kids are generally tough. And as someone previously said, they were probably more at risk from diseases in the hospital.

  3. Zbella says

    Maybe because I was raised Catholic Ignacius is not such an odd name to me – there’s a church not too far away with the same name. And the St. Ignatius Choir is quite famous.

    I only know one Iggy – but that is indeed the typical nn, not Nate (which is short for Nathan or Nathaniel). I personally like it!

  4. Zbella says

    As I breastfeed my baby girl… I am one who does and did take my children out at a young age. I also had no problem letting others hold and touch my children. My mom is a nurse and always encouraged us to get dirty and strong and healthy without drugs, so it’s natural for me.

    I don’t mind or care if others choose to keep their children sheltered at home for months, but that’s not my style and I don’t appreciate being judged for it.

    It seems half of motherhood these days is judging others. Why can’t you just admire the baby and share in the joy?

  5. Jx2 says

    37# saving the planet is a collective arrangement – one or two people are not going to make a dramatic change although curbing water consumption is definitely a good start…what are YOU doing today on Earth Day to make a positive change?

  6. Analise says

    One week old in public? Let alone an event? I think the water timers she installed in her house to save the planet are affecting her noggin. She does look lovely, though.

  7. Lauren says

    Cate is really beautiful and glowing. Ignatious looks like a healthy baby. Not sure of the name, though.

  8. Jx2 says

    I mu*st be an ex*ception bec*ause I se*ldom go “a*pe” ov*er a new*born ba*by – I do*n’t ge*t what the hy*pe is a*ll about…I wo*uld be the pe*rson roll*ing her ey*es and sa*ying it’s ju*st a ba*by – re*lax pe*ople! So no ne*ed to wo*rry about me wan*ting to to*uch a new*born and gi*ve it my ge*rms…in my exp*erience it’s usu*ally the pa*rents that wa*nt their ba*by sho*wered with atten*tion and pa*ss it aro*und to ever*yone to ho*ld…I’m mo*re in*clined to appr*oach a pup*py or a do*g b*eing ta*ken for a w*alk and pre*fer to p*et an ani*mal rath*er tha*n a ba*by.

  9. Jx2 says

    I must be an exception because I seldom go “ape” over a newborn baby – I don’t get what the hype is all about…I would be the person rolling her eyes and saying it’s just a baby – relax people! So no need to worry about me wanting to touch a newborn and give it my germs…in my experience it’s usually the parents that want their baby showered with attention and pass it around to everyone to hold…I’m more inclined to approach a puppy or a dog being taken for a walk and prefer to pet an animal rather than a baby.

  10. Sandra says

    I don’t raise my son in a plastic bubble he has been sick. There is a time to purposely bring your child into public for the sole purpose of building their immunity but at one week old, that is just not the time! I personally would NEVER take my kid out only a week old. And for who said that people were probably not gushing and touching the baby, that is a bunch of bull you must not have a kid. When they are the tiniest is when people, random people go ape and want to touch, hold and talk to the child. I commented how I would never do it, I think it is dumb, but that is my opinion get over it!

    2teens I have to agree with just about everything you have posted!!

  11. Jx2 says

    Some people are neurotic germophobes and believe that sheltering their infants and raising them in a germ free environment is actually helpful…what these people do not realize is that exposing their child to germs at a young age actually makes them resistant to sickness as it builds their immune system…the same thing rings true in nature with plants and animals…let your kids play in the dirt – stop raising them in a plastic bubble…the more germs they are exposed to now the stronger their immunity will be as an adult.

  12. Michelle says

    Immunities acquired through breastfeeding last a lifetime, so stating it’s not helping the infant right away is ludicrous and very ignorant. Also newborns have an amazing immune system at birth since it hasn’t been contaminated by the environment yet unless it was born sick and was already harmed by likely something in it’s environment or mom’s (stress is a huge factor in that). If you want to get sick go to the hospital best place to pick up them superbugs, open your eyes people sheltering your children does not help develop any immunities and each dose of vaccine or antibiotics weaken it further, the best fight for a child is from that minor cold in childhood that put them down for a few days but built antibodies against it. The only way these are formed are to be sick, it really comes down to time is money right. No time to care for a sick child, who wants to cuddle and love like mom’s used to, $hit the nanny can do that right along with feed the kid drugs, so mom feels better.

  13. 2teens says

    #25 “What makes you an expert?”

    Who is this question directed to? You did the same thing on the Tom Cruise thread. If you are going to throw out questions like that it would be nice if you said who you’re talking to. But I’ll answer your question if you like… nobody here is an expert. People can raise their own children as they see fit. But you seem to have lost the point of this blog. Nobody needs to be an expert. We are all here to comment on these photos, and commenting usually includes sharing ones viewpoint or their own life experiences. No need to get huffy about it.

  14. Just Saying says

    I think the baby just might make it, seeing how germs are EVERYWHERE and newborns make it everyday. Think about it, they are born in hospitals which of full of germs and sick people. Funny how everyone can tell everyone how to raise someone else’s kids. What makes you an expert?

  15. 2teens says

    Personally, I would not take a baby that young out where there are crowds of people. Why take the chance with an airborne virus that the child may not be ready to fight off? Breastfeeding does give babies antibodies to many illnesses, but it can’t protect against everything.
    Breastfeeding mothers do not have to have the baby at their side 24/7. There is such a thing as a breast pump. I should know, I used one myself for baby #2.

