An Expectant Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Arriving At The CMT Music Awards

Nicole Kidman

An expectant Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were snapped at the 2008 CMT Music Awards in Nashville on April 14th.

She looks so happy and glowy!


  1. Judy says

    The baby is here. And over 6lbs. She looks so fine, so beautiful. I didn’t know about the miss’s. the lost children, but can relate. I’m just so happy for them. My niece had given up on having children, and now has two beautiful boys. So if they stop at one or have more, It always changes your life.even though we know she already has two teens.

  2. laura says

    she looks great in my opinion! i doubt she will have too big a bump by the end of the pregnancy as she has always been very skinny and is very tall. that doesn’t mean her baby will be any less healthy though, a friend of mine recently had twins and she had a tiny bump so I guess it just depends on your build.

  3. Zbella says

    I bet she wants to show. There is nothing worse than people saying you will have a tiny, unhealthy, sickly child because your bump is small. I was so worried with my first, but she was 8 pounds! 🙂

  4. Grip says

    It’s her first baby and she’s a very thin woman, I’ve known many women who end up without much of a “bump” until the end. Then they have #2 and explode at week 3. LOL She looks great and good or her and Keith.

  5. D'Anna says

    The first kid I had I stayed tiny for a long time. In all three pregnancies I popped at about month 5 or 6. She said she had really bad morning sickness, which is obviously going to affect it.

    Some women gain 70 lbs and have 6 lb babies and some gain 12 and have 8 or 9 lb babies. No correlation whatsoever. 🙂

  6. Wendy says

    To me she looks like a wax figure from Madame Tussauds. And hardly even pregnant. She used to be so natural and beautiful.

  7. Jamie67 says

    Now that’s going tobe a very small baby!
    Still,i think she looks just fine.
    Some women just don’t get that big,i wasn’t either.
    My kids were very healthy and BIG!!!!
    Congrats to both Keith and Nicole

  8. Jx2 says

    Okay Liza – maybe not 3 lbs but perhaps 3.5 lbs. My point is the baby will be quite small…5 lbs maximum.

  9. Liza says

    I definitely see a bump and she is noticeably bigger around the middle. That and she has breasts. A friend of mine is 24 weeks with her second baby and quite a bit shorter than Nicole and her belly is about the same size as Nicole’s, some people just don’t show. I’m sure Nicole will eventually, but she’ll also have a smaller stomach.

    Jx2, healthy full term babies aren’t 3 pounds, so its unlikely that will happen.

  10. Amanda says

    I personally do not care for her dress, but she looks great!! I wish she would go back red with her hair! Isnt that her natural color? Keith’s pants gotta go lol but he is still hot.

    I think her tummy had plenty of time to grow.

  11. telemetry says

    it’s her first baby and she’s nearly 6 feet tall!

    she’s still got a few months to go yet, too.

    the size of your bump does NOT correlate to birth weight, FWIW.

    i had a massive bump with my second, but she was only 6lbs., 9oz. due to pre-eclampsia.

  12. diva says

    I am 5ft 9in tall and didn’t start showing with my first till i was 7 months pregnant and went on to have a 7lb 4oz baby boy…

  13. says

    Jx2 that is harsh, but I feel the same way. June or July? Wow–this is her first biological child, so maybe in a few weeks she will have a bigger tummy. She looks exquisite.

  14. Kay says

    Everybody prefers fat cherubic babies but that’s not how they always turn out. It’s not her fault. If she is eating healthy and regularily going to the doctor (which I am positive she is) then hopefully the baby will be ok. With a yummy daddy like that and her gorgeous looks the baby will be beautiful!

  15. Jx2 says

    You can barely tell she’s expecting! I have a feeling she will have a very very tiny baby – probably 3 pounds. I prefer fat cherubic babies that are at least 7 pounds or more. When newborns are too skinny they look creepy like a plucked chicken or a naked mole rat.

  16. 2teens says

    I see a bump, just a lil’ one. She won’t get too huge. I think she looks great in this photo.

  17. LC says

    i think she is due in june or july some thing like that she looks so happy, i dont think she will have a big bump because she is very tall and she has all ways been skining

  18. dori says

    she probably won’t get very large… she’s a tiny but tall person. They do look so happy and I am so very happy for them.

  19. Just me says

    I agree with those who say she doesn’t look pregnant yet but I guess her chest is a little fuller than before.

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