Jodie Sweetin Is Doing Great After Welcoming Her Daughter

Jodie Sweetin

Former Full House star Jodie Sweetin “is doing great” after welcoming daughter Zoie on Saturday, her rep told Us magazine.

Jodie, 26, and her husband, set designer Cody Herpin, are “absolutely thrilled and in love” with the baby, who weighed 8 lbs., 7 oz.

When it came to naming her girl, Jodie told Us magazine that she wanted “something different, something cute and girly, but not too girly – a little funky.”

Jodie told Us magazine that she couldn’t have gotten through her pregnancy without her husband, 30, whom she wed last July.

“He goes and gets me all my little cravings, like my frozen chicken pot pies, and he cooks dinner for me and cleans up the house because I’m exhausted all the time!” she told Us magazine during her pregnancy.

Jodie, a former meth addict, hopes to impart the lessons she’s learned in life on her new daughter.

“I had to learn to just be comfortable in my own skin,” she told Us magazine. “So I hope she’ll learn that a little bit sooner.

“To just be yourself … that was probably the hardest thing for me that I didn’t learn until I was in my early twenties.”

She was cute as Stephanie Tanner on Full House!

Jodie Sweetin



  1. Miranda says

    She was ADORABLE and I loved her on Full house. “I pity the fool who marries this woman.” I’ll never forget that line.

  2. sharrie says

    hmmmm….G w i a…why don’t you just stay off the site if it offends you so much, or do you just feel the need to advertise the fact that you have a nasty mouth. Well congrats,you succeeded.

  3. guess who i am? says

    w e b m i s t r e s s =====change your f u c k e n celebrity news===========u r off ur game biyotch!

  4. guess who i am? says

    This website has fallen and crumbled!!! It’s sad to see grown women bickering and fighting, calling names and making up such stupid things as having kids with dumb a s s names, having a multitude of children, etc.

    To the trolls====go a w a y f u c k e r s !

  5. sharrie says

    loathed that show and all the cutesy, cutesy actors on the show. I thought Jodie was a publicity hog then and still is……

  6. says

    As the oldest child in my family, Steph would get on my nerves and I loved DJ. As an adult, Steph is cute and Jodie has incredible insight Being ourselves is the most important thing–I think it is hard sometimes to truly be who we are and to celebrate our authenticity, instead of trying to fit some mold that we have in our heads.

    I think this knowledge will help her to be a fantastic mother.

  7. Jx2 says

    hat*ed Full House – I had a younger sibling that would watch the show and I would catch glimpses of it…it was annoying as H*ell..the characters, the plot of the show, all of it!!

  8. dori says

    never liked her on the show very much … thought she was a brat!
    But I’m sure she’s a nice person and wish her best of luck with her new baby.

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