  16. Ellen says

    I doubt she was passing him around, or that multitudes of people were in his face, or that he was touching nasty dirty floors, etc. I imagine she was keeping him close if not for feeding than for her own peace of mind

    He just successfully survived the most dangerous place in the world – the hospital where he was born.

  17. Liza says

    Breastfeeding is a choice but study after study has shown that it contains very important antibodies. that are beneficial to a newborn that are not found in formula Breastfeeding is supported by doctors and medical researchers around the world. Do you have any evidence to the contrary? Anecdotes are great since they show us how different people can be, but scientific research disagrees with you.

    She’s at a summit, not a party, with other adults. A newborn who is being breastfed cannot be away from its mother for extended periods of time, but a 4 and 6 year old can and would probably prefer it to hanging around a “thinkers summit” all day. From all evidence, Cate is a very active mother who doesn’t pawn off her children onto nannies.

    But I will play according to your rules. Breastfeeding has been proven to be beneficial to newborns in a way that formula is not, but millions of children do very very well on formular. In the same way, conventional wisdom has said to keep a newborn away from the public for the first month or so, but millions of newborns are exposed to germs from multiple sources and do just fine.

  18. Jx2 says

    Scientists have found significant amounts of PCBs and DDT in human milk. I don’t think that breastfeeding is all that healthy as it was once considered, given the circumstances mentioned earlier.

  19. Candy says

    she looks so beautifull for a woman who just gave birth a week ago…..i wish we could see more pics for Ignatius

  20. Sandra says

    Robyn you need to relax! If she is breastfeeding fine, who really cares. As far as breastfeeding in my opinion, which I know I will get flack for but it is MY OPINION, doesn’t give the child any “extra” immunities. My son was never breastfed and he wasn’t sick except for the first 4 weeks while he was in the hospital with illness. After he came home he wasn’t sick with a cold for the first year after that. My neighbor has an 11 month old whom she strictly breastfeeds and that kid has been sick constantly every month with a cold.

    I am saying I would NEVER subject my newborn to other people’s germs and illnesses in something so preventable like this. Relax your undies they seem to be really bunched up today!

  21. Robyn says

    Cate breastfeeds and therefore Is supplying her newborn son with an amazing immunity system. Newborns don;t need to be isolated you know!!! They are even born with immunity to a number of diseases which is strengthened by breastfeeding.

    AND this is no doubt the reason her other children are not out with her SHE IS BREASTFEEDING so needs the baby close to her. Ther eis a HUGE difference with taking a newborn to an even then 2 older children. the baby will sleep and feed. Esy.

    Really, , you need to get a grip woman. All this ludicrous fear of ‘sick’ people passing bugs onto babies. Jeez.

  22. Just me says

    I probably wouldn’t take my child to the event but whatever. I’m sure the other two aren’t there because they would be bored stiff!!

  23. Sandra says

    Liza If she knows what she is doing because she has 2 other children, then why are those other kids not out with her? It is common sense well at least in my brain and I am sure a lot of others that you don’t just take a 1 week old to a party with other people that could be sick. I guess she won’t worry too much when he does get a cold, she will just pawn him onto the nanny like the other 2.

  24. says

    She is so beautiful, very classic, and I love her fashion sense. She is a wonderful mother, in my opinion, in that she has made career choices based on her children’s (her older one, specifically) need for consistency, and I respect that.

  25. megs says

    I adore this family, think they are truly one of the rarities of celeb families who seem to have balance and integrity.

    I love the name…very them! Agree, Cate does look radiant. What a nice addition to their beautiful family.

  26. Liza says

    Well Sandra, seeing as she has two other sons who appear quite healthy, I would say she knows what she is doing.

    I’m not fond of the name, but it’s certainly not the weirdest celebrity kid’s name I’ve heard.

  27. Sandra says

    Forget the name, your newborn is about a week old and you take him to a crowded function where a lot of people could be sick. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t want my 1 week old sick!!

  28. says

    Okay–instead of making a comment about the name–I researched it and found:

    The boy’s name Ignatius \ig-na-tius\ is pronounced eeg-NAH-see-ers. Possibly (Latin) “ardent, burning”. Saint Ignatius of Loyola was the founder of the Catholic Jesuit order.

    Ignatius has 11 variant forms: Iggie, Ignac, Ignace, Ignacio, Ignacius, Ignatious, Ignatz, Ignaz, Ignazio, Inacio and Inigo.

    Baby names that sound like Ignatius are Anteus, Antaeus and Antaios.

    Ignatius is a very rare male first name and a very rare surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census).

  29. 2teens says

    When I hear the names Roman & Dashiell I think of men who have movie-star good looks and buff bods, when I hear Ignatius I think of a small weasly man with shifty eyes. The new babe’s name just doesn’t fit with his older silblings.
    Although, when I hear Iggy I think of a brooding musician type… or a dog.

  30. sandy m. says

    Congrats to her! Now she can explain why she would name her son such a ucky name. Iggy——come on!

  31. Amanda says

    She is one of the most beautiful women on earth!
    Her son looks so heathy. Look at his hair! I would totally mispronounce his name though. Congrads Kate!

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