An Expectant Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz In NYC

Ashlee Simpson

An expectant Ashlee Simpson and fiancé Pete Wentz were snapped in New York City. Ashlee shows off her new engagement ring, while Pete rests his hand near her tummy. A source close to the Simpson family told People magazine this weekend that the pair are planning to marry in La Jolla, Calif., in May.



  1. girl! says

    OMG! that is so sweet that her && Pete are getting marrided and having a bay. Its a shocker that she would be pregnat BEFORE Jessica thought!

  2. Chevy2332 says

    I can’t wait until they get married! They look SO happy together. Ashlee is right, they do complement each other.

  3. rock-a-holic says

    Awww! I wish them luck,but at the same time it sucks to know that someones getting married with the hottest guy in the the way i love Pete’s hoddie.

  4. amy says

    I’m not conservative, but I gotta ask: What is UP with all these celebs having kids outta wedlock? Kinda makes a bad example for young people. Just my opinion. To each their own I suppose, but it sends the wrong message if you ask me. Especially from a preacher’s daughter. Doesn’t anyone wear jimmies or use BC anymore??

  5. Jx2 says

    I don’t like hoodies! They are unflattering and schleppy looking. Who cares that they happen to be in style…personally, I think they are only meant to be worn to the gym to work out or when camping.

  6. Butterfly says

    Perhaps I should clarify myself…I love hoodies and think they are awesome–they are everywhere–and I own a couple as do my children–

    I was referring to the color and print. It looks like a tropical bird puked on a tiger.

  7. Cara says

    Have you been living under a rock?? haha! Those hoodies are in hubby has ones that are almost the same..and I can assure you, he’s pretty masculine…6’3, football player shoulders…mmm…haha!

  8. Zbella says

    I think she’s probably pregnant, but leave her along already. It’s a private matter, just like she said. Why is the WM so obsessed with Ashlee anyway? Let’s just wait and see.

  9. colle says

    Has anyone heard on one of the entertainment shows, her father is already making plans to photograph the baby & sell the pics for a cool million. The show said there are no takers at the moment, so no cash yet for Papa! Greedy!!!

  10. Butterfly says

    if they are pregnant–which if they are, I agree with 2teens–it will be fun to watch their transformations into adults

    If not pregnant–then….enough already

  11. Butterfly says

    OMG what the hell is he wearing–he looks like a little boy standing next to his babysitter or something–Hope he steps it up and tries to be a man for this baby and hope she doesn’t use the baby to demasculanize the man completely…YUCK

  12. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    No one is holding on to them..they are voluntarily taking photos and appearing in magazines all by themselves..if they get tired of the trash mags all they ahve to do is stay away from places or giving interviews..but obviously they enjoy the attention way too much

  13. Just Wondering says

    OK I just gotta ask, why are yall so hard on the WM?

    I mean if you think you can do it so much better then get your own site and stop complaining and get over yourself.

  14. Lauren says

    Leave them alone! Let them enjoy their engagment without all the speculation. If she’s pregnant, she’ll announce it in due time. I like that ring. 😉

  15. 2teens says

    I don’t know… I am kind of interested in this couple. They remind me of Joel & Nicole. But I do agree, enough with the speculation… way too many threads now for Pete & Ashlee when they may not even be pregnant.

  16. Liza says

    She might be pregnant, she might not be, but either way, I wish the WM would stop basing her posts on tabloid trash.

  17. Just me says

    If she’s pregnant, great. If not, why is she on this site?
    So far, he’s saying no and she’s saying no comment. So, we have to assume they’re not having a baby.
    Every day, it’s a different story refuting what we saw the day before and it’s getting really old. In a few months, she’ll either have a bump or not. In the meantime, there’s just gotta be more interesting celebrity baby stories out there.

  18. Amanda says

    Why do they always look like they dont wash thier hair?
    I really like his hoodie. Can’t see the ring that well, but looks like its pretty. Notice how they creatively cover her tummy? Always head games. They do look happy! Good Luck to them

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