Kiran Chetry & Husband Welcome A Son

Kiran Chetry

It’s a boy for CNN’s Kiran Chetry! The American Morning co-anchor and her husband, CW weather forecaster Chris Knowles, welcomed their second child, Christopher, at 10:45 p.m. last night.

“Dad and baby are sleeping soundly,” Kiran, 33, told People magazine of the 7 lb. bundle of joy. “Mom’s too excited to get any shut eye.”

Christopher, who “looks so much like Daddy,” says Kiran, joins big sister Maya Rose, 2, capping off a mini-baby boom over at CNN – Anchor Campbell Brown gave birth to her first child, a boy, back in December. “We were laughing about that,” Kiran joked at the time. “It’s the stroller derby!”

Kiran added: “Big sister Maya is excitedly waiting at home with both sets of grandparents to officially meet ‘baby brother.'”




  1. Kelly says

    Lc- I am doing okay a little sick, but okay!! KKK mommy- Yes very uncanny!! They probably are all one persone anyway!!

  2. LC says

    kelly im great how are you?

    Amanda ok sorry i shound jump to Conclusions

    thanks 2teens for that

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy very Uncanny

  3. says

    Hmmm…glad I missed that. Thanks to the WM and all of those who stepped up to defend me!

    I’d like to make and state an obvious observation: EKE’s Mommy, ZZG’s Mommy, LGGS’s Mommy, Apple, Papa of 7, etc. all disappeared at the same time! Uncanny!!!

  4. rena says

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  5. 2teens says

    LC, Amanda was making those remarks to the original poster #1… the same person you were making your remarks to. The WM removed the original post and now you are in the #1 spot.
    Good for you WM!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀

  6. Amanda says

    OK Why the attack on KKK mommy? Human Beings are Human Beings. Good Grief Some People So Need A Life!

    I think your girls are lovely! Keep your chin up and dont let retards like that keep you down. They will never know what love is.

  7. LC says

    ^^^^ R-A-C-I-S-T if you dont like her then dont go on her blog kkks mommy has got beautiful little girls so grow up and stop picking fights on here and STOP picking on babies pick on someone your own age people like you make me sick!

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