Ashlee Simpson Calls Pregnancy Questions "Inappropriate"

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson refused to answer questions about her pregnancy Tuesday on MTV’s TRL.

“I just think it’s an inappropriate question to ask any woman,” she said.

“For me, that’s something that I didn’t ever want to respond to, because I think it’s an inappropriate question,” Ashlee said.

“Some things, you want to keep personal,” she added, “and I think that when people deny [reports], it’s probably because it’s something they want to keep personal.”

Us magazine reported on Monday that the singer, 23, and her new fiancé, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, were expecting their first child.

(After the news broke, Pete told MTV News, “There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood … I mean really, this is crazy.)

Ashlee was equally mum when it came to her recent engagement.

“That’s all so sacred, I need to keep that to myself,” she said. “But he did a great job at picking out the ring,” which she said is being resized.

She said she and Pete decided to announce their engagement themselves because “it was important for us.

“There was a story coming out and people … always write untrue things, and we wanted to let our fans know from us.”

Hmmm..I don’t think asking a woman if she pregnant is inappropriate! A woman certainly doesn’t have to answer that question or can say that it is no one’s business! It seems that she has some very ambivalent feelings!



  1. Jx2 says

    #86 – I never said I was not married – I generally refer to my husband as my “partner” when I speak about him…it’s a common misconception for the general public to assume that use of the term “partner” means a non-marriage commitment and most notably a gay union! A lot of feminists use the term “partner” rather than husband – because if you examine the term “husband” and look at the history and social connotations associated with “husbandry” the term does not ring favourable for feminists. Yes, I did use the term partner in the past and I can understand the confusion i may have caused – but at the same time I think it is ignorance on the reader’s part to assume that “partner” denotes same-sex.

  2. Iluvmy2girlz says

    hey Jx2 no offense to you or anything, but i did read a while back that you were not married, that you had a “partner” or something, maybe that’s why “sandy” thinks you’re lying! i personally don’t care weather you’re married or just living together it’s your life!

  3. Jx2 says


    #89 – That’s 20 degrees Celsius you buffoon!!! NOT Farenheit. Go back to school and learn how to spell and articulate your sentences.

  4. guess who I am? says

    Jx2 and 2teens-you two are one-of-a-kind or one in the same. Jx2, who in the f.u.c.k gardens in 20′ weather, only your dumb-a-s-s would think of something that stupid! And if you spent your time combing thru 80+ posts tallying up the final count of those who agree with your stupidity then I think you are smoking something funky and seeing doubles.
    Its sure nice that you all ran off KKK’s Mommy in the interim of your childish squabbles! Now we are stuck and i do mean STUCK with your jack asses! Damn, but that doesn’t mean that you will be rid of me!! Go back to the rocks you two live under and have fun b-i=t-c=h-e=s!!!!!!!!

  5. 2teens says

    I’m glad you are able to get out and enjoy the fresh air now JX2! Thanks, for the compliment on my daughter.. she is smart and a good kid as well.
    I don’t blame you a bit for not sharing personal links… what with all of your vigilante cyber stalkers. Although on this thread I counted at least 7 posters who were on your side… not including me. Enjoy the weekend w/your hubby!

  6. Jx2 says

    2teens – have a great weekend!! The weather here has been so incredible. Warm, sunny (low 20s) and definitely an opportunity to stroll around town and allow my winter weary eyes to take in some sunlight. My husband is outside gardening at the moment. We love the outdoors and try to plan hikes during the summer months as a way to explore nature and keep fit. I caught a glimpse of a photo of your daughter on another site (name withheld) and wanted to say that she is very cute. It’s unfortunate that I cannot post a link to my blog here and share more about myself, including images of my artwork and jewellery creations. I’m sure I would get oodles of pleasantries and warm regards from my dear fans (insert sarcasm) in the comments sections. LOL

  7. Jx2 says

    Love you too Sand!!! Now get LOST!!! Oh, and you’re welcome – I see you are a convert to the website…if it wasn’t for me pointing you in that direction you’d still be living under a rock. LOL

  8. Jx2 says

    #84 – I don’t want to guess who you are. Someone who does not have the balls to use at least some semblance of a name or who hides behind a pseudo moniker is not worth my time. Adios muchachos!!

  9. guess who???? says

    Yeah 2teens and Jx2, you all wanna b.i.t.c.h. all about Sandy going on and on, look at what you are doing? Aren’t the two of you perpetuating this b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t. by responding to her? You say Sandy is annoying, well look at the two of you, hello pot? It’s ketlle calling!

    All of you should shut the f.u.c.k. u.p. and drop it now!

  10. 2teens says

    ^^^ 8 paragraphs???? Sandy says she is letting it go but it’s just the same old crap over and over and over again. Damn you’re a blow hard.

