An Expectant Gwen Stefani & Family In LA

Gwen Stefani 

An expectant Gwen Stefani was snapped out shopping Saturday in L.A. Unfortunately, she snagged a parking ticket. That morning Gwen, Gavin and Kingston enjoyed a sing-a-long version of The Little Mermaid before hitting the park.



  1. Amanda says

    Some people think wearing any type of clothing that binds you can smother or harm the baby some how.

    When I was preggo, I couldnt stand to touch my belly button once it popped out (Because I had dreams it would pop) Gotta love preggo dreams. LOL So some people are funny that way.

  2. says

    I think it’s weird that Gwen’s style changes SO drastically when she’s pregnant. When not pregnant, she tends to wear very form-fitting clothes, and it’s like she’s trying so hard now to cover up. I know I didn’t feel very beautiful when I was pregnant and tended to do the same thing, but I am not one to wear very tight clothes to begin with (AND I don’t have a body like Gwen to begin with!). By wearing such huge dresses I think she is actually making herself look a lot bigger than she probably is. She did the same thing with her first pregnancy.

  3. Amanda says

    I don’t think that shade of green is very becoming on her. I love this family though. They seem so down to earth. I hope they make it.

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