Faith Hill Is NOT Pregnant

Faith Hill

In the wake of much online speculation, Faith Hill’s rep told Us magazine that the country singer “is not pregnant.”

Photos of Faith in a flowy top at the CMT Music Awards in Nashville on Monday sparked the rumors.

Tim McGraw and Faith, both 40, have been married for more than 10 years and have three daughters.



  1. Sonic says

    If she wants the boy, she’d better hurry up and get it on!
    She’s in her 40’s now…the eggs aren’t getting any better!

  2. Sandy says

    I am assuming there is another Sandy, but #13, was not me, I think she is beautiful and a wonderful talented singer!

  3. sandy says

    wait while I clean up my puke. She has turned into a sad excuse for a country singer. the outfit looks like she should just go fly away and stay gone

  4. kim says

    i agree with Tango…everytime a girl has a certain type of clothing on, the rumors start. I also agree with Jx2…definately looks like a 2008 version of Olivia! LOL

  5. says

    I totally agree with the Grease statement!! Otherwise it is sad that people assume someone’s pregnant when she wears a flowy top….just like the Ashlee Simpson thing – it’s just ALWAYS inappropriate to ask!!

  6. Bella K. says

    Thank you God! This woman has such a attitude I hope we don’t hear anything from her anytime soon! She is a first class whine bag……

  7. dori says

    yes she is very beautiful and you’re right the putfit doesn’t flatter her at all….to much fabric

  8. Just me says

    She doesn’t look pregnant but her hair and outfit don’t do anything for her. But she is beautiful.

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