  11. Sandy says

    LC, I don’t really know you and I think you are new on here, but I do think you are a nice person and I do agree with you, I have made my point and I stand by it, I am going to let it go for I know that Jx2 is an evil minded person and she cannot change, which is a shame. Thank you for being a respectful person on here.

    kim, I don’t know anything about twinkle, sparkle or whomever so I guess I didn’t pay any attention to that person, lying on here, name stealing, making up fake children, that is just stupid and childish to me so I ignore it, but the vile and viciousness did get to me and that is why I have disliked Jx2 so much, but you are right, it is time for me to ignore her and let it go.

    2teens, I think you are a good mother and have good qualities, that is why was hard for me to think you are so hypocritical when you clearly admire Jx2 so much when you have read like I have all of the evil things she has stated. A person of that caliber and character is not a decent person and I don’t see how you can determine her as a FUN poster!

    You have accused me of being at least four other people which is stupid but go ahead and think that if it makes you feel good. It is not true and the others know it, why you think I would be the only person on here that thinks she is disgusting is ridiculous! There is no way that someone that thinks the way she does could be someone with morals and values. You must think along the same lines or you wouldn’t be so defensive of her.

    I think that you have been inconsistent and misguided in your thinking, if you don’t like or agree with someone if they do or say something vile then obviously that person is vile in their character, so how can a person admire any individual with that way of thinking? Not just you but anyone? I have been judged as a Nut Case for speaking out about the vicious comments, but the person that made those comments, isn’t a Nut case? Something is wrong with that picture!

    I can see why others have left this site that were entertaining and enjoyable, I think honorable people, this site has gone downhill recently and it isn’t fun reading or communicating any more. I think I will move on, Perez Hilton is vulgar but it does have a lot of new pictures and information.

    Jx2, you are trash, that has been very plain to see. There is nothing wrong at all about being passionate and opinionated, but you are a mean and vicious person, you show your real nature and you aren’t fun like your buddy says and I stick by my opinion of you, you try to bully people and threaten to hurt them anyway you can, I am not intimidated by you and I don’t want to waste my time responding to you.

    Carry on, as I am sure you will, many people on here ignore you and the ones that have been on here for a long time are sickened by you, I am not leaving because of you so don’t think that for a second, I am just moving on to more entertaining sites.

  12. LC says

    ok enough is enough already! life is to short to fight all the time so sandy just let it go.
    ok yes Jx2 is very forword but that is the way she is you cant change that you just cant.

  13. 2teens says

    Some very good comments above from both JX2 and Kim. Good advice too Sandy, don’t you think? As kim said, Let it go.

  14. kim says

    Ok…I have read through all of this and i have to say something…i am fairly new on here but its been a few months so long enough that i have read Jx2’s comments several times and sometimes i agree with them and sometimes i dont (but thats the whole point of opinions) and nothing has ever really bothered me. yes, Jx2 says things without sugar coating them sometimes, but thats ok its just the type of person she is. she just says it. but, who cares if she is married or a lesbian or whatever, that is all besides the point. why arent you attacking twinkle, sparkle whatever her name is…now she was LYING and she is very brutal with her comments. the way i look at it is if it bothers you so badly, then just skip over her comments or move on to another site, but lt me tell you…Jx2’s comments ARE sugar coated compared to what you will see on Perez Hilton, etc. their comments are OMG! sometimes. just let it go…

  15. Jx2 says

    I see Sand could not stay away for very long!! I just popped in and I’m amazed that this issue is still going strong! Sand reminds me of an old Timex watch commercial “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” LOL

    Sand – Everyone who reads your comments can clearly see you’re bitter about something that has nothing to do with anyone but yourself. You’re simply projecting your deficiencies as a person onto others, so you don’t have to deal with or fix them.

    If you had a life and friends, you would not be here ranting about something that happened weeks and months ago!! You would have realized you were wrong and moved on by now. IMO – There’s nothing wrong with being passionate and opinionated. But when your hostility is misdirected and based on false information like me not bing married and not being an artist, then it’s just foolishness and ranting.

    Leave 2teens alone – she has done nothing to you. If you have “issues” with me address them to me rather than attack anyone that proves you are wrong! Which of course you are!!!

  16. Sandy says

    ALW, I don’t deny at all that I started it this time when I told Jx2 to stop her lying and I said Enough was Enough, if you think I am unstable because I spoke out about what I thought, regardless if it made her and her buddy mad then that is your perspective on it. Absolutely people have the right to their opinions, but when they are vicious to other people it is vile, that is what matters to me, maybe not you and again, that is your choice too.

    I commented on what I thought about her evil rantings and ravings and I will continue to voice my opinion about what I think about it if I choose too, if you have a problem with that, then maybe you won’t be ranting and raving at me about it! And of course, I would have to be unstable to defend my feelings about her and my thoughts on the attitude she has. Now let’s see if you have the guts to say anything to her when she continues to make her inappropriate comments!

  17. ALW says

    Sandy, I have read through this whole arguemnt and you are the one who started it. You really need to calm down b’cause you really do seem a tad un-stable. Why does it matter what she said in the past or who sticks up for her now? People can have their opinions y’know. Quit your ranting and raving already Sandy!!!!!!

