Happy Second Birthday Suri!

Tom Cruise

(In the above pic Tom and Suri were on holiday in France in June 2007.)

Today Suri turns 2! Wow!


  1. dori says

    She does not have Toms eyes at all. Are you people blind? Her eyes have thick eyelids and are small Toms eyes are round and big. She looks nothing like either one of her parents She is not Toms biological child he is… impotent and many of us know this from 20 years ago. Mimi Rogers told the world he couldn’t have kids and he and Nicole adopted because he couldn’t have kids and this child has a father she does not yet know…I hope she one day finds out the truth. Happy Birthday Suri!!!

  2. Dee says

    She has his eyes but Katie’s other features, so cute! She seems like a normal and happy little girl!

  3. annie says

    She’s such a beautiful little girl. The only thing that bothers me is we never saw pictures of the his other children when they were babies, being cuddled on the beach, etc. Why does Tom feel the need to show Suri off so much? And, trust me, these pictures are all orchestrated.

  4. I love fried chicken says

    Happy Birthday most beautiful celebrity baby Suri! You are gonna be more gorgeous this coming year!

  5. Darien says

    Happy Birthday sweet Suri. I hope your special day is full of love, happiness & alot of toy’s.

    Huggs & Kissess

  6. Lauren says

    Happy Birthday Suri! I’m sure she’s changed a LOT since we last saw a picture of beautiful Suri. 😉

  7. boo says

    Happy Birthday Suri AND Grier ( Brooke Shields Daughter)…..both 2 today!!!

    I like this pic… they are such a cute daddy Daughter team! 🙂

  8. Butterfly says

    She sure has brought a lot of happiness to Tom. I hope we can see some recent pictures soon–though this one is cute.

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