Suri's Birthday Celebration!

Tom Cruise

Suri’s birthday party looked adorable! It was held on Friday evening (April 18th). The festivities took place at a private guard gated Mediterranean estate in the Hollywood Hills – which has widely been reported to be used by the Church of Scientology as a retreat.

There were lots of balloons and a beautiful yellow cake decorated with butterflies! The four-tier, custom-made birthday cake was made by local specialty shop Sweet Lady Jane and was adorned with yellow dots and butterflies. There were also 24 miniature cakes for the party guests to enjoy. Total cost: $5,000!

For photos click here and here AND here!


  1. dori says

    Analise the child was actually born In January.. she is older than they are playing it and she is not TYoms biological child. She looks nothing like either one of them. Her hair color is not same as her parents how odd is that?

  2. dori says

    I don’t seem to recall Isabella and Connor having such elaborate parties and having them publicized like this. Why is this child of TC and Katie getting more than publicity than his other children? Could it be that Katie spends money like the Beckhams and Nicole does not? I just wonder how his other kids feel about all this fuss over Suri?
    The cake is cute, but i see why hollywood kids grow up to be extravavgent ,spoiled brats….. They have no concept of the almighty dollar. They will grow up like Paris Hilton just spending money without any thought to what others less fortunate may need. How about cupcakes for a childrens hospital ward for $5000.00??Just like Jlo and Mark…spend spend spend no thought of the truely needy children in the world. And Suri will learn they aren’t important as her birthday cake.

  3. Analise says

    More “pay attention to us” from Tom and Katie. There is also no way that Suri is just now turning 2.

  4. Lauren says

    If Katie and Tom have the $ to celebrate their daughter’s 2nd birthday, why shouldn’t they throw a huge party? They can have just as much fun at big birthday party than a simple one. 😉

  5. Rijay says

    I agree… why does Katie hold her all the time? Especially at her birthday party, where it was a small gathering with family and close friends, I don’t think anyone’s going to snatch her precious Suri! I hardly see Tom carry her and I’ve NEVER seen the grandparents carry her. —So possessive, I think.

    And it looks like Suri’s finally started on the sippy. Well, at this rate, Katie will have her potty-trained by 12 yrs old.

  6. Kerstin says

    Suri is such a sweet angel!

    I wish her all the best for her life!

    But I´m also wondering where are other children running around, screaming, playing and eating birthday-cake?? come on, it´s a party for a two-year-old-girl and not for Katie and Tom…And why don´t they let her daughter run and walk for herself?? She´s always carried like some kind of precious porcelain doll…I understand that being Mom is the most wonderful thing in life for a woman, but please Katie, don´t cling to your child so much!!! Suri won´t go broken when she walks for herself…;-)))

  7. Amanda says

    I want to know why she didnt put her down the whole time?? Why dont they let the child run and play? Where are other kids??
    I think Suri is adorable. I simply do no understand thier ways. And whats with the bottle still???

  8. 2teens says

    I’m more interested in Grier’s birthday… I’m sure she had a nice, normal party for a 2 year old. I think a party like this for Suri is really just a party for the parents, she won’t remember any of this. I wouldn’t mind seeing a photo of the cake though, it sounds pretty with the butterflies… and it’s a nice idea for a wedding.

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