  18. Sandy says

    It is amazing to me that not only has Jx2 been so low class and disgusting to say the things she has said, she admitted she meant all of it, so whether it was a long time ago, or recently, her character did shine through, and 2faced 2teens still says she admires her! How can anyone respect and enjoy someone of that level of morality and still act so innocent about not agreeing with what she has spoken out of her vile mouth? It can’t be both ways!

    She has not only said hateful but evil things about other celeb children and moms, but also insulted and been rude to nice and intelligent people on here, and a lot of times insults that were degrading for no reason. And 2teens says she is a FUN poster! That is amazing to me!

    I hope that others will eventually speak out and say what they think about the inappropriate terms and language she uses, but I can see why if they don’t, history has proven it is usually the people that have common decency in this world that are attacked.

  19. Sandy says

    N, Of course I am the crazy one, since I am the one that has spoken so viciously and disrespectfully against practically everyone for months on here! Of course I would have to be the crazy one for speaking out about it, and of course I would have to be the crazy one for even talking about it! If anyone else spoke up about how they felt they would be labeled as crazy also.

  20. guess who I am? says

    I think anyone who agrees with the nasty things that Jx2 says is an a.s.s.h.o.l.e and complete idiot.

    She has said she wished ppl dead, hateful things to other ppl on this blog and 2teens is kissing her ass and defending her. I wonder if they are one in the same?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Morons and hypocrites, maybe the hateful b-i-t-c-h will wish those things on you guys b4 u realize how nutso she really iz.

  21. N says

    From what I read in this hilarious blog…… My judgement is for Sandy to be the crazy blogger. Girl you need some prozac!!

  22. Sandy says

    2faced, why try to put your spin on my words? I used that as an example, surely you are not so stupid that you didn’t realize that? Or maybe you are! When I type fast I don’t look at the numbers and I admit I have to directly look at them to get it right, this isn’t a pissing contest with me, you are intent on making excuses for yourself and trying to make me look bad.

    Why is it you call me a troublemaker when I have called you on your hypocrisy and trash mouth on her nasty comments, now you didn’t call her a troublemaker over the things she has said about people and to the nice people on here did you? Why the set of double standards? I think you secretly agree with her and that is why you admire her so much. Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 2teens says

    Typo my ass! You’re a liar plain and simple. And now you are comparing JX2 to a murderer? You have some mental problems. You have totally lost your mind Sandy.

  24. Lauren says

    Yes, it is inappropriate. It’s no one’s business but Ashlee and Pete’s. Who knows. She may be pregnant but wants to keep it to herself until later. If and when she decides to tell us, it’s up to her.

  25. Sandy says

    2teens, have you never made a typo? Of course you haven’t ever made any have you? Good luck on trying to discredit me, I know you would love that! Others agree with you? Maybe one or two, you can try to sugar coat it as much as you want too, she made the statement and it doesn’t matter to me if it was old or recent, she said it and she meant it, and it was vicious and you damn well know it!

    You are transparent to me, you sound like someone saying, Oh, I hate murder, it is wrong, but I really admire and like the murderer! Either you are for it or you are against it, same way with your admiration of fakey trash mouth! You have said you don’t agree with her way of thinking and some of the things she says, which are mostly nasty, but yet you admire her? Please! That is why I think you are a big liar when you say you don’t support the comments she has made, why not have the guts to admit that you agree with it and get on with it?

    You are 2faced, I did make a typo and I may make more, so sorry, I am 27 and will very soon be 28, now waste your time by looking thru old posts by trying to discredit me, and you call me a Dumbass? Ha!

  26. 2teens says

    Sandy – you are such a LIAR. On this thread you say you are 27. But back on the Celine Dion thread (where you also started up some s.h.i.t) you say you are 29.
    So while you are on your high horse accusing others of not being married or being closet lesbians, or accusing me of being 2 faced and a hypocrite… why don’t you look in the mirror and see the real b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t artist!
    You have been busted.

  27. 2teens says

    For christ sake woman! Quit beating a dead horse. We all know that you have your panties in a twist over some very old remarks. JX2 has been an enjoyable poster for some time now… MY opinion… and others AGREE with me.
    Your true colors are showing through and you’re coming off as a troublemaker!!!

  28. Sandy says

    2teens, did you “high five” her/him also when she wished JLo and her babies be killed in a car crash? Your true colors are showing thru! Instead of 2teens, it should be 2faced!!!!!!!

  29. 2teens says

    Wow, Sandy. You’re calling me Joan of Arc? Thanks, I don’t know what to say! I had no idea you think so highly of me.
    High five to JX2 for the J-lo remark above… so TRUE. Hee hee!

  30. Jx2 says

    Liar liar pants on fire!!! You say you are going back to your ahem…”life” – but you’ll be back lurking again just like you have done up till now…a leopard does not change it’s spots!!

    Welcome to the 21st Century you NOW know who Perez is!! Let the trumpets blare!!!

    I live in a huge metropolitan city, everything is accessible by foot. Why would I want to drive a car and contribute to carbon emissions and green house gases when I can get to my destination in half the time by walking or taking a train!!

