Solange Knowles' Message to Jamie Lynn Spears

Solange Knowles

(Above Solange is pictured with Beyonce and Daniel.)

Solange Knowles knows the challenge of being a famous teen mother.

Solange, now 21, welcomed son Daniel in 2004 at the age of 18 (she split with husband, former college football player Daniel Smith, after the baby was born).

“I’m sure a lot of people perceived that I was gonna be a young, irresponsible mom,” Solange told Us magazine during a recent visit.

But Solange pointed out, “I think that there are some moms who are 35 who are just as irresponsible.”

What advice does she have for the 17-year-old mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears?

“You just have to make the best decisions for you,” Solange said. “You have to decide what’s best for you.

“Who are we to say what’s right and wrong for a person?”

To focus on raising her son, Solange said she “moved to the country for a year” without any nannies or babysitters.

“My parents lived on a whole opposite part of the world,” she said. “My son has been my focus ever since the day he was born.”

“He’s been the light of my life,” she added, “the inspiration behind everything.”



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  2. C says

    No one ever said anything about punishing her. I simply stated that she will have to face the consequences of her actions (not all consequences are bad BTW) and no I have not seen Juno but I plan to.

    I am not sure where you come from, but there are many people who don’t celebrate their birthday (or their childrens birthday) on the actual date. And maybe Jamie wanted to have dinner just with her fiance. Ever think of that? Let’s not jump to conclusions and condemn her parents over something we don’t have all the facts about.

  3. says

    I’m not here to judge. Just hear news about celebrities. Glad to know she sounds like a good mom–“focusing” on her son… kudos for that!

  4. Iluvmy2girlz says

    jenna you didn’t hear much uproar about solange’s teen pregnancy because first of all, she wasn’t as famous as jamie, and second because they married her off before annoucing the pregnancy, then a few months later the baby was born, and now they are already separated! so go figure! I wish her and Jamie the best! Good luck to all mothers to be!!! BAbies are a blessing

  5. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I didn’t know Solange had a baby, I certainly don’t remember there being a big outcry over it the way there has been over Jamie-Lynn’s pregnancy.

    Anyway, I think it was nice of her to say those. Everybody has different opinions on Jamie-Lynn. Personally I think that 16 is not an ideal age to get pregnant but when it comes down to it, the age of the mother is not THE defining factor in a happy childhood. There are plenty of great 16-year-old mums, and plenty of crap 30-year-old mums. I also think that Jamie-Lynn will be a far better mother than Britney is to her sons!

    As people have already pointed out, Jamie-Lynn won’t be facing the financial issues that other teen parents face. I think the main difficulty with her will be her unsupportive parents, media attention and the fact that everybody seems to be waiting for her to screw up just like Britney did.

  6. Freya says

    I just wanted to touch on this quote from the article:

    “You just have to make the best decisions for you,” Solange said. “You have to decide what’s best for you.

    “Who are we to say what’s right and wrong for a person?”

    That’s exactly how I feel. As long as a parent loves their child, is focused on the child’s best interest and keeps their head above water, then what right do we have to say how or when they have a child or what choices they make? Solange might have only lived in the “country” for a year without hired help, but that experience was out of the norm for her obviously and made her a better parent because of it. I can’t afford hired help, but if I could, I would have someone now and then and I think it makes someone stronger to do it all on their own, even for a short time.

  7. Freya says

    Comparing all rich people, or comparing all teen mothers is just impossible. Everyone can be an inspiration to someone else. Not all teen mothers are rich, and not all are druggies who pawn their babies off to their parents. There are in-betweens and I think people need to stop beating teen mothers up without knowing their story. I had my children at 25 and 26 and I know I wouldn’t have been prepared at 16 or 17 to have a child, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible for someone else. As for the support Jamie Lynn Spears may or may not have is none of our business. If we were meant to know how or when she spent her birthday and with whom, then she would have told the press. Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they are helpless, unloved, spoiled or not capable of doing the things that us “normal” people do all the time.

  8. rena says

    She is beautiful. She recently removed her profile from the tall dating site ~Tallchat–c om, where many tall models, tall sportsmen and tall admirers flirting. And the members missed her very much.

  9. Iluvmy2girlz says

    wow! so solange goes to the country for a whole year without nannies or sitters, and she’s a big hero?? what about those of us who raise our kids without nannies All our lives!!!! LOL rich people are hailarious!

  10. Zbella says

    BTW, who cares if they celebrated on another date. She was not born on another date. I don’t tell my kids, I’ll celebrate your birthday when and if it’s convenient. Her parents are some real winners.

  11. Zbella says

    So let’s punish the bad girl for having sex. Come on. Have you seen Juno? That was an awesome movie with supportive parents.

  12. C says

    Zbella, Jamie Lynn CHOSE to go back to Louisiana and I think that it was for the best. She would be hounded constantly my the paps if she didn’t leave. She chose to perform a grown up action which resulted in grown up consequences and now she has to face them.

    For all we know Jamie could have celebrated her b-day with her parents at an earlier date…

    Just me, I agree with everything that you said!

  13. Zbella says

    Jamie Lynn hardly has support from her family. They were not even there to celebrate her 17th birthday – but didn’t have any problem enjoying a nice dinner without her. She is their baby, for goodness sake. Why isn’t she in CA with her mom and dad? I feel for the poor girl.

  14. Just me says

    I might sound stereotypical, but I think Solange might by the exception to the rule. She had the support – and money – of her family, which many single teenage moms don’t. She had the luxury to go to the country. What about the thousands of teens who are trynig to get their high school diplomas, work a job and find time for their kid? What about those who are drug addicts and pawn them off on their parents to raise?
    “You just have to make the best decisions for you. You have to decide what’s best for you. Who are we to say what’s right and wrong for a person? YIKES!!!! Well, I definitely know it’s wrong for a person to have a baby if they can’t support it. Yes, I know love is important but that won’t put food on the table.
    I just feel that sometimes celebrities get on their high horse when they don’t really know the real story.

  15. Amanda says

    I had my daughter when I was 17. She has been on honor roll her entire life and is a very reliable young lady. I am extremely proud. So it can be done. But its not easy.

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