Christie Clark & Husband Welcome A Daughter

Christie Clark

Christie Clark, 34, and her husband, Thomas Barnes ,welcomed a daughter in March. They named her Hannah Bella and she was 5 lbs 10 oz. She was born a month earlier than expected.

Christie Clark played Carrie Brady on Days of Our Lives for many years. After Days of Our Lives she spent some time traveling and met her husband in Ibiza, Spain. They were married in England on August 31st, 2002.

You can read more on her blog here!




  1. Just me says

    AJ …. I read this on another celebrity baby blog when the baby was born. So, actually it’s just old news on this site.
    She hasn’t been on any TV in a long time, anway.

  2. says

    Love Christie. Hope she comes back to the show. Congrats to her and WM I couldn’t make the link work…anyone have any luck getting to her blog?

  3. Sandra says

    Wow way to keep it a secret! My jaw dropped because you would figure seeing her on Days you would have seen it, but they hid it well!! Congrats to them!

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