    For someone that lives in San Diego you really don’t know a hoot about what’s in STYLE , do you???

    The new BLACK is GREEN BABY!!! Green grass, recycling, composting, upcycling, growing your own greens in your own garden!!!

    Oh wait – who am I talking to? You worship J-Lo for pity sake – I rest my case!!!

  31. Sandy says

    I think someone should make up their minds about me, first I was 22 years old, tons of kids and on social assistance, now I am an old spinister, sad and lonely, what will it be tomorrow? Say what you want, do what you want, everyone knows how disgusting you really are, fakey Artist! You can’t afford a car, you have to walk to work in the snow and ice, and NOW you are going to Paris, with your fakey husband whom you said you had to be the main supporter in your family, Oh yes, you are quite entertaining, thanks for the laughs!

    Oh, I did click on Perez Hilton, he is quite funny, vulgar like you but is witty, like you try to be but don’t quite succeed! You and 2teens have fun sucking up to each other, I am off to my real life! And for your info, I live in San Diego! I am 27, you did come close on that one!

  32. Jx2 says

    2teens – LOL you are hilarious – you rock woman!! The only reason why Sand is so intent on commenting back to your posts is because you really stuck it GOOD it to her and she is reeling from the trauma!!

    I find it hard to believe that SAND actually has friends. Why would anybody want to be her friend. It defies all logic!! I really don’t think she has any friends. I think she is a sad, lonely and bitter old spinster who has nothing to do all day but lurk on celebrity blogs and attack someone that criticizes J-Lo!! LOL

  33. Jx2 says

    Sandy – I feel so honoured to be the topic of your conversation over the dinner table. I mean, is your life so lacking that you need to discuss moi whilst sipping Proseco and slurping back raw oysters with your pals???

    Oh wait, I was the one that was eating oysters and sipping Proseco last night BUT I certainly wasn’t entertaining my husband with talk about you..HELL NO!! We were talking about our plans to go to Paris this summer and visit all the great art galleries there. I’m actually looking forward to trying out some of my favourite French foods and desserts!!

    I guess you’ll be scouring Babyrazzi while I’m gone so that you can lash out at someone else because you will need to find another hobby in my absence!!

    You are such a loser. I find it hard to believe that YOU have a partner or a husband. Are you on the RAG??
    That would explain why you are so emotional over my posts. I guess I have that ability to bring out such passion in people. My artwork also is able to do that. I paint primarily with acrylics but at times I I have dappled with oils as well. The only problem I have with oils is that they take an awfully long time to dry. The paintbrushes also have to wiped down with turpentine so that creates a most noxious smell which I cannot stand. But the most noxious smell of all is that one that comes out of your snatch. I wouldn’t know however because my computer isn’t equipped with smell-o-rama BUT I’m sure your lesbian pals could have a sniff down there and let you know the intensity of the RANKNESS that exudes from your Pharaoh’s Tomb!! LOL LOL

    I’m having so much funnnnnnn!!!! Whopeee!!

  34. Jx2 says

    Carleigh was this comment directed at me?

    “And don’t shoot back whining at me about your rights to have an opinion, I’ve heard it all and totally agree I just wish you could do it in a way that was a bit less tacky and vulgar. I’ve seen you write some very well thought out, intelligent posts that are completely profanity-free, totally appropriate and then it descends into the garbage that resembles what has transpired on this thread…”

    If so, my response back to you is that I will address Sandy as I see fit. If she chooses to lash out at me I will do likewise. I will do everything I can to prove my point and if that means being “vulgar” as you put it, so be it!!

  35. Sandy says

    2teens, Joan of Arc coming to the rescue, I am not trying to justify anything I said when I started this by stating what I did. It should speak for itself, I said Enough is Enough to her, to stop her lying about being married, I absolutely don’t think for a minute she is married and that is solely my opinion, I knew it would piss her off and of course you would jump in, the hypocrite that you are, and I didn’t care, then or now! So No, I am not trying to justify anything I said.

    As far as my Gay friends, they would laugh at you, we talked about this last night over dinner and it was very entertaining to them. My friends are a couple that have been partners for 7 years and are Artists. They both have Masters Degrees and travel extensively.

    I would think it would be insulting to you to admit the fact it is a possibility that she would be the type of person that would pull off a scam. Who knows, she may actually be married, but I doubt it seriously, I don’t see anyone marrying someone of her character and demeanor.

    I will agree with you on one thing, I am a judgemental person and yes, I admit that freely.

  36. 2teens says

    Well Sandy you are one HUGE dumbass for starting this whole mess in the first place. You attacked for NO reason. You are a homophobe because you’re calling JX2 a lesbian in order to insult her, you’re using it in a negative way. I don’t believe that you have gay friends for a second… I believe that you JUDGE gay people. It’s clear from your posts that you are a very judgemental person… it’s clear that you are the hypocrite.
    You don’t like JX2, FINE… but quit making excuses to start s.h.i.t! You thinking she is lying about being married or being an artist is just a excuse to be a troublemaker. You are in the wrong here… not her.
    Why don’t you read post #3 again and then explain to everyone on here why you felt justified in starting this argument?

