1. Freya says

    I still sometimes carry my daughter and son for short distances and my daughter will be 3 in May and is about 40 pounds and her little brother will be 2 in June and is over 40 pounds! I don’t make a habit of it, but sometimes it’s just the most convenient and the safest route. I LOVE Bluebell’s shoes!

  2. says

    Sweet little Bluebell does look MIGHTY heavy! It’s not just celeb moms that carry their kids. I always have at least one of my babies on my hip. In public I’m often doing an Angie Jolie with a child in each arm! I simply love carrying my children and having them close to me; additionally, it allows me to set the pace as opposed to moving at the pace of my 1 1/2 year old, for example.

  3. Candy says

    Aww..this girl is getting cutier …she’s adorable & i love the name Bluebell ..i actually named my fav. doll Bluebell after Geri’s baby

  4. Cara says

    These celebrities carry around these children because their afraid someone will steal them! I would too if i was in ther shoes! Also, have you ever walked with a 2 yr old down a busy street?? It’s not going to work! Too much traffic, and the baby is too slow!!

  5. DeeLite says

    maybe Geri is in a hurry, or on a busy road? There are many reasons why she could be carrying Bluebell

  6. Lauren says

    Bluebell is a cutie. Geri should let her walk. What’s with celebrity moms always carrying their kids when they’re not even babies?!

  7. sharrie says

    wow! BB Madonna is a BIG girl for 2 years old! I don’t think I would be carrying her too much longer…

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