Ashlee Simpson Pregnant & Getting Married In May

Ashlee Simspon

Ashlee Simpson is pregnant and plans to get married next month at a private residence in Southern California, a source close to her family told People magazine.

Ashlee, 23, is engaged to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, 28, who initially blasted pregnancy rumors as a “witch hunt.”

But on Tuesday, Ashlee, sidestepped the rumors during an interview with MTV after taping TRL in New York, saying simply, “Some things you want to keep personal.”

And now the source has told People magazine that not only is Ashlee pregnant, but that she’s planning to have her wedding in May at a friend’s house in La Jolla, Calif., north of San Diego.


  1. says

    I’d just like to know, when did it become “okay” to become pregnant before marriage? It’s like it is the thing to do nowadays. Whatever happened to morals? It is sad that almost ANYTHING is acceptable in today’s world. This is why teenage girls and boys get into so much trouble. Adults and people just turn their heads the other way and say “oh well”, like they just don’t want to deal with it or even care. So sad what has happened to the world. Pretty soon it will be perfectly acceptable for a 13 year old to be pregnant. “Oh well”, people will say. Decent parenting just does not seem to exist anymore, most of them have too many of their own problems to be concerned with how their kids are growing up. Sad but true.

  2. lala says


  3. Amanda says

    I talked to Ryan Cabrera who used to date Ashlee and he says Joe is a really good guy, not at all like people make out. I also never believed Jessica was a virgin when she got married. She is just really good at playing innocent. Family of preachers are taught that. My grandfather was a preacher so I know. I don’ t know if she is preggo or not but if she is or isnt she has an album coming out so publicity is everything, good or bad.

  4. Just me says

    I wonder what her slime ball father thinks … hahahaha
    He loved spouting off how Jessica was a virgin until she got married. Now Ashlee is (supposedly) pregnant and ringless!!

  5. 2teens says

    Neither one of them has admitted anything yet. Pete Wentz is denying and Ashlee is sidestepping. The rumour is still coming from an unnamed source… so until we hear for sure this is all still speculation.

  6. colle says

    My feelings exactly, butterfly. One day not pregnant and the next day she now admits she is. That’s why on MTV she didn’t want the subject brought up. She did not want to deny and lie about it. She covers up well, remember SNL?

  7. Butterfly says

    Pregnant? Not Pregnant? Pregnant?…Just put them on the cover of Hot Topic and hope for a Halloween baby named Rag Doll or Jack Skellington

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