  37. Just me says

    Maybe she feels she is there to talk about her album, not being pregnant. I’ve heard several stories about stars like Angelina Jolie who have granted interviews on the grounds that no personal questions are asked.

  38. Sandy says

    I am not an old poster and I am using my own name, Sandra is my real name but nickname is Sandy, calling this trash a lesbian is exactly what I think she is, and it actually wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she were a man, too many liars and fakers on here for the past several months!

    None of us has the right to judge anyone, only God can do that, but isn’t that exactly what we all do when we read and comment about these celebrities? We say what we think and make our comments, that is how it is! Anyway, Good Luck to you, and to Carleigh, most definitely good luck to YOU!!!!!!!!!

  39. Cara says

    no, to be quite honest with you, i am on old poster under a different name. I have been here for probably 2 years. I left and then came back. Iv been lurking for a little bit, but im now posting. I dont think you have the right to judge anyone, or call them a lesbian. It’s not right. Look who is calling the kettle black. tisk tisk!

  40. Sandy says

    Cara, in response to you, NO, it doesn’t matter in the least if she is a lesbian, It is my opinion that she is one and she is lying about being married and about half of the things she has stated, I don’t believe she is an Artist either, the more you read her comments on here degrading everything then you will see exactly what I am talking about.

    I have judged her because of the venom she has spewed on here, freedom of speech gives some psychos the right to show how low class they can stoop. I should never have acknowledged her at all, she isn’t worth it and you will come to see that also.

  41. Cara says

    why would she lie about being married to a man anyways if she was straight? if she was a lesbain why wouldnt she just say that? stupid!

  42. carleigh says

    Jess…I do follow my own advice and have used NO names…any likeness to any member or blogger here is purely coincidental and not reflective of my PERSONAL opinion at all. Please see where I admitted to my own shortcomings and have learned from them, now I would think you might want to do the same and not try and stir up the hive.

    Jess…..have a blessed day!

  43. Sandy says

    I tthink Carleigh makes a lot of sense and is a respectful and intelligent person.

    Yes, 2teens, I do read a lot and not comment often, if you think that is weird then go ahead, I don’t give a damn about what you think anyway! I have posted what I thought about Jx2 because I got tired of reading her insulting practically everything and everyone. She rarely has anything nice to say. If you want to paint me as a disturbed person who comments on her vile and disgusting comments then go right ahead also.

    You say you don’t agree with some of the evil things she says but yet you downplay her gross behavior, indeed, you are a big hypocrite!

    I have directed my comments primarily to her because to me, she is the worst person on here and I don’t like her or what she has to say. She is filth and I think she has lied about herself and she is a very bitter person. I should have ignored her like most of the decent mothers on here do, but I felt like enough of her bullcrap was enough.

    Yes, I do know what a homophobe is and just because i think she is a lesbian doesn’t make me one, you have never read one place where I said anything rude about homosexuals, I stated I had many friends that I socialize with that are Gay and are nice people, so don’t EVEN try to make something out if it negative. YOU are a hypocrite kiss ass and two faced at that!

    LC, I am sure your family is a very nice one, I have never been to England but would love to travel there one day. I have only been to Australia in my travels and loved it there also, the people are soooo nice and laid back.

  44. Cara says

    umm…excuse me. Sandy? Does it really matter if JX2 was a lesbian? are you homophobic? and you dont even know who this person is ( unless you do, i do not know) but how can you judge someone you dont know??

  45. Jess says

    carleigh take some of your own advise then coz i have seen your write some “vile” things on here too

  46. LC says

    Sandy yes my husband has a sister over in england and he has a grand mother over there too because my husband was born in england then his family moved to the U.S.A hope this made sence:)

  47. kim says

    i agree with dori. they will announce it when they are ready. and alot of times the reason they wait is god forbid they have a miscarriage or something, then they have to deal with the media during a difficult time like that.

  48. dori says

    wow…whats gooing on in here?
    I think the media needs to back down on their interferences into peoples personal lives . When people want the qworld to know their happy news they will make an announcement. And if they choose not to say anything there is no need to speculate so that you can be the first to announce it.
    We live in a screwed up world when a person can’t have any privacy.

  49. 2teens says

    You’re welcome JX2 🙂
    I can’t believe how crazy people get sometimes. Even though I don’t agree with nasty comments from anyone, it seems like you are often attacked by Sandy for just stating your opinion. Seems like anything you say is going to set her off. It’s actually pretty obsessive on her part.

  50. 2teens says

    I agree with you Carleigh. But you have to admit, JX2 didn’t say anything vulgar to start this ball rolling. She was merely sharing some info about her mother-in-law when she was attacked by Sandy for no reason. Sandy has been itching for a fight, I saw that she tried to pull the same crap on another recent thread… I think it was Tori Spelling. This has been Sandy’s M.O. lately. She lurks for months and then springs out to start trouble with JX2 over nothing. There is something very disturbing about that kind of person.

