Tom & Katie Preparing For Suri's Birthday!

Katie Holmes

Suri will celebrate her second birthday on April 18th and OK! magazine reveals how parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning to throw their precious daughter the most fabulous party ever!

“Katie is so excited — she’s taking care of every last detail,” a friend of the young mom tells OK! magazine. “You can count on special things like individual place settings and festive bunting. And when Katie plans a party, she plans a party!”

Sources say the invite list for the bash will be strictly A-list. And in addition to TomKat’s celebrity friends who will be there, expect to see Suri’s big sister Isabella,15, and 13-year-old brother Connor, as well as Tom’s mother, Mary Lee Mapother, and Katie’s parents, Martin and Kathy Holmes, who are likely to fly in from Toledo, Ohio.

The party will be full of presents and sweets (Suri is particularly fond of toy animals and ice cream from NYC’s FAO Schwarz, so it wouldn’t be unlike thoughtful Tom to have some flown out by private jet for the affair), but one thing will definitely be missing: flowers. “Suri occasionally has allergies,” shared the friend. “So Katie will make sure that there’s nothing to upset them!”



  1. Butterfly says

    For a 2 year old’s birthday–nah–flying icecream in isn’t ridiculous–if you are trying to raise the next JLO

  2. Dobe says

    Suri is so adorable!!! But seriouslly here, do all 3 of them not look like twins?? LoL… they all have the same haircut!!

  3. bambamswife says

    I always come on this site to see pictures of Suri and Violet. Can’t wait to see some birthday pictures. The hecks with brad pitt and his weirdo. He’s just as nutty as the one he’s with.
    Love to see Tomkitten and little Violet. More of them please.

  4. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    i guess when you dont have much to do , a 2 year old borthday party becomes a production event.,.,why font they donate to thier local charity..

  5. Malayka says

    This an old pictures you doxies. Any how you cannot love her more than her parents do. She is simply gorgeous. I hope we get to see her soon. I miss her.

  6. Butterfly says

    yeah, the last time or only times we hear about them involve Tom and Katie’s public make-out sessions…

  7. carrie says

    my god. 2 words, SPOILED CHILD! and now nicole is getting so much attention on her first biological child, and so much attention is on Suri, those poor adopted kids might as well not exist as far as media goes. I wonder how they feel about it, their younger siblings getting all the attention. It doesnt seem fair. Who do they live with anyway? Tom or Nicole? We never hear about them

  8. Just me says

    I think this photo is from several months ago. Still, time to get rid of it. The longer you wait, the harder it is.

  9. JESS says


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