Reese Witherspoon & Cindy Crawford At The Opening Of Poppy

Reese Witherspoon
Gorgeous moms Reese Witherspoon and Cindy Crawford were snapped out shopping for their children at Monday’s grand opening of Poppy, a new children’s boutique in Los Angeles.



  1. who cares! says

    pretty cheap to use your celebrity to promote a business you have invested in and your best friends are running!

  2. Iluvmy2girlz says

    stop hating! Cindy is not a Hag!! she’s beautiful still for her age, and she doesn’t look like reese’s mom!! come on!! I thougth the same thing about reese’s chin, but she’s still very pretty

  3. mimi says

    very nice LONG chin!! lol
    i like them both..its just that Reese looks older than Cindy on this pic.

  4. lexi says

    Ummm, I don’t think anyone mucked with Reese’s pic. I have seen other pics of her looking like this, scarey She has had many more pics that have been more flattering, thank goodness. Not a big Reese fan, but what is up with her mess of an outfit? Cindy looks much more together .

  5. Jx2 says

    Cindy is really buff! She was always my favourite of the supermodels back in the 90’s. She still looks amazing for her age…we could only wish we could fit into those jeans and have her great genes!! I never knew what she saw in Richard Gere though..blah!

    Reese is a great actress and I think she is very smart and eloquent. i;m glad she is no longer with her husband he seemed very immature and not up to her calibre at all.

  6. BiggggBlomba says

    Reese looks photoshopped. She has a prominent chin, but certainly not like this. This just looks freaky. Someone mucked with her picture.

  7. BiggggBlomba says

    Cindy looks like a tranny and Reese looks like an elf. What’s growing out of her chin? I hope she doesn’t have whiskers, too.

    I love Reese. I love her ex even more.

  8. Zbella says

    Not the best picture of either of them. I adore Reese, and Cindy is far from an old hag. What wouldn’t most of us do to look that hot after 40?

  9. Butterfly says

    I never noticed the chin thing, but she does have a Wicked Witch thing going on–she is pretty though and the two of them together look like big and little sister.

  10. Amanda says

    I love Reese, she is really nice has so much inner beauty that it makes her beautiful on the outside as well.

  11. Jessie says

    She is so attractive! I know that’s your opinion, but how could you say that? I love Reese Witherspoon!

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