  51. 2teens says

    Yes Sandy, I do know the difference between rude and gross. Do you know the meaning of “freedom of speech”? Do you know what a homophobe is? If you keep directly addressing me I will keep responding.

  52. carleigh says

    I think that someone on here needs to really think about who and what it is that they are insulting. It’s perfectly fine and dandy to stand up and defend oneself, I’ve done it in the past and am sure I’ll need to do it again when the feathers get ruffled, but insulting gays, lesbians, people with special needs, people of a different race, color, ethnicity, or for whatever other reason is in a word WRONG!!!!

    Say what you want and trying to veil it under the guise of a big mouth or honesty is a misnomer, it’s called being rude, crude, vile, disgusting, insensitive, crass. wicked, and a million other things come to mind!!!

    There are ways to go about a simple disagreement or a differing opinion, and it doesn’t have to result in what it has culminated into in the posts above.

    Or should I just assume the term ladies in a misnomer in someone’s case as well?????

    And don’t shoot back whining at me about your rights to have an opinion, I’ve heard it all and totally agree I just wish you could do it in a way that was a bit less tacky and vulgar. I’ve seen you write some very well thought out, intelligent posts that are completely profanity-free, totally appropriate and then it descends into the garbage that resembles what has transpired on this thread…….grow up girls!!

  53. 2teens says

    JX2, you have a point…. Sandy doesn’t seem to care about any other rude posters and there have been plenty. I don’t think that this is Oriana or Nicki though… not at all. I think it could be Fly though, someone you have mightily pissed off in the past.

  54. 2teens says

    Whatever Sandy, she and everyone else on here is entitled to their opinion whether you like it or not.
    Go crawl back into your hidey-hole.

  55. Jx2 says

    Yes 2teens – Sandy is a hypocrite. She doesn’t see the writing on the wall. It really seems to bother her when I talk about being married and having a husband…the question is WHY?? She does not seem at all offended by any of the other posters and their rude and biting remarks…oh no!!! All she is concerned about is whether I do in fact have a husband…Hmmmmm interesting!!

    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to give you a taste of your own medicine Sandy! It’ a new flavour I’ve been saving just for you!! It’s called “Essence of Sandy’s Bull Sh*T” – ENJOY!!!

  56. Sandy says

    Yes, 2teens, you are a hyprocrite, if the shoe fits, wear it! She slurred the British people and people that are retarded, both. Color it any way you want too. Her opinion does indeed differ from mine, and 90% of the people on here. Glad you are aware of that fact.

    I don’t have to reveal anything about myself, and of course I would have to be someone else under a fake and false name, for no one has ever said on here have they that they find her highly offensive and disgusting? Nice try!

  57. Sandy says

    Eir, Really? Saying someone is a lesbian and lying about being married is the same to you as wishing someone would get killed in a car crash? Really? Somehow I don’t think the members or at least some of them, of the homosexual community would agree with you.

  58. 2teens says

    I’m a hypocrite Sandy?
    YOU are the one who seems to HAVE PROBLEMS with people who have an opinion that differs from yours. What is your deal anyway? You lurk for months and only pop out of the woodwork to start a fight with JX2. She can say what she wants on this blog, she is entitled to her opinion just like anyone else.
    As for her Britard comment, that was for you… not all Brits. She assumed that you were British just like you assumed she was a non-married lesbian. Is it ok for you to make accusations but not for her to retort or defend herself in any way? Did you expect her to just roll over?
    And you call ME a hypocrite?

  59. Freya says

    I think Ashlee Simpson looks perfectly normal and perfectly fine in that photo. She’s a human being and doesn’t have to look made-up constantly. If she is pregnant, congrats to her and her fiance, and if she isn’t, then that is her business as well. As for the rest of you being complete idiots on here, can’t you take it elsewhere? Maybe to Perez Hilton’s site? I couldn’t care less if someone is straight, gay or crooked. This is a celebrity baby site and unless we’re discussing the s.e.x.u.a.l. orientation of one of these wee tots, none of this is relevant. I’m in Canada but my paternal grandmother was born and raised in Coventry, England but I’m not offended by the stupidities of online personas. Just get over yourselves and enjoy the articles.

  60. Interesting says

    Off this topic, but EEE’s Mommy (mommyJane) blog site has suddenly no pictures at all. Guess she got the hint about using stolen pictures to portray children that she doesn’t have.

  61. Sandy says

    Awww, here comes 2teens on her white horse to the rescue! I know you don’t like me 2teens because I dared to speak up to that trash and to you! Big Deal!

    You call Jx2 a FUN poster? Is that your idea of Fun? I would hate to see what isn’t a Fun poster to you! Oh yes, she is “refreshing” allright. That is ridiculous! Yes, I knew it would set her off and I didn’t care, I am not afraid to voice my opinion of her any more than she has been of many others on here.

