Nicole Richie, Joel Madden & Harlow At LAX

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were snapped with daughter Harlow, who was born in January at LAX on Tuesday.



  1. Chloe says

    At least Nicole has settled down a bit. I hope that Paris and Benji break up. It would be bad for Nicole and Paris to be related.

  2. Lauren says

    I wish it actually showed Harlow. She’s probably changed a lot after the People magazine spread.

  3. 2teens says

    Hi KX3! Welcome back! It sounds like you all had a great time from reading your blog!
    I would love to see a new photo of Harlow too.

  4. Butterfly says

    Okay, protecting her is important. It would be nice if they released pictures of Harlow who is a beautiful baby.

  5. says

    Aww…I’d like to see an up-to-date pic of Harlow where we can actually see her face! They’re protecting her, which is wonderful. She’s probably changed her looks a lot since their People magazine spread. I bought that magazine, and I still can’t believe how cute she is!

  6. Amanda says

    I think Nicole looks beautiful without makeup!! I hope this couple makes it!

    There is a better pic of them on Perez Hilton’s site.

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