    If you want to define me as being unstable by speaking my mind about her, then I guess you need to look up what unstable means in the dictionary! Don’t you ever get tired of kissing her ass? You nor her impress me, and I can lurk, comment, read, go away, do whatever I want too, you hyprocrite, so don’t worry about it!

    If you are going to be an authority on things then why focus on me? Why not speak up about the slurs she gives to the English nationalities when that wasn’t necessary? Or perhaps you agree with her more than you act like you do?

  62. carleigh says

    I can take anything anyone dishes out to me, I have a thick skin and don’t really mind if someone feels the need to unleash on me. It’s only a website and if ragging on me and ranting on here is the way someone unleashes their inner tension, so be it. We have those that troll and seek out nit picky little things, we have those that come here to pot stir and make up ridiculous stories that are beyond belief………because that’s what makes up this world………fruits and nuts!!! Gotta love it for what it is!!

    I just wish the bickering and insatiable lust for drama would cease and we could actually get back to enjoying the site again. The integrity has gone downhill in recent months and it’s sad to see it happen, the WM knows what she should do and yet doesn’t do anything to secure or patrol what’s posted, so while the cats away…you all know the saying.

    OH and BTW….I think this is the most hideous pic they could have posted of Ashlee Simpson and I don’t really care if she’s pregnant or not, they should leave her alone until it’s proven or confirmed by her. But we know the press, they never will.

  63. Eir says

    Jesus can’t you all just shut up and quit bickering? You aren’t going to change anyone’s opinions, you aren’t going to make the world a better place, and you aren’t helping anything by bickering over internet stupidity.

    Sandy, you’re only making it worse. J is entitled to her opinion just like you are yours. Your assumptions of her being a lesbian and not really married are just as bad as her wishing jLo would’ve been in a car accident.

    Seriously, ladies. Grow a pair.

  64. 2teens says

    Sandy, sandy, sandy… you have some problems. You are a pot-stirrer. You are fishing for trouble… you are a lurking troll.
    Jx2 has been a fun poster here for a very long time. She says what is on her mind, isn’t afraid to state her opinion… that is refreshing. You don’t agree with her, fine… but don’t come on here and start a fight for no good reason. Your post #4 was simply to cause trouble. That shows everyone that YOU are the unstable one.

  65. Sandy says

    Amanda, maybe if someone wishes your children would be born retarded and killed in car crashes, and call you filthy names you might not find it so admirable and wonderful. It is not just Jennifer Lopez, it is the whole thought process that is the issue with me, Gay, Black, White, Purple, married or unmarried, to deliberate have that frame of mind is sick to me, but yes, I do agree, you know where you stand with an unstable individual like that, putting all the fake and phoney baloney aside!

  66. Amanda says

    Why does it matter where someone is from? If they are married? If they are gay? If they are black or white, red, purple or from outer space. EVERYONE has a right to thier own opinion even if some of us dont like it or dont agree. I for one think people who arent afraid to tell people what they think are wonderful no matter how warped they may be to some of us. At least you know where you stand with them. I hate people who are nice to your face and talk behind your back much more. So please try and have open minds and dont ruin it for everyone. Geeze.

  67. Sandy says

    LC, aren’t some members of your husband’s family from England? She doesn’t care whom she offends, as usual, that is her character. She had her filthy mouth on here (prob an everyday habit) way before I ever decided to make any comments at all. British Retard, yet another example of vulgarity and lack of proper education!

    There are many that can testify to the fact that she has a low tolerance and lack of empathy for the disabled of this world also. I have been very surprised about some of the nurses on here that have witnessed their share of suffering and sickness would even want to have a conversation with her! I would suggest, she should go to Darfur for a look around and then maybe the senseless low class behavior would cease!

    I am not English but I do love Masterpiece Theater!

  68. Jx2 says

    Yup – figured as much – Sandy is a Britard!! Only a British Retard would pepper their vocabulary with the term “low class”…and I’m assuming you think you belong to “high class” society? With a name like Sandy – that is a strip*per’s name if I ever did hear one!

    If you feel justified in making assumptions about someone you know nothing about then SO CAN I…!!! Two can play at that game!! Sandy the Breetard!!!

    So let’s see now, based on the way you formulate your words you must be around 22 years old, have a bunch of kids with an unemployed bloke, live on social assistance, watch Coronation Street on the tellie and speak with a Cockney accent!!!

    There – I feel much better now!!! Cherio – Ta!!!

  69. Anon says

    So much for not being pregnant…..

    Ashlee Simpson is pregnant and plans to get married next month at a private residence in Southern California, a source close to her family tells PEOPLE.

    Simpson, 23, is engaged to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, 28, who initially blasted pregnancy rumors as a “witch hunt.”

    But on Tuesday, Simpson, sidestepped the rumors during an interview with MTV after taping TRL in New York, saying simply, “Some things you want to keep personal.”

    And now the source tells PEOPLE that not only is Simpson pregnant, but that she’s planning to have her wedding in May at a friend’s house in La Jolla, Calif., north of San Diego.

  70. Sandy says

    carleigh, you are absolutely correct! I will follow your advice, I do know there are many on here that see thru this irritating low class individual that don’t make any comments. I refrained for over a year and I do know it isn’t worthy of any cause to fan the flames, so to speak. I know you are a long time poster and very articulate, thanks for the advice!

  71. carleigh says

    Sandy……don’t bait Jx2, haven’t you learned anything by now? He/she/who or whatever “it” may be, won’t change at all so it is completely pointless!!! This person is filthy mouthed, embittered, pessimistic and very negative and any attention given is totally unjustified and just fuels the fires. Ignore the person, don’t respond, scroll past the rants and nasty laden ravings of this “poster”. I have called nobody any names (this time!), and feel it is not necessary to get the point across. Stop tossing around the labels of being Gay/Lesbian because it’s just wrong to use those as a label for someone, just because you happen not to agree with them.

    Ignore it and roll on by and find something much better to comment about…trust me it will make you feel better and it does work.

  72. Sandy says

    Trash mouth Jx2, I don’t know who Perez Hilton is? Sorry about that! Is he kin to Paris Hilton? I have never heard of the L-word so I am assuming it is a TV show.

    No, just because you don’t like Jennifer Lopez doesn’t make you or anyone else a lesbian, don’t be stupid with your ignorant insults! I have suspected you were a lesbian for a long time by the way you use your vocabulary among other things, I decided to comment about you and your filth spewing after I read where you wished she would get killed in a car crash, I had enough of you and your bitter tirades and decided to voice my opinions about you.

    I don’t see any man interested in you with your nasty attitude, I find it amusing that you talk about your “husband” so much! Ha! Were you dumped by a long time lover, is that what your problem is? You seem to laugh hysterically a lot, I think you have a lot of frustrations, fakey ARTIST, copying someone you probably admire and can’t have, yes, the more I think on it, I have no doubts you are a lesbian and a rejected one at that!

  73. Liza says

    WM, the question is inappropriate, whether or not she’s pregnant isn’t any of the public’s business. The public has come to believe they have a right to know about a celebrity’s private life and that’s just not true.

    If even my extended family were to ask that question, I would tell them its not their business. If I was pregnant, I would decide if and when to tell people.

  74. Sandy says

    Jx2, I was referring to you about the lowlife that you are wishing JLo would die in a car crash, wishing anyone would die that way is horrible!

  75. Sandy says

    LC, to answer your question, I have been reading on here for a long time, and have been amazed at some of Jx2’s comments, I don’t know for a fact if she is married or not, I just have my instincts about it and formed my own opinion. As for her vulgar terms, everyone that knows about her is used to it by now, just her terminoligy, carpet muncher, I personally never heard that used before her rantings.

    I have always doubted she was married and frankly it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the truth eventually comes out she is a lesbian, I don’t understand why she is ashamed of that fact. I have many Gay friends as well as hetrosexual and we all enjoy fun times socially together.

    I have responded to you before over your disgusting statements and it began when you wished Jennifer Lopez would get killed in a car crash, I happen to like her very much and she was pregnant with her twins at the time. That is the kind of scum that you are!

  76. Amanda says

    I personally think Ashlee was prettier before her nose job.
    I think she was trying to say its inappropreate to ask any personal questions about any one not just that question.
    I don’t think she is preggo but if she is she is trying to save as much face as possible for her father’s sake. But we always think people are preggo when they get engaged, so who are the ones with the problem? Poor kids.

  77. LC says

    Sandy how do you know if she is married or not? some one could say the same about you then how would you feel?

  78. Sandy says

    Jx2, don’t you think it is time you stopped the SHAM? I mean, Really! You are no longer married than my one year old nephew is! Stop your game playing! Enough is enough! I really think you are desperate for attention, and I totally believe you are a lesbian!

  79. Jx2 says

    Yes – it is inappropriate!!

    My mother-in-law asked me if i was pregnant the other day just because I said I was feeling tired and it was time for her to go home (as she had over-stayed her welcome). It turns out I was tired because I was fighting off a bug which reared it’s head on Sunday and I am now at home recovering instead of going to work.

    My point is that men never get asked personal questions, like “Are you balding John Travolta?”, “Have you gained weight Brad Pitt?”, “Have you had cosmetic surgery Mickey Rourke?”,…”Are you gassy Danny Da Vito?”…Men of course cannot be asked if they are pregnant…but what about if someone went around asking them…”Did you boink your wife last night? do you think she’s pregnant yet?”

    Totally inappropriate!! Do you hear that mother-in-laws of the world??LOL

  80. says

    wow, what a bad picture!! couldn’t you have found a better one, webmistress??! Otherwise, I agree with her statement. It is intrusive to ask a woman if she’s pregnant at any time, in my opinion. How many have been offended by being asked this when they’re not? It’s like every person’s nightmare! So why would it be okay to ask that when she clearly is not showing at all, and is only based on celebrity speculation? A woman will announce it when she’s good and ready!!

  81. Jessie says

    Hmm, I’m not sure what I think of her reaction. I think it’s smart; so I’m proud of them, though. I hope they are very happy.

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